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Dolphins draft Boise State CB Jamar Taylor

Well, I wanted a cornerback. The Dolphins got one.

The club just used the 54th overall selection and their only second round pick to draft Boise State cornerback Jamar Taylor.

Taylor is 5-11 and 192 pounds. He's a three-year starter at Boise. He's supposed to have great instincts.

It's really exciting. I'm happy coaches gave me a shot and look forward to coming down there and contributing to the team," Taylor said.

He said he loves playing man defense. He said he looks forward to helping the team.

"I don't know how it's going to work out," Taylor said. "I'm going to go down there and try to contribute and and do whatever the coaches tell me."

Taylor says he plays like he's got "a dog in me."

"I play with a swagger. I play kind of chippy. I love to talk stuff," he said.


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Bess never got YAC, he was good for a bad team, we need better, and already have better. He is no longer worth 3 mil with the acquisition of Wallace, Gibson and Keller.

You can't make all the changes we've made without giving up things as well. You can't improve on 7-9 without replacing part of the team that only gave you 7-9.

Is He Related To J. Allen?

Played LT as a Soph and Junior....switched to LG as Senior...

weird, according to charts hes a huge reach. damnit ireland

Next ...TE????

double damn

There goes Keenan Allen. That would have been a great pick for the fins.

If we now have 3 5th rd picks I would like to see us trade back into this 3rd rd and get 3 top players here.

...or WR.....after giving up Bess....


he's not a reach dusty.....what are you looking at?--3rd grade by just about everybody


Production 1 2008: Redshirt 2009: Played 13 games (0 starts) 2010: Started all 13 games at LOT. 2011: Started all 12 games at LOT. 2012: Started all 12 games at LOG

Height-Weight-Speed 2 Has prototypical OT height. A bit lean but continues to add bulk to frame. Straight-line burst is adequate-to-good.
Durability 1 Has played in 41 consecutive games, including 37 consecutive starts to end his career.

Intangibles 2 Soft-spoken type. Team player. Made move to LOG in 2012 spring after 25 starts at LOT so team can get best five OL on field. Solid student. Son of Dawn Thomas.

1 = Exceptional2 = Above average3 = Average4 = Below average5 = Marginal

We took a tackle Dallas Thomas.

Dallas Thomas is listed as a OG, please don't tell me it's a project pick...

talking where he went. not pos rank. we could of waited on him basically, but who knows. im clueless about this guy, his grades arent very good

Dolphins Pass Defense Is Ranked 27.

I Would Like To Say Was Ranked.

hes a guard so he wont start?

This guy might have been an undrafted free agent, what kind of pick is this Ireland?

77th pick is.......

...Dallas Thomas played LT 2 yrs

S. Bailey?

not liking this pick from afar


yeah dashi.....and thats why they took Jordan in Rd 1.....what do you all not get?--pass rush/QB pressure helps the coverage.....give Brady 3 seconds, instead of 6

...we have little other choice.....

6 seconds,lol man even u could play qb then

Hopefully Swope is available with the next 3rd round pick.

We still need a blocking TE. We don't have one that can block right now. Blicking will be a concern this year. No one left in FA or the draft Dallas Thomas is a project and right now cannot beat out Jerry or Garner.

Who is going to play RT for us?

Mayock & other dude: better Guard than Tackle! Oh Noooooss

thomas could also slot in at guard, so could add depth/versatility.....competition for Jerry.....still doesnt rule out Albert trade

Tennessee's best OL. Can play gueard or tackle.

Charles Davis on NFL Network says Thomas a better guard than tackle, bye bye John Jerry

Reid fragel next for OT

Walter Football has Thomas going in the 3rd. He's not a reach. Seen him in the 3rd in other mocks as well.

Somebody on here has talked about hom alot as well...maybe YG??

I like the Taylor pick, kid is physical AS HECK!
He plays a MEEEEEAN! bump-n-run.
I think He'll be to defense, what Doug Martin was to offense for TB...speaking from a BSU standpoint.

new blog page folks....


I did talk about Thomas a month ago.

Did we not learn anything from the year that we had Mark Colombo. That was a disaster and this is shaping up like that year. How long will it be before we are down to Pat Delvin at QB. Garner or Winston your starting RTs with Jonathen Martin on the blind side. Good Luck!

another CB?

our oline is a mess right now

Draft over, Miami traded down and get 2 picks for 82. Picks 106 and 109

Nite all......manana....ciao.....

Not sure I like the trade down 24 picks later. All the talent will be zapped out of the draft. Who the fug will Ireland find this late in the draft? Gave up a 3rd for two 4th rd picks. Kinda stupid knowing all the wr...rb...and te talent is getting drained right now. Nothing will be left for the Fins. Get a guard ...cb...and lb out of this draft with nothing else.

Trading out of the third round only dilutes the talent at this point. The two forth round picks may not even make the team. Moreover the Dolphins could have picked up Stegman Baily with the second pick in the 3rd. In my opinion not a good move by Ireland.

Bengals to draft Barbara Eden in 5th round.

Ireland loves to trade down even when there is not an obvious need to do so. It's almost like he's a kid playing a game of chess.

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