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Complete Dolphins schedule right here

The 2013 season is important for the Dolphins.

It's the 40-year anniversary of their last Super Bowl win. It's the year we're supposed to see Ryan Tannehill become a franchise quarterback. It's the year Joe Philbin is supposed to have enough horses to win. It's a make or break year for general manager Jeff Ireland.

And this is how it is going to stack up according to NFL and media sources:

September 8              at Cleveland Browns                    1 pm

September 15            at Indianapolis Colts                     1 pm

September 22            Atlanta Falcons                             4:05 pm

September 30            at New Orleans Saints (Mon)           8:40 pm

October 6                  Baltimore Ravens                           1 pm

October 13                 BYE  

October 20                 Buffalo Bills                                   1 pm

October 27                at New England Patriots                  1 pm

October 31                Cincinnati Bengals (Thurs)                8:25 pm

November 11             at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Mon)        8:40p

November 17             San Diego Chargers                            1 pm

November 24             Carolina Panthers                              1 pm

December 1               at New York Jets                                1 pm

December 8              at Pittsburgh Steelers                          1 pm

December 15             New England Patriots                          1 pm

December 22             at Buffalo Bills                                    1 pm

December 29             New York Jets                                     1 pm


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I am as far from being a Jet fan as possible. I am a life long Dolphin enthusiast. I have endured all our tribulations the last 40 years.
I also share your contempt for the perspective the main stream media projects towards our beloved Dolphins--especially The NFL Network.
I am looking forward to cramming a lot of Dolphin prosperity down their ass-kissing throats.

A good team that keeps mental mental mistakes and turnovers to a minimum. Will almost always be a playoff team.

The margin of error and execution on the professional level is so slim. Even with the best teams in the league playing against each other. The margin of victory can become 1 false start or an off sides call.

This alone can lead to a fg barely getting over the crossbar or falling just wide or short.

I dont see any more then 5-6 wins on this schedule.

Tony Nathan....clean your glasses!! Are you telling us we have a worse team than last year? We were 7-9 last year and should have won the 2 games we missed FG's in.

5th consecutive losing season coming up. ROSS, DO SOMETHING!

Improvement? We lost 10 starters to FA.

Is it not improvement to "loose" a player that is no longer deemed an asset to the direction the team is taking. Salary, scheme, talent, age, physical ability are all issues to be considered.

Basically two bye weeks!

After the Thursday game we don't play until Monday of the next week...and 11 day stretch.

Posted by: Matthew | April 18, 2013 at 10:55 PM

Here we go! We have an EXCELLENT Post by apparently a New(er) Blogger! I didn't catch that, but I'm glad you pointed it out. That's what good Blogging is ALL ABOUT!

I say New or Newer Matthew just because I haven't seen your name before. If you are a new guy, with posts like that(short, succinct and too the point) Welcome Aboard and I look forward to reading your "Stuff" in the future.

I try to make nice, pertinent, to the point Posts like yours above, but I always end up blathering away and try to say to much in one post. Between that, being distracted by, and exposing the Resident Troll Tard Brothers..........I'm easily sidetracked(Like I'm doing right now-lol).

Anywhoo.......Nice Freaking Post. Having what amounts to **ALMOST TWO BYE WEEKS** IS/Could Be HUGE!


It sounds as if you've got a pretty sweet Valhalla.

Posted by: NickT | April 17, 2013 at 10:08 PM

You must be new to the blog. He has had the same two hotties for over five years now, Righty and Lefty.

I think that if we do take Albert off the Chief's hand, it will be for only a stop gap. I think they will eventually discard him for a 5th rounder at the best, and that will be to get out from under his franchise salary.

dusty, Tampa does not fill their stadium. They had more blackouts than us last year because their owner doesn't buy up the tix.

I live 70 miles from there and my wife is a huge Bucs fan.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick



Posted by: Matthew | April 18, 2013 at 10:59 PM

Wow! Two in a row. I know you were being facetious, but mixing it with the truth and common sense is awesome! Another nice post!

