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Dolphins add another DB with final pick

I wanted cornerbacks. I got three in this draft with the latest being Don Jones out of Arkansas State University.

Jones, 5-11 and 191 pounds, has two interceptions in his career.

At the Arkansas State pro day, he ran a 4.42 and 4.40 40-yard dash, according to NFLDraftScout.com. He also recorded a remarkable 42-inch vertical jump, which has skyrocketed his draft stock. For his senior season, he recorded an unofficial 72 tackles with one interception and two passes defensed.

Jones missed the 2010 season becasue he transfered to a JUCO due to academic reasons. He had been a running back in 2009.

Jones, who played strong safety, is expected to get the opportunity to play cornerback.


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skyrocketed his value to a 7th rd pick?

His pro day he an a 4.39 benchedx17 n had a 40 inch vert







I predict no undrafted rookie fa's wll make Joe Philbin's squad. LOL...

Bokamper interviewing Ireland, interesting.

The thing to take from it is Ireland saying point blank - he listens to his coaches, relies on them to tell him what they need to execute their plan, and he goes out and finds them.

So, they are all working together, all these decisions are team decisions. Even if Ireland may have the final say, they are all pretty much on the same page and accountable.

Can't believe Matt Scott went undrafted. I hope JI gives him and maybe Rodney Smith an UDFA call if he believes they are worth it.

i believe the skyrocketed reference is from his profile on nfl.com (namely, gil brandt's discussion of him). not due to armando. in any case, he was projected to go much higher (in particular, held a private workout for the patriots).

Philbin has really upgraded this team, the new requirements for practice squad are:

4.42 to 4.40 40-yard dash, and 42-inch vertical!

Ireland's fulla crapola.............I don't believe a word he says.


Who the hell is Matt Scott? You've been talking about him an awful lot. LOL...

Xavier Nixon went undrafted too... we lose nothing by trying I guess!

Too many cb's. Maybe a few o-linemen or a legit safety prospect. Starting to think it was a great idea to ignore the wr position because we don't evaluate them very well. Take wr's in the 6th and 7th rd every year is not the way to come up with a dez bryant or calvin Johnson or Andre Johnson. Fins suck at drafting the skill positions....should have left rb and te off the draft board also.

Ireland's fulla crapola.............I don't believe a word he says.
Posted by: I. R. Lendzuchs | April 27, 2013 at 07:49 PM

And your breath smells like holocost sir!

I wouldn't be suprised if Jelani Jenkins plays some S for the Phins. Overall I am pleased with the draft and FA can't wait for the season to start. To all you people who have done nothing but complain and rant about EVERYTHING this team has done in the offseason I wish you would find another team and blog you can go to because I for one am sick of all the negativity if you think you can do better apply at 1 of the 32 teams and maybe we will see ya in someone elses war room next draft since you know it all.

Great draft.
Phins still in need of OT unless Jerry can make the weight and mature or is FA coming.

If they wanted to upgrade the D, they could have had Teo and the Badger!

if you think you can do better apply at 1 of the 32 teams and maybe we will see ya in someone elses war room next draft since you know it all.
Posted by: ButchVa | April 27, 2013 at 07:52 PM


There are some good players undrafted

Way To Pat Yourself On The Back.

And Some Of You Say Dashi Is Bad.

Don't Get Me Wrong. I like Mando The Jet Fan. He Has Always Been Extra Critical Of The Dolphins.

This Pick Signifies The End Of J. Wilson. Actually The End Of

J. Wilson
N. Carroll
And 1 Of the 2, R. Marshall Or DP

The Fins Have Revamped The CB Position.

J. Taylor
W. Davis
D. Jones

These 4 Can't Be Worst Than Last Year's Top 4 CBs, That Produced How Many INTs?

Seriously. Cause I Don't Remember Seeing A CB Make A INT.

We Keep Our 2 Starting Safeties Together. Which Will Help The New CBs and The Continuity Of The Secondary.

Players That Can Cover. How Revolutionary Of An Idea.

Sounds Great For The 26th Ranked Pass Defense.

And A LG, TE, And A RB. For The 26th Ranked Pass Offense. TO GO ALONG WITH A Real Deep Threat, A #2/#3 Wr, And A Perennial PB TE.

All Ireland Needs To Do Is Sign A LT. And Plenty Of Options Available.

Hoho, Armando!

The More I Think About Every Pick! The More I Love Them!!

Ireland. Makes Me Drool!

Look For Me!!! Wait On Me. Copy Me!!!!

I AM THIS BLOG! And. You Know it!!!!

miami rocks!




