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Dolphins draft Boise State CB Jamar Taylor

Well, I wanted a cornerback. The Dolphins got one.

The club just used the 54th overall selection and their only second round pick to draft Boise State cornerback Jamar Taylor.

Taylor is 5-11 and 192 pounds. He's a three-year starter at Boise. He's supposed to have great instincts.

It's really exciting. I'm happy coaches gave me a shot and look forward to coming down there and contributing to the team," Taylor said.

He said he loves playing man defense. He said he looks forward to helping the team.

"I don't know how it's going to work out," Taylor said. "I'm going to go down there and try to contribute and and do whatever the coaches tell me."

Taylor says he plays like he's got "a dog in me."

"I play with a swagger. I play kind of chippy. I love to talk stuff," he said.


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Coaches love devlin.


My thought was just as a value play, not to compete for a starting job or be the future. You see good teams do it a lot. Miami won't pick him

Armanda you are terrible and you should feel ashamed about your coverage of Miami's pre-draft plans. Now go ahead and delete me like you always do.

That chick next to the honey badger is smoking hot, weird looking kids on the floor

Lattimore is worth a shot....still need another CB, we need 3-4 that can play now

Mathieu was never an option for us. Not Philbin's nor Ireland type of player...We got rid of B Marshall and Vontae for a reason. No need for more headaches

awful trade marc, we will need bess. all 3 wrs ahead of him injury prone

Oscar are you dashi?

You couldn't insult a 5 year old. LOL

I like the CB we picked a lot more.

This is the point where the talking heads run their big mouths while the picks are being made.

Why are you arses talking about Lacy.......too many Laced smoked, I suspect.

Tell me about the CB, damnit!


I do believe the badger could have been on our board, but not before the 4th rd. Obviously with the baggage surrounding him, Ireland/Philbin would have never traded up in the 3rdrd to get him.

And not against that if we we fill more pressing needs first. If he's there at Rd 6 why not?

See, that's the advantage of using your own name in Blogs. I can insult you fake fukkkkers but you can't insult me. I mean, TMH might be liable, slander, you know...

That was the greatest commercial ever,

Thank you Pepsi and Beyonce'

Next two picks:

Terron Armstead OT and Swope WR.

4th round Dion Simms TE. Big blocking TE.

Just glad he didnt fall further and become a possibility for us. Had enough of Marshall, Vontae, etc. Ask Baltimore what they think of taking a gamble on R McLain.

The 6th rd would be a great idea for Barkley Arturo. We don't have a pick in that rd!

Terrance Williams, the WR from Baylor could be in play maybe? Ireland is a Baylor guy

ive seen williams a lot. hes got to be next wr off the board

Well now you know what I think of Barkley.

Good point Jon. That guy has really fallen too. A few months ago they were talking about him going in the 2nd round.

How long before the Honey Badger pops positive on a drug test? I knew Philbin would not consider this guy.

love glennon. freeman will be gone after next year, free agent

Lol it looks like the Honey Badger gives a fukk now.

dusty, how do we "need" bess?--solid player but very replaceable, not a game changer, not winning us any games......he's just another guy

Just no way anyone could possibly make an "educated" guess who exactly they are targeting at this point....and even if one could..that player might be picked just ahead of our pick; the situation at this poiny in the draft is changing continually...

Yeah WR seems like the best Value pick here, unless Ireland wants to double down at DB

cause our 3 wrs are injury prone. bess solid move the chains guy. dumb just to give him away

dusty is just another one of Oscars troll names. Oscar can change his writing but not his lame personality.

Well, so much for that LOL

There goes Terrance Williams.

nice pick dallas, for once

Mondo is that all you got for the 2nd rd pk? Why didnt u axe'em if Jamar is happy being drafted by the Dulfins? One silly assed paragraph for the #2 pk in the draft? The guy plays CB for Boise State for 3 yrs and you got nothing to axe'em but a puddle of warm sloppy goooooooo. :-)

Honey needed to tell Mayock to go phuc himself.

Wow, might Keenan Allen actually be available at 77? Just three more picks to find out. First round talent--what a steal that would be.

Fins will have good options with these upcoming picks, lots of solid guys still available--or trading one for Albert would be fine, if KC would take it

come on quinton

Is everyone ready to be shocked? Who knows what Ireland has in mind...it would be great to get some offensive players.

Agreed Arturo. He will be a good back up for somebody but we already have one. And a decent 3rd teamer in Devlin as well.

We were the 27th ranked offense last year and we use our first 3 draft picks on defensive players. Ireland is a bloody idiot.

Come on KC, Take the 77 for Albert

When would Allen be ready to play?

He's injured right?

not a steal. dude is a druggie

Putney Swope, pal of RTHill, should be picked by Fins!

I guess the Chiefs are stuck with Albert. That is what they get for being greedy.

I say let's use the pick and then see if KC take a 4th. Chiefs have no leverage at this point and should keep lowering their demands the longer we drag this

fins pick already in

Okay ...besides the 4th round swap...Fins get a 5th round pick...# 139 OA ...(already have 146th and 156th)...and give TO the Browns a 7th round pick

Actually, Quinton Patton would be a much better get than Allen. No injurie issues, no failed drug test

Marino was supposedly a druggie too

marino was, did enough cocaine to kill a horse but allen is no marino

Terron Armstead

Omar Kelly is reporting that the pick is Dallas Thomas.

And You Couldn't Insult The Guy On TV.

OT Dallis Thomas from Tennesse 306 lbs 6'6"


Dallas Thomas, OT Tennesee

Dallas Thomas OT from Tenn??

yes, dallas thomas--eat it kc.....assuming he's decent

who the eff is dallas thomas

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