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Complete Dolphins schedule right here

The 2013 season is important for the Dolphins.

It's the 40-year anniversary of their last Super Bowl win. It's the year we're supposed to see Ryan Tannehill become a franchise quarterback. It's the year Joe Philbin is supposed to have enough horses to win. It's a make or break year for general manager Jeff Ireland.

And this is how it is going to stack up according to NFL and media sources:

September 8              at Cleveland Browns                    1 pm

September 15            at Indianapolis Colts                     1 pm

September 22            Atlanta Falcons                             4:05 pm

September 30            at New Orleans Saints (Mon)           8:40 pm

October 6                  Baltimore Ravens                           1 pm

October 13                 BYE  

October 20                 Buffalo Bills                                   1 pm

October 27                at New England Patriots                  1 pm

October 31                Cincinnati Bengals (Thurs)                8:25 pm

November 11             at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Mon)        8:40p

November 17             San Diego Chargers                            1 pm

November 24             Carolina Panthers                              1 pm

December 1               at New York Jets                                1 pm

December 8              at Pittsburgh Steelers                          1 pm

December 15             New England Patriots                          1 pm

December 22             at Buffalo Bills                                    1 pm

December 29             New York Jets                                     1 pm


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The Chiefs had more probowlers than us. They are still picking first.

Good teams develop talent that they pick up from the draft and undrafted players. They find guys that fit what they try to do on offense and defense. Especially at QB!
Sparano never developed talent. I believe Philbin will do better.

we have ignition losers

Unfortunately Armando attracts the low end of fans for the most part. The few good bloggers here just try to endure the nonsense.

Philbin is as doomed as Sparano was with Irescum as his GM.

Somebody here has BEEN ACTING LIKE A TROLL!!

They Were One Of The Biggest I Hate Troll Type On Here...

And He Has Been Hiding In Plain Sight. Notice Certain Regulars Have Disappeared But People With Similar Attitudes Pop Up. The Canadian M-a-ri-con Is One. Kris, Is Another One.

Kris, Sir You Have Been Exposed. Kris=Jules

Just Take A Read...

I Could Care Less. Just Don't Cry Foul When Someone Is Calling You Out.

dashi means seaweed soup. it also means other things. like when you take a dump and wipe and wipe and wipe and wipe and still there is a skid mark? that is also dashi.

kombu has your number.

I Also Agree With DC.

Football Is My Religion. And The Miami Dolphins Is My Church. We Will Have A F'ing Jihad!! If You Come On Here And Talk BS About The Dolphins. Tell Me Your Team And I Will Break It Down. Dolphins Reign Supreme!!

Also Love The Intensity. Funny How Some People Back Down And Want To Play The Victim When You Stand Up To Them. The 2 Main Ones Are Famous For It. Didn't Know Kris Was Like That Also.

I Digress. Enough Truth For The Evening.

On Some Real News.

Allegedly, Some Dolphin Player Has A Gay Sex Tape. With An Underage Boy.

This Is Some Crazy Stuff. Talk About A Bombshell.

My Problem Is Why Us. Why Not The Jets Or Patriots.

Maybe It Is An Ex Dolphin. I Always Felt K. Dansby Was Gay.

Hopefully, This News Isn't True. But If It Is. WOW.

Why Do You Try?

Heaven is the MIAMI DOLPHINS! Don't like it, then Hell is right down the road in Tampa. Bye.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | April 19, 2013 at 08:58 PM

Well said DC......W-E-L-L S-A-I-D......Period!!!!

I think you left out the part about Don Shula being God though.

PS: Is it just me, or do them Trolls have the BIGGEST Sissy Fits when getting a Taste of their Own Medicine!

DISCLAIMER: Don't even THINK about trying to answer or respond in any way Numb Nutz! While I'm sure you're Dimwitted enough to ATTEMPT answering Rhetorical Questions, it's NOT! It's actually, factually........a Simple, Truthful......**STATEMENT**.

Now "Sissy Fit On" my "Demented Little Friend"


DC, real men don't need to cast aspersions on others just because they disagree with them. Real men don't act like immature, homophobic little boys.

Posted by: Jules | April 19, 2013 at 08:43 PM

He says this right after he himself just finished up ANONYMOUSLY "Casting Aspersions" on Mr. Ross.

And yet he feels he can speak for "Real Men"-LOL!

Hypocrite - Pot - Kettle.

To quote Steven Tyler:

It's The Same Old Story!

The Same Old Song And Dance!

There scouts not only know the players they are evaluating, but their teammates and their coaches, hence, far more insight to their habits and predilections that the average fan can not possibly garner from the frivolous media that pumps out 'psuedo-information' for the sole sake of attention and nothing more.

