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Complete Dolphins schedule right here

The 2013 season is important for the Dolphins.

It's the 40-year anniversary of their last Super Bowl win. It's the year we're supposed to see Ryan Tannehill become a franchise quarterback. It's the year Joe Philbin is supposed to have enough horses to win. It's a make or break year for general manager Jeff Ireland.

And this is how it is going to stack up according to NFL and media sources:

September 8              at Cleveland Browns                    1 pm

September 15            at Indianapolis Colts                     1 pm

September 22            Atlanta Falcons                             4:05 pm

September 30            at New Orleans Saints (Mon)           8:40 pm

October 6                  Baltimore Ravens                           1 pm

October 13                 BYE  

October 20                 Buffalo Bills                                   1 pm

October 27                at New England Patriots                  1 pm

October 31                Cincinnati Bengals (Thurs)                8:25 pm

November 11             at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Mon)        8:40p

November 17             San Diego Chargers                            1 pm

November 24             Carolina Panthers                              1 pm

December 1               at New York Jets                                1 pm

December 8              at Pittsburgh Steelers                          1 pm

December 15             New England Patriots                          1 pm

December 22             at Buffalo Bills                                    1 pm

December 29             New York Jets                                     1 pm


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I wouldn't make the deal for Albert until the Chiefs make their pick. After that point you can probably get him for a 3rd. Don't really want to give up more. Which is much more appealing and hopefully we don't end up paying him more than we would have for Jake.

How long do you stick with Ryan Tannehill if he continues to stink? 4,6, or 8 games and switch to Matt Moore?

oscar = dusty

I really can care less what KC does about a RT. that's their problem, not the Dolphins

No, No, bobby, I mean if they don't have a RT, they might put Joeckel there and keep Albert for 1 yr. Logical?

It's just that most People follow whatever they hear or read without thinking if it makes sense...

I have it in the back of my mind that Ireland is going to surprise everyone a little with the 1st rd pick. It could be Star, Eifert, Rhodes or just about anyone but it's good to know Philbin is working with him on it. I just want somebody really really good and maybe some swagger.

Oscar, my bad, I misunderstood. Yea, KC could do that though he is really giving KC headaches right now. Anything is possible.


I'm Talking About Drafting D. Robinson In The 4th or 5th. Instead Of T. Austin At #12, Or S. Bailey In The 2nd. All 3 Are About The Same Player. But D. Robinson Was A QB. His Football IQ, Has To Be Higher. He Knows What The QB Was Looking At. Plus, D Robinson Can Be The 3rd String QB. He Opens Up The Play book A Little Bit More.

Mike Sherman Also Has Recruited Players With Similar Style As A College Coach. T-Hill, J. Manziel. He Has Converted Qbs To WR and Back.

odin must have quite a dilemma right now. his two favorite loverboys are in a spat. one making accusations, the other refuting them.

odin can't defend one hottie upsetting the other.

odin, what is your take:

1. dashi is dead wrong as usual
2. kris is a troll

only one of those choices can be true.

open debate:

kris has had a history with faulty keyboards.

dashi has many names.

advantage kris who has been consistent for some time now

much of dashi's posting is either vile or adolescent fodder no better, even worse, than what the trolls do.

kris often unjustly judges some as trolls when they are not.

advantage kris because doesn't add nearly the amount of blog pollution that dashi does.

dashi's ego and need to be right reach well beyond the earths stratosphere.

kris can be kind of a jerk at times, but he is generally humble.

advantage kris based on maturity and dignity.


end of debate

The "trolls" and the "regulars" are the SAME PEOPLE here.

There can't possibly be anyone here dumb enough to not know that. Right?

I think that the fins may take Tavon Austin with the first pick. Ross wants to bring a wide open style of play and excitement. Why not bring the most electrifying player in the draft to the fins. Can you imagine Wallace and Hartline outside with Austin in the slot, Kellar and Zach Ertz down the seam and Miller out of the backfield. That is what Ross was envisioning.

You can line up Austin outside, in the slot, and even in the backfield. He ran for 331 yards against the Oklahoma Sooners (534 total yards). He would bring another dimension to the fins offense. We can address the OL and CB positions later in the draft.

Tiny Austin will be awesome until he gets hurt. And he will get hurt. And that will be that.

I would not trade picks to move up to take a RT. I would rather either trade down or stay are. Possible players at 12 to take: Ansah, Warmack, Cooper, Vaccaro, and Austin. I hope we go in with a mentality of taking the best player available. I hope we don't reach for players like Rhodes, Trufant, or Flucker to address a need.

I predict Ireland will pick at 12, use his 2 seconds to move back into the first, use his 2 thirds to move back into the second.

Tyrann Mathieu. Roll the dice on him, round 3.


Oh yes.

I predict Ireland will screw up this draft just like he screwed up all the others.

