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Dolphins add another DB with final pick

I wanted cornerbacks. I got three in this draft with the latest being Don Jones out of Arkansas State University.

Jones, 5-11 and 191 pounds, has two interceptions in his career.

At the Arkansas State pro day, he ran a 4.42 and 4.40 40-yard dash, according to NFLDraftScout.com. He also recorded a remarkable 42-inch vertical jump, which has skyrocketed his draft stock. For his senior season, he recorded an unofficial 72 tackles with one interception and two passes defensed.

Jones missed the 2010 season becasue he transfered to a JUCO due to academic reasons. He had been a running back in 2009.

Jones, who played strong safety, is expected to get the opportunity to play cornerback.


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A player isn't usually fairly safe until he makes it to his 2nd contract. Even then he becomes under an even more critical eye.


Was Cris Carter a great receiver? If you say yes, he was less than average for 4 years. It took him awhile to get it together. The same can be said for many HOF'rs. Brees, the list goes on.



My take on offseason so far.....

Sean Smith gone.....Yes!
Fasano gone.....prefer to have him with Keller.....but ok
Long gone......good
Bush gone.....OK
Starks as RFA.....good
McDaniel gone....good
Wallace added....great!
Hartline kept....OK but likely over paid
Gibson added....good
Keller added...good
Ellerbe over Dansby...good
Wheeler over Barnett....good
Grimes added....good
Trade up for Jordan...like going for the pass rusher....not sure he is The Man?
Three CBs added in draft...good...position needs serious competition
Big TE added....good
Big RB added...good
Jenkins added as rookie LB....injury prone...preferred solid WRs instead
Kicker added....like it
Bess for 5th rounder.....bad...should have kept him one year

Like the offseason overall!!!!


Good job Ireland .....now it's up to coaches and players to win!!!!

Gone 4Ever!

Sometimes UDFAs can lead to a diamond in the rough. Bess happened to be one of them. I would love to have Bess' stats from anyone of these UDFAs that Miami just signed:

G Rec Yds TD
2012 Miami Dolphins 13 61 778 1
2011 Miami Dolphins 16 51 537 3
2010 Miami Dolphins 16 79 820 5
2009 Miami Dolphins 16 76 758 2
2008 Miami Dolphins 16 54 554 1
TOTAL 77 321 3,447 12

Bumphis or Collins could be that slot receiver that we need - just hoping for the best

The majority of high picks are not instant stars. Many picks between round 3 and 5 have longer a learning curve. You don't cast them off the moment they start showing promise. If the coaching staff has reason to believe in them, you give them another season to see if they can turn the corner, you don't dump them and throw away your investment right when they are showing promise.

Philbin is as doomed as Sparano was with Ireland as his GM.

I mean wheres the offense??

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 27, 2013 at 10:22 PM

And he played for?
Not Findlay.
Sheesh, get over yourselves. Bodine tells me I have no lfe experience, and when I advise him that is false, he says I'M naive, and don't know HIM?
Some of you love to throw the fastball, but when someone hits it back upo the middle, you can't handle it.

I'm sure Findlay is a fine place. My dad was from Cleveland, and I played several concerts in the fine state of Ohio.
Someone commented that our UFA weren't among the top 5 at any position, and I merely attempted to ascertain that.

Undrafted FA's;

Chad Bumphis, WR, Mississippi State – 5-11 200

Michael Clay, OLB, Oregon – 5-11 225

Kyle Martens, P, Rice – 6-5 225

Jordan Kovacs, DB, Michigan – 6-0 195

Jasper Collins, WR, Mount Union – 5-10 185

Taylor Stockemer, WR, Arkansas State – 6-4 215

Eric Bergman, OL, Southern Illinois – 6-3 250

Chris Burnette, DT, Old Dominion – 6-3 285

Rob McCabe, MLB, Georgetown – 6-1 225

Alonzo Highsmith, OLB, Arkansas – 6-1 230

Emeka Onyenekwu, DE, LA-Lafayette – 6-3 250

Brandon Ogletree, OLB, BYU – 5-11 230

Clay Belton, QB, Findlay – 6-6 230

Cameron Marshall, RB, Arizona State – 5-11 215

Keelan Johnson, S, Arizona State – 6-0 210

A.J. Francis, DT, Maryland – 6-5 310

Terrell Sinkfield, WR, Northern Iowa – 6-0 190 (4.19 40 yard dash)

hey zonk how mass dolphin clueless.My guess u dont kow football.Qb needs to stay upright to throw ball to wrs.Did u know that?The line hadsome issues last yr with Long now hes gone.Breaking news!Their is a reason those tackles still on market.Do u think if those were primetime players would be on market still?Hmm correct me if im wrong but I believe Chargers took tackle in 1st round which o by-the-way cut Gaither and ummmmm pretty sure tackles went 1and2 so no gues he dont know what hs talking bout!