Posted by: Jules | April 19, 2013 at 09:38 PM

Speaking of which, you are guilty of exactly what it is you are accusing them of doing.

I mean, I HOPE your post is just an attention getting device for you.

Otherwise, you just informed us that GM's have the upper hand over us fans when it comes to WHAT THE GM HIMSELF IS ACTUALLY GOING TO DO.

Dooh! God forbid there is anyone this ignorant still alive and breathing. C'mon Man, you can't be this plain old dumb. Like we all don't already know Ireland has an advantage over us. WE ARE TRYING TO GUESS WHAT HE HIMSELF WILL DO.

You Blew It here Troll Boy. The more you post, the more you expose yourself. Just admit you're an attention seeking Troll and move along-SHEESH!


DC can go bite himself and hide in shame. He was no match.

Posted by: Jus sayin | April 19, 2013 at 11:33 PM

ROTFLMAO - I bet you couldn't even type that with a straight face ;)

You were either ignorant of the facts or simply trying to "Troll It Up" when it came to your comments on Ross and The Stadium/Tax.

The money won't come from ALL the South Florida Tax Payers for one. The other is that Ross' plan is contingent upon Miami being awarded A Super Bowl. In which case the revenues will more than equal a **Hotel Tax**.

You got your ass handed to you and so you attempted to backtrack with the ludicrous comments about GM's having an advantage over the everyday fan. Well **No Shyt Sherlock**. It's the GM's **JOB** and he **KNOWS** what he will do. We the fans are trying to guess what it is he ends up doing.

Duh - Another Swing and a Miss-ROTFLMAO!

But that's OK Bub, you go right ahead on and pretend you didn't get your ass handed too you while making a complete fool of yourself ;)


No offense to "The Regulars", but am I glad I didn't spend my afternoon and evening here with the Dregs that hang on Armando's every word(ie: The Resident TrollTard Twins-LOL).

It was however, a bit amusing coming on and reading back the particularly embarrassing night for the 24/7 "No-life Boy.

Seriously, he started up his dumbshyt tonight and DC was ON HIM-LOL!

Put a Smack Down on his dumbass with a quickness-ROTFLMAO!

Kudos DC!!!!

Out of towners telling locals to vote for charity for the 4.4 BILLION dollar man? TOO FUNNY!

Drunken degenerate South Floridian cannot manage to define charity.

Too Funnier!!!!

You Blowz........(on a "Good Night")........

I'm quite sure I've PATRONIZED The Orange Bowl and Joe Robbie MUCH MORE than you have or ever will.

I'd say that Trumps the fact that you were able to Parole Out in the Miami Area.


Who said Vaccaro was speedy? He's not. He has tremendous range, though.

Cause You Typed It In Big BOLD LETTERS!! We Are Supposed To Believe You Or Fear You?

STFU!! And Keep It Moving. Don't Try And Play Captain Save A H-o. Cause You Will Get Smacked.

dashOdor, get some rest bro! You've been passing gas here all night long....nobody cares, really.

You can't complain about other's pollution until you stop your own.

That's the way it works.

Kris, Sir You Have Been Exposed. Kris=Jules

Just Take A Read...

I Could Care Less. Just Don't Cry Foul When Someone Is Calling You Out.

Posted by: I Am This Blog | April 20, 2013 at 12:11 AM


Unlike you.....I HAVE NEVER POSTED UNDER ANOTHER NAME ON THIS BLOG....you do it routinely....as the post above is a GREAT EXAMPLE.....

This blog has your head so EFFED up you don't know which way is up and which way is down....

Oscar has "gotten" to you man....HE WON!!!!!!! lol.....

certain "regulars" like myself....and I suspect Craig M (altho i don't want to speak for him).....have taken a BREAK from the blog because I (we) have very little to contribute POST FA period/PRE-DRAFT....in short....I DON'T WATCH COLLEGE FOOTBALL.....so I have almost ZERO to say when it comes to who we SHOULD/WILL draft....get it???????


heck....I haven't HYPED a college player since RYAN MALLETT....and that was 2 YEARS AGO......

I guess your feelings are HURT from me calling you out on your OUT RIGHT lies about what many posters feel Bush brought to the table.....again...it wasn't his rushing....it was his PLAY MAKING ability.....

So Kudos's to you Dashi...for FINNALLY growing a pair.....and calling me out by name....you have been HINTING @ this EVER since I called you out for being a HYPOCRITE (which you are).....

Thats why you can't see that you go on and on about Oscar for signing in in different names....but you DO THE SAME THING EVERY DAY.....lol......

who will respond to me.....will it be...