I predict Bill will remain unhappy his entire life.

OdinDashi is the biggest troll on the blog.

I'm beginning to think that, if Miami doesn't trade out of it, the best value that will be available at the #12 spot would be a Pass-Rushing DE.

On Jeff Fisher:

How ironic would it be if he turned downed the Miami job in fear of Bellichick?

Since choosing the Rams over Dolphins, Harbaugh has become hc of the Niners, while both the Seahawks and Rams have become nfl powerhouse teams.

Also, since, Philbin seems to be the much better choice over Fisher, the possibility of a Pats decline is realistic, and the Bills/Jets appear to be perennial doormats.

With the Niners and SeaHawks now positioned to be perennial powerhouses. The Rams seem to be a perennial 3rd place team in that division. While in the afc east, we seem positioned to be perennial 2nd place contenders at worst.

When Fisher turned the Dolphins job down, he never saw the SeaHawks/Niners coming. That fool thought that he was taking the easier softer way out.

Now, he also runs risk that in signing Jake Long, that Long indeed was in decline just as many dolfans had greatly feared. If long does go bust, it will only be icing on the cake in the Fisher/Dolphins fiasco of a saga. LOL...

Philbin better then Fisher?? TOO FUNNY!

Yup, Fisher is a verified .500 ball coach. Philbin even kicked Fisher's ass last season.

IMO, that was too funny! LOL...


I wished that Fisher was on our 2013 schedule. How great would it be to watch Cam Wake beat Jake Long for 5 Sam Bradford qb sacks.

That would also be too funny! LOL...

Also, how funny is it that when we played the Rams last season, their best wr in that game was Brandon Gibson. Gibson had 7 catches for 91yds, including the game's greatest highlight catch.

How funny is it that Gibson is now a dolphin? Who will score more points in 013, Brandon Gibson or Jake Long?

That's too funny! LOL...

Its not to farfetched to envision this year's free agency like a Brandon Gibson for Jake Long trade either. Gibson cost far less and will score far more points too. LOL...

That's my football 101 for today folks. Everyone have a great day! Im out.

Jeff Fisher is pretty universally respected in coaching circles so I'm not going to dismiss him so easily. Plus, keep in mind he worked for one of the cheapest, least admired owners in the NFL in Bud Adams and did a helluva job keeping that franchise focused through during the chaos of their move from Houston--to Memphis--and finally Nashville.

That said, I'm more than happy with Philbin. Exceptionally bright guy who is already respected enough among his peers that he was elected to the competition committee.

OdinDashi is the biggest troll on the blog.

Posted by: We Know | April 20, 2013 at 04:11 PM


..and those are the only two people here who don't know it.


Fisher did doodley-squat since having a qb called "Air-McNair". Since then, Fisher only coached one fiasco after another. Some of it of is own making.

Any hc can look great with a top 6 or better qb. Fisher had hat in Steve McNair.

Vikings want to trade spots with Dolphins, of the the first round. WOW!


Jeff Fisher and the Rams finish no higher than 3rd place this season. Mostly for the next 5 seasons. LOL...

Thanks to the Niners and Seahawks, Jeff Fisher may not survive his current contract.

Now, that's too funny! LOL...

Jeff Fisher Is The Good Version Of Wanstedt Or Sporano.

That Is Not Saying Much.

Fisher Is No Marty Schotenheimer Or Dan Reeves.

Had Fisher signed with the Dophins, he was nearly at least guaranteed 3 straight 2nd place finishes, thanks to the Jets/Bills.

Now that's too funny! LOL...

I will also make another prediction:

This is Rex Ryan's last season as Jet hc. My over-under for Jet 2013 victories is 5 wins. LOL...


Jeff Fisher Is Not Better Than Rex Ryan.

Jeff Got Lucky The Owner From The Titans Doesn't Fire Anybody.

This Might Be Jeff Fishers Last Season In St. Louis. They Already Have A Cap Mess Building Up. And Seeing. 500 In That Division Will Be Real Difficult.

I also predict:

John Gruden accepts the Jets 2014 vacant hc position. Placing the final nail in the coffin of his hea coaching career.

That's also too funny! LOL...

Whatever. I really don't have any compelling reason to hate on Jeff Fisher. He's coaching a team in a different conference that the Dolphins have zero rivalry with so his success or failure there is irrelevant to me.

And as I said--more than happy with Philbin running the show.


I fully understand how you feel. However, there will always be great relevancy in the Fisher/Philbin success equation. Simply because Fisher turned us down and we landed Philbin.

Dolfans will always keep closely guarded eye on who has the better success. That's where the this becomes extremely relevant.

tj turner,

Also, as long as Ross is owner and Ireland is gm, in their eyes anytime we go against Fisher and Philbin is hc. This indeed will be a very legit rivalry.

Make no bones about it!

