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Complete Dolphins schedule right here

The 2013 season is important for the Dolphins.

It's the 40-year anniversary of their last Super Bowl win. It's the year we're supposed to see Ryan Tannehill become a franchise quarterback. It's the year Joe Philbin is supposed to have enough horses to win. It's a make or break year for general manager Jeff Ireland.

And this is how it is going to stack up according to NFL and media sources:

September 8              at Cleveland Browns                    1 pm

September 15            at Indianapolis Colts                     1 pm

September 22            Atlanta Falcons                             4:05 pm

September 30            at New Orleans Saints (Mon)           8:40 pm

October 6                  Baltimore Ravens                           1 pm

October 13                 BYE  

October 20                 Buffalo Bills                                   1 pm

October 27                at New England Patriots                  1 pm

October 31                Cincinnati Bengals (Thurs)                8:25 pm

November 11             at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Mon)        8:40p

November 17             San Diego Chargers                            1 pm

November 24             Carolina Panthers                              1 pm

December 1               at New York Jets                                1 pm

December 8              at Pittsburgh Steelers                          1 pm

December 15             New England Patriots                          1 pm

December 22             at Buffalo Bills                                    1 pm

December 29             New York Jets                                     1 pm


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Well, they nabbed him.

Jules, then let me extrapolate. First off, you have a girly name, how's that for immature. Secondly, you're not "bailing out Ross". You (if you really are a Florida taxpayer) aren't on the line for ANYTHING. If the team wins, then the taxpayers pay a tiny amount of the full cost. Sounds like a win-win to me.

But more importantly, I'm sick and tired of you damned 'scared-of-my-shadow' fake fans. You said you're not even a fan of the Dolphins, then GET THE F*CK OFF THE SITE *SSHOLE!!! This is a DOLPHINS blog. We are DOLPHINS fans. We eat, sleep, and SH*T Dolphins. If that's not your thing, then F*CK OFF!!! That's how I roll. That's how most of the TRUE fans here roll. This is my Paradise. Muslims, Jews, Christians, I don't give a damn what they think. Heaven is the MIAMI DOLPHINS! Don't like it, then Hell is right down the road in Tampa. Bye.

Have to give it to the Boston Law enforcement. They got him alive.

Julie, are you watching TV? That's the strength of FORCE in effect! Sweet people like you would know nothing about that. I have gay friends. But you know what I love about them, they show STRENGTH. Like gymnasts. It's non-gay maggots like you who make terrorists think they can come here and kill and get away with it. But then the true Americans like me step up and save the day. U.S.A, U.S.A!!! That's right. Go suck it Julie. Dolphins or die, you're choice cream puff!

Dade County desperately needs money for schools, police, and fire depts NOT football!

I have a dream that this offense will be able to score from anywhere on the field.

I have a dream that one day we have a team that if you went for a beer that you will miss the 75 yard screen pass.

I have a dream.

That Miami would be able to score 42 points a game.

I have a dream.

That these fans will be able to see talent. And demand it.

I have a dream.

oscar, wonder why ALoco hasn't posted in a few days? Is he a Chechen? I report, you decide.

After the Marlin fiasco how dumb does Ross think Dade County is?

DC, let me spell it out for you,

I'm not the scared fan you are responding to. Don't lump the whole world together.

Talk to my parents about my name, but for you to make fun of it is further confirmation you are not a man at all, but a juvenile.

Third, try reading a book and improving your vocabulary. There can be no reasonable, worthwhile debate with people who can't express themselves any better than high school basketball players.

You have a lot of catching up to do before I will waste another second of my time responding to you. Good luck and sorry you did not get the benefit of a worthy education.

Braman was right about the Marlins and he's right about the Dolphins. No welfare for billionaires.

Blogs, being a relatively new medium of communication bound to technology, no doubt has attracted the younger crowd first. It makes sense. I guess I shouldn't too be surprised to see just how far the education system of the USA has gone astray, where not even the journalists write like they are literate, let along the participants.

I tell you Man, I've read about these Chechens and they are so radical and audacious that even Russia is afraid of them. What we have to do with them, is to be found out.

