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Dion Jordan meets the Dolphins

Dion Jordan arrived at Dolphins camp for the first time to meet with coaches, general manager Jeff Ireland, and the media.

The funniest moment of his meeting with the media? He was asked his thoughts on getting a police escort to camp ...

He answered, saying he thought there was "a celebrity showing up."

Funny part is there was no police escort at all.


Anyway, this is the entire press conference:

(On how the flight to Miami was) – “The flight wasn’t bad. (It was a) straight flight. I slept most of the way, so it wasn’t bad at all.”

(On whether the last few days feels like a whirlwind) – “It is a little bit. I’m just trying to take my time and just get everything taken care of before I start camp and things like that.”

(On the things that he needs to take care of before camp starts) – “Well first of all I have to take care of this, the media thing. Then just as far as getting everything situated so when I get in I get acclimated to the city and everything going on here.”

(On what he thought about the motorcycle escort to the facility) – “It wasn’t bad man. It was good, and plus I got to meet the long-time ticket holder. That was a great experience for him I bet, and for me also just meeting somebody who has this much pride for an organization and who has been around for this long.”

(On whether he thought the motorcycle escort was for him or a celebrity) – “I guess I was thinking there was celebrity showing up, but no like I said it was good. I enjoyed it. I’m pretty sure the ticket holder did also.”

(On whether he thinks he needs to add weight to be an effective player in the NFL) – “Everybody that is coming in and getting acclimated to the NFL level, there are a lot of things we need to work on. For me personally, improving my weight and my strength is an area that I am looking forward to getting better at. But you know I understand that it comes along with time and my hard work and taking care of the little things.”

(On how excited he is to play with Cam Wake and learn from him) – “Watching a guy like him for a awhile, seeing his talent and understanding how (good) he is at doing his job of getting after the quarterbacks, it just motivates me that much more to step my game up. Being in meeting rooms and and being out there with him on the practice field, I’m pretty sure I will get to see a lot of the little things that he is doing to improve his game.”

(On whether he thinks he has similar attributes to Wake) – “Yes sir. Like I said I’ve watched him for a while and I’ve seen the way he bends and the way he finishes at quarterbacks. That’s something that I’m looking forward to improving in my game, and you know they brought me in here to do that and take care of the role on the other side.”

(On whether he would compare his motor to Wake’s) – “Yes sir, of course. I do feel like I have a high motor. I work really hard, not just when it’s game time but everyday leading up. So when the lights come on and when it’s game time I turn it on, and like I said I am looking forward to improving in that area and being a great compliment to him on the other side.”

(On what he weighs right now) – “I’m at 250 right now.”

(On how tall he is) – “I’m 6’ 7.”

(On how big he eventually sees himself getting) – “I feel like I can play with the same speed and the same motor right around 260. Like I said I am looking forward to improving in those areas and I know it is something that I have to do personally. I am going to take care of that and get ready for the season.”

On whether 250 is the most he has weighed) – “As far as playing weight, yes sir.”

(On how he would rate his run defense) – “I feel like I am very good at the run. I did well at the University of Oregon. I took care of that part, but I guess because of my size, because I’m not 260 already, most people don’t think I can do that. That comes along with my maturity and taking care of things in the film room and at practice and just taking care of my body. I know as time goes along I’ll be able to be that player I’m looking forward to being.”

(On whether this was his first time in New York City and what he thought about the experience) – “It was, me and my family. It was great. The NFL had a lot of cool things for us to do. Probably for me personally the best thing was the NFL Play 60 thing. It kind of just allowed us, me and the other guys, to take our mind off everything that was going on and get out there with the kids and toss the football around. I had a couple playmakers on my team, so it was good.”

(On whether he went to the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building) – “No we didn’t get a chance to do that. We got to go to the New York Stock Exchange actually, and a lot of guys enjoyed that. We also got to visit the hospital up there and got to visit a lot of kids. That was a great experience.”

(On what he thought of the fan contingent at the Draft) – “I stepped on the stage and I didn’t know there were that many fans in the building. But I honestly felt really blessed at the moment. It was a pleasure for the Dolphins to make the move that they did, and I can tell that the fans were really excited.”

