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Do not underestimate value of Dolphins dealing

As I was asking Jeff Ireland whether he thought he got something of a bargain in trading from the No. 12 overall selection to No. 3, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was over to the side nodding enthusiastically about the idea.

"I think thqt the reason that I made the call [to Oakland] was I felt like it was a buyer's market," Ireland said. "I felt like they did want to get out of there and I felt like you don't get anything for not asking."

Ireland asked and received.

But to understand what a bargain he got consider the old NFL trade value chart.

The chart says the No. 3 overall selection is worth 2,200 points. Miami's No. 12 overall selection is worth 1,200 points.

The Dolphins threw in the No. 42 overall selection (2nd rounder) which is worth 480 points.

So for a 2,200 point pick the Dolphins paid 1,680 points total. They won this trade by 520 points.

Yes, this was a buyer's market move.

By the way,the Rams traded up from No. 16 overall to No. 8. That's eight spots. And for that move, the Buffalo Bills got a second-round pick and a seventh rounder and the teams swapped third rounders.

So basically the Dolphins went up nine slots to a much higher perch -- an elite slot, really -- and it could be argued they gave up less than the Rams did to move eight slots much further down in the draft. Certainly it was a cleaner deal by Miami.

Good job.


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First!!!!???? no way

Great trade and pick jeff. This kid will make a huge difference to miami's nickel defense until he bulks up and can get into the regular rotation.

Ireland Is A Better Talent Evaluator Than Jeff Fisher.

And A Better Negotiator Than Andy Reid.

Two separate concepts: (1) Great job on trade value, etc.

BUT........(2)Lousy selection......a project at best, as Kiper & Gruden have explained, Jordan is nothing special.

Ireland's missed the boat again.

So he went with JJs table. Well, we'll see.

Whats the hold up on the bess trade?

I'm a little buzzed. Going for a lap dance. Layers.

ok nice manuevering...good solid pick...everyone had him rated that high....now what's next?





It's only good, if he's good.


What do you think will be the Fins next position pick?

Did Ireland ask Jordan if his momma's a hooker?

You never know. I envision wake and Vernon , add this cat to the mix and it could be special. If this guy Is Eric kumerow or John bosa. Then Jeff might not get to pass go.

Absolutely. Incredible value! Of course, Mayock was so flabbergasted he was wrong again ('gotta be Lane Johnson')...he missed how Ireland basically robbed Raiders. Michael Irvin had to point it out after a break.

Very happy with draft. Great job Mr. Ireland!!!

oscar, have a night cap and go to bed. you are babbling gibberish today. only dashi knows less than you.

Steve that joke was burned out 3 years ago. A snail could post something more clever. Come back in 10 years when you have an ounce more of experience.

Funny How You Have Become A Bigger Troll Than Oscar Wilde.

Hell, I don't drink anymore and smoke the Vaporshark. I'm good to go.

Another Reach.

Cowboys Should Fire J. Jones as GM.

Travis Fredrick? lmao. Could be worse Dolfans, u could have J.Jones picking a projected 3rd rnders in the 1st. lmao

dashe how you can you call out someone else to be fired when you had the most foolish idea of all to pick lacy at 12?

The Ravens Also Reached.

Crazy! Eric Kumerow and John Boza came to my mind when the Dolphins picked Jordan.

Well, that's it for Us today.

who picks a 4.63 rb at 12??? dashe says he knows football????



dashe knows shytty lol

Nite folks...manana....ciao

ditto for the Kumerow reference.......ANOTHER tweener project........also Jared Odrick revsited.

we're a joke.

Ireland has a decent track record with his first pick. Jordan should be good if not great. go dolphins!!!

When Lacy Runs For Over 1200yds. Dashi Will Be Vindicated.

While You Keep Trolling Everything Dashi.

Well... let's see if the Fins find a CB or TE tomorrow.

Honey badger anyone?

dashi, your expertise is obviously the toilet bowl!


