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Do not underestimate value of Dolphins dealing

As I was asking Jeff Ireland whether he thought he got something of a bargain in trading from the No. 12 overall selection to No. 3, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was over to the side nodding enthusiastically about the idea.

"I think thqt the reason that I made the call [to Oakland] was I felt like it was a buyer's market," Ireland said. "I felt like they did want to get out of there and I felt like you don't get anything for not asking."

Ireland asked and received.

But to understand what a bargain he got consider the old NFL trade value chart.

The chart says the No. 3 overall selection is worth 2,200 points. Miami's No. 12 overall selection is worth 1,200 points.

The Dolphins threw in the No. 42 overall selection (2nd rounder) which is worth 480 points.

So for a 2,200 point pick the Dolphins paid 1,680 points total. They won this trade by 520 points.

Yes, this was a buyer's market move.

By the way,the Rams traded up from No. 16 overall to No. 8. That's eight spots. And for that move, the Buffalo Bills got a second-round pick and a seventh rounder and the teams swapped third rounders.

So basically the Dolphins went up nine slots to a much higher perch -- an elite slot, really -- and it could be argued they gave up less than the Rams did to move eight slots much further down in the draft. Certainly it was a cleaner deal by Miami.

Good job.


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Great pick Jeffy! Got a good deal, and Jordan could be a beasst. I would have even been ok with Johnson after I saw what we gave up, but definitely prefer Jordan.

I hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but I don't exactly see why everybody thinks this guy is some sort of Jason Taylor clone. Their only likeness is that that they are the same height.

This guy had 5 total sacks last year while playing in the pass happy PAC 12 where they throw the ball 85% of the time. Two of his five sacks were against Fresno State and Tennessee Tech. So he basicaly had three total sacks against BCS competition.

Counting the facts that he played in the PAC 12 and the competition was throwing every down because Oregon was so far ahead in every game, this guy had limitless opportunites at racking up sack totals. This draft pick has colossal bust written all over it.

If you can't produce at the college level against PAC 12 competition, I seriously doubt he is going to flip the switch and start producing in the NFL against much better competition. Just becasue the so called experts called him the best pash rusher doesn't make it so.

The silver lining here I guess is that Ireland finally signed his own walking papers with this move.

And what does it matter if you got good value in the trade on the point scale if you screw up the pick? How he passed on Dee Millner I'll never know. That guy is a sure thing All Pro in a couple of years and plays at a position of need for the Dolphins.

nice pick, now the potential pass rush can compensate for the backfield; Does anyone know why Tyson Clabo has not been pursued ?

Bust bust bust. What little Jeffy knows about drafting NFL players can fit in a thimble with room left over for the Chinese Army. Nice suck piece Armando.

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