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Dolphins add another DB with final pick

I wanted cornerbacks. I got three in this draft with the latest being Don Jones out of Arkansas State University.

Jones, 5-11 and 191 pounds, has two interceptions in his career.

At the Arkansas State pro day, he ran a 4.42 and 4.40 40-yard dash, according to NFLDraftScout.com. He also recorded a remarkable 42-inch vertical jump, which has skyrocketed his draft stock. For his senior season, he recorded an unofficial 72 tackles with one interception and two passes defensed.

Jones missed the 2010 season becasue he transfered to a JUCO due to academic reasons. He had been a running back in 2009.

Jones, who played strong safety, is expected to get the opportunity to play cornerback.


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A 'B-' From Kiper On The Fins Is Like Getting A Solid 'A'.

Remember You Have To Put The Hate Curve On It.

Seriously, ESPN Hates The Fins. Them Acknowledging We Did OK Is A Surprise.

Kiper Probably Saw That He Graded The Fins Top 3 Picks High. And Had No Choice.

Ireland Didn't Reach.

You Guys Can Say He Reached For W. Davis. But The CBs Drafted Before Him Were Ranked Lower Than Him.


Everyone seems to have gotten the exact same message from your earlier rants. Still you reply to everyone they "misunderstood".

Everyone's not having the exact same mass hallucination. Youre not that damn good. LOL...


Gruden hates the fins because they would never offer his sorry ass the hc job. We're in the State of FLA. We saw his sorry ass work in Tampa after being practically handed the Lombardi with the Dungy assembled team.


You Have To Forgive Bodine. Nobody Has Read Lebatards Article. He Just Wants People To Read It. Before They Cancel Lebatards Column.


You are a belligerent fool. Everybody? Or two people? Twist and turn and churn reality, that is your game.

For whatever reason, at any given point in time you seem to occasionally have an agenda against someone for no apparent reason. What's up with that? Yesterday you were responding to me condescendingly about posts someone else wrote. The day before you were telling me I forgot things that I never even offered an opinion on.

Worry about yourself before trying to act like judge and jury on the blog.

The money may have had a play in it,but I think it was more scheme and value. He did not fit the scheme and the value in him was to trade him.
I look for Egnew to be a split end this year. Hartline and Gibson in the slot. Perhaps they like someone else like Fuller. Bess was expendable, that is why they gave him away.

Dashi, I understand your need to bond with Yesterday. It's ok.


Your primarily problem today was ranting on and on how dis-interested were in our boring conversation. While at the same time trying to ram Lebatardo's article down our throats.

Most here didn't give a s'hit to read it. That seemed to fuel it to ram down our throats even more. Then insulted everyone's intelligence by telling us how redundant we are about the same topics and how incredibly bored and dis-interested it made you.

Gruden Is Overrated.

As A Coach and As An Analyst.

I Would Prefer Jaws Breakdown The Qbs Before The Draft. He Understands The Position Better.

You Brought Up A Great Point. Name 1 Qb, Gruden The Qb Guru Developed.

Ah...... How sweet, I think Bodine loves us. How mannishly cute.

Bodine, does means we can begin playing Tonka toy truck again?

Then insulted everyone's intelligence by telling us how redundant we are about the same topics...

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 28, 2013 at 10:09 PM

Can anyone deny this? We are all guilty of it.

You missed my point and I won't explain it again. You are obviously so unaccustomed to any kind of challenging question or comment that you take it as a personal insult.


Are we back to Tonka toying it again? If so, I'll take the tractor and you take the bulldozer, ok?

Bodine It Has Nothing To Do With Bonding.

You Just Keep Bringing Up The Lebatard Thing. Over and Over and Over.

We Get It You Like The 1 Article Lebatard Writes Once A Month.

Dashi Loves When E. Pope Blesses Us With His Presence. And Dashi Doesn't Tell People A Whole Day Straight. Read The Article.

I Read The Article. It Is Just Like Lebatards Last Article. A Propaganda Piece.


That Is All D. Lebatard Writes.

About 1 Paragraph Of Real Info. 4 Paragraphs Of His Point Of View.

Mando Does It Sometime. Lebatard Does It All The Time.


I'll confess. Once I saw the name Dan LeBatard in your post, my brain automatically hit the "shutdown" button.