In addition to your post Matthew, we have all kinds of young "Wildcard" type Players.

Starks mentioned as trade bait and Solia's name is always being thrown around. We signed a SOLID DT in Vaugh Martin and some are zeroing in on a DT/DE being possibly the BPA at 12!

While I agree, not many are mentioning 2nd year players like DT Kheeston Randall or DE Derrick Shelby. Both held their own and then some as rookies. Another 2nd or 3rd year player worth mentioning on defense is CB RJ Stanford. Blazing speed and loaded with intangibles and potential. Don't know if he even makes the roster this year after the Grimes signing and the pending upgrades in the draft. But with another year under his belt, he beats Carroll and Wilson easily.

Vernon has to be added to this list as he's already PROVING he's a PLAYMAKER. People are down playing his rookie season because he's only nabbed 4 sacks as a situational pass rusher. But he's also blocked kicks and returned one for a TD(if I remember right). Maybe MOST IMPORTANTLY, he was surprisingly good setting the edge and playing the run in his limited amount of snaps. To me, he's already showing very encouraging signs that he can be a 3 down DE as opposed to simply a situational pass rusher.

OG/C Samuda was another! Can handle multiple positions and played EXCELLENT regardless of the fact he was a rookie.

As I'm babbling away, I'll finish with Keller. To me, this signing was HUGE! Keller was great with **SANCHEEZ**! I can't imagine him being anything but *LOADS* better with Tannehill. He was a 1st round pick, he's not old and in my opinion TONS better than anybody in this draft and probably tons better than MOST of them WILL EVER BE! I think Keller guarantees we won't take a TE in the 1st round(even if we trade down). With two other YOUNGSTERS already on the roster that can have breakout seasons, I'm stoked that Keller fills the need and opens up more options in the draft.

All this and we're talking Pre-Draft! Ireland and Philbin have been on the ball. Subltly making big time moves to make this team a lot better pretty quickly. Sometimes not so subtly, like the Marshall, Davis, Bush and Fasano purges. I don't miss any of them now and I suspect I won't even be remembering their names by the time this years draft is over!


Jeffy sure has scrooed up the LT situation/./

Another doomed season for the Joke Franchise.

Fins pay attention. Albert wants a long term deal. He isn't going to be no short term stop gap unless Ross wants to throw away millions in guaranteed money.

We botched several clear cut opportunities for victory in that game.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 18, 2013 at 11:10 PM

In that game and at least 3 more in my Honest Opinion.

Even counting one game we won as one game the opponent (should've)won, we still **SHOULD HAVE** Won **AT THE VERY LEAST**.......9 games.

With this schedule, The Philbin factor(More familiarity with the new offense, defense, overall philosophy and a real-FULL Training Camp) and 11 picks to go in the draft, we WILL BE vastly improved. From our Core, Foundation to our Skill Positions. ESPECIALLY with Tannehill having his Rookie season out of the way.

10 games are "In The Bag". With a couple of breaks and a lucky bounce or two going our way, 11 or 12 wins won't be impossible!

I'm Fvcking Stoked.......FINALLY(it's been awhile-LOL).



The chiefs gave the dphins permission to negotiate a contract with albert's agent
That tells me that dolphins are not trading up
Also if they are able to get a long term contract then the annual salary will probably be adjusted - probably around 7 m per year 3 or 4 year contract
That is what albert wants
This means we give the chiefs our second second round pick #54 overall
We keep # 42 in the second round
This is not a bad deal
Albert will be a top 10 LT for the next 4 years essy he is only 29 years old
So this solidifies our o line so now do we get a DT or a DEor CB with our first pick ??
I think that will depend on who is still on the board at 12
I would not discount another WR either at 12 or at 42 to give Thill more weapons
Also possible to trade down from 12 to regain our second draft pick

It seems that ireland wants to get an elite player here
No way does he take a TE or Guard at 12 if they agree on terms with albert

So our most glaring need LT will be filled by albert at a reasonable price for a LT
This is another great move by Ireland
We have plenty of cash to make this work
So we all should be rooting for this trade to happen

Albert will be a stop gap if we give up a late round pick just to get him for year. I think the Chiefs will eventually take whatever to get rid of him.
Long would not sign for one year, if we get Albert for one year on the franchise tag, it may be worth a late round pick. I don't think so, but we will see.
I think the whole Albert thing is a deploy.

