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Dolphins add another DB with final pick

I wanted cornerbacks. I got three in this draft with the latest being Don Jones out of Arkansas State University.

Jones, 5-11 and 191 pounds, has two interceptions in his career.

At the Arkansas State pro day, he ran a 4.42 and 4.40 40-yard dash, according to NFLDraftScout.com. He also recorded a remarkable 42-inch vertical jump, which has skyrocketed his draft stock. For his senior season, he recorded an unofficial 72 tackles with one interception and two passes defensed.

Jones missed the 2010 season becasue he transfered to a JUCO due to academic reasons. He had been a running back in 2009.

Jones, who played strong safety, is expected to get the opportunity to play cornerback.


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Bills sign Da'Rick Rogers.

whether you all like it or not, they drafted LT J. Martin last year at the begining of the 2nd round, he was a LT in college and was drafted last year to replace J. Long this year. Our RT will either be a veteran or will be N. Garner or the rookie we drafted this year.

UDFA Joseph Fauria TE UCLA - Ireland please sign this guy!

I'm drunk, the Marlins still suk and the fins have already signed 7 undrafted free agents in the past couple hours. Good going Ireland.

Bad axe,

We need A LT/RT. IT is the one weakness and it can be addressed with a free agent and should be immediately. If Tannehill is the key, he must be properly protected.

Folks, before we pencil in Wilson at CB over what we already have, may I remind you he accomplished his "17" breakups at the expense of mediocre QB from a non BCS conference?
Check out his teams schedule.
I hoppe he was worth all the weird Ireland up and down machinations, but neither he nor Jones were taken by teams that needed CB's as much as we.
I think a BIG key(no pun intended) is whether Sims can be a Mark Bavarro type...excellent blocker, dependable, and a + in the red zone. Bavarro was smaller, slower, and played something like 13 years for the Giants.

The only way you can say that Jeff Ireland did not keep to his word and have an active and strong Free Agency program. AND front a draft that addressed real need while also adding in players who will change the outcome of games. Is you just plain like to troll hate... or are clueless of the concepts this teams is sticking to.

Last year.... Miami fielded a team consisting of an unknown QB talent. A so-so running game. ONE deep receiver and ONE true slot. A stout run defense and a leaky pass defense...

We now know our QB has the ABILITY to be good. WE now have a WR Corp I'll stack against all but one or two teams. A nice stable of backs. An nearly complete but still under construction O-line that has added fa and draft talent and is certain to see a free-agent named Winston within the week. A defense that may now have a devastating pass rush, a strong LB core capable of rush/pass & blitz plays and a very competent secondary....

If you cannot be happy with that..... you don't want to be...... or are trying your best to make it suck for those who are because you know it's true and YOUR team is DOOMED!!!!

Nice job, Jeff & Joe.... Look forward to 10 or 15 more UFA's to ponder and pick through.....

Last thought on the draft:
Rd1: Dion Jordan. Prediction: Bust. Grade: F
R2a: Traded away to move up to get Jordan. Grade: F
R2b: Jamar Taylor. Injury prone but good. Grade: B
R3a: Dallas Thomas. Fills need at guard. Grade: B
R3b: Will Davis. Another corner? But he's good. Grade:B
R4: Jelani Jenkins. Not a need, not durable. Grade: D
R4: Dion Sims. Fills need for run block TE. Grade: B
R5: M. Gillislee. Can't pass block but a need. Grade: B
R5: Caleb Sturgis. Nice pick. Grade: B
R7: Don Jones. Perfect pick for Rd7. Grade: A.
Davone Bess trade: Got basically nothing for him but got rid of salary. Grade: C
Overall: Grade D+. Great athletes with pedestrian college stats rarely work out. Neither will Jordan. You'll just be hearing the word "potential" for the next several years.

Fins let the Bills sign Da'Rick Rodgers as an UFA and let average Brian Hartline remain on a wr core that he suddenly feels is elite with average Brandon Gibson and no slot wr??? When its all said an done we will have the worst passing game in the AFC East next to the JEts.

A break for the Fins is the EXTRA preseason game. With this many new faces, having this extra game will allow coaches a bit more time in game situations to see who has the goods. The kicker, for one. Nickel back, RB, and an extra game to to get our O-Line up to snuff. Lots of strangers who will have to get cohesive.

BTW, Ireland telling all that he depends a LOT on the opinions of his coaches, then GETS whom the coaches want?
O believe that's an out for in, JUST IN CASE this draft class smells up the joint, which I hope will not be the case.

"Truth", Having seen the Rodgers debacle first hand here in TN, I' might wager that Rodgers won['t be on the Bills by midseason, due to the piss poor attitude he's shown since he was about 14 years old.

Fins have yet to sign any of the top 5 free agents at any position on the football field. Choosing to go the random route and invite just anybody to camp. 1st priority with the Fins in character not talent. LOL!


Truth, where are you seeing the Undrafted FA signings?

the phinsinsider.com search free agent signings

also check out http://www.thephinsider.com/2013/4/27/4276262/2013-undrafted-free-agents-best-players-available

If the defense do not excel right away, Ireland should be out of Miami by the end of Octobe. The drafts by the Packers, 49ers and Seahawks among other teams seem much deeper.
Clearly Ireland is an incompetent fellow to detect talent.

