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Do not underestimate value of Dolphins dealing

As I was asking Jeff Ireland whether he thought he got something of a bargain in trading from the No. 12 overall selection to No. 3, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was over to the side nodding enthusiastically about the idea.

"I think thqt the reason that I made the call [to Oakland] was I felt like it was a buyer's market," Ireland said. "I felt like they did want to get out of there and I felt like you don't get anything for not asking."

Ireland asked and received.

But to understand what a bargain he got consider the old NFL trade value chart.

The chart says the No. 3 overall selection is worth 2,200 points. Miami's No. 12 overall selection is worth 1,200 points.

The Dolphins threw in the No. 42 overall selection (2nd rounder) which is worth 480 points.

So for a 2,200 point pick the Dolphins paid 1,680 points total. They won this trade by 520 points.

Yes, this was a buyer's market move.

By the way,the Rams traded up from No. 16 overall to No. 8. That's eight spots. And for that move, the Buffalo Bills got a second-round pick and a seventh rounder and the teams swapped third rounders.

So basically the Dolphins went up nine slots to a much higher perch -- an elite slot, really -- and it could be argued they gave up less than the Rams did to move eight slots much further down in the draft. Certainly it was a cleaner deal by Miami.

Good job.


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Time for the Fins to rise again (although with the new logo it appears that it is a whale fin that will be rising) at least the bisch appears to be rising!

The second best thing that happened tonight, after getting Jordan, Was listening to the experts sputtering when we did not pick Lane.

If they knew our roster, they would have known that we have our very own converted tight end. Yeatman. He is probably better than Lane too. He had better teachers.

Now we need Lacy, cornerback and tackle.

Go get them Jeff!!!!


Thought I was banned, two consecutive post of mine did not post.

And which name where you using this time?

Jordan vs. DJ Hayden + high ranked 2nd rnd player ?, doesn't seem a very good deal.

Pretty strange how similiar Jordan is to Taylor. This guy is gonna be great he will be all over the place. Technically he is still growing- TIME TO HIT THE WEIGHTS BUT IN MORE OF A CONDITIONING ROLE BECAUSE OF SHOULDER. HE REALLY IS A FREAK.AND WILL BE JASONTAYLOR REBORN QUICKLY. AN IMMEDIATE IMPACT IF HE IS SERIOUS ABOUT WEIGHT GAIN..

Not saying Jordan will be the next JT but body size is exactly the same. Remember JT was selected in later rounds but people said JT was too small to make it in the NFL. How did that work out?

Jordan will take a lot of pressure off of Wake and keep more blockers in. This was a brilliant move by Ireland.
Your Ireland haters are going looking fairly foolish after last year's draft and the start of this one.

Defense will be fast & young. Just need a corner and maybe safety to compete with Clemons and the D will be something for pass happy O to deal with can't wait.

jeffrow....that bum said nothing he knew n e thing about...seriously great pick / now a cb or ot / or t.e i always like to pick most elite player availble -- need or not ....but this is what jeffs best at EVAULUATING AND TURNING PARCELLS MESS BACK IN

Did the wets really select an overrated Alabama CB to replace Revis?
What do you think the odds are this kid could be just half as good as Revis? A wasted pick considering he has more surgical work done then Revis has had to date. Not nearly as instinctive as Revise I like the direction the wets are going in. No QB, no pass rush, one CB with 11 childrenses who does not like to tackle and now... an over rated broken down CB as a 1st round pick.
Everyone sweeps the wets next in 2013.

Not sure what all the negative talk is about. Every team's board had Jordan between #2-5 pick! Fins need help in getting to Brady and beating the Pat! Great pick, with solid CB's still to come. LT will be solved by FA fill-in. This guy is the next Vaughn Miller!

Most mock drafts had Jordan going 8th to 15th so why did Ireland trade up to 3rd?

Wrong, Steve. Almost every mock had Jordan going in the top 5 or 6. Plenty of them had him going #2 to Jacksonville.

Gotta love what Ireland is doing. He is basically un-doing most of what Parcells & Sparano did during their tenure! Vontae Davis-gone, Sean Smith-gone, Reggie Bush-gone, Dansby-gone, Kevin Burnett-gone, Mark Columbo and the rest of the Cow-Fins-gone. Anthony Fasano-gone! Fasano is a good dependable TE, but he lacked the speed to get down the seam and create the mis-matches with LB's. Reggie Bush=good player for us, but Lamar Miller is bigger & faster! Jake Long-too injured, too old-good-bye! Love it. Young, fast talent! Get rid of the dead weight. Ireland is very savy & smart! Finally got the salary cap under control from Parcells & Sparano's over-spending on "past their prime" players". Patriots will really have their hands full this year, and so will the rest of the league! Best wishes to all my Fins Fans Friends!