Slam Bam Pow!



So You Come On Here To Troll Dashi.

Cause You Haven't Posted Anything About Football.

Unless You Want To Expose Your Name.

But We Know You Are Not Man Enough And Want To Spend Your Time Trolling.

Great pick, Jordan was ranked between #2 and #5 in most rankings I saw. Jason taylor was too small and weak and JPP was to thin and weak. I love these long "too small" DE's, they work out way more often then the overachieving average at everything DE's. We just upgraded our secondary with this pick. The best pass defense is a good pass rush. Even better is that most of the guys people were hoping for at #12 were already taken...... all the O-lineman we were hoping would slide, Milner and both the other DE's. So great trade we gave up little and got a great situational rusher as a rookie who will turn into a cameron Wake/jason taylor type in a year or two.

Kumerow was a bust, Bosa wasn't. Ireland severly hosed the Raiders. Value wise we should of had to give both 2nd rounders and another pick to make that move. Was hoping we could get back into the 1st for Eifert, but it wasn't to be. Shall see what happens tomorrow. Can't wait.





Dashi, it must be great having such a great admirer.

When we were talking today about depth at LB, I didn't believe they could get anyone this good. This lets Misi move inside. It also gives us 4 LB's that can get after the QB.

This guy is perfect for our hybrid defenses. He can rush on one play and cover a back or tight end on the next. 3-4 or 4-3 no matter we got it covered.

Great pick!!

I'm not sure the Vikings got that message that it is a buyers market. They gave the Pats a whole lot to move up and grab Patterson.

I'm not so sure Jordan would be best suited at DE. IMO he should stay at LB. He was very good in space in college but of course he should get after the QB more often then he did in College.

So who's our left tackle are we going with Martin at LT, then who's RT?

If Albert I hope it's not for our 2nd, maybe for a 3rd, but with Fisher KC can leave Albert at LT.
We have one 2 and two 3s left for tomorrow. Interesting so far. We need an OL and DB pretty soon, a TE would be nice, like Kelce.

Dion Jordan Is Listed As A LB. And Jeff Ireland Says The Fins Will Use Him As A OLB.

And Clown.

Dashi Has Had OLB As A Dolphins Need. Earlier Today Dashi And EK Were Discussing This.

But Again Keep Crying E. Lacy Sucks. When Lacy Runs For 1200yds, Let's Just Hope It Isn't For Anybody In The AFC East.

Sanchez Could've Used E. Lacy Instead Of Another DT. Or A #3 CB.

Keep Trolling The Fins and Dashi While The Jets Sink Deeper Into Despair.

I am so freaking happy about this pick. For months I have been rooting for a DE and to get this specific DE is outstanding.

And right before his college coach...icing on the cake

Give KC a 3 and a 5 for Albert. Nothing more. If not sign Mckinney or Winston n move on. If so, we got a LT, top pass rusher oppo Wake. Draft best corner with your 2nd (unless Hunter or K.Allen there when we pick). I would go best corner then S.Bailey or Swope in 3rd (if there). Should be in playoff contension. Ireland........best GM since Jimmy! Get wit it Fins fans!

dashe, the manly thing to do would be to admit you were dead wrong.

but as usual, you do the girly thing and twist your words to try to recover, and it doesn't work.

you had lacy at 12, you preached lacy at 12. 32 gm's told you that you were dead wrong. do you admit it? no, you change your tune...like....like....a jack in the box!!!!


don't come here day in and day out preaching from the tower when the facts say you are gargling in the sewer!

bam! true be dat!

Unbelievable deal! I had no idea any team would except a 2nd to move that high. I don't think it was a bad move by the Raiders though. There just wasn't a ton of elite talent in the draft. Jimmy Johnson's who value chart is assuming that there's an Andrew Luck or RGIII in the draft. There was no one like that in this draft.