Now, there you have it, the truth. LOL...

I know nothing about anybody here. Where I work real debate is encouraged, and it gets emotional, but not personal, and it is necessary.

Here no. It's like you have to abide by Miss Manners politically correct rules, accept for when you are cussing someone out or talking foul like a juvenile delinquent. People seem to be ok with that here. It's a strange double standard.

Wow I better call the coast guard!


I left it alone for hours. I didn't bring it up until Yesterday went off on me again. Just sticking up for myself.

Now then, actions speak louder than words. Like I said, I understand your need to bond with Yesterday. You were never even in this conversation but needed to show Yesterday you were 'on his side'. It's so cute really.

There was a time Lebatard a little credibility with me.

But since he's allowed Espn to make a hamster and monkey show of he and his father. He's now lost all credibility with me.

I mean, how can you after watching that show, ever again take anything he has to say seriously. I cant, maybe its just me.

I'll confess. Once I saw the name Dan LeBatard in your post, my brain automatically hit the "shutdown" button.

Now, there you have it, the truth. LOL...

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 28, 2013 at 10:20 PM

In all seriousness, I like this response the BEST. This I can grasp. I wish you had started off with it!

I've not liked many of Batards columns. I often don't even read past half way. I can understand being turned off by him. I've never even seen him on TV, I rarely watch ESPN.

Bottom line, whether it's ESPN or NFL network, or some other national media outlet, the Fins just don't get ANY props, EVER...so the team will have to earn respect.

The only way that can happen is for these new FA and Draftee acquisitions to perform where it counts, on the field this season.

I , for one, believe Ireland made a plan and followed it. Of course, no plan is completely flawless, and no outcome is guaranteed. However, it appears the Fins are headed in the right direction.

The Coaching staff has been given sufficient players at each position to attempt implementing the plan. That plan should culminate, if successful, with a winning season.

Anxiously I await the results as they unfold this season, week by week. The team has my full support and enthusiasm, and I won't allow that to be short-circuited by peccimism and doubt.

And regardless of the end result, I'm going to enjoy the ride wholeheartedly, because it's my team, and I'm owning it, come what may.

GO FINS!!!! Make it happen!!!!

Bodine the Real Magic Trick Is That What Lebatard Wrote and You Ate It Up.

12 Paragraphs. And Only 2 Lines Of Facts.

A Bunch Of Random Stuff. Talking About The NBA For Like 3 Paragraphs. And Random Opinions And Comparisons for The Other 8. With 1 Paragraph Of Real Info.

Again Very Eloquently Put. Some Nice Figures Of Speech. But Nothing More than Propaganda.

He Could've Wrote That Article Before The Draft. Or After. Or Even Next Year.

Timeless Propaganda. That Is What That Piece Is.

Posted by: Bodine | April 28, 2013 at 10:25 PM

After your repeated insistence of reading Lebatardo, my Lebatard brain shutdown button, became increasingly agitate. LOL...

Kyper and Gruden looked so stupid when our pick was announced, no wonder they don't like the Dolphins. The pick also started a domino effect on their projections. I loved our pick because it showed what idiots they are.

I did not know about Lacy's toe. I was wrong about the pick, but I think the toe makes a difference.

Actually, when Lebatard worked full time for the Herald, he really had interesting and fun to read stuff. He is a credible journalist when he wants to be.

However, when he accepted that Barnum and Bailey under the big top tv show to do, from Espn. He lost all credibility with me.

If he now broke the story that Jesus Christ was descending from the sky. Even if it were true, I wouldn't care to read it.

Another Thing.

Lebatard Is Suppose To At Least Represent The Sfla Sports Team. And Just Like His Family He Publicly Disrespect All Sfla Teams.

Even Cote Who Lambastes The Marlins And Fins. Doesn't Go On OTL And Talk Bad About Sfla Fans. Or Is Overly Critical Of The Teams. He Represents.

Hey, Gruden is far smarter then anyone in the Fin FO.


Seriously, I'm not trying to attack you. But if that is really your assessment of the article, your reading and comprehension skills are atrocious. Propaganda??? For what exactly?

