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Dolphins preseason schedule right here

We knew the Dolphins agreed to play five instead of four preseason games this year. Now we know their opponents in those games.

The Dolphins preseason schedule:

Date       Opponent                                      Time

Aug. 4     Dallas Cowboys (Canton, Ohio)       8 p.m.

TBD.        at Jacksonville                              TBD.

TBD.        at Houston                                    TBD.

TBD.        Tampa Bay                                    TBD.

TBD.        New Orleans                                  TBD.

Coach Joe Philbin wanted wanted to play the extra game because the Dolphins are a young team with many new players. The coach got his wish a couple of weeks ago when the Dolphins were selected to play the Dallas Cowboys in the annual Hall of Fame game Aug. 4. That game, at Fawcett Stadium in Canton, Ohio, will be televised nationally.

The extra game allows Miami more time to become cohesive and allows the coaching staff more time to evaluate players.

The Dolphins also didn't want to play regular season opponents in the preseason. That didn't quite work out.

Atlanta, who was on the preseason schedule last year, is not on this year. The Dolphins are scheduled to host the Falcons at Sun Life Stadium in the regular season. That's a win for Phibin.

But, New Orleans, who has been a Miami preseason favorite in past years, is back on this year's preseason schedule. The Dolphins will travel to New Orleans during the regular season. They'll also play Tampa Bay both in the preseason and regular season.

Carolina, a club the Dolphins played in the preseason last year, is off the schedule this year. The Dolphins will host Carolina in the regular season.

The dates and times of the game are still being finalized.


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Long Time Don't See.


What's Next Home is Going to Show Up?

Dashi get Odin

Ah.. you think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the light till I was a man...

Idiots . Five games to get more season ending injuries. Wish they'd cut it to two.

1. Oscar
2. ALoco
3. Home

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest


Please no more blabber about others needing the last word. I see you forced in the last word YET AGAIN this morning.

That game of yours of over, hang it up.

Nothing but innoranomos in this blog.

Nothing but innoranomos in this blog.

Posted by: The Nutcracker | April 04, 2013 at 07:00 PM

Do you enjoy soft cheeses?

@Dolphins_world: Miami Dolphins: Signing Tyson Clabo Would Be Their Best Move of Free Agency - Bleacher Report http://t.co/w4Aggc5IHK

clabo is solid but that would mean martin plays lt, that cant work

TE - Eifert or Ertz that is my only wish list. Our QB need a great TE. The TE position is key now in the NFL. There are 2 awesome TEs, and then the rest is average.

Huge potential! NEED to get one of these or I will be very mad.

neither of those tes is considered great, both most likely second rd picks

Tyler Eifert, 6'6" 251, Notre Dame NFL Comparison Heath Miller
Zach Ertz, TE 6'5" 249 Stanford NFL Comparison Jason Witten

TE is a KEY position in the new NFL. A great TE will give us more touchdowns in the red zone. A great TE will help a lot our new QB with short passes to move the chains.

Patriots: Gronkowski 6'6" 265 + Hernandez 6'1" 245
Dolphins: Eifert or Ertz + Keller 6'2" 250

WE NEED EIFERT or ERTZ. They are the only super star potential TE this year.

They say Ertz is a better blocker than Eifert. They both should be good in the red zone.

dusty is wrong again. Walter Football has this years TE class rated well higher than last years.

Mel Kiper is saying to keep an eye on DJ Flucker for the Fins. I don't know about that. Though I have to say I saw this guy dominate at Alabama. It just seems a little high for Flucker to go 12th.

Dashi admits Dashi has made mistakes. Many mistakes. BUT Dashi loves football.

Please understanding Dashi and forgiving Dashi many Mistakes!

Why does anyone put stock in the media draftniks? They are nothing but entertainers that rarely get anything right.

congratsd evan, last years was a joke. wake up bro

Please understanding Dashi and forgiving Dashi many Mistakes!

Posted by: Dashi | April 04, 2013 at 08:57 PM

uh no welcome to 2013 land of the misfits

I heard McShay talking and he loves Gavin Escobar. He stated that Escobar has the best hands out of all the TEs besides Eifert. He compared him to Jimmy Graham.

This is a pretty good TE class. Eifert, Ertz, Escobar, Kelce, Jordan Reed, and Vance McDonald are all pretty good. I also think that Mike Wiliams from Alabama is the best blocking TE in the draft also. I would not mind taking Williams in the 5th round. Kellar, Escobar, and Williams would give us some talented TEs and great depth.

sure ireland will grab one in second rd orlando

Sorry, but Dashi's posts make the most sense on this blog. Keep up the good work Dash!!!! You provide great insight that most readers just don't understand. Not a lot of intellect here.