Julie, let's have a debate, I won't even curse or throw accusations. But I WILL admonish you for trying to come on MY BLOG, a DOLPHINS BLOG, and talking nonsense about things you know nothing about. Want to talk local politics, Ross said the taxpayers are not on the line UNLESS the Dolphins land a SuperBowl. Know what that means? It means TAX DOLLARS. It means an infusion of cash into the local economy. It's a fair deal if what's reported is accurate. But you said you're not even a Dolphins fan. That's what I have a problem with. So if you want to demean my education, that's fine. But don't get it twisted. I'm a TRUE DOLPHINS fan. And I protect my house. Not sure you know about that. But if not, I'm going to teach you. You don't come into someone else's house and talk trash and think you're just going to be greeted with open arms. This isn't a Catholic Charity. This is football. Sorry if you got lost. Now you know.

DC Dolfan, You are a out of touch out of towner that has NO CLUE about Dade County or about the Dolfans. Go find a Washington blog to spew your nonsense on!

Ross is a cheap SOB that wont pay for a real GM or to fix his own business. He's a horrible excuse for a sports owner.

How is it that wide receiver was a need in Jan 2012 when we HAD Brandon Marshall, another top guy to play opposite of him...yet now it is not a need when all we have done is replace Marshall with Wallace?

Ohh, did I hit a sore spot troll? You can't stand and fight like a man so you hide behind a cute troll name. You hide in a backyard boat before I smoke you.

at Cleveland - W
at Indianapolis - W
Atlanta - W
at New Orleans - L
Baltimore - W
Buffalo - W
New England - L
Cincinnati - L
at Tampa Bay - L
San Diego Chargers - W
Carolina Panthers - W
at New York Jets - W
at Pittsburgh Steelers - W
New England Patriots -L
at Buffalo Bills - W
New York Jets - W


I think WR is still a need. But Hartline has proven to be a weapon. With Henne, no, he wasn't effective. But last year with Tannehill he was a 1,000 yd WR. Add to that Dustin Keller, and then draft a WR, and now you have the beginnings of something special. If I'm Ireland, I still draft a WR in rounds 1 or 2 (Philbin prefers 2). But I don't think the team is done at the position.

Commendable job by law enforcement tracking down two people in the midst of millions, and in a reasonably short period of time. Their may be more, others that helped them, but they've likely nabbed the culprits.

While our nation falters in many areas, it is nice to see some competence in the first most important role of government, security.

Steve Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!

So, all these calculated risks taken by GMs for the Draft pale in comparison to tonight's events, don't they?. I mean, you gotta have a lot of balls and know exactly what you're doing not to return almost continuous sub-machine gun fire. Uff!

I have all kinds of opinions about the team. But with each opinion comes many questions. We fans are at an extreme disadvantage. What do we have save for the few media reports and analysis on each player? Not much.

Even though the task of picking players is extremely difficult for the GM's, and they do falter often, they do have a distinct advantage that the fans do not have. It is kind of like insider trading. The GM's have their scout teams. There scouts not only know the players they are evaluating, but their teammates and their coaches, hence, far more insight to their habits and predilections that the average fan can not possibly garner from the frivolous media that pumps out 'psuedo-information' for the sole sake of attention and nothing more.


Jules and DC look alike. Don't fight between yourselves, accept each other.

I will offer a rather generic opinion, that I believe is sensible, without trying to assume crystal ball insight.

There are 4 divisional winners and 2 playoff teams for each conference. That is obviously 6 teams that will make the playoffs for each conference. I believe the Dolphins have now positioned themselves in the top ten. Where in the top ten remains to be seen, but I see a team playing to win, and a long awaited playoff berth this year. Finally.

How arrogant and frivolous it is for someone other than Armando to claim this is their blog. Armando offers this blog to the general public of the world. That pretty much includes everyone.

Now I like your last post Jules. Sounding more like a Fins fan now.

All 32 teams are hyped up with faith come opening day. For many that faith evaporates quickly. I believe the 2013 Miami Dolphins will discover they are even better than their faith leads them to believe, and finally get at least a playoff victory.