His point was to show how much current science and technology is affecting the way players train and practice in several sports, the way coaches game plan, and comparing that to how the draft is an anachronism completely removed from using these sciences. The analysts don't get it right and the GM's know they never have a clue about their picks until they play. Sure we all know it's a crapshoot, but he put an interesting perspective to it, as well as made EVERY ONE OF US here and in the media look pretty foolish in our draft chatter.

Hey, Gruden is far smarter then anyone in the Fin FO.
Posted by: Get Sense | April 28, 2013 at 10:40 PM

Really? Then why isn't anyone from our fo sitting next to fired ass. While he spouts his imaginary opinions with zero on the line.

Why did he get fired in Tampa Bay when what he thought about anything really did place his dumb ass on the line?

Where you the guy that worked at Hooter with him before his former nfl career began?

That Is Why Gruden Doesn't Have A Coaching Job.

Gruden is Da Man! He knows talent.

YG, I believe Bodine as well

They say Gruden one with Dungy's team, but I don't know if I buy that. It was his Oakland team running his same offense that played in that very same SB. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Gruden stayed another year in Oakland he may very well have won it.

It was easy for him in the SB because he knew exactly what his old offense was going to do. Dungy would not have had that luxury.

Gruden is Da Man! He knows talent.
Posted by: Get Sense | April 28, 2013 at 10:49 PM

I guess this rules out he ever coached in Tampa Bay then. Let just write that off as a 3-4yr mass hallucination by the entire football public.

Also, why didn't Dungy win it with that same team? Being the devils advocate, we can ask why did Dungy only win one SB with an extraordinary team loaded with stars led by the best QB of the day?


That also means had Gruden stayed 1 more year in Oakland and Dungy doesn't get fired. Well, Gruden may well have never won a sb as hc.


How about if we just put the brakes on all of the ifs and whose faults for now. It'll turn into a punhing and counter punching marathon.

There's plenty of ammunition for both sides of the equation. Capiche?

Gruden has an eye for real talent like few others in the business. Wish he were working for us.

Bodine, WHY would I want ton read a column that basically PUTS ME DOWN?
I can get that from my WIFE.
Besides, you reprinted a LOT of that column, certainly enough for me to get the gist, and the gist was as regurgitated a POV as what you claim is going on here.

Another bleeding heart regarding the "wounded warriors" of football. Sir, I save my sympathy, and respect for the REAL wounded warriors of this country, who don't get 2-10 million a year...and more.

I respect those high school, college and NFL players who work hard to entertain fans all over the USA and the world, but they now KNOW what the resultant risk/reward might entail. I saw LOTS of hugs for Mr Goodell the other night.

Gruden has an eye for real talent like few others in the business. Wish he were working for us.
Posted by: Get Sense | April 28, 2013 at 10:58 PM

All you need do is start rolling your pennies and become a team owner.

His point was to show how much current science and technology is affecting the way players train and practice in several sports, the way coaches game plan, and comparing that to how the draft is an anachronism completely removed from using these sciences. The analysts don't get it right and the GM's know they never have a clue about their picks until they play. Sure we all know it's a crapshoot, but he put an interesting perspective to it, as well as made EVERY ONE OF US here and in the media look pretty foolish in our draft chatter.


Can You Please Point To 1 Line In Those 12 Paragraphs That He Explains The Science. OR Gives An Example.

Again. You Have Been Only Posting About A Corny Article That Was Propaganda.

And His 12 Paragraph Diatribe Goes In So Many Directions. Even You Don't Know What His Main Point Was.

"NFL Draft is great celebration of the unknown"

And Bodine We All Know By Your Answers To Dashi Who You Are. The Reading Comprehension Troll.

Which From What I Comprehend, You Must've Been Made Fun Of For Not Understanding. In Other Words You Are Stupid.

Because Everytime Bringing Up The Same Thing. Comprehension.

I Don't Know What Idiots You Talk To. That My Opinion Is Different. True.

But Reading Comprehension Has Never Been A Problem With Dashi. I Understand Everything Dashi Reads.

But Your Utter Unknowability Is Dumbfounding To Dashi.

Y 10:56,

I don't understand. Brakes, faults?

I was just commenting that Oak/TB super bowl had some unusual dynamics to it. Just hypothesizing, What If...both coaches had remained on their teams another year.