The Badger.

That Sounds Like Something A Blond Girl Will Call Her Coach.

Cannot believe Lonnie Pryor FSU was the #1 rated FB coming into the draft and was completely passed over. I am praying the Fins will sign him immediately as a FA and take a flyer on him...if they don't some other team will...shocking!

I believe Badgers and Beavers are from the same Family.

Posted by: CarolCityCane | April 27, 2013 at 08:00 PM

When are you going to change this to MiamiGardensCane?

I Don't Mind Holding Irelands, As Long As You Keep Holding Mine.

And You Know What To Do With Them.

You Can Vary Between The 2.

(Now Watch Him Answer Back Like The Little B'tch He Is. With The Same Thing. At Least I Keep It Anew. While He Acts Like A Egnew.)

skyrocketed his value to a 7th rd pick?

Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 27, 2013 at 07:36 PM

that may be the best post EVER......got me rolling Dusty....

Only way to skyrocket up to 7th rd is to add springs to your poop!

Good draft by Ireland overall. Interesting to see no WR taken by the Fins even if we had a shot at Allen or Swope.

I was high on Allen but I guess our staff is comfortable with R Mathews. Would've liked for Ireland to get Stepfan Taylor. On Swope, not even Sherman liked the kid. It was surprising he dropped to the 6th when we had him going on the fourth.

Finally, someone mentioned that drafts are becoming more of a science. I agree to a point on picks from Rd 1 to 3 (still a lot of misses though), but rest of the draft still seems like a complete crapshoot. Don't havenumbers to back this but I bet there are lot more undrafted FA starting in the league that guys drafted in rounds 5,6 or 7. Cameron Wake, Davone, Kurt Warner come to mind...

Let's hope Ireland gets some good players signed on Monday. I saw LB Chase Thomas undrafted and would like to go get guys like him in camp

I hope Ireland has some other plan for addressing the offensive tackle position, as this was not addressed at all during the draft(Thomas is a guard)and it's our weakest position. He did a good job solidfying CB but what about free safety (7th rounder does not count)? I do like the move to draft a kicker.
Overall I find this draft puzzling. Our defence was our strongest unit last year and this draft was too defence oriented. And yes, I know we addressed offence alot during FA. Our offensive line is actually worse now (no Long, no replacement for him) than last year. Too many holes still remain.
Grade: D plus (our greatest need not met)

First Off. While You Troll Dashi.

Dashi Plays The Character.

Not Only I Am This Blog. I Am Better At Life Than You.

While You Are Still Worried About Trying To Serve People. This Ain't No Dance Competition. And If It Was I'm Michael Jackson. He He. Get Over Yourself and Definitely Get Over Dashi. You FF!!

Nahh, science and all, you gotta have talent apart. Look at Ozzie, Belichick who picks very strange Players that later develop, JJ, others.


Do you still believe Kris is a troll?

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 27, 2013 at 07:50 PM

Arizona's QB. A somewhat raw dual-threat prospect with good arm strenght and amazing combine numbers. I would consider him an upgrade over Pat Devlin, at least. Maybe a team can develop him in a Packers kind of way and profit in a few years.



Rds 1 & 2 are not even a science. Its just that you can trust your eyeballs a little more. No science can equate how these kids will ultimately do against seasoned nfl level talent.

Do I Care?

Posted by: MassDolphan | April 27, 2013 at 08:10 PM

our pass defense finished 26th when most of the qb's it faced were avg to good. Jake Locker looked like an elite qb against us.

Are you f'ucking kidding?

Posted by: Hydrashock | April 27, 2013 at 08:12 PM

Thanks man.

Belichick Picks Very Strange Players That Don't Develop.

T. Brady and Who Else.

Mr. Newsome Is A Good Man. But Time Passes You By. And Having Flacco At $120 Mil Will Kill Anyone's Career.

It really is amazning how the troll makes so many of you jump like a jack in the box at the flick of a finger

Some of you take the bait EVERY SINGLE TIME! Even when it is obvious, you can't resist!

Who is is the yo and who is the yo-yo?

Congrats to Ireland....his status as GM is no longer in question...imo....but it's not mine that Matters....it is Mr. Ross's.....

Coach Philbin......for better or for worse...Ireland has married himself to you with his excellent work this post season....now you have to return the favor....and coach these guys up (FA and draftees) to the point were we are competitive week in and week out.....year in and year out.....

Good Luck.....and lets get to it.....

dashOdy, will it be Righy Rose or Lefty Lisa tonight?