There are now some pretty exciting QBs that can even run that pistol stuff and they will be showcased on National TV. T-Hill is one of them.

let's not go overboard............r u drinking?
let's see t-hill run ANY offense consistently before u get too hyped bout da pistol

Pay no attention at anything that goes on just before the Draft.

It doesn't matter, Internal Rev, People all over will want to watch Tannehill anyways. That's what TV cares about and not if he performs well or not.

If Albert doesn't agree to 7 m per year which is close to the average for a LT ghat is in top 10 but not elite then I agree with you we might still take him but only offer a third round pick as a trade because of his high salary
The chiefs will wait till the last hour and probably accept a third rounder if we dot agree to a long term contract
That would still be good for us fills a need and we only give a third rounder WOW

If we do take a guard at 12 then we would have one of the top 5 offensive lines in the NFL
And lots of tome for Thill to find the open receiver
This might be also the best weapon we could give Thill
Plus we will take another receiver in second or third round
This would definetively give us a very potent offense
I feel that with our 11 picks and our existing players winning 11 games will be easy
We will make the playoffs if we don't have major injuries
This is just my objective opinion

That's like when I used to watch the Lion's Games, I didn't care if they won or lost, all I wanted was to watch Barry Sanders in action. Definitely a draw.

I'm definitely an RG3 buff and I will watch him this Season amap.

Strictly by logic, we have a more complete set of receivers now and therefore from that angle more passes, even TD passes, should be caught. However, again under strict reasoning, our OL, at the moment, is inferior overall to what it was last year, so Thill will have less time to throw. Miller and Bush being even, Results for O = even. 19ptts a Game.

You must be new to the blog. He has had the same two hotties for over five years now, Righty and Lefty.

Posted by: FYI | April 19, 2013 at 12:27 AM

OK TrollTard, you've posted that 5 times now(F-I-V-E Times, Seriously-ROTFLMAO).....

Aside from the Fact that all the real posters here(ALL OF THEM)detest your drivel and wish Mando would stop you from polluting and wasting Blog Space permanently.....THIS TIME(Wishful Thinking and Fingers Crossed Tightly).....

Aside from that, we've all heard your juvenile attempt at humor and find it pitifully revealing. We all heard that one in 3rd grade and we didn't think it was funny then.....and guess what Sherlock-LOL.....We don't think it's funny now(Actually, we all heard it in 2nd grade and it WAS Funny.....But, by 3rd grade, it was ALREADY old(Like you.....I bet your knees were scrunched up under that desk being 13 in the 3rd grade and all.....SMH).....

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PROOF that you *Missed It* though Tyrone, PROOF of your ignorance and retardation.....you *Thought* that you came up with such a *Good One*.....such a *Slam*.....you posted it and *REPOSTED* it *AT LEAST* 5 times(LMAO *AND* SMH).....

Tyrone.....Lefty and Righty.....? Seriously.....? REALLY.....?

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Seriously Guy, posting and re-posting THAT.....(Feigning incredulity with a Smirk((Snicker, snick, Snickety).....

"We Know" who you are and MAN(And Dude do you make yourself look stupid-LMAO).....

I mean not *JUST* Simpleton Stupid.....I mean *Unbelievably Stupid*(One eyebrow raised higher than the other, pitying, condescending, *You SHOULD know Better* look).....

Now go relish the thought that you've "Yet Again" made Uncle Ody Jump Through Your Hoops(Oh Broder-LOL).


(Hey! I said "Go Relish The Thought").....


(Hey! Where are you going?)

(He done come out the basement and he's heading for Momma's Room!)