You guys are "special" this guy was drafted 3 picks before Mr. Irrevelant! How many guys actually make the team after the 5th round? Davone Bess was an undrafted free agent, and is like 7th on the all time Dolphihns reception list. Sometimes you hit sometimes you miss. Look at Tom Brady, and Terrell Davis they are the exception not the rule. You can list thousands of players that didn't make it after the 4th round. But you can count on your finger the amount of guys that turned from late round picks into viable pro's let alone possible hall of famers.

Found it here:

Assessing the draft 2 hours after it ends is nothing but media folly. Nobody ever knows how good a pick was until they take the field, and in many cases even that could take a few seasons.

Grading the draft today is for sports sites and radio shows needing your attention.

A real "Murderer's Row":

Dolphins: UFA's
Mount Union WR Jasper Collins
Mississippi State WR Chad Bumphis
Arkansas State WR Taylor Stockemer
Michigan S Jordan Kovacs
Old Dominion DL Chris Burnette
Georgetown LB Rob McCabe
Findlay QB Clay Belton
Arizona State RB Cameron Marshall
Arizona State S Keelan Johnson

BET the Patsies are shakin' in their cleats.

Thanks Truth.

BET the Patsies are shakin' in their cleats.

Posted by: IMAWriter | April 27, 2013 at 10:03 PM

Bet you have less life experience than a new born guppy. Dumb post for too many obvious reasons.

People often lack perspective.

Load up on cornerbacks, you want to have the best competition at that position this year...drafted or not you gotta win your position is how it should be!

Bodine, the perspective is it's been a LONG 3 days, and I was pointing out the fact that, among other things a QB from "Findlay" is hardly the makings of the next Tom Brady.
BTW, I have MUCH life experience, far more than you, most likely.

Love the addition of rb gillislee, more depth and competition there....he was a steal...kid does it all....he shined at the senior bowl....great hands and feet....has good speed while cutting, shifty hips....lamar miller and gillislee....wow

Posted by: Bodine | April 27, 2013 at 09:57 PM

However, the above is 100% correct, IMO

Another crap draft from Ireland. Whats new?

Great column by the great Barry Jackson.
@flasportsbuzz: Analysts break down Fins' draft picks; How Cavs move affects LeBron;Canes decline overtures http://t.co/Tw9IrYLfxf

Writer, you are judging my experience without knowing a single thing about me. Naive.

Now look at your post I criticized. Do you think ANY coach are 'shaking in their cleats' over any teams UFA picks? Belichek is not shaking over ours, and none of the other 31 teams are shaking over his.

Posted by: IMAWriter | April 27, 2013 at 10:11 PM

Ive been to Findlay to Findlay Ohio. Quite a few very good sports stars are from there. One in the nfl you may have even heard of. He's a qb from Finlay, OH too.

Ever here of a guy named Ben Roslisberger? His hometown is Findlay Ohio.

The Dolphins have to be very nervous about the Jets draft.

We swept the Jets even when they were good. Its when theyre bad we usually have trouble with them. LOL...

IMO, as presently constructed, we now have a defense that can be dominant enough and an offense that can score enough to points to at least make a 2nd rd playoff appearance in 2013.

Still to do, sign a RT, and trust Jonathan Martin at LT. He may not be a top5 elite TE, but with Tannehill's great mobility, I believe we offset some of it with rollout pass pocket schemes.


Liked the draft....addressed all the needs.....looking for a FA signing on the O-Line next.....BBBuster

So THILL had only one real threat on the field with him last season....BUSH. The offense struggled most of the year to posts more than 20pts per game.

Long is gone, Bush is gone, Bess is gone, and Fasano is gone.

Now THILL has Wallace as the real proven threat. He has Keller coming off injury. He has an unproven Miller. He has an over paid Hartline. He has Gibson. He has Martin at LT?

The draft netted a lineman, a RB and a blocking TE?

I have to wonder if the team will consistently score more than 20pts per game this year? I am just not feeling like the offense is conserably better now?????

Early this season, Ireland confidently stated he had a plan. And he did. If the only thing remaining at this point is finding an LT, I say congratulations.

Keep in mind, we have no idea what their true assessment is of Martin at LT. Ditto for Jerry at G or T. Ireland has mastered being unpredictable. There have been far too many improvements to be overly concerned with LT any longer. There are options out there if they deem they are necessary.

This FO knows what they are doing. Now, it's Philbins turn to work his magic.


Its called redzone threats plus now a legit deep ball threat, 2 things we didn't have last year.

Now we have a seam threat(Keller), Deep threat(Wallace),2 rb's that can take it all the way to house(Miller/Gillislee), and a legit redzone TE(Sims).

Not to mention Tannehill should now be a full year better.