(On whether there is another player besides Cam Wake that he looks up to) – “Man honestly in this league there are a lot of great pass rushers, and when I got moved to the defensive side of the ball, you know I really didn’t just look at one person. I tried to take a lot of my attributes from a lot of other players. Guys like a Terrell Suggs or Demarcus Ware. You know I even went back and watched a lot of Lawrence Taylor film because the position I played was a lot similar to his. There a just a lot of little things that, as a player, you can get from anybody.”

(On who made the decision to move him from tight end to the defense in college) – “It was between me and the coach. When Coach Kelly went ahead and he got the head coaching job, you know he offered me the job on the defense. He asked me if I wanted to do it, and for me it was just another challenge that I looked at and openly looked at it and took it. It wasn’t something that I was hesitant about. I was really looking forward to it. I knew I was going to have an opportunity to play, and then I just learned and I just went out there and played and tried my hardest.”

(On whether he enjoys talking to the media and the other obligations that being in the NFL demands) – “It’s different man, honestly it’s different. At the University of Oregon the defensive players don’t get much love (laughing), so it is a little different.”

(On playing at Oregon which is known for its offense and how it felt to be on the defense) – “It was good, man. It was good competing against those guys day-in and day-out. I’ve seen some tremendous talent. It was a blessing for me that he did make the move and put me on the defensive side of the ball because not only did I play against some good offensive players, (but) I played with some good defensive players also - you know, my guys Josh Kaddu who’s here in the city now. It was just good. If somebody had to run on the field after they scored in four or five plays.”

(On coming back onto the field quickly after the offense scored) – “It wasn’t bad. Like I said, we prepared because we practiced against them every day. So we were prepared. We had great depth on the defensive side of the ball, a lot of talent. For us, we just had to be ready. It came down to the defense most of the time. We had to get the ball back to them in close games because we knew sometimes it might not go their way, so we really had to be prepared.”

(On Oregon not sending a ton of players to the NFL and if that creates more responsibility for him) – “No, that’s not a responsibility for me at all. Just being now an alum of the University and seeing all the guys that came before me, it’s a lot of talent that came through. We even had a Heisman hopeful for a minute up there. It’s not a responsibility for me at all. It is a great opportunity for me to represent the University of Oregon and have an opportunity to put them on the map. Like I said, just being there, I felt really blessed and thankful. I worked hard and things  are starting to pay off.”

(On if he has any goals in terms of sacks or starts) – “Man, honestly, I’m just looking forward to coming here and helping out this team and improving and taking the next step that everybody wants to do. Like I said, me personally, I have work to do and I’m going to do what I have to do to be the player that I want to be this year and for the next year’s coming.”

(On if he’s ready for rookie mini-camp next week) – “I’ll be ready to go. I’m going to continue to attack the little things that I’ve been doing before. Next week, when I get back out here, I’ll be ready to roll.”

(On if he feels pressure being a high draft pick) – “No, I don’t feel pressure at all. When it all boils down to it, it’s about what you do on the field and, me and the rest of the rookies and whoever gets here, we all understand that. That’s all that matters and that’s what I’m going to take care of. I’m going to take care of what I have to do as a player.”

(On what other sports he played growing up) – “I was a basketball player and also ran track.”

(On if there was ever a time he thought he would have played basketball) – “For a little bit, but my team wasn’t that good. So it kind of took away a lot of motivation. There’s something about football that always stuck with me. Every time it was Fall time, being out there with my guys, that grind honestly kind of just really grows on you and I think I made the right decision.”

(On if he paid attention to any of the criticism after he was selected) – “No, I didn’t have enough time to pay attention.”

(On if he’s fueled by doubters) – “Of course. Anybody that gets negative comments about them, it kind of motivates you a little bit more. For me, like I said, I’m just worried about what I have to do next, and the next thing for me is getting ready for rookie mini-camp.”

(On what came to mind when someone asked him about the Dolphins– “It’s a possibility. I didn’t really know what was going to happen and, sitting in that green room, it’s stressful not only for me, but for a lot of players because you don’t know what’s going to happen. And they decided to make that move. I was shocked. I was surprised, but, at the same time, I was happy. I was overwhelmed and I just felt like it was a great opportunity for myself and my family.”