So, working under cold logic with the material we have now and assuming better FG kicking performance this Year, we can say, now, overall Team record for 2013 = 7-9. Check LV.

Just like Ireland had a "Bottom Line" with Jake Long and stuck too it, I hope he does the same with Albert.

I really don't think Ireland gives up either one of his 2nd rounder's. I wouldn't do it. Not when there are still a couple of viable options out there.

I'm hoping Ireland has offered no more than a 3rd and maybe a later. A 3rd sounds just about right.

I personally would HAVE to keep both of my 2nd rounder's. Especially in a draft like this where all the so called experts and pundits are saying the REAL value and Talent are in the Mid Rounds(2nd thru 4th).

I would even take McKinnie and offer him a **TWO YEAR** Deal, before I gave KC a 2nd for Albert.

Besides all that, think about it. Think about what a Nitwit Ireland would make himself look like for giving up too much for Alberts.

Right after letting his Former Pro Bowl Left Tackle walk? NOPE! I don't think there's chance in Hell that Ireland gives up a Longer Term Contract, Jake Long Like Money.........**AND** a 2nd round pick!

Just Say: NO........Jeffy!

You don't want to be like Monkey Boy and make yourself Look Like a Fool!


You guys do know that this schedule especially weeks 1-8 could cost J.Ireland his job ? I see Jeff changing his draft plans and either taking a corner at 12, or trading down and drafting nothing but playmakers rds 1-3 his job is now definitely on the line !!

odin, you don't want to accept that these new LBs here are not an improvement over our older ones. They haven't played 1 Game for Us, man, to prove it or disprove it! At this moment, of course. Use your logic!

Looking at this schedule(the opposing qb's) we had better go corner and add any position player on defense that has getting to the qb as a strong suit to his credentials.

Also need to add one more high quality wr for the passing game.

They use the gullible to achieve their purposes. Sure.

You change NOTHING. You do as you always intended to do.

I live 70 miles from there and my wife is a huge Bucs fan.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick

You are TRULY Blessed Rick.

She may be a Bucs Fan, but at least the both of you are NFL Football Fans.

I've never been married, but I've had a few Girlfriends. Out of all of them I can only remember ONE that was a serious Football Fan. She was a Bears Fan and I've ALWAYS been a Fins Fan(actually I now remember one other Girlfriend I had that was a Fan, A Bears Fan Also. She was a Surgical Tech and was the one that inserted my catheter(unggggh)when I had Lower Back surgery. It was an unfair way to meet, if you know what I mean. But, apparently, She liked what She saw/handled-LOL. Prim and Proper Surgical Tech by Day, Down and Dirty.......Freaky Red Head by Night-LOL).

I Digress! I said you are Truly Blessed to have something as Kool as NFL Football in common with someone you Love(I'm assuming ;)

I've been "Dating" this same Brunette for quite awhile now. I can tell She's somewhat of a Lions Fan. We just started "Dating" awhile ago so we haven't spent a whole season together. We watched a few games together towards the end of last season and were going pretty steady during the Playoffs. Then we "Hosted" A Super Bowl Party and it was a Blast(Been exclusive with Her ever since......I think-LOL).

I'm looking forward to having Her around for this upcoming season as I'm assuming you are yours as well. Don't know why I posted all this. I'm looking forward to having Her around for the Season and your Post reminded me of just how, "Looking Forward" to it I am I guess-LOL! Then again, it could just be the Jose Cuervo talking(Yeah, I can't wait for the troll to tell me how cheap and disgusting Cuervo is and how he drinks only the Finest of Fines and the most expensive of the expensive, Blah, blah. blah.......Puke!).

Anywhoo Rick, I meant to say: It sounds like you are Truly Blessed!

Valhalla My Brother!!!!

Well, one thing I'm sorely aware of as of late. At least as late as all this Albert talk. Signing him or even McKinnie as a stop-gap changes the ENTIRE complexion of our draft.

It changes the strategy completely and I'll tell you what(in the voice of Hank Hill): Ireland better have a whole plethora of alternatives and contingency plans.

