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Dolphins draft Boise State CB Jamar Taylor

Well, I wanted a cornerback. The Dolphins got one.

The club just used the 54th overall selection and their only second round pick to draft Boise State cornerback Jamar Taylor.

Taylor is 5-11 and 192 pounds. He's a three-year starter at Boise. He's supposed to have great instincts.

It's really exciting. I'm happy coaches gave me a shot and look forward to coming down there and contributing to the team," Taylor said.

He said he loves playing man defense. He said he looks forward to helping the team.

"I don't know how it's going to work out," Taylor said. "I'm going to go down there and try to contribute and and do whatever the coaches tell me."

Taylor says he plays like he's got "a dog in me."

"I play with a swagger. I play kind of chippy. I love to talk stuff," he said.


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nobody in 52 picks wanted lacy. dashe at least admit wanting him at 12 was a mistake, you know, admit you were wrong.

52 times gm's have now said no to lacy.you know better? uh huh.


Nice move.


Like I said on the other blog this is a good f#cking pick.

I think everyone can agree this is a solid pick, YA BOI!

Vontae Davis > Jamar Taylor

Excellent Pick. Fit's Miami's scheme and can be tutored by Grimes this year.

Now KC, You take a 3rd for Albert or you go home empty handed.

I guess Ireland is set with the WR corps....

I said Taylor reminds me of Vontae. Wears the #21 too. He's Vontae without the baggage, Vontae with a rain.

#21 is back in the building, faster and smarter than ver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love this pick for Taylor

Marries a need @ CB with a one of the best players on the board.

Great pick could be best cb in draft

Hope miami gets Ryan Swope in the 4th, thats would be ideal in place of Bess.

I guess Ireland is set with the WR corps....


Still have 8 picks left.

Very good pick. JT is a very hard worker...in fact he over works. Plays with a chip on his shoulder and was ranked as a low 1st rounder by many draftniks. Has blazing speed.

Jeff told us the truth at the beginning of the new season. He said he had a plan. We just didn't know it would be such a damn good plan.

He stood up to Long.
He stood up to KC.

Don't mess with Jeff.

Liked the pick as well. Grimes and Taylor good combo.

Ireland Is Solidifying The Defense.

E. Lacy Is Still On The Board.

But They Got A CB That Was Rated Late 1st. And With The Vontae Pick.

Hopefully With The 3rd From Marsha We Go WR, Or Lacy. By The Way It Is Going He Might Be There Mid 3rd.

..AWESOME choice. Solid.

Great pick could be best cb in draft
Posted by: B33RCA53 | April 26, 2013 at 08:06 PM

He's definitely my best corner in this draft. Dion Jordan to add more pressure on the qb, addition of Ellerbe/Keller, Grimes, now Taylor.

This will be a sick defense in 2013!!!!!!!!!

He runs a 4.3.
I'm satisfied.

Solid pick......kool

GO FINS!!!!!

yes ............... great pickup.....

Draft a JT look alike. Then draft another JT, Boy oh boy is Ireland on point this offseason!!!!!!!!!!!

True WHP...and 2 in the 3rd rd......

Ireland has performed to a high standard thus far...imo....he will get it right.....

ALoco will be here soon to remind us we're still in the cellar! LOL...

"I play with a swagger. I'm kind of chippy. I like to talk stuff and have fun....I love to play real aggressive,"

Jamar Taylor

I don't see that we need RB this year, especially not one with bad hands. Lacy can't catch. I'd rather see them take Lattimore.

great defense is built in the draft.........i expect more defensive picks and o-line somewhere...

if Bailey is there when we pick that should be interesting...


..I think Lacy has fallen because of his toe injury. Laugh all you want but the teams know something that we don't..Toe injuries are killers for running backs.

Pass Rushing OLB
Smart Quick CB

Pass Defense Is Being Upgraded. Philbin Said Getting More Turnovers Is #1 Priority. Right Next To Scoring More TD's.

FA We Got Players To Score Points. Top Of The Draft We Got 2 Defensive Playmakers.

Ireland Is Earning That Extension Today.

We Still Have 2 Picks In The 3rd.

Will Ireland Trade A 5th And A 3rd For Another 2nd?

I say we still need TE. We don't know about Keller yet. LT we won't draft at this point, Jeff will pick up one of the FA's not named Albert.

1 Dion Jordan
2 Jamar Taylor

We could not have mocked this better , and we have two threes. Good job Mr. Ireland and staff

agree, nice get here, good work--stop sweating Bess please......nice player, overachiever but made too much money at this point for their plans for him, and obviously wasnt much in their plans anyway--good luck, like you Davone, but not a big deal.


don't cave to KC...let's make good picks............

Dashi great minds think alike

Delusions, delusions, Bodine.

Take Lacy if he is there in the 6th.

Best TE are off the board...Maybe time to look into WR and OT. Swope Armstead are options and then hope Lattimore is there for grabs with the 4th

Theron armstead is next fellas


disagree marc, could have eiifert,escobar,taylor,bess

The NFL network cut out the Dolphins selection to talk about the Jets.... Who announced the Dolphins pick?

Next up 77nd then 82nd.

TE would be nice but not a huge need at this point, can live with Keller for a year--gets wide open at this point assuming they have a plan for Tackle, or maybe KC buckles and they take a 3rd for Albert--whatever leverage they had is fading away....

Big Mac- Larry Little

..I think Lacy has fallen because of his toe injury. Laugh all you want but the teams know something that we don't..Toe injuries are killers for running backs.


It's definitely injury related.

The Redskins Drafted A RB In The 6th Last Year.

It Doesn't Matter Where You Go.

E. Lacy Will Be The Truth. He Is Underrated Because M. Ingram and T. Richardson Are Mini Bust.

Honey badger to Fins in 4th?

To close to bottom of the of the 2nd. I don't think Ireland trades back into the this rd unless he has something very special targetd/

Maybe if he still see Armstead at the bottom. That's my best guess.

Seth.....Grimes>Vontae......and Taylor could be as good as Vontae without the likely headaches

Larry Little I believe....

Oscar, I see you do not handle criticism well. It's all just talk here, nothing more. There are no winner's in opinion contests.

...I'm telling you..Something is up with RB..Lacy.

Philbin/Ireland would never allow the Honey Badger on this team as a UFA much less waste a draft pick on him.

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