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Dolphins draft Boise State CB Jamar Taylor

Well, I wanted a cornerback. The Dolphins got one.

The club just used the 54th overall selection and their only second round pick to draft Boise State cornerback Jamar Taylor.

Taylor is 5-11 and 192 pounds. He's a three-year starter at Boise. He's supposed to have great instincts.

It's really exciting. I'm happy coaches gave me a shot and look forward to coming down there and contributing to the team," Taylor said.

He said he loves playing man defense. He said he looks forward to helping the team.

"I don't know how it's going to work out," Taylor said. "I'm going to go down there and try to contribute and and do whatever the coaches tell me."

Taylor says he plays like he's got "a dog in me."

"I play with a swagger. I play kind of chippy. I love to talk stuff," he said.


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this guy runs a 4.6.....

E. Lacy And M. Lattimore Are The 2 Best RB's In This Draft.

Dashi Will Be Vindicated!!

Swope might work in Rd 3

pats pick here.....

As one league source put it, Lacy's slide arises from both injuries and a perception that he lacks the passion necessary to play pro football at a high level.

Running backs take a lot of punishment. They need to not simply tolerate it but thrive on it. Lacy, right or wrong, isn't seen as a guy who is ready to go all in for the NFL.

WalterFootball had Taylor going in the 1st to the Pats btw.

Honey badger's mother isn't a prostitute.

dd they already said lacy falling cause of how slow he is and how he was always beat up at bama. they dont think he will last long in nfl


I'm thinking Miami goes Pulling Guard and LB in the next round. Murphy may open the season on the PUP and Misi is in the last year of his contract and isn't really a big play guy. We'll see

how do you know that NPA?......hmmm

dashi see 8:23

This kid could have easily gone Round One. 4.3 40, solid pick. Ireland smiling


Could Lacy still being on the board be as simple as:

1. He played behind a nfl caliber oline in college.
2. Ever see him catch a pass out of the backfield?
3. Everyone question his pass protection issues.

He a straight ahead downhill rb, no slash, no wiggle, no elusiveness. This makes him totally oline dependant. Now throw in pass protection concerns, and cant catch out of the backfield.

He's barely a 2-down rb.

..Dusty. Perhaps. I know he has a toe injury. That is why I think he has fallen.

YG....Dobson picked before Bailey Just sayin'

Intersting to see so many teams passing up on Lacy. Already 2 backs taken before him...Honestly, I'd gamble on Lattimore but at a later round.

In today's NFL you'll find good RB production with later picks. Definitely how Philbin operated in GB so not too concerned about Lacy. Even if we don't get Lattimore there's a Stepfan Taylor around the 6th rd

you guy need to trust me JOSEPH FAURIA is the real deal, best TE on the board, was much better than ertz the second have of the season aaron hernabdez 2.0

Well, all the good players are long gone in a very weak draft class. So I'm outta here, Later bros.

all this while keenan allen continues to fall...

dd i think hes fallen simply cause he isnt very good. slow as slow

...Freekin Pats..Took our guy!!!!

Right now, Lacy is a short yardage or goal line rb at best. No one drafts this type rb in the 2nd rd.

how many of these dopes mocked Keenan Allen to Miami not long ago?.....dude is still undrafted, late in Rd 2

Sandcastle making Falcons pick.

Kiper had Taylor as a mid 3rd rd pick. YIKES!

D Rick.....Jamar Taylor was ranked fairly high by just about everybody--good solid pick at 54

..Except us..Daniel Thomas

So NFLN announced that in Sunday's Path to the Draft they'll discuss if the Dolphins 'gave up too much' for Jordan? WTF!! Only a second to get the #3 overall is too much?!

Rams give a sh..load to get Austin, Jets doing what they do best (screw up) and they want to talk about a solid draft from JI. Get the f... out of here!,

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | April 26, 2013 at 08:27 PM

Simply because the Pats didn't draft Dobson to play slot. 2 taller and Bailey could have been the 2nd wr taken behind teammate Austin.

2 inches taller and runs a 4.3 40, Bailey is the 1st wr taken this draft.

I hope Listerine Jones and Escalade Smith are drafted soon.

no one? green bay most likely will

shula you must not watch ncaa football there is a ton of talent left.

How about Barrett Jones in the 3rd from Alabama. He's played g, c, & t on the ol. Very solid & versitile.

Daniel Thomas has great hands. He needs to finally stay healthy though. Lacy is not a pass catcher, not a fit for our offense.

I live in Boise. I've seen every one of Jamar's games, some multiple times on TiVo. He's a ballhawk, and fearless. Well coached, and a team player.

This has been a dream draft so far. Now, we just need to move up for Allen.

..I would like to see us take a go at UCLA RB Franklin in round 3. Fits what we do offensively to a tee..He is an excellent run blocker, great pass catcher.

there it is

There goes Lacy

Fins need to pick at least one Hurricane.

GB gets a thumper. Congrats Dashi.

There goes Lacey.to the Pack

..Yg..Just sayin' I told you..That's all. No biggie.

Lacey off the board....1st pick of the 3rd.....

Still would like to get Keenan Allen now though, Benz. Think it would be tremendous valuevonce he gets healthy. He can play all 3 wr spots and could be lethal in our WCO.

Sorry Dashi Lacy is gone.

Dashi Has Been Vindicated!!

Dashi Is Guaranteeing E. Lacy Will Gain 1200yds For A. Rodgers.

This Is Better Than E. Lacy Going In The First.

..I would like to see us take a go at UCLA RB Franklin in round 3. Fits what we do offensively to a tee..He is an excellent run blocker, great pass catcher.


So is Stepfan Taylor.

Wow, Lacy barely escapes not getting out of the 2nd rd.

My bad....

still in the 2nd....

I'm Back To M. Lattimore In The 3rd!!

Okay one more 2nd round pick...then we pick 15th and 20th in thw 3rd....picks only 5 minutes apart...so in another brief hour and a half (hioly krist!) , we'll know....

At least Lacy was not selected by the Patriots, Jets or Bills, uff !

K Allen would be a good pick. Great hands and poilished route-runner...

Who names their male son christine

3 starting WRs isn't enough in the NFL. Pattern and Williams could both be better than Patterson, taken by the Vikings in the 1st rd. Swope would be a great replacement for Bess. I like his speed, reach and production.

wish pats took lacy, why would u ever worry about that guy. bamas oline was better than pats last year

..WHP...I like Taylor as well. My only issue is that he ran behind a pro line at Stanford..Not his fault. But how much of his success was because of the line play..Franklin played behind an average line. And tore it up.

If Ireland can draft another top cornor and a TE, Vance Macdonald..take Swope in the 4th...nice draft by Ireland to finish day 2

Dunno..maybe a guy named Sue......???????

Saw plenty of S Taylor and would be happy to get him. Also, we'd get him in pater rounds and could use our next picks for WR and OT

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