I don't know what I said that was inflammatory. Some of you seem excessively sensitive today.

as far as LeBetard's opinion regarding the football talking heads on the networks, the answer is "caveat emptor."

I just love my Fins, and have since 1966, and can't help getting wrapped up in all of this. It's not supposed to be intellectual, or folks with Masters Degrees wouldn't paint their faces every week.


sensitive? Far from it. Seems youre the one being sensitive.

Your beginning to seem like my wife, who takes nearly everything as a personal attack, attack or not. I have to be extra careful about every single thing I say to her. If not, she thinks its a personal attack.

But, I didn't think that I was married to anyone on this blog. LOL...

Hey I keep trying to get off the subject and you guys pull me back in!!!!

Dashi, I shouldn't have to spoon feed you. You comprehended nothing of that article. It was a general assessment of the draft, not this particular draft, but the whole event of the draft. Once sentence you want, heck just read the first paragraph or two on the second page, or the last one or two on the first page leading up to it.

Dashi 2, you can call me a troll all day long if it makes you happy, but I think your room of trolls is already way too crowded for me. Nice try. At least I am civil, unlike you.


The last two paragraphs of your response to me have NOTHING TO DO with that article. I have no idea what you are even talking about there.

If we are being stupid and foolishly wasting our time, would you rather pretend you aren't or have someone bring it to your attention.\? I thought he made a great point towards the end. It doesn't bother me or offend me at all, I happen to agree with him.

One very important thing Ive learned about marriage. Your spouse really doesn't read your mind, nor you theirs.

You can be on two entirely different wave lengths, discussing the exact same topic.

Oh, s'hit, that's seems a lot like here. LOL...

You know, there is an expression that says talk is cheap. Well, that might be true. But talk is also what makes humans different from other species. And, hence, we excercise our uniqueness.

And this, being a football blog, is the outlet we use to express ourselves. So we analyze, and we criticise, and sometimes chastise, as we verbalize.

We express our opinions about everything and anything pertaining to football. The NFL draft falls wihin those parameters.

Hence, we opine. Maybe we are illogical, or whimsical or entirely fantastical, but that is our perrogative; that is our choice. And if, to some, we appear foolish in the whole of it, then so what?

It's a sport, this thing called football. It's entertainment, it's fun, it's a form of relaxation and refuge from the complicated world through which we, fully expressionable beings, must navigate.

So we digress along the way, talking football, nonsensical as it sometimes may seem. I sincerely believe, in contrast to the seriousness of life, some time out for a little football chatter, though it be folly, is an acceptable one indeed.


Posted by: Buster | April 28, 2013 at 11:12 PM


Hey Yesterday.

C'mon man...look at me...I'm getting attacked from all sides, one sword against a full army! So..I'm just responding to them, nothing more.

I'm more than happy to debate anything, agree or disagree. I'm not trying to provoke or irritate anybody. Maybe my idea of debate is different that yours, I don't know. My work environment is filled with harsh debates all the time, they are encouraged, so maybe I've been trained to be this way.

Dashi. Writer,

Seriously guys, I have no idea where you are coming from. If you didn't read the article fine, but if you did read it, then I have no idea what you read, because it certainly wasn't what I read from what you are both saying.

On that note, unless someone really, really, really needs another response from me on this topic, I won't respond more. Go ahead and get your last shots in, I've said enough.

And you will all be happy I have to go now...but I'll be back another day.


Plus, it keeps us married guys from being out doing something a whole helluvah lot more naughtier! LOL...

YG...I think I reflected what most folks who blog here feel ....just thought it needed to be said...and thank you...

Here Is The Belligerent Diatribe



Let us marvel in open-mouthed awe at this magic trick the NFL unveils annually, waving a wand over a hypnotized audience to much applause when all this league is really doing is just selling your hope right back to you. Well, that’s not fair, actually. That’s not all the NFL is doing. It is also conspiring as a monopoly with a corrupt NCAA cartel to create a free-labor minor league for its multibillion-dollar industry, plus signing up gladiators who are dying earlier and in more pain than the rest of us. But we lap this NFL Draft up Every year like thirsty hounds at a bowl because you won’t find a lot of introspection at the biggest and best parties.