Best 4-3 DE. Best pass rusher in the draft , didn't want to give up picks but Ireland pulled off a great trade. But haters won't have class to admit they were wrong. Wake , myself and informed Dolfans give you props Jeff!!!

Just watch this and quit naysaying....


Funny how ESPN coverage was negative with this pick for us, but NFL network loved it.

...sorry if this posts multiple times...posts don't seem to be working atm.

Most mock drafts had Jordan going 8th to 15th so why did Ireland trade up to 3rd?

Posted by: Steve | April 26, 2013 at 01:35 AM

STFU Troll.

Most mocks had Jordan going 4th and reuniting with Chip Kelly in Philly. This can be verified on-line. Duh.

I just love it when Troll shows his TRUE stupidity-LOL!


How do you feel about the pick? I'm surprised as hell. I guess LT isn't as big of a need as we all thought.
Definitely thought Johnson was the pick when we traded up but Jordan looks like a stud. The most impressive thing about him is that he covers well IMO. With all of the talent we have in our front 7, I see us switching around a lot between a 3-4 and a 4-3 this year.

This pick shook me a little at first with the Trade Up and all. Turns out, it's a fantastic pick.

Don't fool yourselves either, Ireland wouldn't use the 12th and 42 pick on a kid that needs to bulk up and develop. That's the key to understanding the pick. Dion Jordan will be a day 1 starter at OLB!

One of our biggest, least talked about needs was a good pass rushing outside Linebacker. We had to start Misi last year for Christ's Sake.

Ireland just completed the total rebuilding of our Linebacker corp. Jordan has been clocked at 4.54 Sports Science has Jordan's 10 yard burst **AS FAST AS ANY WIDE RECIEVERS** in this draft.

Jordan will start at OLB and be a 3 down player from day 1. I'm sure we'll have packages where he lines up and rushes the passer from the DE spot.

And I'm also DURE we'll have packages with Wake and Vernon coming off the edges and Jordan Blitzing AND dropping into coverage.

He was even good enough to sometimes cover the slot, meaning he was essentially the nickel. The kid is a freak of nature and he will be a Day 1 starter!

Excellent example of marrying the BPA to need. Ellerbe, Wheeler and Jordan gives one wicked looking Linebacking Corps!

Go Jeffy! Now get us Jamar Taylor tomorrow!


I started typing that before I read your post. But there's your answer.

The pick shook me up at first because I thought: Why would Ireland use the 12th and 42nd picks to draft an undersized DE?

There's no way Ireland/Philbin and Ross would do this. Jordan will be our Starting Outside Linebacker.

The Sports Science Video has some GREAT info on him.

Jordan hasn't received the same type of buzz as BYU's Ezekiel Ansah, but this Sport Science video shows how much of an athletic specimen he is in his own right.

I would call Oregon defensive end Dion Jordan an outside candidate to be drafted No. 5 overall by the Detroit Lions. Jordan hasn't received the same type of buzz as BYU's Ezekiel Ansah, but this Sport Science video shows how much of an athletic specimen he is in his own right.

Jordan was measured with an 81-inch wingspan, a 3.8 percent body fat and an exceptionally quick spin move. Meanwhile, his 10-yard acceleration was as fast as any wide receiver tested this year.

Kevin Seifert ESPN.Sports.


Great move ireland! but now don't give 54th to Kc!

If you look at the Chiefs blogs, fans are pissed. They say us trading away the 42nd pick is like Ireland giving their GM the middle finger. LOL, many of their fans believe they can get a 2014 first rd pick for Albert or at the least a 2nd and a 3rd from us.
They must've smoked to much meth in celebrating their 1st overall pick.

5th consecutive losing season coming up and some are saying "good job'? Hilarious!

Even Gruden was laughing at Ireland.

Wrong Wrong Wrong.....
No kidding according to the "draft cards" point system it was a good value. Everyone in the room knows this....including the Oakland Raiders. Ireland did not pull a fast one......
the reason it was value to only give up a second rounder is due to the quality of the personnel. The GM needs to be SMART and SAVVY something Ireland is not.

The value of the draft this year is in the picks...not the EARLY picks. I dont care what anyone says, Dion Jordan is a reach, a project, he will have to gain size and strength and not be just an outside rusher.

Bad and disappointed....

...and Mando, looks like you have become a puppet Ireland supporter.
Guess the dolphins gave you a new jersey and told you to write good things.