But when your Oline is a sieve it needs to be addressed.

Posted by: MassDolphan | April 27, 2013 at 08:23 PM

You mentioned the Guard Position and the O-Line several times now. Each and everytime I question you posts more and more.

A sieve? The O-Line in general? REALLY?

The Guard position you single out is NOT our weakest position. You're not even close. Are you sure you know what team your making these statements about?

Incognito just made his First Pro-Bowl and former 7th round pick Lance Louis battled his way into the Bears starting Line up and established himself as their best Offensive Lineman.

Second year G/C Josh Samuda got some starts/reps and proved himself very capable and improving.

Guard John Jerry just came off his best season ever. He apparently has his weight currently under control and seems poised to follow up with another good year.

Dallas Thomas was drafted as a versatile G/T and will immediately offer depth and competition to the above mentioned.

To go a step further, Martin played real well for a Rookie at Right Tackle and even held his own filling on the Left side. With his Rookie season under his belt and another camp and Pre Season pending, all indications are that he will at least be a very GOOD Right Tackle.

Sorry Buddy, but your posts are just ridiculous. This O-Line struggled some in pass protection, but it also helped Reggie Bush put up over 2000 yards in the past two seasons.

The entire roster has been upgraded, including the O-Line. We need a Left Tackle and we're ready to go. We sign McKinnie as a stop gap and we're on our way.




I know this isn't a popular thing to say here but that doesn't mean it's not the truth.

Posted by: Knows That We Don't Know | April 27, 2013 at 08:34 PM

Our draft analysis suck so bad.

So this guy devotes over 100 words and 3 paragraphs in analyzing our bad analysis-ROTFLMAO!

SOMEBODY just got busted **TRYING TO HARD***.

Sheesh............SMH and LMAO!

Posted by: Bodine | April 27, 2013 at 11:17 PM

Yes, he was average, but only because he was either high or low on drugs, mainly cocaine. When he kicked it, he became Cris Carter.
Called "Life experience" BTW.

The % of rookies and 2nd year players who make the Pro Bowl has risen the past few years.
Why? because the cream SHOULD rise to the top quickly, not linger at the bottom of the bowl. A Guard should be good in 2 years, not 4. A RB should be great year 1, receivers that are truly great were, for the most part truly great year one, or at least year 2,, Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, etc.
Great players don't need 3 years to "develop."

Mike Pouncy and Jake Long are 2 good examples. Year one, top flight starters. If Egnew sucks now, he'll always suck. Why do people think the "light will somehow just go on?"
Same with Jerry, and 2/3 of Ireland's draft picks.

I hope this year we have DIFFERENCE MAKERS. Like what seems to happen for just about every team with a good FO.

I truly believe this was a very good FA period and draft.

BTW, unless anything changes, folks will comparing Tyler Bray to Jeff George.
Great arm, but something isn't quite right upstairs. In Bray's case, it's his unreal immaturity. In his defense, he had horrible coaching, Lane Kiffin and Derrick Dooley.

Domt think the draft analysis was bad but our draft certainly sucked.

A real "Murderer's Row":

Michigan S Jordan Kovacs

BET the Patsies are shakin' in their cleats.

Posted by: IMAWriter | April 27, 2013 at 10:03 PM

Good Call! I've watched Kovacs for YEARS!

He's a KILLER!!!!

Odin, I hope you're right about Kovacs, but you would be in the minority, counting 32GM's including our own.
Is their some sort of "history" with him? Injuries, drugs, grades, etc?
If he's a "killer" as you say, I would have to think a Big 10 guy as good as you say wouldn't go un-drafted.

Not being a smartas8 here, just want to know what you know about him.

I regards to Bray, if he can be somehow have some maturity Knocked into him, he is way more talented than either Moore or Devlin, certainly the latter.
In fact, he's got more natural ability than Tanny from a pure throwing capacity. You wouldn't know about either justin Hunter, Da'Rick Rodgers, or Cord Patterson if not for Bray.
Bray WOULD be one those "projects" Bodine refers to, someone worth trying to develop. The reward in this case would probably be a starting QB, if not for us, then for someone else.