It was good for the Dolphins because they need stars and could take a shot at getting one. It's good for the Raiders because they need depth and that 2nd round pick should be a pretty good player. Plus, they got a good player at #12.

Good trade for both teams at this point!

You pokes still whining for Albert, LOL. That ship has sailed. Ain't happening.

(On the decision to select a pass rusher over other positions) – “Again, in the Draft, I like to try to stick to the board and I thought he was unique. I thought when you get a core position that’s prototypical that reminds you of players that have played at that position in the National Football League and have had great success – I feel like that’s a position that you can’t have enough of. I think there’s a couple of things, you’ve got to score touchdowns, you’ve got to knock the quarterback down, you’ve got to take the ball away. And I think this guy can do one of those two things.”

Straight From Ireland's Mouth. Hope This Explains Why Ireland Won't Draft A 5'8 WR In The First.

Still need defensive backs, more than one since not sold on Marshall or safety's. Many good one's were available in free agency. Still need left tackle, and hate to give up Bess, our most dependable third-down receiver, to get a average one from KC. Still need a power running back, Thomas not the guy. Not sure what the "brain trust" has been thinking in terms of addressing needs.

And you know this how Raqueen?

Ireland put on a show and fooled EVERYONE!

You know why the Albert deal didn't go down? Ireland didn't want it to! He offered lower compensation than KC would accept! He played them and the media! Jeffy saying he wants more Longs and Pounceys...yeah, gold fish chomped the flakes!

Ireland snowblinded them, with panache. Oh yeah!.

KC. They'll just have to eat barbque and forget about it!

Looking for Miami to get Woods if he's still there when they pick again. Especially if it's true they wanna move Bess. I almost hope they can move up into the 2nd from the 3rd and get an Amerson or Banks as well. And with as enamored with.Eifert as they supposedly were then I'd expect them to try to get a TE like Kelce in 3rd. He plays with a Attitude that he's not gonna be beat by one guy, but still with a bit to learn about the position. Idk, maybe him or a tuff blocker like Michael Williams would be good to, he seems to be a better reciever than Saban showed him to be in Bama's offense.

Great pick!! Pass rusher is the most important position on defense. He can develop nicely and help Wake.

Athletic pass rushers play good in the last quarter. Usually the Miami D is super tired the last quarter.

Go Ireland!!!

Posted by: Marios | April 26, 2013 at 12:14 AM

Now KC fans are mad. They want either #54 AND a 3rd rounder, or Dolphins' 2014 1st rounder in exchange for Diva Albert.

Ireland doesn't give a sh**. He will not even blink in years to come.

If anything, he made a clear statement today: Dolphins are OK with Jonathan Martin starting at LT (either him or an unknown FA commodity coming soon). Ireland could still upgrade the position with Albert, but only for what he feels is the right price. If it doesn't happen, so be it.

He traded all his way up to #3 without even talking about Dolphins next year's first rounder. And now them kids believe he is going to give it up so easily for a player we didn't even like at #42.

He even got his chance at one of the top 3 LTs, and he passed.

Besides Dolphins need both 3rd rounders now that they have lost a 2nd round pick to the Raiders.

The truth is, JI could have been either Caligula or Nero (or maybe both...) in one of his past reincarnations.

On the other hand -and barring an agreement over Albert's value, or a surprise late signing from FA- we could still end up drafting an additional OT prospect. It could be Menelik Watson, Brennan Williams or Dallas Thomas I guess.

So You Are Spending Your Blogging Time To Talk About Something Dashi Clearly Stated Before The Draft. That I Would Pick E. Lacy #12 Because Dashi Likes Him. But That I Knew E. Lacy Was A 2nd Round Pick.



E. Lacy Is A Red Zone Threat.

Did You See The Title Game?

He Took It In From Like The 20. Did A Spin A Roni At About The 10. And Just Put His Head Down For The Last 5.

I Agree With YG. E. Lacy Is Not A Top 10, Because He Runs A 4.62.

And That Is About It.

