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Dolphins add another DB with final pick

I wanted cornerbacks. I got three in this draft with the latest being Don Jones out of Arkansas State University.

Jones, 5-11 and 191 pounds, has two interceptions in his career.

At the Arkansas State pro day, he ran a 4.42 and 4.40 40-yard dash, according to NFLDraftScout.com. He also recorded a remarkable 42-inch vertical jump, which has skyrocketed his draft stock. For his senior season, he recorded an unofficial 72 tackles with one interception and two passes defensed.

Jones missed the 2010 season becasue he transfered to a JUCO due to academic reasons. He had been a running back in 2009.

Jones, who played strong safety, is expected to get the opportunity to play cornerback.


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It's not about Jordan. Tannehill needs to play well & this team needs to win. There's no more excuses.

Posted by: We Have Playmakers | April 28, 2013 at 02:12 PM

Ross and Ireland will never ever stop making excuses.


If Jordan was the guy Ireland wanted and you can move up and get him for less than fair market value then is cowardly not to make the move. There's every reason to believe the Eagles would take him, so why take the chance.

And I might have missed it but did you say you think he would have been there at 12? I don't believe there's a chance he would have been there at 12. So with 11 picks in his pocket and two second round picks, I don't see the point of Ireland sitting on his hands. I love the move!

Also, take a look at Mario Williams first season in the league. 47 tackles, 4.5 sacks. HUGE contract as the number one pick. I think you'd agree that it wasn't a great season and he's gone on to become a star.

So it has nothing to do with coming up with 'convenient excuses' and eveything to do with reality. If you're expecting this guy to be a star from day one, I think you're going to be very, very disappointed.

Chip Kelly quote;

"Trust me, the guy who went No. 3, we considered him heavily," Kelly told reporters Saturday, referring to defensive end/linebacker Dion Jordan, whom the Miami Dolphins traded up to draft right ahead of the Eagles. "We didn't get a chance to pull the trigger on that one."


Why would Chip Kelly say this after the draft??? He has ZERO to gain by saying this & it's a little insulting to Lane Johnson.

It totally reminds me of when Saban admitted he wanted to take Corey Webster from LSU (the Giants beat him to the punch) & wound up drafting Travis Daniels.

..Craig M..I'm seriously not just reffering to you. Go back(I know nobody has the desire or time to do this) and read how many times Ireland has been called a genius the last few days, or as you said ..The pick was genius. Both of these statements may end up being true. I'm not debating that. I'm just saying..In my opinion. Jordan should be a player that contributes day 1. If he doesn't then to me it is disappointing. Doesn't mean he will be a bust. It doesn't mean it is bash away on Ireland time. It just means in my eyes Jordan(if he is as good as all that are loving this pick is)..He should contribute. He should be better then what we had previously

Ireland left Andy Reid at the altar!! He used him just to fool every dumb media fukwad and it worked.

Our o-line was better than average last year. You want to see a bad o-line look at Arizona.

If we have nothung else right now we have major depth on the o-line, which is huge.

I belive Cogs and Jerry would start for a lot of teams.

I'm sure we will still be looking for a another tackle and I still wouldn't rule out Albert but if we started the season today we could do worse than Martin at LT and Jerry or Garner at RT.

No doubt its on Tannehill this year. I give the fo a good solid B to B+ on the weapons they've surrounded hm with this year.

The most important reason I believe the kid rises to the occasion this year? The kid has hat "IT". Maybe a bad analoogy, but after all, the kid's "IT" ot him marrie to a super model. Didn't "IT"?

Jordan would've been there at #12. There was no need to give up anything. Ireland got taken advantage of...again. And another 3 picks for who? A typical garbage Ireland draft. And we lost 12 starters from last year. YIKES!

JJ Watt's rookie season:

56 tackles and 5.5 sacks. Good but not great.

I think we'd all agree he's one of the best defensive players in the league today.

My point is, I don't believe the Dolphins will put pressure on Jrodan to be THE GUY from day one. He'll be used in certain situations and he'll learn from some of the other players.