Also, in Ross' eyes, as long as Peyton Manning is qb of the Broncos that's a rivalry too.

Please don't make light of Ross taking being spurned by Fisher or Manning isn't something he's extremely displeased about. Victory over either, would give Ross the elations of a sb victory he would never tire of.

Fisher and his Rams have passed the Dolphins already just like the Falcons did. The Dolphins will never again be as good as the Rams.

The Bengal Chose J. Harrison Over K. Dansby. Harrison Has Never Played 4-3. And Might Be Asked To Play OLB.

Did Dansby Ask For More Money Than J. Harrison?

And Also Nobody Has Said Nothing About The Gay Dolphin Player. You All Have Been Pre warned. Don't Be Surprised When The News Comes Out.

After the Cowboys stumped the Dolphins 24-3 in SBVI, it badly pissed me off that the Redskins, and not the Cowboys advanced to SBVII.

The icing to the cake of the undefeated season for me, would have been to see the Dolphins get vengeance against the Cowboys to cap off that perfect year.

I soooooooo............... badly wanted the Cowboys again after the prior season's 24-3 sb loss to those heel clickers!


I could really care less if any player on any team is gay. Its not like its unprecedented. Its just that its never been publically announced.

If that player can be very instrumental in winning a championship. I could care less if his entire generation is guy. I wont be asking him out anytime soon and neither will he be asking me.

Dashi, I knew you know the gay players!! SMOOCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...I know trying to predict draft day trades is a foolish exercise. Well, I guess I will be a fool.

I think it is very interesting that both the Phins and the Saints have shown real interest in Texas safety Vaccaro. This could be 2 teams going through the pre draft process all team do. It could mean absolutely nothing. I don't think that Vaccaro will fall to the Saints at 15. So 12 may be the cut off line for him. I said this earlier about Austin(and it may still be)

Moving back to 15 only gives you about 150 points on the trade value chart. So it isn't a huge spread. But it could give us a chance at a conditional pick next year. Perhaps a late second. Or a later round pick this year, and a third next year.

Teams always are looking to build draft capital for the future. Falling 3 spots could accomplish this for Ireland. The question would be. Who would we target at 15? Would we make a run at TE?(I'm not an Eifert guy, perhaps Ireland is) Would it bring into play a Trufant? Perhaps Fluker(another guy I'm not high on, but would fill a need if the Phins think he is the right guy)..

I doubt this plays out. Just stirring the pot a bit. I really have no feeling as to who the Phins are targeting at 12. My gut is telling me we are going to make a trade..We will see.


If we had a gay player on our team and he's instrumental in helping us win multiple sb's. Even if I knew that he was gay, I wouldn't oppose him being added to our Dolphin hall of fame.

That's my football 101 for today folks. Everyone have a great day! Im out.
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 20, 2013 at 04:57 PM


So YG says goodbye at 4:57 but NEVER LEAVES!! LMAO!! Can u say insecure? lol

Oh Dashi...you spoke the magic word....GAY.
Welcome "HOME" big boy.


The great news of not having a clue of how we will move in 2013's draft is at least 2 things:

1. Neither does Bellichick and our draft competitors.
2. Ireland did a damn solid fa job.

So, imo, in the very least we are a better team right now than we were in 2012. So no matter how Ireland goes in 2013's draft. We will be even better than we are right now.

Which to me, means that over the entire offseason, Ireland would have increased the level of play of our team, by at least 2-fold(draft/fa).

...Good for us if a Dolphin player "comes out" If this is true. I hope he is the first to do it. Do you understand how huge that would be? I could care less what another persons sexual preference is. It doesn't effect me. It isn't my choice. But if that is how someone else chooses to live...That is their business.

In 20 years. Hopefully the new generation will look back on the day a gay male player comes out and think how ridiculous it was that anyone cared.

..Yg..I agree. I have no idea what Ireland will do. It is a good spot to be in. I think he has done a great job setting the team up for success with his moves this offseason.


For any player to come out and admit he's gay, it would send huge shock waves throughout the league. However, I don't think that the shockwaves would be so huge in his individual locker room.

Amongst his locker room mates Im sure the speculation has already been there anyway. So it wouldn't be a huge shocker amongst his mates.

IMO, there are two types of gay;

1. The mind his own business gay.
2. The flaming house on fire gay.

Gay number one is always more widely accepted. Gay umber two, always leaves himself to be openly despised.


Gay Is One Thing. I Know The Dolphins Have Fans That Approve That Lifestyle.

I'm Talking About A Gay Player With A Sex Tape. And Supposedly A Minor.

Ayabendejo Is Gay. And He Was A Dolphin. Kerry Rhodes Is Gay and He Was A Jet.

Tom Brady Is Secretly Gay. Brady And Belichek Have A Penn State Relationship.

A Gay Pedophile. Is Something The NFL Is Not Ready For. Or Can Condone.

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