Oakland wanted Hayden (your man) , and got him not with the 3rd pick but with the 12th. AND got a second rounder too!

The Raiders pulled one on Ireland, and Ireland/Ross are so dumb they think they pulled a fast one


Mel Kiper has been wrong top to bottom on 90% of his drafts. Just because he sits at an ESPN booth doesn't mean he knows squat. Everyone had this guy going in the top 10, some at 3....and they are usually wrong too. Nobody cares if these guys are right or wrong, they are just happy someone will spend their time evaluating college football players do they can run their mouths for adeq hours.

Let's see the kid play. It seemed everyone loved him and were just annoyed they didnt go Lane Johnson which a few peiple said Miami didn't love.


One thing though... How much more in cap space does the 3rd eat as opposed to getting this guy or any (at the same position) at the 12th spot??? Time will tell.

One more thing... Don't BS around and get him signed. No good if he's gonna sit out of training camp. You got the money, you picked him, now spend it!!!!

It's not the value was not good. It's the player Ireland selected. Jordan has a serious shoulder injury and played very few plays at O. He's not close to being a JPP whom the Dolphins passed on several drafts ago. Too risky a pick.

Bad choice. Should have went with Mingo. Ditch the Bess trade.

Dion Jordan was measured with an 81-inch wingspan, a 3.8 percent body fat and an exceptionally quick spin move. Meanwhile, his 10-yard acceleration was as fast as any wide receiver tested this year.

This guy will be batting down balls at the line of scrimmage when he's not knocking Brady on his back.

Great move on Ireland's part...keep your opponents offense off the field.

There were too many instances last year where we gave up first downs on third and long situations. With Jordan's speed and height, we should see this ugly statistic move in the other direction....sending Brady to the bench and Tannehill back out on the field.

You dont overpay two slot wr's , bess and gibson.....trade bess and go draft two corners...corners after a tackle biggest needs now...gotta protect tannenhill, gotta have corners to cover aka tom brady..love dion jordan....needs to add some muscle fast....

They moved up for dion jordan not to be a linebacker, but to lineup like a jason taylor and rush the qb, especially tom brady...he is a defensive end first....sure he will drop back in some plays to cover a guy...but they right away want this kid speed rushing tom brady..win the afc east first.

Ireland stinks ...

Kris swallows

i would have preferred Eifert and pick 42....

let's hope Jordan becomes a great player....

lacy runs a 4.5 40yd not 4.63 dope and the pick was decent they needed another pass rusher to compliment wake. Kiper and Gruden are two idiots.

So tired of hearing lacey aint worth first round status because of his 40 time.......what did bettis run? what would okoye have run? earl campbell? arian foster? Runningbacks need acceleration more than they need top speed. you mix power with burst and you have a beast. and stop listening to kiper and gruden one is a douche and one cant even get a coaching gig........yeah both great talent evaluators. you are all like cattle......getting herded

Playmakers and Game-changers! That's why you do this. Get Eric Winston instead of Fat Albert and you save yourself the second round pick and about $5 million per year. As for Dion Jordan, he's the same body build as Javon Kearse and Jason Taylor and those two had no problem getting to QB's.

F**ing ESPN showing there hatred again last night for the FINS...Dion Jordan was considered the defensive player and certainly the pass rusher in the draft for that last 2 months. but as soon as the FINS pick him he is all of a sudden a project and a reach...

am i alone in seeing this?

it must be in everyone contract at ESPN to diss the Dolphins...

I meant best defensive player and pass rusher

the 25yr old value charts are outdated;
we will have to pay 3rd pick money for a guy who is a 3rd and long pass specialist; we needed a 70 play a game OT, G, CB (x2?), RB...instead, we used two picks to get an undersized pass specialist who may play 15-20 downs/game (if he last 16 games is another issue); he is a luxury pick for a talented team...the Fins have many holes and do not have the luxury of picking specialty players. The Raiders were going to pick Hayden at 3...moved down to 12, picked up a second round pick and still got their guy. PRETTY DAMN SAD THAT WE GOT SCHOOLED BY THE RAIDERS.


Not saying Jordan is a bad player...NOT what this team NEEDS....that's not me saying that..it's Gruden, Kiper, Mayock, Charles Davis, Bellick who all agree that the logic of the Dolphins making this piock is puzzeling
More puzzelling is that it appears we are still going to trade to get Fat Albert...an over priced prima donna LT who refuses to play RT; Martin is better suited to play LT, terrible on the right side. Why not get Winston who is an above ave RT (for 1/2 the proce of Fat Albert and no draft picks to give up), move Martin to the left side and use the pick to draft CB's...we need two more CB's!

we don't have many holes- we should have won 10 games last year. i think with all our additions and strong D-line we needed a pass rush specialist. look at Seattle last year. we will get some corners, safty and o-line players today and tomorrow.