I've actually read Phiulbin say that he MIGHT be used somewhat on special teams to start too.

I don't think the Dolphins drafted DJ because he was the best pass-rusher in the Draft(he wasn't) but most of all of his versatility. Can you imagine this guy doubling up with Vernon or Wade on the outside? Rush or drop back? Outtasite

So it has nothing to do with coming up with 'convenient excuses' and eveything to do with reality. If you're expecting this guy to be a star from day one, I think you're going to be very, very disappointed.


That's the beauty of it. NO ONE knows. Not Ireland, not Chip Kelly, & not even Dion Jordan.

Until coaches see him healthy with the PADS ON going against NFL O-lineman they don't know. This is why I LOVE the draft. All the research, the prognostications, the analaysis, the combines, the Pro-Days, etc. & still NO ONE knows. Actually, it's pretty f#cking funny.

..WHP..I don't think for a second the Eagles were taking Jordan.. Just me. Teams, coaches say things all of the time. We will never know.

..Craig M..I think it was possible that Jordan would have been there at 12. Yes I do. So much so(and here is the irony) a few weeks ago I posted who I thought we would take at 12 it was in fact Jordan.

Anyway..I get it..you go for your guy. I think we got a great deal for what other teams paid for trades in the same round..It was a realative steal. This doesn't change the fact that this guy was the 3rd pick..3rd. Me moved up to get him..This is how much we thought of him. Whether he may have been there at 12 doesn't matter. Ireland was convinced he wouldn't. He was the best player on the board. We went and got him..We did it. I don't think we would have done this with the idea he would be a pure developmental player this year. That we would baby him along, and maybe he gets a few sacks and we all feel good, and go get cotton candy, and play on the see-saw.

Nope. This guy was brought here to be a force now..To be a force in the future. now it may not happen this year...I get it. I agree. But it doesn't mean that it isn't disappointing. That we, the team are supposed to expect less. This is not how I feel, and I would bet the team as well.


Get out of here with your negative bull shyte! Nobody is interested in what you have to say. why do you even come here? It's obvious you're not a Dolphin fan. Go back and hang out with your Jets buddies. Good chance they'll have the first pick in the draft next year, so good luck!

Bottom line, you don't KNOW that Jordan would be there at 12 but I think it's safe to say he would be gone. Maybe you're just mad that your Jets won't get him.

Same as with JT. At his beginning, nobody thought of dropping him in coverage. They finally did and he was very effective there. He needn't be Revis back there, with his frame just extend his arms and something will stick to them.


Every mock I looked at had Jordan going top ten, so there's NO reason to believe he'd be there at 12. If you know something the rest of us don't know, then great but the majority consensus had him going top ten. This fact isn't debatable.

Craig you are just drunk on kool aid and arent seeing things clearly. You are excused.

Every mock I looked at had Jordan going top ten, so there's NO reason to believe he'd be there at 12.

Posted by: Craig M | April 28, 2013 at 02:33 PM

Top 5 actually. Graded out better than the top two picks as well, according to the numbers.


Whatever bud....go lick Geno Smith's jockstrap!!


Everyone and their mothers knew that Chip Kelly was 100% going to pull the trigger on his star college defensive player Dion Jordan. It's only undervaluing dolfans who have their unrealistic fantacies Jordan would still be there at #12.

However, the bombastic jet fueling behind this Disney World fantasy of dolfans was their phallic love affair for the acquisition of 1st Tavon Austin, and 2ndly, Tyler Eiffert.

The acquisition of Dion Jordan, absolutely lost their male enhancement supplement, by U.S. mail.

Most mocks had Jordan going from 8-15. And even the normally positive Gruden slammed the pick.

Dion Jordan will be a day 1 starter. You don't draft a defender #3 overall to sit the bench and develop.

