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Dolphins draft Boise State CB Jamar Taylor

Well, I wanted a cornerback. The Dolphins got one.

The club just used the 54th overall selection and their only second round pick to draft Boise State cornerback Jamar Taylor.

Taylor is 5-11 and 192 pounds. He's a three-year starter at Boise. He's supposed to have great instincts.

It's really exciting. I'm happy coaches gave me a shot and look forward to coming down there and contributing to the team," Taylor said.

He said he loves playing man defense. He said he looks forward to helping the team.

"I don't know how it's going to work out," Taylor said. "I'm going to go down there and try to contribute and and do whatever the coaches tell me."

Taylor says he plays like he's got "a dog in me."

"I play with a swagger. I play kind of chippy. I love to talk stuff," he said.


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Lattimore won't even play this year most likely. He tore his ACL, MCL, and PCL and tore the ACL in the other knee last year. You wanna spend a 3rd rounder on that? Good luck

The Dolphins will not take K Allen due to possible positive drug test and injury concerns to knee and ankle.

Still some very good players available.
Kelce TE
B.W. Webb CB
Wreh-Wilson CB
McFadden CB
Thomas OT
Nixon OT
Bailey WR
Rogers WR
King WR
Quessenberry OT
Winters OG
Bakhtiari OT
Schwenke C/OG
Thomas FS
Gratz CB
Larry Warford OG

vance mcdonald gone long time ago


Im with you. I ould love to see Kennan Allen with our 1st 3rd rd pick. He's a complete still here.

Allen was once considered the top wr of this draft

I Will Have A Problem Rooting For G. Smith. Now I Actually Want Him To Be A Bust.

But E. Lacy Is Going Into The Perfect Situation. And He Is Even Going To Run Angrier In GB. The One Thing You Need In The Cold Is Power Run Game.

Packers Are Going To Be Even Nastier This Year.

Well there went Kelce and I forgot to add Swope.

I like jamar Taylor a lot. I like Armando saying if he doesn't continue to get better meh. Why wouldn't he continue to get better Armando? If you chose our draft picks we would have busts across the board. Our coaching staff knows what they are doing. He's nearly 6 foot over 200lbs and runs a 4.3. Very good ball skills and will work his butt off and get better. Instant upgrade. Great offseason! Filled every need except left tackle. Not worried.

I think Keenan Allen makes an excellent wco wr.

Lattimore is a 6th or 7th round chance....

I would not take Lattimoe in the 3rd round. I would roll the dice on him in the 5th round.

Dashi- we are not good enough to take a player that will miss the entire season in th 3rd round. We need players that can help this year.

#4 CB in draft


Taylor cant be happy going to the cellar Fins.

I'd take Matt Barkley if he's still there. It allows you to move Matt Moore at the trade deadline, you have a back up plan if something happens to Tannehill, and you can flip him for a high pick/player down the road.

Lattimore Will Play. But Even If He Has To Sit 1 Year Lattimore Is Worth It.

2 Best RB's In This Draft E. Lacy And M. Lattimore.

What were kelce off field issues?

Swope to Miami + an OL or S.

Matt Barkley falling falling falling. No surprise. Kinda a funny.

His injury and slow 40 is hurting him, but I agree he was probably the best WR in this class...could be the next Boldin

would love to have quinton patton

jon why take a bad qb to replace moore and waste a pick

There is no room for 10 rookies on this team. I am surprised Ireland hasn't trade up again.

2 More Starters In The 3rd.

Or Guys That will Push For Time.

If They Address The O-Line In The 3rd. It Will Show They Have Confidence In The Coaching.

For TE I say Miami should pick up Dion Sims out of MSU. A big bodied TE with soft hands who is also an OK blocker. The man weighs around 260 lbs. and runs a 40 in the high 4.60s. Wouldn't be a bad pick up at all I say.

rem ireland loves free agent rookies

Boy, this CB sounds about as sharp as a marble.


Because that's what good teams do. The Falcons took Schaub when they had Vick, The Packers took Flynn when they had Rodgers, the 49ers took Capernick when they had Alex Smith, the Patriots took Mallett when they had Brady.

It's a savvy move smart teams make

GetTF outta here you DB, YG, Bodine, et al. You don't write with your real name here nobody will ever take you seriously and think that you're FOS and being paid to write here. No?

this defense has gotten a lot faster than the slow plodding defense parcells left us with

Player we definitely will not be taking:

Honey Badger-drugs, bad attitude

Keenan Allen-drugs, injury to knee and ankle not healing correctly

Matt Barkley-Other needs are more pressing

I am feeling the Jamar Taylor pick. He is a perfect fit. Hands...quick and has great route recognition.

Baily > Swope...say no to Hartline Jr

I like the idea of Jonathan Franklin...toughness...vision...low center of gravity...good balance and burst. Mean stiff arm too.