Dash (tm)
I am the blog
i'm better at life than you

and probably 1001 other names that I could care less about......

here is the bottom line Dashi.....

I have a LIFE outside of this blog.....I have a FAMILY that includes a 4 month old whose SMILE is more important to me than ANYTHING YOU or anybody else could EVER say on a football blog....


I REALLY appreciate that I am in your thoughts.....I LOVE the fact that I am in your HEAD.....

but if I were you....I would take a BREAK from this blogging world for a bit....your over thinking it WAY to much......

Go OUTSIDE today.....talk to a pretty girl....get some sun....and turn off the ELECTRONIC devices for a bit...

There is LIFE outside of this blog Dashi.....try it....






in your head.....

I have been checking out Josh Boyce. He is a very intriguing WR prospect. He is kinda like Bess with 4.3 speed. He is not quite as elusive as Austin, but has his straight line speed, with a more formidable body. He is projected into the third day. He definitely has YAC, as he can take it to the house from anywhere on the field. I am not sure his hands are as dependable as our boy Bess though. Still, he is very interesting.


Kris, Sir, Too Much Writing.

Comes Off A Little Defensive.

Again, I Could Care Less. But Apparently You Don't.

Funny How You Only Posted Once Yesterday Night. The Most Random Statement Ever, Look Back. And 2, You Are Responding To Something On Page 8.

Why Is That Kris? Thought You Don't Pay Attention.

Just Saying.

I know You Have Been Doing It For A While. You Said So Yourself. You Have Been Wanting For Someone To Say Something. To Finally Acknowledge You.

Doesn't It Seem Kind Of Weird You Responding To Something Said Last Night. And Getting Defensive About It. And Notice!! Dashi Doesn't Deny It Was Me.

Dashi Is Dashi!! For As Much As You Want TO Proclaim. Dashi Uses Different Sign In Names!! Dashi Doesn't Troll. If Somebody Asks Or If I Don't Give It Away With My Blatant Writing Style!! Dashi Will Admit To Being Dashi!! Always Have, Always Will!!

You And A Couple Of The Others On The Other Hand Act Like Trolls. Get Defensive And Deny That You Post Under Other Names.

Like Dashi Said. You Can Try And Hide Your writing Style, and think No One Will Notice. But Your Attitude Is Undeniable.

I also have been analyzing the structure and need of the teams in this draft. I can see several scenarios where we can trade down in this draft. Perhaps more that once in the first round. The Saints may want to get ahead of the Panthers and Bucs for a DL that may be there. Pitt may want to jump up on the Rams for the WR they like best. The Vikings could have the same perspective, as well as others.
The meat of this draft is on day two, and to some point day three. Any late round picks we can acquire along with mid rounds picks will allow us to move up in the mid rounds. This draft will be fun!


What Is It With Everyone Thinking That This Is Some Sort Of Battle?

Oh, I Got You!!

I Made Fun Of You!! I'm King Of The Blog!!

Notice, Everyone Wants To Test The Dashi. Not The Other Way Around. Dashi Never Attacks People. Dashi Goes With Everything Like Soup.

In My Head? Fool!! My Attention Span Is Too Short. To Stay Angry Or To Care About What You Said.

Plus, Kris. You Are One Of The Least Wittiest People On This Blog. Seriously.

If Somebody Says Something Offensive About Dashi. Dashi Will Laugh It Off. If It Is Real Good. But A Lot Of You Guys Just Write Angry. No Humor At All.


At Least The Twinky Likes To Throw Jokes From Time To Time. Some Of Them Good, Most Of Them Bad.


you think that because you ADMIT to using fake names...that that somehow makes it OK.....lol....

go outside dude.....

Your of me no longer matters...I have no way of proving myself innocent of your accusation....and I DAM sure am not gonna spend the day trying reason with someone of your ilk....

I know the TRUTH....and as long as DC...and few other bloggers that I still have respect for do as well....then screw you.....

I have debated DC many times....ALWAYS on football...ALWAYS under MY NAME....about a year and a half ago....we almost had our own blog war (me and DC)...got kinda personal....but since me and DC are real people....we backed it up a notch...re-calibrated....and continued our inter-actions in a more civil way.....

I doubt you have that capacity.....

s pretty much....there is nothing else to say....

Let the which hunt begin.....just like back in the days of PINKO communism....and the Massachusetts which trials....

Sir Dashi accuseth me.....lol....


Boyce Seems OK. But He Won't Make It Out Of The 3rd Round.

Out Of Those Slot Type Guys. I Would Pick Boyce, Ahead Of T.Austin Or S.Bailey.