Having a legit, viable Left Tackle opens up anything and everything. Not having one really puts the clamps on the first 3 rounds and especially where you try to "Marry Value with Need".

Having said all that and in response to "Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalph" above, taking a good O-lineman in the First would be CRAZY! Especially if we do have a left tackle. It wouldn't be Sexy and I know a lot of fans would moan and groan. But I'll bet BIG MONEY that our Skill Position Guys on Offense would be all for it.

At this point, my dream scenario starts with us signing McKinnie to a modest Two Year "Stop-Gap" Deal. This way, we keep all of our Picks.

Next, during the First Round, we find a Partner for a slight trade down, but enough to recoup, hopefully at least a mid to late 2nd rounder. Which is likely if were trading down to mid or late round in the first.

With that we take Warmack or Cooper and now have 3 - 2nd's and 2 - 3rd's left! Then somewhere in the 2nd round, just get me Jamar Taylor CB Boise State.

Get me McKinnie, then draft Warmack and Taylor. That's all I want. After that, you can draft Tyrone "Monkey Boy" Biggums and his retarded Twin Brother ALoco for all I care!

McKinnie, Warmack and Pouncey. With Cogs, Lance Louis, Samuda, Martin, John Jerry and Garner battling and upgrading depth!

Then we have Grimes and Taylor in the secondary! Marshall, Stanford, Patterson, Carroll and Wilson doing the same!

The main point I think in all this, Jeffy has to find us a Left tackle one way or the other. Once this is done, it almost seems impossible for us not to be **Warp Speed and Light Years** ahead of where we were at this point last season!


Why are some fans negative, we have a really tough schedule this year! However games vs Cleveland and Indy we should win although on the road.
Falcons, Saints and Ravens will be a tough task but not impossible if we can win at least one or even two that would really make teams notice the phins. This will be a true measure of the team. After bye week Bills a win, Pats will be a true test away, Bengals win at home, Bucs tough one on MNF on road, Chargers win at home, Panthers tough but could win, Jets close win or loss, Steelers tought to win at Heinz, Patriots tough win at home, Bills tough in cold weather so maybe loss or surprise win and Jets at home a win.

With improved play from RT and also his new weapons on offence with Wallace, Keller and Gibson and maybe through the draft add a new TE and RB in addition to Lamar Miller and Thomas, the defence is young with Ellerbe, Wheeler, also Grimes in as CB and the draft will also be interesting to add talent at CB, DE, S and maybe LB. We already have one of the best front DLine but Wake needs help. If everything goes well then Miami can finish 10-6 and at least a wild card. The real test is can they top New England for the AFC East Crown.
Go Phins, this will surely be a interesting season.
Bring on the NFL draft we need a good one after a good free-agency period. New players will also have to gel as a team.
Go Dolphins - Phins UP

odin, you don't want to accept that these new LBs here are not an improvement over our older ones. They haven't played 1 Game for Us, man, to prove it or disprove it! At this moment, of course. Use your logic!

Posted by: oscar canosa | April 19, 2013 at 03:56 AM

I'm going to put on my Vulcan Mr. Spock wig and try to think only in logical terms(I don't think Mr. Spock sipped on Cuervo till 5:00 though).

The way I see it, you have to "Take The Whole Package"!

Don't get excited Oscar, by "Taking The Whole Package", I mean Ellerbe and Wheeler vs. Dansby and Burnett.

1. Making the exchange, we cut a significant amount of fat off the ledgers as well as the roster.

2. Ellerbe is Younger, Faster and Cheaper than Dansby. What's more, he had the privilege to work with and learn from, arguably the Best MLB to have ever played the game. You could dismiss the Lewis hoopla out of hand if you so choose, but you can't get around Younger, Faster and Cheaper. I think the Lewis Hoopla has to account for a certain amount of.........of........something-lol.

Seeing how they haven't played a game, logically speaking, we can only compare certain aspects at this point. Those being Younger, Faster and Cheaper. To date, the Victor: Ellerbe.