Last note...Patterson will be the best wr to come out of this draft. Kid has rare ability after the catch. Very very sudden in the open field...lateral agility of a 5'9 wr and has speed to burn.

After Austin and Patterson there are no other wr's in this entire draft with the same elusiveness ...long speed and ability to get behind the D. Both are elite after the catch...natural with the ball in hand. The anti-Hartlines.

jon not true, barkley isnt good. no team wants that guy

Done a bit of surfing around about this kid (James Taylor)... I have found several talent evaluators who had Taylor as high as their #4 CB... and 1 who had him as low as #7. In a draft with over 20 CB's... I'll take that all day...
Honestly, Miami needed to be prudent and make this pick. But I believe Ireland wasn't blowing smoke. I really believe he is confident about the secondary going in.
Here's the thing, man. Miami went after Dion Jordan because CB's are not the answer to slowing down a good team. Not with the current rules concerning contact after 5 yards. I don't care if you have Revis, Hayden, Jared Allen whoever man... You give ANY good QB time... and he's going to rip your secondary apart.
All the heads had high end CB Hayden and Milliner going Top Ten.... Even as high as 3 & 5... Team Managers have got smart... Miami grabbed the best DE/OLB hybrid who can play in space, play standing up, cover, hand in the dirt... Then after Lane fell... The other top 2 DE/OLB's went out the door...
If you are going to take your choice between killing the QB or covering WR's.... You have no real choice....
Miami and Ireland are finally starting to get the experience and time together to get smart... You fire any of these guys now and you set this team back to the stone age.... This team, will only get better... By hook, crook, hard knocks... soft landings or hot wives.... Keep this young team together and MAKE them win....

Just read on Walter Campbell Keenan Allen failed the drug test at the combine. WOW!

There's only 2 or 3 fukkkkers here writing under different nicks. How much you getting paid? I'm sure not as much as Mel Kiper earns.

I like the pick. But now I'm starting to worry about Jordan. Eifert would have been a nice pick-up. Surprised they would've taken Austin. What a 180 this team did in the last 2 years.

Daniel Thomas is Usain Bolt compared to Eddie Lacey.

I was also hoping that we would take Monte Ball. I thought that he would be around in the 3rd round. That guy was a beast at Wisconsin.

What is going on with Albert? I was not a huge fan of giving up a 2nd round pick for him but at this point I am really concerned about the right side of the line. I am not a big fan of Winston. If we have to settle for Winston we may be looking at another Mark Colombo situation.


No team wanted Brady, Schaub, Wilson either. Just because a player drops, doesn't mean he is "Bad" or "No team wants him"

Just saying he'd be a good value pick, not necessarily the pick Miami should make.

I BET The Jets will pick QB Barkley this round ;)

jon never said it di, just turn on some tape of barkley and tell me if u still want him

So one thing experts got right is that this is a deep draft. Still some solid players available...Seems that from pick 20-100 there is not much difference...

agree dc, i like dion,. but id rather of taken eifert and still had early second rd

I've ever seen a RB as bad as D Thomas.

Dusty I've watched Barkley a few teams. He got's talent, but was terribly coached by Lane Kiffin this pas year.

Get oprah's boyfriend to replace bess, or go for tannehill's old team mate Ryan Swope.

id take glennon or nassaub way before him

Has anyone else noticed a lot of these old timers say in the 19... I mean 2013 draft, a lot of them seem to still be in the wrong decade lol


If Allen was stupid enough to fail a drug test at the combine then you do not want a player like that. Even the Honey Badger passed his combine drug test. That kid just cost himself a lot of money. If he cannot control himself in the biggest day of his life then this guy has to be a complete idiot. He should have known better.

Oscar, now that you are drunk, tell us what we already know. How many names do you have here?

Saw several of Barkley's games and it seemed to me that although he has talent he just dissapeared in big games (saw two gamesvs Stanford that were just terrible). He's probably better than Devlin but why take him now with other needs to fill?

mayock, "its like baskin and roberns' didnt even know it was robbins

I wouldn't touch Nassaub. Completely overrated and was only talked up because some people thought Buffalo would take him high

Dashi Is Waiting To See How Far Matt Barkley Falls.

Dashi Had Barkley In The 6th.

Badger just went to the Cards...glad he's not here.

I'm liking the way the 3rd rd is going. We have a chance to get 2 top players in this rd.

Patton, Bailey, Armstead, Dallas Thomas, and I think Wheaton are still there.

Honey Badger gone though.


Honey Badger gone

Terrible value for Bess, but, a way to get out of his contract. Although I'm sure there's still some dead money

Fukkk you, so called Farley. I insult you because I know that's not your real name. Right?

Cards take the badger.

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