..Craig.. How many of the mocks played out even close to the real draft? That is a joke. How many guys drafted in the first round did people go WTF.(Jordan included..did you hear that WTF moan in at Radio City?)..Those mocks, those rankings. Throw them out the window bro. It is all about what the GM's-Teams think. Obviously we thought we had to get Jordan at number 3. That is all that matters. We will never know how the draft would have played out. I was asked if I thought Jordan may have been available 12. I said I thought it was possible. That is no more ludicrous as assuming he would have been gone by then.

You Guys Do Realize A #3 This Year. Is Not The Same As A #3, A Couple Years Ago.

The Cap Hit Is Very Low. D. JORDAN Will Probably Make About $2.5 A Year For 5 Years.

Which Is Real Cheap For A Quality DE/OLB.

I Don't Know? Maybe A Couple Of You Expect We Are Going To Pay This Guy A Huge Amount Of Money.

Drafting High Is Convenient In The New NFL.

No $55m Contract For A Top 3 Pick.

Most mocks had Jordan going from 8-15. And even the normally positive Gruden slammed the pick.
Posted by: Phinmanski | April 28, 2013 at 02:37 PM


No GM in his right mind drafts by the Gruden Bible of Relativity. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please post one of those mocks. Walter Football had him going #2. Peter King #4. All the CBS sports analyst had him at least top 6. There all still out there. Post one that shows him not in the top 10.


You're missing the point. The vast majority of mocks had Jordan going top ten, most going top five. These guys know a lot more than you and me.

I just don't get then where you come up with idea that he'd be there at 12. Can you show me ONE that had him still there at 12? Thanks.

What I'm seeing...

This blog would be half decent if most of the regulars would pull their head out of their asssses and stop responding to the obvious trolls only looking for a reaction.

phinmansski, monte, zonk, fin 77, ron son, smf pricemaster and the other few names that come here with nothing but negative and condescending statements trying provoke others.

I can't believe how many of you still fall for it, still don't realize who they are, it is so freaking obvious.

Pay attention, you won't get rid of them until you stop responding to them.

When ever single mock out there tells me Jordan is going top ten, DD, then generally I'll have to believe he's going top ten.

If he'd dropped there is EVERY reason in the world to believe somebocdy would have traded up to pick him ahead of us. Honestly, I'm not even sure why we're arguing this point.

I read NO ONE who said, 'Dolphins could have stayed at 12 and gotten Jordan'. Obviously Ireland didn't believe it either, so I'm just not sure what you're basing this on.

Hell, I appreciate more if you guys just man up asnd say you don't like the Jordan pick. Than continue to babble all of this totally meaniless Jordan vs mock trajectory bulls'hit.

I respect anyone's opinion here who says he rather had Austin or Eiffert. Austin & Eiffert, Sounds like a great new movie critic combo. LOL...

If everything single mock out there tells me it's going to be Joeckel or Fisher at one, then I think it's a pretty safe bet that either Joeckel or Fisher will go first.

YG @2:52pm,

Totally agree.

I don't know, now it might just turn out to be that Ireland knows what he's doing after all.

I can see it now. Every single Sunday defenders will be making private bets amongst themselves to knock Tavon Austin the f'uck out.

Believe that!

Ok, so we won't throw Jordan under the bus if he doesn't burst onto the scene with 15 sacks.

I would be willing to throw Ireland under the bus if DJ comes in as a **SITUATIONAL** anything.

The 12th and the 42nd are too much to spend on a situational guy.

In line with Fin4's post, playing him as a hybrid/OLD is the ONLY thing that makes sense. Otherwise were not taking advantage of his coverage and overall balling skills.

Playing him as a DE doesn't make good sense either. He struggles to set the edge and isn't quite big enough to handle OT's every snap. This also takes playing time away from Odrick and hinders Vernon's development.

DJ should be a Day 1 starter at OLB/Maniacal Rover. Coyle should design this specific defense just for him.