This move may have set up our LB core with Wheeler, Ellerbe, & Jordan... With Vernon in the mix too, we will have plenty of guys that can get to the QB which will make our DB's better. Either that or move Vernon to one of outside LB's and slide Jordan to DE.

Win, lose, or tie... Dolphins till' I die!!!

the Seahawks puzzeled them last year too..

look at what other teams gave up to move up and it doesn't look so bad.

if i was drafting i would have kept 12 and picked Eifert. and picked the best CB at 42.

pick 54 i might give to KC for Albert, but if i could get them to take a 3 this year and a 3 next year even better

Posted by: FLH | April 26, 2013 at 10:27 AM

I agree. Way too much love for a guy that wasn't even a full time player. Hell, he wasn't even the pass rusher in his OWN conference. You guys might want to read this before you slobber all over this guy. Granted, these are just opinions, but the numbers don't lie. We paid a premium for a guy that recorded 5 sacks last year- we paid on potential. You don't trade up to the 3 spot and trade your high 2 pick for potential. We might have been in the position for Lacy or Ball, and the Fins are far from deep at RB.

I think Ireland reached as usual



i just hope he developes into a 10-14 sacks a year kind of guy...

a guy that strip the QB of the ball.

I hope Jason Taylor will mentor him a bit.

I'm wearing a bag over my head today. I would've been scratching my head over this pick at #12. WTF? Why did Ireland think this kid would be gone at #12? You trade up to #3 for that? If you're moving up to #3 you grab a playmaker like Tavon Austin or Eifert. I am so thoroughly disgusted with this pick I could scream. Thank God for the Heat because the Dolphins are in a freakin' purgatory right now which will not get any better until they flush the GM and owner down the toilet. Stephen Ross has no business owning this team and forcing his Michigan buddies on downtrodden fans. I guess in real estate you're supposed to piss all over people but in the NFL the fans are supposed to be #1. Another draft down the tubes. One can only hope this draft is so terrible that Ross is forced to recognize Ireland's gross incompetency and fire him FINALLY. Philbin must be PISSED about this. Instead of potent offense with a formidable two tight end set of Keller and Eifert or an instant infusion of electricity into our horrible kick/punt return game and offense with Tavon Austin, we get Dion Jordan. A light dude with a shoulder problem. Smooth move ex-lax.

Our front 7 is the best in football. Our two safeties are great and good, if grimes, Marshall and Patterson are healthy we should be ok with drafting a CB for depth. Get more offense. TE, slot WR (oprah's boyfriend) and another RB. Get the honey badger if he drops to our 2nd 3rd rounder.

Stop watching ESPN! Gruden is a moron and Mel is not nearly as good as mayok. I'd take Faulk and mooch over those guys. Of course you gotta put up with m. Irving. As far as hosts Berman and his tired phrases are annoying. Rich eisen is a much better host.

Jordan is very much in the same mold as Jason Taylor. He was moved all over the field showing he is a smart player. He was dropped back into coverage on both TEs and slot WRs. He gets his hands on linemen and sheds them quickly. He has the body to carry another 20 lbs very easy.

Jordan is NOT an every down LB... he is too small to hold the point of attack on run plays; 3rd and long specialist only





Charley caserley was asked about the move. He said Jordan makes more sense than Johnson. The fins can grab some one else and deal with pats defense. Jordan and wake means an uncomfortable Brady. Then asked point blank who will end up being a better pro in the long run. He picked Jordan over lane Johnson.

Also look at the next picks. Eagles wanted Jordan. The next two picks were DEs. We got the #1rated DE and got him for half price!!

Good value for the trade of picks - Like the theory behind the pick - hated giving up a 2nd though. We still have some holes to fill, so today and tomorrow will tell if this is a good draft.

Another point is we still have Dion's former Oregon team mate LB Josh Kaddu on the roster - the two started, trained and worked together to get better at Oregon - Maybe Dion can help Kaddu get better.

Until we get a CB who can stop a 3rd down play, all the free agents acquired and this trade and pick don't set this time up to be a consistent winner.

I would bet hard earned money this trade/pick had the blessing and encouragement of both coach philbin and coach Coyle. The defensive front 7 can do about anything now. Blitz from anywhere, zone blitz. I would think Jordan will start out in passing downs but eventually be an every down guy like wake did. Odrick is a better run stuffer than wake or anyone else on the team.

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