And, besides, recent months have felt good, healthy and hopeful for fans of the Miami Dolphins. This is nice. It is also ignores how many of the other losing NFL cities are feeling exactly the same thing right now, and feeling it in part because of players the Dolphins just discarded their annual reshuffling. Kansas City and Philadelphia are fueled by new leadership, and St. Louis and Tampa Bay are fueled by new players,

and this is just what is going on with the bad teams. Every year, football fans hope that good hope, and one day it’ll maybe/probably/please be rewarded, but for too long around here it has just been a disguise for delusion.

And that’s the magic trick, see? Not just the legislated parity that spreads out the possibility to all the teams across the United States but the utter unknowability of the draft … and free agency … and team-building … and football in general. By and large, we know the good and bad teams in basketball before a season starts. But we have no idea right now if the two-win Kansas City Chiefs, who added a coach and quarterback to a roster with six Pro Bowlers, are about to make that last-to-first jump the Dolphins once did in one year with Chad Pennington. And, even if we don’t know it, you can rest assured that the fans in

Like coal shoveled into the firebox of a steam train, the NFL feeds hope into the hungry furnace of fans with the draft, and the most desperate among us will see it and feel it and invent it even if it is not there. It is the nature of believing. This doesn’t happen the same way to, say, the Sacramento Kings or Kansas City Royals or Florida Panthers before every season. But this is what makes us scream “Great pick! Great pick!” when the Dolphins acquire a draft pick whose name we did not even know minutes before. This unknowability disguised as hope is what helps make this America’s most popular sport (well, that and the violence and gambling and fantasy leagues), but it is odd compared to what is happening elsewhere in

There is a quiet movement gathering strength across sports. The consumer is becoming smarter and more informed than he/she has ever been. We have more access to data, measurements and technology, and that creates a greed. As British author Laurence Sterne wrote, “The desire of knowledge, like the thirst for riches, increases ever with the acquisition of it.” So intelligence is growing, the more accurate calculations of the sports brain pushing aside the assumptions of our lying eyes and guessing guts.

In football, the announcers might gasbag about the greatness of names such as DeAngelo Hall and Charles Woodson. But, because every single pass is now tracked, anyone can use math and footballoutsiders.com to realize how bad those cornerbacks actually were in recent seasons, and how often other teams picked on them. There is value in having more information, and new Eagles coach Chip Kelly, a disciple of Nike University, is trying to apply that by having all of his players wear heart monitors during practice and preparing different shakes for each of their nutrient needs.

In basketball, where once Jamal Mashburn hired a full-time employee to travel with him on the road just to stretch him, Kevin Durant now employs his own analytics expert to provide him with advanced data. Technology is getting smarter, too, so you’ll find SportVU webcams all over 10 NBA arenas, recording and measuring the movements of every basketball player on the court 25 times per second. Initially developed to track missiles, the technology now tracks muscles. LeBron James demands that he receive a scouting report on his opponents that is larger than most, letting him know by percentage whether an opponent is

Baseball is even better at isolating and measuring performance. Basketball and football metrics can be cloudier because teammates impact an individual’s performance, but a baseball player is pretty alone in the batter’s box or in the field. Baseball’s information is so accurate that the following is actually true: If so inclined, a random college kid with a computer can know about as much about his favorite team as the major-league team’s general manager. And that random college kid might make better math decisions than most on-field managers, given how many of those are like old-school Charlie Manuel, who should

Knowledge and information and even NBA playoff games fell into a sinkhole last week as the NFL Draft’s airheaded annual exercise in hope trafficking swallowed everything around it.

This is strange, at least in part because the draft is unscientific guesswork stacked atop weeks of gibberish analysis. Nobody has any idea where players are going (ESPN’s Mel Kiper and Todd McShay, after months of mock drafts, went a combined 7 for 64 on first-round accuracy) and not even the highest-paid executives have any earthly idea what a draft pick will become. In terms of science, this is something between bingo and the blindfolded throwing of darts.

In other words, sports get smarter and smarter every year, and the NFL Draft gets bigger and dumber, as if the whole thing was injecting human-oaf hormone. It is a cattle sale with booing instead of mooing. Nobody in the cattle auction — not the experts paid to prepare the meat, not the culinary critics in the media, not the fans who find all of this so tasty — knows much of anything about what we are all consuming. And yet every year we gather around the table for our football nutrients without even realizing or caring that we are at a buffet of cotton candy.