..Craig M..Will you hear me for one second? I have conceded that we went up to make the deal at 3. Obviously the team felt we had to do this to get our guy. So whatever didn't happen is irrelevant now. To my point..I was asked if I thought there was a POSSIBILITY that Jordan could have been there at 12..Again POSSIBILTY. I said yes. I also could care less what the mocks say. I have learned over the last few years that these mock drafts continue to prove themselves useless to the real draft. You don't think you could write an opinion about players if it was your job? Come on..They aren't close to reality.

Anyway..I also believe, and this is unpoplular that it is Possible that the Eagles were using Jordan as a smokescreen to get their guy Johnson. I don't think they were taking Jordan. Ireland did, and made the deal he thought he had to make.

This whole debate goes back to the idea that I think Jordan should contribute today. Anything short of better contribution to the previous year is in my opinion a disappointment. You, think that he should be given a grace period to develop should he underwhelm this year. But boy I'm sure if he plays well, you will be the first guy to let those who didn't like the pick hear about it.

I have to say though the one thing that still worries me about Ireland though, is his obsession with "measurables".

The 2 times he traded up were for guys with great measurables but not so much production.

I saw and interview with Mike Tomlin right after the Steelers picked Shamarko Thoams. Tomlin was asked how the Steelers always find guys like Woodley and Polumalo. He said they just look at their tape and production. He said they don't get caught up with combine numbers and measurables.

When Tom Coughlin was asked about the Damontre Moore pick he never mentioned his size, speed, or wingspan. He kept talking about the 12 sacks he had last year agasinst SEC competition.

We have to have a little fun Bodine.


I don't get what part of Chip Kelly practically comfessing he would have taken Dion Jordan at #4 you aren't comprehending. Had he fallen past Philly, it almost guaranteed another team would have traded into the top 10 to get him.

Its nearly guaranteed Jordan would not have fallen any further than #7 max.

..YG. This whole debate wasn't around whether anyone hated or loved the Jordan pick. It was the expectation of him this year. I expect him to contribute right away. Some do not think that he will. Some that love the pick think that he may need time to develop. That anyone that thinks he should be an immediate contributor may be in for a disappointment. I say foeey. We went to get a guy in the top 3 ..He should play now, he should be by design a guy we are counting on to make a difference. You don't draft pass rusher in the top 5 thinking he is a pure developmental guy.

So this has nothing to do with loving or hating the pick. More so what sort of contribution should we expect.

The Giants got Damontre? Darn!

Shut up, decrepit old man.

Can you imagine the havoc Jordan will cause to these run option defenses? Put him in at LB and dare the B***HES to run.

This guy has the potential to disrupt the Read-option and the Pistol. Speed does kill.

Someone also said he is not as smart as Jason Taylor. He seems pretty smart to me. I think he will be fun to watch.

..YG..I just don't believe Chip Kelly. It doesn't matter. Ireland did. The thing is. We probably got a better deal with the Raiders then say we would have if we would have waited and say the Eagles didn't take Jordan, and he fell to say 7. I thought the price we paid to move up was incredible for us.

Look..I have no problem with the pick..I don't love it. I don't hate it. I just have the opinion that Jordan should be a playmaker right away. I think the team is counting on contribution from him. I also think it sucks that those who think this was the best pick since the history of the draft have begun to back peddle and say..Well maybe this year Jordan may be more of a developmental guy..B.S. You take a pass rusher top 3. You take him with the idea he is ready to sack some quarterbacks!


Solid evidence for you, baby:

Cleveland Browns took Barkavious Mingo, #6. Like Jordan, he's projected a olb in the nfl.

In all the hell, do you really believe Cleveland takes Mingo over Jordan if available.

I say hell the f'uck no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Year 2 Of The Philbin Era!!

Pass Defense Hugely Upgraded. Pass Coverage And Pass Rush Was Addressed.