(On if someone asked him about the Miami Dolphins before the draft process what he would think of) – “I would have told them, ‘I really don’t know,’ because I really didn’t know it was going to happen and I’m pretty sure a lot of other people didn’t either.”

(On what he thinks of the new Dolphins uniforms) – “It’s nice. I think it fits the city really well. Like I said, for me personally, at the University of Oregon, it wasn’t about the uniform. It was about the players inside the uniform. We had some great players there and I feel like we’ve got  a great team here also.”

(On what percentage of the time he dropped back in coverage last year) – “I probably dropped into coverage 30-40% of the time last year. But me playing coverage, it benefitted me as an athlete and as a defensive player because I had a great understanding of what was going on around me, and plus I was able to get after the quarterback too, so I had the best of both worlds.”


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If we don't draft Swopes, is because Sherman verifies Swopes has OOPS hands!


YG @3:18

A couple days ago, didn't u suggest we take Swope with one of our 2nd's?


I forgot about Gillislee, definitley a solid pick.

You have to be kidding me. No Swope.

I do like the RB though from Florida.


RB depth.

Does this RB pick mean Thomas is on the way out?

We'll know soon if Swope is not in Fins plan.


And Kick Returning.

Gillislee was great hs rb to. He played not to far from where I now live. He's from Deland, FL. He's basically a local.

Yes!!! There it is. Great f#cking pick. Daniel Thomas, you are on notice....

Next Swope right? We are on the clock again. I would settle for Darick Rogers (big off the field issues but he is talented).

Even punters are going before Ryan Swope. I don't get it.

Craig you got your wish, some more RB depth for camp.

They waited to the last second on that last pick. I thought they were trading down again.

Can Somebody please Read To Dashi What Is Says Next To D. Jordan On ESPN?


But 1 Statement About Who You Mold Your Pass rush After. Makes Him A DE.

Dashi is sucking Irelands nads on every single pick. How about some objectivity?

Dustin Hopkins or Ryan Swope!

"I forgot about Gillislee, definitley a solid pick."


Ireland got the TE & now the he took the RB we needed. I'd take another OL guy here....

Gillislee has very good speed and vision. Not a powerback but does have very good elusiveness and can take it to the house on any carry.

Never mentioned him, because I never thought that he would be on the Fins radar.

We needed another RB to compete as Thomas has been fragile and Miller was also hurt a lot at UM. Gray and the rookie will compete for a roster spot.

Swope Was 1 Of The Wrs Responsible For T-Hill Having 60+ Drops As A Senior.

WO!! Carpenter is gone. We just selected a kicker.

Orlando, maybe you are satisfied now that the people htat know Swopes best do not think he is worth a pick?

Hmmmm...Kicker. Okay. Hope he's a good one. Carpenter, you are on notice with Daniel Thomas.


No more white boy wr's. There is a reason Swope is still on the board. No one wants a Hartline on there team. No moves...no ability to be sudden...no ability to stretch the field. This team added speed but not on offense. Miller has brittle shoulders and we have one wr in Wallace and 2 slow possession wrs.

Matthews didn't separate at all when given a chance to play. Had no wiggle and couldn't get behind any one. This offense will bore fans to death as Wallace will be doubled all game long.

Dion Sims can barely get off the line of scrimmage and will only be an in line blocker...nothing else. He is more sluggish than Fasano with his 4.8 forty..one of the slowest tight ends in the draft and the Fins take him.

Best pick of the draft for the Fins was just made in Mike G. Dude is a legit back who may start over Miller. He has better vision...is tougher and has more ability in space. Love the last pick.

Ireland falling in love with the Gaytors. Good job passing on Swope. Don't need another possession target. We do need a kicker though.



Dashi Always Had The Fins Taking A Kicker!

And A RB Late.

Kicker! Carpenter time to step up.

I'm not sure if anybody on ESPN knows there is a football team in Miami.


You were right Sherman and Tannehill must not have thought much of Swope. He was one of his guys at A&M.

Hazan- Your analysis of bad hands must be spot on. How can a guy that runs a 4.3 and had a productive career at a good program still be around?

Yeah, I'm all for taking Sturgis or Dustin Hopkins. Sturgis will save the Dolphins a ton of cap room over Carpenter.

