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Dolphins get multiple prime time games in 2013

The Dolphins have been limited to the league minimum number of prime time games for a while because they haven't been all that good or all that compelling.

But after spending nearly $100 million in guaranteed money on free agents this offseason the networks are obviously seeing the franchise as much more interesting one. That's why Miami will get three prime time games on national television in 2013, NFL and media sources are telling me.

The Dolphins will be on ESPN's Monday night football broadcast at New Orleans on Monday, Sept. 30.

The Dolphins will host the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday night, October 31 on NFL Network.

And the next Monday night, on November 11, the Dolphins will travel to Tampa Bay to play before a national cable audience on ESPN.

The NFL will announce the full schedule starting at 8 p.m.

As I reported in the previous blog post, the Dolphins will open the 2013 season at Cleveland on Sunday Sept. 8. The game will be a 1 p.m. kickoff.

The Dolphins haven't won a season-opener since 2010. The Browns stink and have a new coach in former University of Miami tight end Rob Chudzinski. This one seems like a good chance to open the season with a victory.


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Those are all really lousy teams they're playing.


playing new england in NE in december. its rigged.

Cleveland? We can't celebrate much if we win and it will be scary if we lose. I'd rather we opened against a division rival before they could see any tape on us.

@ArmandoSalguero: BREAKING: The #Dolphins 2013 regular-season schedule: http://t.co/c76Ja1gjUJ
Full schedule

if we can't beat the browns we are gonna have a bad year, I think we lost to the browns last couple times out

The Browns will be the most improved team in football, with N.Turner as o.c. and R.Horton as d.c. I'm definitely taking the Browns and the over this year !!

Holy hell! 3 of 5 road games to start the season and 3 of 5 road games to end the season.

I am all about them earning respect but for crying out loud...the 4.8 million dollar check should have gone to the schedule-makers I guess... :o(

We havent beat the Browns in years. They're better then us.

Dolphins - Browns is a real snoozer.

I love our schedule. It says = We better get our shi# together in camp cuz we gotta get it done if we wanna show the talent that we have now...

Whomever told mace taggart how to find this site owes the parrish 5 Our Fathers and 5 Hail Mary's.
And stop drinking the rectory wine ! Go Dolphins !!

Has Mace ever said anything good about the Dolphins?

I really think it's BS that the Dolphins continually have to play @ NE, BUF and NY late in the season. I used to go to Rich stadium to see the Dolphins and Bills, and planned on going this year, but Dec. 22nd... F that.

Why the f.u.c.k.i.n.g. league and commisioner goddhell always put the f.u.c.k.i.n.g. loussy patriots playing the final 2 games of the season at home why why why why this really sucks.

At New England Oct 27th...finally....won't be freezing my butt off in December this year!!

I agree, the Patriots always seem to get the favoritism. I called it that the Fins will play in Pitt in December. Looking at past trends, the Fins finally get a break by not playing the retard Patriots in December.

I am OK with the Patriots getting the home games in December if Miami starts the first four games at home in the heat including games against the Yets and the Patriots.

4 /1 before the break. Browns, Indy, NO , Ravens are W Atlanta L.

Can we get to the 2014 season already? Because that will be the season we no longer have Jeff Ireland screwing the pooch without a condom.

2013 will be another 5-11/6-10 season.

PS...why does Mando always forget about the Patriots? As long as the Patriots --lesser extent Jets-- are in the AFC East, Miami can count on 3 or 4 losses right there.

We lost 6 of 8 road games last year.

We lost 4 of 6 division games last year.

Please tell me how Miami changes that?

What Mando has been preaching NOW he has been preaching the last 8 years. Trust but never verify. Mando trust every POS owner and GM that comes to Miami. He never waits to verify the result with a trophy. Be it the AFC East Trophy, the AFC Trophy or the Superbowl Trophy.

Mando never waits until the results prove themselves. He always trust but never verifies.

4 /1 before the break. Browns, Indy, NO , Ravens are W Atlanta L.

Posted by: captcrunch | April 20, 2013 at 05:23 PM
Andrew Luck owns Ryan Tannehill (1-0)


Please provide the results that show Miami has no advantage in the heat. You posted that info before. Some loser up above still think it matters.

Imagine playing Indy, Atl, NO & B'more in consecutive weeks without a CB.

If we fall behind early in the games to teams like Indy, Atl, NO and B'more because our secondary cannot stop the passing game then we do not need to worry because Tanne will have plenty of time to throw to Wallace behind our O-line. Especially now that we got rid of the deadwood.

I'm not too concerned with the schedule sounds just like meanlingless fodder for the media....The only games that really concern me are the (2)NE games, ATL(Home Game), Pit(Road Game), Indy(Road Game), Baltimore usally beats us but they're going to have a down year. Every team in recent history has had a Super Bowl slump the next year after winning it, most don't even make the playoffs the next year or they go 1 and done. The only reason i worry about the Colts besides the fact they beat us last year it's because they're a dome team...It's such a huge advantage for the home team that gets to practice on that type of field all the time. Plus if you notice Feild turf usally equals more points if you have a good QB...Colts(Manning/Luck), Saints(Brees),Vikings(Culpepper),Rams(Warner),Falcons(Ryan)...Now all these are great QBs but there numbers were inflated by the Domes they played in, Defenses just aren't used to the speed of the field and it takes them time to adjust. Practicing on turf can also have it's disadvantages as well, the injurys are usally worse on average due to the speed of the field(HoFer Rod Woodson never was the same)...Have every team play in a dome or nobody nuff' said...it would be the same equivelent if a few teams in the NBA played on Concrete Outdoors! can we get some consistency and a fair "playing field" for all teams...no pun intended.

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