2. Wheeler also has the Younger, Faster Cheaper distinction. Another good point in my opinion, Team Philbin thought very highly of Wheeler last year. And that was BEFORE he had a pretty good season. Granted they could have locked him up a lot Cheaper than, Ireland(or somebody)goofed. You can't win them all.

The last thing I'll say about Wheeler is my favorite thing about him at this point. Pro Football Focus had him rated as the 2nd best pass rushing 4-3 OLB last season. That carries some weight with me.

Ultimately, I can't wait to see him blitzing Tom Brady coming off the same side of the field as Cameron Wake. Looking forward to the "Over-Loads". Again, the victor: Wheeler.

How that Oscar? It's maybe not too Spock like, but I did my best. Cuervo and ALL!



Look at that!

Mr. Cuervo had "Trouble" counting to TWO!

I wonder if they had Tequila aboard the USS. Enterprise?


GOOD MORNING ...........


One last thing before I have to sober up and make some Breakfast.

Pro Football Focus does a lot of inter-dependent analysis. They come up with all kinds of interesting stats.

I'm not EXACTLY where they had Tannehill ranked in these two instances, but I do know it was near the top.

The first surprising one for me was how high they had him rated for Deep Ball accuracy. It was top 5 though, I do know that much. As long as this wasn't some statistical anomaly or aberration, this could be huge! This of course bodes well for him and his new weapon Mike Wallace.

The other category just blew my mind when I read it. According to them, Tannehill was the 2nd best QB in the league when facing the blitz.

Not just among Rookies, not just the AFC or the AFC East. The 2nd best in the league among ALL QB's.

This too is huge in this day and age of pass happy NFL teams. If Tannehill did this well in these two key categories, there's no reason to think that he won't continue to improve. Especially as the game slows down for him. Also take into account the lack of personel he had last year, verses the upgrades across the board that he'll be working with this year.

I was real skeptical of Tannehill's experience level and WHERE we drafted him at. But while watching him play as a rookie, he started to build some slow steady confidence with me. It wasn't "All That" at times, but I'm sure some of it could be attributed to team and personel issues.

So after having given it some time to digest(and re-watching each and every game(throw)at least twice, I was getting some favorable vibes. Combining that with the info I got from sites like Pro Football Focus, I'm getting downright Stoked About Tannehill as well. Then add to all of that, the job Ireland and Philbin have done in upgrading the roster and his weapons, I'm all in!

All I can see is solid steady improvement for years to come. And not just with Tannehill either. The whole team, Coaching Staff, the FO, even the Owner!

I think this team is in the best shape it's been in since The Day Don Shula was unceremoniously Ran Out of Town. Including Jimmy's teams and Parcell's 2008 team too!


Disclaimer: That last paragraph could have very well been HEAVILY influenced by Jose Cuervo!


What makes you think.....So!

My Heads Humming and My Eyes are Bleeding!

Is it Draft Day Yet?

Wake me up when it starts.

(ALoco, what you think of the all night posting? No fights, arguments and the Trollish Garbage was at a minimum. What you say Bout Dat?)

How did the Broncos end up with the easiest schedule based on wins from last year?

I don't mind the Phins unfavorable schedule at all. The biggest challenge will still be the Patriots. Got to beat them at least once to get to the playoffs. I see 10-6 at this point and that's not much of jump from last year.

The more I think through the current strengths and weaknesses of this team I just don't see the team taking Warmack or Cooper with the #12 pick in round #1. Generally, I like the idea of strengthening the OLINE further to better protect THILL and open holes for Miller.

But I think OT is much more of an issue than G right now. Incognito, Jerry (came in pretty fit), Samuda and Lance Louis make a pretty solid core of Guards. I really think Louis could work out to be a starter. It might enable Jerry to work out for OT. Would Warmack and Cooper be starters? Probably. Is it a NEED position? I don't think so.

I think DE, CB, or TE will be the first pick this year.