### Kiper said tight end Dion Sims “can stretch the deep middle, which is rare for a kid this size. Ryan Tannehill will like his big frame and soft hands and ability he brings in the pass offense.”… Twenty nine of his 36 catches in 2012 went for first downs or touchdowns.


All you haters read that last sentence again-LMAO!

Oh yeah, and Dallas Thomas didn't allow a sack since the 2010 season!


It's late, apologies for the horrid grammar, typos, and short temper.

### Mayock calls Mike Gillislee “an underlooked, bigger back that does everything well without one spectacular trait. Will pass protect. Catches the ball well.” … Davis: “You know what I love most about him? His odometer is low. One year as a featured runner.”… Has a sterling 5.3 career yards-per-carry average, with four fumbles in 421 touches…

McShay: “Some guys have a nose for the end zone. He does [11 touchdowns last season].” Perfect change of pace back."... Kiper notes he has some kickoff return experience, with modest results…. Pro Football Weekly: “Lacks ‘wow’ factor and top end finishing speed. [But] good instincts, vision… Very consistent across the board in every area and has tools to become a very dependable backup. Could prove to be a better pro than college player.”

Sims may be a real get for us, especially if Keller is a jet killer as he was a Fins Killer.
Him, and the wideout from FSU a few years back, when Pennington was a Jet. Man!!

Crap, I meant if Keller "Isn't a Jet Killer, etc"
Need sleep. LOL

You haters don't even want to know what The so called experts and pundits are saying about Taylor, Davis and Jones.

Lets just say: According to THEM, Ya'll is CRAZY-ROTFLMAO!

**SMH** at the Trolls................ ;)

odin, the LSU game, Gillislee basically tore the heart out of the LSU defense the entire 2nd half. I hate the Gators, but it was damn impressive.

BTW, Egnew had only 8TD's his entire career at Missouri, and we drafted him WHY?
Interestingly, the NFL scouting reports said he "sheds tackles", which contradicts the word that he's soft.
So,. what's the problem with him?
I guess we'll know after the 4th pre-season game.

So why in the hell worry about projecting them to anything. In the end they write their own story and rarely is it a happy ending.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 27, 2013 at 10:56 PM

Are you worried YG......?

Relax Bro, I'm not worried about a thing.

I'll make you a Gentleman's Bet though. I'll bet Don Jones hangs with the Dolphins longer than Nolan Carroll or Jimmy Wilson.

Worry? Me?



You know that Im positive throughout the entire draft, love it. But trying to grade a udfa list, come on man, time for you guys to get some rest now.

We all know that the udfa list is basically a practice squad audition. WTF?

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 27, 2013 at 11:02 PM

How the Fvck are you going to TELL people how to be fans YG?

Eat a Dik man......FOR REAL!

Get over yourself you parrot like wind bag.

I had a comment for osca-rdashi but he isn't around. Maybe tomorrow.

Who cares about urfa's. That's just a list of guys seriously competing for practice squad. Once in a decade 1 actually makes the roster.

They usually peak and become a Davon Bess.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 27, 2013 at 10:59 PM

If you don't care about it, why are you still blathering away about it?

Just skip those posts you Bozo!

What is it with Dolphin Fans that call themselves YG?

Yesterday can't handle anyone that doesn't bow down to him as master grandpappy blogger.

Just kidding with you YG.

But seriously, let them enjoy the UDFA lists if they want.

No Harm, No Foul ;)

Wasn't in YG that ridiculed anyone who suggested that our first pick should be defensive? Didn't he say how great our defense was and our priority should be scoring points?

He did. No matter, it only took him two days to flip flopper popper poop.

There are only 2 of us: you + I

Not being a smartas8 here, just want to know what you know about him.

Posted by: IMAWriter | April 28, 2013 at 12:06 AM

Naw, just yanking your chain. I was playing along with your "Murderer's Row" sarcasm ;)

Kovacs plays very good with his God Given Talent. I'm afraid God didn't give him quite enough for the NFL.

I haven't even checked his numbers, but.......just from watching him play, my guess would be he's just a tad bit too slow to play at this level.

It's a shame too, cause the Guy has the smarts and dedication.