Even Though I Feel The Fins Can Draft D.Robinson In The 5th And Let Him Develop For A Season.

We Have Thigpen And Bess That Can Play The Slot. And I Feel Fans Are Underrating Bess. I Expect Big Things This Year. Bess Is Better With A Deep Threat On The Outside.

On The Trading Down.

Only For Future Picks. We Already Have Enough Picks In This Draft. A Future #1 Or A Future 2nd Round Pick For 2014 Will Be Better Than Any 2nd Round Pick This Year. We Already Have 11 Picks. Time To Stack Up For The Future.


Kris I Could Care Less.

I'm just Exposing The Truth.

Funny You Mentioned DC.

and Like I said No wit!!(Step Out The House)

How Many Times Have You Used That Tired Argument Against The Troll?

That Is Like Craig Calling Everyone A Drunk!!

C'mon. If You Are In My Head. You Know It Is A lot Funnier and Wittier Than Go Outside!!


why wouldn't I mention DC.....isn't he the FOCAL POINT of this whole conversation....

It was a conversation between DC and Jules....that led you to accuse me of being Jules.....

Do you EVEN KNOW what we are talking about.....you sound reall crazy right about now....not very coherent....


I have never claimed to be the "funny" man on the blog....

stick to the topic @ hand....

This blog is like a Spanish novela or General Hospital I'm OUT!!!

LOL @ Nutcracker......

Bye Miami

On my way back to Jersey.

Had a blast.

The weather here is crazy but it goes with the type of city this is.

I'm happy to get home.

Ladies and Gentlemen.....

DC in particular.....

and Dashi....who this is addressed to.....

There is no better DEFENSE than the TRUTH.....my name MATTERS to me.....and I will DEFEND IT EVERY TIME......

has anybody ever been able to make Dashi go SILENT so quickly as when I confronted his pack of lies....

My name matters......and I WILL DEFEND IT!!

having said that....I believe my job is complete...and anybody with who can read the above post with a unbiased eyes should be able to decipher the truth for themselves....

I won't address this topic again....and thank you guys for having enough patience to allow me to address the situation properly....

Good Day to all....

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/04/complete-dolphins-schedule-right-here/comments/page/8/#comments#storylink=cpy

DC was out of line because he's out of town and is not an expert on Dade County or on the Dolphins.

There is no way a 4.4 BILLION DOLLAR man should get any handout from taxpayers. Its hilarious that Ross is even asking for handouts.

Who cares what you think moron

I see I'll have to get the blog back onto the reason we all come here. DOLPHINS FOOTBALL. Really the other stuff isn't worth reading.

I'm really flexible on my pick for the first round and will rely on Ireland to find us a star. The draft is 5 days away but I'm just as excited about the second and third rds.

greg is the sky falling too you sound like chicken little

Stephen Ross is a devout Republican who is very close to Mitt Romney. He is against raising taxes on the wealthy to help the poorer taxpayers, yet wants the poorer taxpayers to help him? With HIS football team?? WTF??

Everyone knows taxes arent for football.

Here's my list of Please don't draft players. Ansah..not at all impressed with his production in college.
Trufant...had one pick all year with a whopping 36 tackles. Guy had 6 picks in 4 years.
Ellington...saw him rated as the 3rd rated RB by Mayock. 1000 yds rushing is all he had in 2012.

I'd rather **ATTEMPT** a game of Scrabble with ALoco and Tony SpOrano, than hear one more idiot cry about Ross and the Stadium/Tax.

Denard Robinson, Dashi?

He's an interesting Prospect, but justifying his draft POSITION will be difficult, let alone a Roster spot.

You can try him as a Punt and Kick returner while trying to wait out his transition period. But to contribute he'd need to be on the Active Roster.

He's projected to go in the 3rd. Can you justify that high of a pick on a guy knowing he's going to need quite a bit of "On The Job" training?

A 3rd on a guy that will essentially be a Kick Returner(at least initially)?

And all that's predicated on the assumption that he'll be good enough to be the "Starting" Kick and/or Punt Returner.

That's not to say that two people can't have an intelligent debate in regard to the Stadium/Tax issue.

I'm speaking of the idiotic one-liner variety!

(Didn't mean to offend anyone).........

5 days out!! Still going with Eifert as my pick. I think the Widcard is Millner, if he somehow falls Fins would snatch him up. Backup picks are Ansah and Austin.

Left out Vacarro as a back up pick. Vacarro, Ansah, Austin

"certain "regulars" like myself....and I suspect Craig M (altho i don't want to speak for him).....have taken a BREAK from the blog because I (we) have very little to contribute POST FA period/PRE-DRAFT.."