Cant wait for the Tampa... Live up the road from there, excited to see the phins only an hour away, and probably going to bring a group of 30. Tailgate crazy. C'mon 11-5!

Schedule starts out pretty rough, but the end of it looks to be pretty easy. Also nice to play ATL in Miami, much better chance to win. Everything after the bye is pretty winnable, New England being the toughest games.

Bark Odin,Bark, really really you're predicting records without seeing who they get in the draft, without see who might be hurt on other teams, without knowing who would be hurt on the Phins, without knowing who else the sign in the 2nd wave of free agency. Moron

You want reality shows? None better than this one.

I wouldn't normally give a record prediction without knowing who the players are on the team...but it fits naturally with the release of the 2013 schedule. Nothing to lose really it's just a guess and a way to take a break from the draft talk. I think I've heard just about every angle on our draft and read every mock. So My prediction is 10-6...and I may revise the win total after seeing the draft.


It is what it is. I think people are reading too much into teams that were good last year and years before, etc.

New England has Brady/Belichick which is going to be tough in itself but the Pats lost Welker who is a Dolphins killer. Welker is such a huge part to what makes that offense work and they expect to just replace him with Amendola? I don't think so. The Pats for one arent the same Pats.

Ravens lost Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Paul Kruger, Cary Williams, Anquan Boldin and McKinnie. They lost all that veteran leadership and although I like Flacco since when is he Brady? Flacco is going to put up more then his share of his infamous 16-34 195 yards 0 TD 2 int type games.

Saints have a very good O and thats it. Their D is a disaster and are transitioning to a 3-4. IMO, Miami has them at the perfect time early in the schedule. \

These are just a few examples of why you have to let the games be played. Miami upgraded talent at several positions and have young talent Tannehill and Lamar Miller who we all hope take the next step. All the teams I named got worse! Chill and relax guys. Miami is well coached, improved talent and may pleasantly surprise us with how they play this year. I for once am optimistic about this team.

We need a really good draft. Players that can come in an start right away. And we really need to focus on offensive line help.

Why do you guys hate on Clemmons?
He is very fast, has good size, better hands than Smith and the fact that Philbin resigned him means he is teachable. He is probably not as smart as Philbin would like, but I believe that he will blossom this year.
He has also been responsible for the deep ball which means he can't be that aggressive.
The position he plays means that even an idiot fan will notice a mistake and there is no one behind him. Since our defense did pretty well not giving up points, I think he played well.
If you want to single out failure, find someone on offense. We only scored 19 points per game.

Chris Clemons

He's serviceable and that's about it. He is average to below average in the open field tackling and a below average playmaker. He plays his zone and spots and doesn't get you beat deep is where he is useful. Aside from that he is a guy that I look for competition and to be significantly upgraded. Perhaps he's upgraded in round 1 with Kenny Vaccaro!

Dec 8, Pittsbrugh, I'll be there ...

Game in Buffalo is too late in the year, It will be nasty.

Season opener in Cleveland is close enough ...

Mark, good game to go to. Very winnable. Though don't expect too many FGs.

The early season games are tough - time to step up fins! If we are going to be the team folks are talking about, we should beat some of the so called elite teams. A 4-2 start would be a great achievement with this schedule

I hear Cleveland is pretty tough for opponents fans. I'm not really visible when i go though - wear a plain black track suit most times in fair weather - very neutral.

I may wear my marino throwback at the pittsburgh game since it's in his old neck of the woods. may be ok there.

actually 4-2 is very possible -
September 8 at Cleveland Browns - WIN
September 15 at Indianapolis Colts - WIN
September 22 Atlanta Falcons - LOSS
September 30 at New Orleans Saints (Mon) WIN
October 6 Baltimore Ravens LOSS
October 13 BYE
October 20 Buffalo Bills WIN
= 4-2

1-4 at the bye would be great.

Stand up to the Dog Pound Mark. Represent. Throw on your 2013 Tannehill jersey. And you GOTTA wear the Mike Wallace to the Pitt game. Show those b*tches who's boss. Dolphins are fierce, not to be effed with!

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