Yeah, well, Jules, at the present moment I don't see it the way you do. All the contrary. 7-9. Now, if they fix the OL, add a good CB or Safety and another 10-15 sacks/Yr pass rusher, I could see it your way.

The 'media' will tell you that Tannehill was his make or break pick. I disagree. His make or break pick came before Tannehill. It was Joe Philbin. Jeff nailed it.

Far tougher schedule this season over last. If this were 2012's schedule I believe we finish 5-11 at best.


How many SB winners have had an all star oline across the board? Maybe none. The line as a whole is important. Pressure comes from everywhere now, from play to play, from the left, from the right, up the middle. Sure LT is important, but not as much as the line as a whole. I would not overestimate the LT position in today's game. It is still very important, but not as much as in previous years. Many, many, many SB victor's have had average LT's.

Too many holes to fill, you might say? Not really, we have 11 picks in this Draft.

Plus FAgency has not terminated yet. And we have the Bread. Ha!

DC is ALL fired up.....lol.....

Tougher schedule? Let me remind you, every season good teams from the previous year take a step backward, and poor teams from the previous year take a step forward. Every year. Nobody can know in advance who they will be. Basing predictions on last years teams is only folly.

With that being said, keep in mind, when you are the best, the schedule is easy. It is only when you are not the best, or close enough to it, that the schedule is hard.

I want the best team, not the team that lucks, out. Not the team that over achieves. I want the hands down best team bar all arguments.

When you have that, any schedule is easy.


I have to go with Jules on this one. They still have some holes to fill like you say but they have already upgraded the team and haven't even drafted yet.

They will be in the 2nd year of a system that the players are buying into.

As long as they play hard and believe as Jules said I think we have a shot at postseason.

Who is talking about LT, Jules? I am of the few of the opinion that JMartin can hold down the LT position pretty well. I'm talking RT, better Gs for our purposes than Cogs and Jerry, and backups, plenty good backups. Upgrade the whole OLine, like Ireland said.

Do not discount Rashard Matthews or Fuller when you talk receivers. They were not in the picture last year when Marshall was here. I also think that Binns from our practice squad is better than most of the wr's in this draft.
And all you people who don't want to draft OL must not remember last year when Houston's d linemen were in Tannehill's face so fast that his passes were blocked and intercepted? You have to have time to set your feet before you can throw.

I said before best case scenario for us is if Martin did make the transition to LT. Then we can use our picks to upgrade to the athletic guards they covet.

We can win with Cogs and Jerry at guard but we're definately not going to dominate.


I don't have the privilege to see Martin in practice day to day. Maybe he has made strides. I don't know. I can't say. Ireland seems to know and is playing his game accordingly.

Better guards than Cogs and Jerry? Again, I don't know. The argument against Cogs is that he is not the best pulling guard. Well, just maybe, he is better at everything else than pulling guards? You know, you don't pull every play. Jerry just had his best season. Maybe it was the coaching? This is not the time to write him off, this is the time a 3rd round pick should be coming into their own.

Cogs, Jerry, I pass no judgement yet. They could be better than any non-professional coach can realize.

From time to time I glance at the blogs of other teams. The common denominator? Fans seem to think you need a pro bowl super star at every position. That is never the case though. All SB winners have their holes to fill.

Careful, Jules, you have to read me carefully. I did not say better Gs, better for our purposes. What are our purposes? You know, zone-blocking.


Maybe you have had the luxury of lunching with the coaching staff to know better than I what precisely are our purposes? One thing I am certain of is they know. They jettisoned a handful of players this offseason. Cogs and Jerry were not among that group.

There is an old saying.

Actions speak louder than words.

Watch the Redskins OL. Nobody on the floor, everybody standing almost straight up, screening 10 yds R or L. Shanahan is a master at that.

Cogs is a brute. Ok, maybe not the best pulling guard. He does much else well. Jerry? He is a specimen. He improved last year. If he still has more upside, you don't get rid of a beast like that.

There is talk of Warmack as the premiere guard in this draft. Jerry is a bigger beast. And, more versatile.

Shanahan won nothing without one of the greatest QB's of all time, John Elway. So...who is the master and who is the slave?