If We Can Trade With The Cowboys Or The Vikings. And Pick Up An Extra Pick. That Would Be Great. But E. Lacy Is A Weapon. Very Rarely Can A RB Consistently Gain 5 Yards A Carry.

Then You Add That Teams Can't Put An Extra Guy In The Box.

Or You Can Add My Favorite. S T R E T C H A Team Out 4 Wide In The Red Zone. And Hand The Ball Off To Lacy.

E. Lacy Is Not Reggie Bush, CBs Don't Tackle E. Lacy.

Posted by: Dashi | April 25, 2013 at 10:39 AM


That Was Before The Draft Right?

Me And YG, Already Confirmed That Because Of E. Lacy 40 He Was Going To Drop To The 2nd. And This Was Back After His Pro Day.

Yet, You Had A 5'8 Midget Going To The Fins! Or Some Garbage TE.

But Keep Talking Dashi.

While Dashi Talks Real Football And Constantly Makes Solid Points.



No Depth At LB.

And Misi Is A Starter. But He Is Just An Average 4-3 LB At Best. He Actually Looked Better Last Year Because Dansby And Burnett Were So Slow And Bad.

Kaddu Is Developing. But Who Really Knows About That.

A Good 4-3 OLB Can Move Inside. That Is The Advantage Of Adding P. Wheeler. Ellerbe And Wheeler Both Can Play All 3 LB Positions.

Guys Like Te'o And Ogletree Can Also Do It. But That Is To High At #12.

Posted by: Dashi | April 25, 2013 at 10:27 AM


Yet, Keep Talking BS.

Beyond appalled, why??? WHY??!!!!! Less than 250 lbs 6'6" guy, God knows what did we have to give up for this guy. Bye bye Eiffert, who WILL be drafted by the Jets and will continue to now tradition of TEs of destroying our D.

They could have drafted Corey Lemonier AND Brandon Jenkins and get an even better pass rush AND depth w/o losing a pick. AWFUL!!!

BTW an Oregon defensive guy LOL with shoulder issues, etc. I QUIT, this is beyond discouraging, the same day that these morons unveiled the most hideous unis in the history of this once proud franchise.

LA bound a this rate.

Posted by: TigerSam

This just shows how you know nothing about Football. this guy was going to be gone by pick 6 ... All the teams had him high on their boards ... and no one wanted your T/E's in the first round .. you are a bad talent evaluater also ... And i guess Jason Taylor was to small to play D/E also right? WRONG! HOF'er .. so go live in L.A. ... nobody wants you here. You would never CUT it as a scout .. Get lost

Ireland played a very clever game of poker with the Raiders today. He got GREAT value in the trade.

I can't believe how many people were bashing the Jordan pick. They got a consensus top 5 prospect and the best pass rusher in the draft. He is fast enough to play OLB as well as DE.

With a 4.6 40 the guy can fly. Ireland isn't gonna let Andy Reid screw over this franchise again like he did with Feeley. Ireland still has options 2nd and 3rd rounds LT's, Martin at LT, or even signing a free agent.

Also, lots of great CBs available still including Jamar Taylor.

Yeah, good job, specially if some of the 9 player selected after Miami become probowlers while Jordan just average.
This story about the trade market and points is useless. Only a posteriori we'll see if that trade was good or awful. A priori it seems a bad decision if not terrible.
As always, Salguero wipes Ireland's ass.

Last couple of drafts in the first round have been good. Pouncey, Tannehill and now Jordan. Let's hope this translates into a winning team.

On a side note the dolphins logo (text portion not image) that debuted on the website looks straight out of the 90's.

Why do people keep saying this was terrible? Because Gruden kept saying it. The mainstream media hates the Dolphins. Screw the Grudens and Sapps of the world.

What you have to absolutely LOVE about this pick is that Ireland didn't try to just fill the team's two biggest needs - CB and LT. He took the best player available - looking out for the best LONG TERM interest of the team

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