Given what presently surrounds it in sports, though, the NFL Draft is made-for-TV, empty-headed excess — all of the lights, camera and makeup making it feel like the crew of that Kardashians show crashing an MIT conference. Is it important? Of course. The draft is where you find value. It is just odd to have an annual celebration now covered by more networks than ever over more days than ever when you won’t actually know if your team is any better for months or years. Perhaps the best example ever of how unscientific this entire exercise is, any draft, any sport, any time, is Tom Brady, a sixth-round pick, chosen

Consider this: The Patriots over the past decade are 126-34. Over the same time, the Dolphins are 68-92. So, symbolically and actually, Miami is a mere 58 games back the past 10 years at least in part because the Patriots got lucky late many years ago. Mathematically, that’s close to the difference between the Marlins and Braves so far this year … for a decade. And yet we now feel hope, beyond hoping that Brady will hurry up and get old already, and we may eventually have that hope rewarded maybe/probably/please if Ryan Tannehill turns out to be great.

That might be the greatest illusion of all in the annual magic trick known as the NFL Draft.

Makes them forget that they’ve been tricked.

Posted by: Buster | April 28, 2013 at 11:12 PM


Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4

+2! Buster!

Bodine this "plus signing up gladiators who are dying earlier and in more pain than the rest of us." (LeBatard)
That is what my 2 paragraphs were in response to. You need to read what you post before telling me what I posted regarding what I called "wounded warriors" and LeBatard called "gladiators" made no sense.

And, as I mentioned these "Gladiators" get MILLIONS to step into the arena.

Please, post no more about this.

Okay...I just read LeBatard's article...so what does he want the NFL to do..place all the names of eligible players into a lottery, and pass them out, one by one, to all 32 teams, and let the "bingo" chips fall where they may?

So sports has become part of today's tech world, with indepth stats and scouting reports, etc. Well, that's the world in which we live.

The ironic part is that without those sports, as publicly deceiving as they might be, Mr LeBatard would need to find another livelihood.

As a sportsfan, I don't need or want my sport reporter to be an intellectual; I just want him or her to tell me what happened.

Just give me the sportnews. If I want philosophical insight, I'll go to the library and spend a few hours with friggin' Aristotle.

Bodine @10:43 and Bodine @11:11.

You Just Changed What You Comprehended.

From What You Said @10:43. To Some Semblance Of What Dashi Said @11:01.

Again, I've Been Talking To You Like A Man.

And You Were The One That Started. Talking About I Need To Bond With YG. And Denigrating Dashi Saying I Don't Comprehend That Idiot Lebatard.

To Me If A Person Doesn't Comprehend, You Are Stupid. That Is Just A Nice Way Of Saying It.

You Don't Comprehend.

And Dashi Might Have A Physical Disability, But I Don't Have A Learning Disability.

The Way I Was Brought Up Is You Don't Make Fun Of The Less Fortunate. That Is Why You Will Never Catch Dashi Telling People You Don't Comprehend.

I Tutored A Couple People That Were Hard Of Learning. Not Everybody Is Born With The Ability To Retain Information Quick. Some Of Us Are More Gifted Than Others.

@ Dashi.....OUCH!!!!!

Like I Said.

I Read That Horrendous Soliloquy.

That Man Was All Over The Place. The Real Magic Trick Is He Wrote A 12 Paragraph Fluff Piece.


Not To Watch The Draft. Then About The NBA. Then Something About Pats And Fins. And Last But Not Least We Are All Dumber Than Lebatard. Including The So Called Experts Who Spend 3 Days Guessing.

Take Away The Draft. And It Sounds Like Every Other Diatribe Lebatard Writes.

A Bunch Of Eloquent BS About Nothing.

I agree Dashi...I seldom read what he writes because it generally is more slush than substance.


The Truth Hurts!!

Again, You Brought Up The Point. Don't Act Like You Are The Only One Who Read It. Telling People They Don't Comprehend.

I Read It And Broke It Down.

I Hope This Ends The Lebatarded Conversation.

Dashi Out. Early Day Tomorrow.

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