Phinstigato. Hmm, he knows everyone and yet nobody has ever seen his name before.

Gee I wonder who he really is ;)

The Phinstigator,

No one gives a shyt what you think

Anything else schmuck?

Dashi is not REPEAT not the Phinstigator!



Hi Dashi.
We look forward to seeing you again this weekend.

Dashi is not REPEAT not the Phinstigator!



Posted by: Dashi | April 04, 2013 at 09:23 PM

A bit on the defensive side, no?

Thou dost protest too much.

Dashi = Home = Phinstigator = Loser.

Believe it or not this used to be a good blog a long time ago. For over a year now it's been nothing but infantile nonsense. They drove the good bloggers away.

Phins 78 is drunk on kool aid and blind from his rose colored glasses. A typical mindless homer.

I agree. On purpose or is it the course of Natural Evolution, Passerby?

The Dolphins have alienated lots of fans.







Posted by: Ignore the Troll | April 04, 2013 at 09:40 PM

Well said!

So, Truth, then, according to what you're saying, if we Win the Division this year, we will get all the good Bloggers back? Hmm...

Yes oscar. The losing breeds trolls.

No one gives a shyt what you think

Anything else schmuck?

Posted by: Who Cares? | April 04, 2013 at 09:21 PM

Apparently you do.


Subsequent to anything like that are the inevitable indemnities that fly in the face of reason.
Also, any enigma in the NFL is not mutually exclusive but merely corroborating of that which is often considered extemporaneous.

There was even a very funny Man here, creator of x characters, the lady that pe-d everywhere, Dr. Benjamin Gland, The Princess of Pineapples, etc, etc. Even he, is gone now.

ALoco is a great poster. Very observant and objective.

Posted by: Truth | April 04, 2013 at 09:47 PM

In the eyes of a dumbasss

Yeah, Man, I know. They(TMH,Dolphins) bore down on Armando.

I don't think it is natural evolution, Oscar. I think society has been programmed to go backwards.

No need to have done this to the Blog. Whatever is happening now was going to happen without "moderating" the Blog. It was written to happen so.

Now there is a touch of Darwinism to it though. The degradation of the level of bloggers here only draws in more like them and further distances the far more interesting crowd that was here previously.

Really, the only thing that ties some of Us to most of You is our Sense of Humor.

Agreed again, Passerby.

The blog has gone from frequent great debates to pissing matches, from provocative opinion to mindless, self serving babble.

It's at least comforting to know those kind of people are still out there, just not here.

Florida is the only place in the country that has wildlife smarter than the general population.

In Florida, the dogs train their owners. It's true.

Oh, no, although not as often, I will keep on writing here. One of the few pleasures I have left is being mostly right in my Predictions(seeing the Truth confirmed).

In Florida, people name their cockroaches, usually after an ex girlfriend that overdosed.

Got a good feeling about this yr, got a few holes that need to b closed but we r closer to the pats than at any time over the last decade. Need to get a OT and a CB in the draft and RB, TE, and PASSRUSHER for depth nice job Ireland.

Oscar, logic would say that things go in cycles, and that this cycle will end and the previous cycle will return. Stick around.

Florida has more Haitians than Haiti. Haitian women are the ugliest women on the planet.

We need to get the BPA at 12 or trade back no reaching for position or need. I c a NFL star caliber passrusher landing at #12, there r 3 PRs and 1 of them will b there at #12. We need a OT but the top 3 will b gone when # 12 comes around that's why I c us nabbing a passrusher.

It would appear that Ireland is not ready to panic over the o-line/LT situation, and I am not as well. The offense in '13 will not be the same as last year. I expect we will utilize the mobility of Tannehill much more. Expect more moving pockets and run/pass option type of plays. There are athletic lineman in this draft; and they are not confined to round one.
I don't rule out the possibillity of a trade up if the price is right, but I think it is not likely.

Looking back, I see the picking of Pouncey in the first round two years ago, as a prophesy by Ireland as to what the center of the future would be. He has of now, become the anchor of our o-line.

I would look to this year as having one of the next OL players: Cooper or Williams from NC, or perhaps both; that is right both are good fits.

Looking back, I see the picking of Philip Merling in the second round two years ago, as a prophesy by Ireland as to what his team of the future would be. Bust after bust after bust....

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