I agree Bodine...we have to wait and see....optimistic caution if you will...but optimism is the word right now...unwarranted criticism is only defeatist at this point.....

jpao, are you really that negative or just trolling? I guess you value your own opinion on Hartline over the coaching staff. Hint, they see 1000 times more than you do. They got rid of Bess for a reason. They kept Hartline for a reason. Ditto for Bush and Miller.

Don Jones' Pro Day was attended by 12 teams including the Miami Dolphins. He played Safety, and put up some great Test numbers at his Pro Day.

Jones is a long shot without a doubt. But he's also someone we took an interest in. He could end up being the next Brady-Like feel good story ands be the next best Safety since Lott or Atwater.

My best bet is that he makes the roster, learns on the fly as a depth player and takes the back up Dime/Safety spot away from Jimmy Wilson.

The guy is real young and talented. The main problem was with his experience levels. He played a lot of different positions(because of talent)and that's why he wasn't drafted higher.

I saw him play some and paid attention because safety was going to be a need. I watched the highlight clips too. Though it's not saying much, I think he's already as good as Carroll and Wilson if not better.

He's a Gamer and for the money we'll be paying him, he's worth keeping and seeing if he develops.

I'd like to see Ireland sign the two OTs from Boston Collge that were not drafted. The school usually develops solid lineman. Obviously they aren't studs but UDFAs can be found to add value.....BESS COMES TO MIND.

Updated list of Dolphins UDFA signings:

Mount Union WR Jasper Collins
Mississippi State WR Chad Bumphis
Arkansas State WR Taylor Stockemer
Michigan S Jordan Kovacs
Old Dominion DL Chris Burnette
Georgetown LB Rob McCabe
Findlay QB Clay Belton
Arizona State RB Cameron Marshall
Arizona State S Keelan Johnson
Tennessee QB Tyler Bray
Maryland DT AJ Francis
Oregon LB Michael Clay
Northern Iowa WR Terrell

Tyler Bray is an interesting pick up - maybe our 3rd string QB


Whats the matter with dolfans. Why do always expect a feel good story from 7th rd'ers 90% of the time they don't make it out of training camp. 5% of the time they do. 99% of the time they are no longer with the team after two years.

So why in the hell worry about projecting them to anything. In the end they write their own story and rarely is it a happy ending.

People criticizing 7th round picks and UDA's are no doubt looking for a reason to be negative.


















Who cares about urfa's. That's just a list of guys seriously competing for practice squad. Once in a decade 1 actually makes the roster.

They usually peak and become a Davon Bess.


You know that Im positive throughout the entire draft, love it. But trying to grade a udfa list, come on man, time for you guys to get some rest now.

We all know that the udfa list is basically a practice squad audition. WTF?

Younger fans don't realize that many players need a few years to develop. Even many great players. Too often they want to draft their replacements if they don't make the pro bowl by their second or third year. This is right when they should be showing signs of improvement. If they are, you keep them.

You don't cast off players that you've spent 3 years developing just when they start showing improvement. I put Jerry in this category. Also I think Hartline has had a tough road, 3 different QBs and OCs, two different HC's, all in his first 4 seasons, 3 of which were with an awful QB. He is doing fine.

One needs perspective.

With all the picks we've had in the past two drafts and with this coaching staff I think we're going to be a pretty solid team in the future. If that's next year I'm not sure, but certainly, I think into the year after we'll see some serious talent developing.


Are you confusing my posts with someone else's? I'm not the one criticizing the UFAs I'm saying those that are are looking for excuses to be negative just for the sake of it.


When a 7th rd'er makes a team at other than st's, that's about usually where they peak. When a 7th rd'er becomes a star, 32 gms, including the one drafting him 7th rd were wrong.

The odds of this happening is about as great as hitting the lottery. Some people actually do win.

Ive learned thru years of keeping up with pro football, udfa's and 7th rd'ers are pretty much after thoughts. Their mostly like buying losing lottery tickets. Once in an extremely blue moon, you just may hit it rich.

thy are going with speed with the DBs as this is becoming a receiver league more and more.

The offense is far worse then last year and so is the team. So many new players and tons of questionmarks. Someone said we are an expansion team and it certainly looks that way. How does Ireland still have a job?

Hoho, Armando!

Posted by: oscar canosa | April 27, 2013 at 07:56 PM

Sounds like a Drunk Santa Claus.

If you could "Give" Armando any "Gift" under the sun, what is it you'd MOST like to "Give" Him.........?

Hoho Oscar!!!!


Um, you are responding to the wrong person. Try reading what I write before responding to me.

M clay is a great pickup.

You don't cast off players that you've spent 3 years developing just when they start showing improvement. I put Jerry in this category. Also I think Hartline has had a tough road, 3 different QBs and OCs, two different HC's, all in his first 4 seasons, 3 of which were with an awful QB. He is doing fine.
One needs perspective.
Posted by: Bodine | April 27, 2013 at 11:03 PM

Hartline's made it. But after 3 yrs, you do pretty much have to throw in the towel on most. All you get is 3yrs if the guy is a udfa, they only get a 3yr max contract.

On your draftees they get 4yr rookie contracts. This is do or die for Jerry. he's a fa next year. Or if he underwhelms in camp he's cut.

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