Our 7th round pick (#250 overall) has very impressive measurables. Why not take a stab late in the draft on a guy from a small school who measures out like a 3rd rounder had he come from a larger school? You can't teach speed. Criticizing a 7th round pick? Really?

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever,
Please don't forget that our pass defence was not good because we stopped the run so well teams passed on us alot, and the offensive inteptitude did not help as we did not keep the ball long enough, or gave the defence a short field to defend.
Our offence was horrible last year and we got rid of our best playmaker in Bush. Our Oline is worse now. WR and TE were improved in FA, but with Tanne flat on his back that is not going to help that much.
Like I said, Ireland did a good job solidfying the CB position. But when your Oline is a sieve it needs to be addressed.

At first, I was miffed we took a kicker in the 5th round. But remember how bad Carptenter was last year. He cost us games and that is unacceptable from a kicker. I love the pick of TE Dion Sims. He plays a lot like Jared Cook, who we were trying to sign before we settled for Keller. I also really like the Jamar Taylor pick. I'm iffy on Jelani Jenkins, just because we have a logjam at LB and could have used more OLine help.

Is Dion a OLB or DE? We draft a guy at 3 and nobody knows exactly what position he'll play?

If Jelani Jenkins plays some safety, I can more understand the pick.

Lyon, Dion Jordan is going to be lining up at DE.

Do you guys actually think your draft 'analysis' is something that any rational, reasonably intelligent person would attach even the slightest credibility to?

I mean, c'mon. This whole thing is a crapshoot. Always has been. Your actual knowledge about these kids and their prospects in the future is non-existent...let alone the laughable absurdity of "grading" a draft before a single one of these 22 year olds has even taken their first PRACTICE snap as a pro.

I know this isn't a popular thing to say here but that doesn't mean it's not the truth.

Good draft by Ireland, finally.


You all realize that Bryant Mckinnie, JAred Gaither, Tyson Clabo, and Eric Winston are still out there? IT all depends what they want to do with Martin- LT or RT? Ireland should be on the phone with all of their agents and should try to get one signed ASAP. My prediction is that it will be Mckinnie. One-Two years- lowish guaranteed money but with heavy incentives. Any one of the 4 above are better and more proven than any players that could have been drafted from rounds 4-7 today. Our defense is going to be ferocious! Our offense got much better through free agency. All we need is a tackle- LT or RT. Thank god the Albert deal fell through. Too much money for a good but not great tackle.

I agree, Mass Dolphan is clueless.

I agree Yesterday is a fart in the wind.

Knows That We Don't Know | April 27, 2013 at 08:34 PM

You haven't met Yesterday, he really does know everything about nothing.

Mike Gillislee was a great pickup not only is he nfl ready but he will turn alot of heads and possibly compete with Lamar Miller for the starting job. From what ive seen he never loses yards and has some great moves that will make your pants drop. I cannot believe he lasted that long- pretty weird we got him. he reminds me of a young Tony Nathan goodbye Jonas gray

Did you all see what Ross said about Sparano? Wow!

Interesting story- Me and my cousin Dave, who is also a Dolphin fan like me, disagree on the how this draft went. He was not happy from the get go with trading up for Jordan. The only two picks he was alright with were Taylor and Gillislee. I was skeptical of the Jordan pick but the more I read, the more I am encouraged. He is a legit presence opposite Wake and filter in a little Vernon. Our D line is going to be ferocious on all three downs. Taylor cannot be denied- great value at #54. Davis is a ballhawk who broke up 17 passes in one season and picked off 5 more. Dion Simms is an inline blocking TE who is massive and can still catch passes- I like that pick. Gillislee was a steal in round 5. Even our 7th round pick Jones has great measurables whether they play him at S or CB. The only two picks Im so so on are Sturgis (could he have been drafted later or brought in as a UFA?) and Jenkins. I realize that Jenkins was considered by both Mayock and Mcshay to be the best coverage linebacker in the draft but I just think the pick could have been used on Shamarko Thomas at S or FRanklin the RB. I would have to grade this draft a B+- A- only bc the Kicker does fit a need but I think could have been taken later, and Jenkins who I think they should have went a different direction on. Its also not an A or A+ bc no LT/RT was definitely found. That being said- any free agent that gets signed to play LT or RT will fill that deficit.

Bottom line is: we are a very much improved football team from a year ago and we can all sit back and banter about who we should have taken and where and all the other off season moves. so i'm going to give you the key to this season and possibly making the playoffs and going far in them. we have the talent at all the positions needed, the main key is going to be Ryan Tannehill and how much he improves and makes decisions, THAT'S IT.

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