Pass Offense Upgraded. Won't Say It Is A Big Difference Til We Get A LT. But Speed At Wr And TE Was Addressed. Matthews And Binns As Our #4 and #5 Doesn't Sound Bad. Preseason Will Let Us Know, If We Have 5 Good WRs Or Only 3 Good WRs. Still Better Than Last Year, When We Only Had 1 WR, And A Bunch Of 4,5,6s. Bess Is A Good Specialist, But We Need For All Our WRs To Play Multiple Slots. Aka Have Prototypical Size. Gibson And Matthews Can Back Up Wallace And Hartline. And All 4 Can Play The Slot In Different Formations. And Binns Is Tall And Fast.

Rush Offense Upgraded. Just Losing Bush Is An Upgrade. No More 2nd & 11. L. Miller Is Better At Taking What The Defense Gives. And D. Thomas Is OK, As Long As He Stops Acting Soft.

Darryl, I'm with you. I said a few blogs ago I thought that Jordan would be there at 12. Why? Production, recent surgery, tweener, weight. Not because of what mocks said...I never read them, I don't waste my time reading them but that's just me. I will say that a few ratings had Jordan middle to last of 1st round.

Makes no difference now, all we can hope is Jordan and the rest turn out to be good decisions.

DD, you don't like the pick he was taken in or you don't like the Player(DJ) in itself? btw, how's the Restaurant?


Wouldn't you shouldn't believe is the Ireland smokescreen Jordan make not be a starter right away.

I think that's the horse s'hit you keep trampling in. Ireland know's he cant draft a defensive player #3 overall with no plans of him being a day 1 starter.

What I think you need do buddy, is take the garden hose to sole of your shoes, to rinse away the horse s'hit you've trampled.

err, it's backpedal.

Jordan = Injured Tweener + project.

Remember when Bellicheat deaked Wanny into trading up to draft Vernon Carey & bypassing Vince Woolfork.........Chip Kelly played the fins..........no intention of drafting a wounded warrior that high.

You guys saying Jordan would have been available t #12, listen to yourselves, youre basing it on absolute snail s'hit.

Would you allow your stock brokers to handle your money the the exact same way. I certainly hope not!

I believe YG liked Tavon Austin, Eiffert then. No dice, DB.

...YG..I'm not sure what your post meant @3:21.. I have the opinion that Jordan should start. More importantly he should contribute more then what we got from the other side the last few years. That is a pretty clear. I think you need to re-read your post. Didn't make much sense...

austin was one guy i wanted no part of. the te would of been nice though

Who cares if people thought Jordan could slip to 12? We moved up, we got him. And there's no evidence if it was the right OR wrong move...yet. We have to wait and see how it plays out.

All I'll say is I am much more pleased with a GM who's aggressive and moves UP to get what he thinks to be a game changer, then moving back to get what I believe to be less of a potential game changer for more picks (that in teh past of this team haven't exactly gone our way).

And whether Jordan is a star Day 1 or not is also not important to me. What IS important is he becomes a 2-digit sack player for this team in the near-future (whether this or next year). That will have made this pick successful to me (also how Eifert does, since that's probably who we would've taken if we stayed put at 12).

Not because of what mocks said...I never read them, I don't waste my time reading them but that's just me. I will say that a few ratings had Jordan middle to last of 1st round.

Posted by: cocoajoe | April 28, 2013 at 03:20 PM

Looks like you do read them. You just ignore the good ones.lol

i can tell u dc eifert will be huge in that cincy offense

Super scout must take bath salts.

Sir Jordan is lightning fast off the line of scrimmage.

He is a beast and a disrupter.


HE's like a bigger Brandon Marshall but plays defense.



..Oscar.. I had no idea who the Phins were going to draft. There wasn't one player that I thought we had to draft. In the past, at least I had a guy I thought we should draft. This year? So, When we picked Jordan. I like so many were surprised. I don't hate the pick, I don't love the pick. It could have been just about anyone this year. And my thought would be the same, just because had no feeling of what we might do. Nobody here thought we would trade up to 3 to grab this guy. Nobody. (except Armando)

BTW..The restaurant is closed for remodling, and practice of the new menu items.Thanks for asking. Pumped for the summer.

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