There are only 2 of us: you + I

Posted by: CadillacDeVille | April 28, 2013 at 12:47 AM

I told you I don't "Swing" that way you Old "Snake Charmer".........You ;)

yeppers, why does it seem that all too often the guy with the heart, desire, guts is one step to slow, and the guy that was blessed with all the talent..like a Tyler Bray, either squanders it, or abuses women, does drugs, or is just lazy?
Not referring to bray here, BTW, who is, by all the stories in the Tennessean here basically immature, selfish, and a goofball.
With a God-like arm.

Pennington had it all, BUT that golden arm. A shame.

Crap, thought the Fins signed Bray, it was the Chiefs.

Kind of lame blog here. I just moved in from out of state, planning to get into Dolphin mode, but are there any blogs a little more serious without all the silly stuff?

Kovacs will be a killer special teamer. Dude is smart and can hit. Kick and punt returners are gonna fear this kid.

No Dex, there are no other Dolphin Blogs Period!


I said before, OT is as not as pertinent of a need as OG. Martin and Jerry will be the OTs. I, also, look for Yeatman to push for a tackle pot. OG is more pertinent because Incognito is on his way out.

Dont give Ross a dime for his tickets, his jerseys, or his stadium until he PROVES he can have at least ONE winning season. This guy doesnt care about even trying to build a winner. Its ALL about the money for him. At least Jeff Loria won a World Championship BEFORE he asked for handouts. Ross has shown he can lose EVERY year and is OK with it. Well, Mr Ross the fans are not OK with perrenial losing, Thats why your stadium is empty on game days and why you wont get any charity for YOUR dwindling business.

I just finished looking at Terrell Sinkfield's highlights. I'm always skeptical about speedsters but this guy looks like a football player. He made some really tough catches and looks like he adjust on poor throws pretty well. He could be an UDFA steal!

Rise and Shine! Rise and Shine! Time to evaluate the UDFAs.

So now you guys are going to knit pick away at the UDFA's.

Seriously some of you need a life.

The only thing I want to hear about today is that Ireland landed a Veteran OT!!!!!

There is no rush japo, no rush.

Great draft that's all I got

Theme of this draft is speed kills Last year we were slow and old , not anymore bring on the patriots

We should have taken Lattimore.

OK, I am rooting for Jordan Kovacs. Just watched his highlights. Great kid, lot of heart.

Well, we got our CB's, LB's and running back. We even got you guys a TE, though not the type you thought we needed.

I am elated that we were able to get Dion Jordan! Great job Jeff.

I am still concerned with OT. Are our coaches really good enough to coach up the young guys we had on this roster?? If they are , the sky is the limit for this team.

Posted by: odinseye | April 27, 2013 at 11:44 PM

Good post on our OL. Not as bad as some think. Depth is somewhat of an issue, but the young guys need to step up. LT is obviously the big concern, but I am sure we will add a FA. The kid we added from the Bears is real good if he can stay healthy.

My biggest gripe is the trading of Bess and getting literally nothing in return. He is finally set to excel in a position of strength for the team in his natural slot position, and the Fins trade him for jack?
Really stupid and this will come back to haunt them if
we don't have to a go to guy on 3rd down. Also question why we didn't pursue another RB option sooner Llike Lacy, Ball or Franklin. Trading the luxury of our other second round pick helped screw up not landing Ball or Lacy. Apparenly they are real high on Miller. Let's be honest, he never touched the ball enough last year to know whether he can be an elite back.

Let's see how those two scenarios play out this year. The Fins still lack offensive playmakers, which is what we were so sorely lacking last year.

Bess is who he is a 10 yard and out cloud of dust

Clue. Get a clue. Bess is who he is. A guy that catches everything thrown his way and move the chains.

And you give a guy away like that? I think a lot of people are way overrating our receiving corps. Bess give you depth and stability at the position. Hartline disappears during games, and Wallace goes deep and nothing else (and was way overpaid btw). Gibson was my favorite addition because he is a good red zone target. But Bess? All he has been is the most reliable receiver on the Dolphins since his inception with the team. But, ok, he is 10 yards and a cloud of dust. Last time I checked, 10 yards is a first down

I think miami is waiting for cuts to add to the offense. Gibson will be our 3rd down machine. Bigger, hands just as good as bess, and faster. Matthews made some plays near the end of the year and although binns needs to fix the drops he had against Ne in the last game, the kid has talent.Keller should open the middle of the field .Add in Sims and the new rb the offense looks fine.

I agree on bess. Should of kept him. Most ireland moves were solid this offseason. Id have kept bess and drafted eeifert instead of trading up

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