I guess Philbin is confident with Matthews at the number 4 WR.




STFU, Punk B'tch.

Go Cry And Whine To Someone Else.

hmmm I always thought Hopkins was the better K!

It looks like Ireland has one last thing left to do now. Pick a LT in FA and off we go. This team sure looks pretty well set for 2013. I don't see much more movement.


Gillislie And L. Miller Are Similar Size Wise And Running Style.

I think Rodney Smith will still be there in the late 7th round, he's like a poor-man's version of Justin Hunter coming from FSU

Umm, Hartline's 40 time is 4.52. Was one of the fastest on the team a couple of years ago.



The Draft Not Only Filled Out Our Roster. It Will Allow Us To Save An Extra $10-$15m In Cap During Camp. I See Some More Overpriced Veterans Cut.

Remember we didn't take a WR until the 6th and 7th last year. Or was it 5th and 7th?

If you take a kicker in the 5th round, he is not coming in to compete. This is probably the best place kicker in the draft. Usually only a couple get drafted. Carpenter and his inflated salary will not be on the team next year. Carpenter better find himself a good real estate agent.

BTW- It tells you how much our roster has improved when we are taking a kicker in the 5th round.

Last pick should be best available WR, OT, or S.

Will Swope be drafted or be a FA?


Gillislee has more of a nose for the goal line inside the five. Huge difference. The Gillislee move wreaks of we've seen the very last of D Thomas!

5th round RB's are special teamers (at best).

Like any other player taken this late it's only 50/50 they even make the final roster.

Some of you guys are clinical.


If not drafted, Swopes probably gets the invite from Sherman as a walk on.

Dropsies, plus concussions, equals UNDRAFTED ROOKIE FA!



This Is Starting To Look Like A J. Philbin Team. Philbin Wanted To Bring In At Least 10 Players From The Draft To Compete In Camp.

Will Fins trade up into the 6th rd?

I agree YG. Philbin does not mess around. This is Philbins way or the highway.

I don't even think that Carpenter will be given a chance to compete. You cannot just waste a 5th round pick on a kicker. This guy will be kicking for us next year.

Great post Mando. Like this new guy. He will do very well and we may see Brady eating some Sun Life turf.

New Blog Guys

Bacarri Rambo could still be there too... lots of suspensions for violating team rules, though.

Be scared of the Pats and the Bills. Both got better. Josh Bosh extremely fast (4.3) an at 6'1 210 did 25 reps and Aron Dobson. Bills did a good job adding Robert Woods and the fastest wr in the draft Goodwin to join the alpha wr Steve Johnson.

Jets tanked the draft and should be the last fans talking chit. They did just pick up Chris Ivory at rb from the Saints. Very good back...quick..has some long speed and is an upgrade over what they have had.


As A Cane Fan. L. Miller Was Taken Out Of Goalline Play For M. James. Miller Had To Score From Beyond The 20.

They Are Both 1 Cut Runners. They Can Take It In From Inside The 5.

D. Thomas Has Value. But He Is On The Outside Looking In. Philbin Doesn't Like Lazy Players. And He Doesn't Fit Philbin and Sherman RB Prototype.

L. Miller
M. Thigpen

All around 200lbs and Quick.

Funny that Wake was so unwanted that he had to play in the CFL. This guy is #3 overall.

I love the pick for Dion Jordan and moving up to get him. you really fill 2 needs with that one pick: 1st you get a dynamic pass rusher to match Wake and also you get more depth at DT cause now you can move Odrick to the DT rotation where he belongs and not a RE {remember Odrick was drafted to be a 3-4 end} 2 postions improved greatly with one pick. I love it!! also who cares about Swopes obviously tams know more about him that we do and that is why he hasn' got picked. we are fine at WR, its a position of strength.

its great to have some players like dion that are respectful and thoughtful.

Also finally Carpenter has competition< that last couple years no one has seriously been brought in to challenge himso now its put up or ship out, the job is not automatically his as in the past. Philbin and Co. know what they are doing to build this team for the systems they are using, i think they got much much closer to closing the gap on New england. That is the main objective here, you can't go anywhere till overcoming the patsies.

Did everyone forget we resigned Nate Garner. He could easily end up being the starting RT or RG

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