Count me in on the "certain regulars" thing. I'm not coming in because I really have nothing to say. I'm sick of hearing people's guesses and predictions and college football bores the hell out of me until bowl season. I was hoping there was some up to date news so I popped in. There is nothing so I shall pop back out.

And with that being said, I look forward to talking to the knowledgeable bloggers during the draft. Until then I hope everyone is having fun and staying out of trouble. Peace

If waiting out the days until the draft aren't bad enough, throw in a last second Left Tackle signing. Then take it away........Arrrrrrrrrgh!

This one situation changes everything.

Under these circumstances I can't even begin to GUESS what I THINK Ireland might do.

I can't finalize my own Mock.

I can't make myself stop checking to see if we signed McKinnie or traded for Albert!

As much as this Off-Season has Rocked(too date), THIS SUCKS! Waiting on Draft Day is bad enough. But the options and uncertainty at Left Tackle are making it insufferable!

Odinseye, I dont think we will see the Albert trade till day 2 of the draft, if it happens. It will probably happen when our pick 54 comes up.

Dashi at 9:55, I agree with you 100% , we have enough picks for this year, and the D. Robinson pick is a bit intriguing , the guy may be making a position change but he is an outstanding athlete.

Clearly Odindoushi has way too much free time LOL


I'm starting to think your right in regards as to WHEN.

I was pumped about Albert at first, but now I've Re-Thunk It. All the Ireland/Jake Long implications, the inconsistency and experience(at Guard), the Big Money and the High Pick.

In view of all that, I'm back to hoping for McKinnie. Besides the fact that McKinnie can be a 1 or 2 year stop gap, we can get him immediately and we know pretty much just what were getting.

Most of all, with McKinnie(signed BEFORE the Draft), we can seriously open up the options and target BPA from rounds 1 thru 7 and with ALL 11 picks!

I'm favoring McKinnie for all the stated reasons **AND** because I believe even at his advanced age, he's still the better Left Tackle, Toe to Toe, over Albert!


DC can go bite himself and hide in shame. He was no match.

Odin, I think this deal gets done, unless KC shocks the World and takes someone other then Joeckel or Fisher, then Albert stays put. Ireland is using his leverage by waiting till draft day. Just have to wait and see. Chess game

I have been swishing this whole early draft around in my well soaked scull... And after a few wash>rinse>spin cycles have come up with what may be disturbing, or even anger some. But after careful and tactful thinking, not so dumb a move.
Star Lotulelei is on most boards considered the 2nd best DT available. There is more then one talent scout who feels Sharrif Floyd is an over-hyped talent and has road the "Hype Rails" for longer then most because DT simply is not a huge point of discussion this year. In other words, no one has cared... so leave it alone and let the teams figure it out.
Miami has both Randy Starks (a VWO holdout).. and Paul Soliai either in their contracts last year or on a franchise tag. Now... hear me out here... Those "Ball Watchers" among you who REALLY dig the idea of having star WR's like we now have. AND dig having "Play makers" flying all over the offensive side of the ball are going to have to concede a glaring fact to a "Line Play Lover"... And that fact is the "Play Maker" money has to come from somewhere. And the BEST place to lower the high cost of living is by staying young along the lines at LEAST at a few positions. In a 4-3 alignment, the safest bet in the interior D-line.
I think Starks is upset because he is well aware he's being rented. NOT being set up for a long term, expensive deal. Paul Soliai MAY get another deal... But with Kheeston Randall & Chas Alecxih at the end of they're developmental phases, they will either move up or will get cut this year.
Pretty much, here is the deal. By drafting Star Lotulelei,Miami gets a guy who already will require a double team effort. AND they get his at a great deal less then the $4-6 million a year Starks will want and the $3-5 Million a year Soliai will be asking for next year.
I'm not going to go as far as guaranteeing this is Ireland's pick..... But by drafting Star Lotulelei, Miami makes it possible for you "Ball Watchers" to stay happy about who is on the field already, but gives into the fact you will obviously lose you minds in an uneducated blast of anti-Ireland Rhetoric condemning him to death in the final circle of hell... Because he made it possible to keep players like Wallace,Gibson, Hartline, Bess and Keller longer then a year or two.....
But... truthfully... I've gotten used to the stupidity.... We'll see... But I warn in advance... Don't be surprised when they say "With the #12 overall pick in the first round, The Miami Dolphins take Star Lotulelei, Defensive Tackle, Utah".... We'll see.....

Mother ever tell ya..... "We'll see?".....

Yeah, but what's KC gonna do for a RT? Winston is not there anymore.

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