Shanahan let a gimpy RG3 continue to play when he clearly wasn't right. Shanahan abused the huge investment of the entire franchise for his own egotistical benefit. Logically, it backfired.

Huh.... Jules,

Appreciate your well thought out Cronkite commentary. However, I was stating a fact not the state of our. Even the dumbest squirrel on the nut hunt can see this season's schedule is more challenging than last.

2013 we have 9 games against definite playoff caliber qb's. Two against Newton and Freeman, soon to be playoff qb's.

I wasn't speculating that the league somehow wanted to give us a much tougher schedule. Just that in this rotational scheduling system we just happen to draw 9 games against definite playoffs teams, and two against qb's highly likely to lead their teams into the playoffs in the very near future.

Last season we did not face so many games with so many very talented qb's. That's I say say with 2012's team, I couldn't see us winning more than 5 games with the current arsenal of fine qb's we face.

Even much improved in talent in 2013, my over-under for final record is 9-7. If we get a great lucky bounce, 10-6.

Well, I must leave you as I see most here don't really understand (or don't want to understand according to your interests)the concept of zone blocking. One last attempt, remember Terrell Davis, how many yards he got past the line of scrimmage? That's it. Me, I have no selfish interests, I'm my own Boss and lack nothing.

PD: you2 guys must finish your turn not knowing whatTH is what or whoTH is who. heheheh


Of Warmack and Cooper, Cooper's the far perfect fit for our zone blocking scheme. If he there at #12, Philbin the former oline guru, may see him as too good to pass up.

I believe Ireland trusts Philbin far more than Sparano to give him what he wants with the 1st pick.

I submit that the question is not our schedule. The question is us. Playoff teams are last years story, they all don't come back to repeat. Are we better? Are we a playoff team? Are we the best? Are we close to the best?

The focus is on us, not our competition. I want to win knowing we are indeed the best. I don't want to win on a lucky bounce or a bad call.

Fearing the schedule or making excuses is the mark of a team not ready to win. The only question is then when will this team be ready to win? I say the dry spell has ended. We will see.


I understand about you rarely see teams with pro bowlers across nearly the entire oline. It's also rarely you see team that win consecutive sb championships either.

However, look back at some of these teams that have won consecutive sb championships. Yes, you'll find they also had 3 or more pro bowl caliber olinemen up front too. While also having a very sturdy defensive front to boot.

Hell, you need look no further than the 70's Dolphins that went to 3 straight sb's winning 2 in row.

I don't know why I like football. It seems like such a silly game. But I like it. Like all sports, you have to perform on the spot, no dress rehearsals, answer the bell when it rings. So I follow one team and one team only. It's fun, for what ever reason, who cares.

I thank those that offered sincere rebuttal. It is all good food for thought.

Now, my #1 priority has arrived home, and she always merits 100% of my attention. If I can squeak some 'my time' away during the draft, I will be around to join in the banter. Ireland has wisely positioned himself to be totally unpredictable, so rather than offer guesses, I prefer to sit back and enjoy the intrigue.

Good night all.


Focus on us? Exactly! Exactly why we have to put together the very best team we possibly can.

You add hipocrasy to your own statement when you say we don't need pro bowlers at every position. Yes, this may be true, but at what point is enough enough?

I say, even though you don't need pro bowlers at every position, enough's never enough. You land as many as you can possibly get your hands on my man.

Hell, you'll never see an nfl team with pro bowlers at every position. That in itself alone is a null and void statement. The goal is always to get your hands on as many very good to elite players at every position as human possible.

This is not the Golden Corral buffet!

It will take 3-4 years after Ireland is fired to get the Dolphin talent level up to par with the other teams.

What about Albert? That story has gone dead cold! Maybe just media hype? Omar stuck his foot in his mouth AGAIN.

the trade will go down on draft day dude

DC was out of line. That blogger buried him. There are some good bloggers here, but a few are a bunch of self inflated ego maniac idiot punks! You know the obvious ones! He exposed one of them easily. Good to see.

DC can go bite himself and hide in shame. He was no match.

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