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Dolphins may have other veteran LT options

Branden Albert might not be the only left tackle available in a trade.

Because left tackles went at No. 1, No. 2 and No. 4 in the first round of the NFL Draft Thursday, one assumes that the left tackles already on Kansas City, Jacksonville and Philadelphia have been at least put on notice that someone is knocking on their door as a possible replacement.

We know the Chiefs would like to replace Albert. He's been on the trade block for a month now.

Well, are you aware the Jaguars and Eagles, which also picked left tackles Thursday, already had left tackles in place?

As ESPN's John Clayton notes, Jaguars left tackle Eugene Monroe is in the last year of his contract. Even though he might play the season at left tackle, it would seem unlikely the Jaguars would pay him big money after taking Luke Joeckel with the second overall pick.

Sooo ... Monroe might be available in trade.

In Philadelphia, where new coach Chip Kelly drafted Lane Johnson with the fourth overall selection, Jason Peters is coming off an injury and expected to return for 2013. Peters, a former Buffalo Bills left tackle, is scheduled to make $12.8 million a year but that club just made his long-term job security an issue.

Sooo ... Peters might be available in trade.

The point is, if general manager Jeff Ireland is as smart as, well, me, he'd be on the phone with both the Jaguars and Eagles today. He'd be trying to find out if either Monroe or Peters is available now. He'd be looking for LT options outside of simply trading for Branden Albert.

Maybe the mining expedition finds nuggets. That's all he needs.

Understand, if the Eagles or the Jaguars say either of their veteran left tackles is available, immediately the Chiefs lose (more) leverage in their attempt to trade Albert because now the market has multiple LTs available.

The Dolphins don't have to necessarily trade for the other available LT, but they have to present themselves as a team with more options today than they had yesterday at this time.

You reading this, Jeff?

Hop to it!


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So because you don't like certain things about Jordan RIGHT NOW you think it's a 'wasted pick'. No chance he could get better, right? Like JPP was a finished product when he came into the NFL. Jason Taylor was a star right out of the gate? The guy's 22 years old. I'd love to know what you were like when you were 22.

Face it, you're just hear to mumble out some negative sh8t and really have no idea whether he's going to be any good or not. Right?

Posted by: Craig M | April 26, 2013 at 12:28 PM

LT is over rated and not worth months and months of round the clock discussion.

My only question to Ireland is: where have you been all this time? This is one heck of an impressive offseason he's putting together. Whether these marquee acquisitions will pan out remains to be seen. But the moves are impressive. And as fans, this is what we've been asking for.

Kudos to Dawn Aponte for positioning this team with dollars and picks.

Will Fins trade BESS before tonight?

Tell us about all your interviews with Dion, his teammates and his coaches. Tells about all the workouts you attended. Tell us you've spent even 1/10 of time in the film room as ireland or 1/100 of the entire coaching staff and scouts.

Until then your opinion is less than a bird dropping.

above post was to str8

Until then your opinion is less than a bird dropping.


These are SOME of the options available to other that I was alluding to earlier. There are others.

Seems like you're in a panic to get the Albert deal done and I'm saying WHY? There will always be options. Ireland will get Albert at his price, IF that's what he wants. There's no competition for his services. All these teams got their guy in the draft last night, including SD.

Your move Andy Reid.....love to see how you're going to wriggle out of this one.

What are the odds of a LT gets waived in a couple days or weeks ?

That Stra8balla,

What a character....LOL. Anybody know if he's even a Dolphin fan? Complain....complain....complain.

You'd think the Dolphins were having the worst offseason in their history. Just not sure what some people expect.

Another trade up? Ertz might be a great pickup if Jeff is aggressive again... Love the pick last night. But it leaves me wondering if they may use him as an ROLB. He has the speed and athleticism I think... If they keep him at LE then where does Odrick play or Vernon are they now backups?

I would give up a 3rd for Albert. What are the Chiefs going to do now? Only option is to cut him, move him to Right Tackle or somehow find a team that is willing to pay them what they want. Hopefully Ireland plays them like a fiddle.

This Eugene Monroe is a really interesting guy. I wonder what it would take to get him and what kind of contract he'd accept. I'd be more than interested exploring this option.

I like Monroe better than Albert as well

I've never watched Monroe play all that closely. All I know is he is on the Jags, and Gabbert was getting sacked nonstop. Is he any good? Better than Albert?

Worse pick ever? Nah.............but its close.

A+ for getting the third overall relatively cheap.

D- for them selecting a skinny, wounded project.

Will Fins trade BESS before tonight?

Posted by: NPA | April 26, 2013 at 12:31 PM

Who knows? I could give a bunch of scenarios that would work now, during the draft, after the draft, tomorrow or even not happening at all.

Maybe this is a smokescreen aimed at getting Bess to sign a team friendly extension.

I prefer to assume Jeff Ireland is talented at his craft so I rest assured that he has a plan.

'I would give up a 3rd for Albert. What are the Chiefs going to do now? Only option is to cut him, move him to Right Tackle or somehow find a team that is willing to pay them what they want. Hopefully Ireland plays them like a fiddle.


They owe him 9.8 Million which is ALL guaranteed. Why on Earth would KC cut him??? They'd still owe him every cent. That makes no sense.

...Craig M..I don't hate the pick of Jordan. I don't love it either. Ironicaly about 3 weeks ago I wrote a post that narrowed the choices to down in my opinion to Dion Jordan, or Vaccaro. No trade down scenario.

Obviously Ireland is going for it. He is put his chips on the table. I agree this is a grand slam or a whiff. Whether or not it is genius or cost his job..We will see(I don't think The pick of Jordan will cost him his job, but more how the teams does this year.) Like I said. We all would be lost like a puppy trying to find his mommas teet in a draft room.None of us can break down game tape, or knows what the DC has in mind for personel. So if the Phins felt this was our guy. I get it. You do what it takes to make the move. I am just questioning if we really had to do this. I have that right.

I just disagree that Jordan was a great pick, or that it showed Guts..Big deal. If he works out. Then yes, all of these descriptions of this trade will be applicable. If it works out poorly then Ireland is the boob, and more fuel will be added to the fire that he is a poor evaluator of collegiate talent camp.

So this might be a little crazy and I haven't thought it through properly but why if we could do some sort of trade of Martin for Monroe. It might not be straight up but they are obviously in need of a RT and we need a LT. Either that or we sign a stop gap this year and maybe sign Monroe in FA next year.

Either way, this is a more intriguing option to me than ALbert. Not sure what kind of money we'd have to pay him.

Ireland has come a long way. Our new couch is really helping him.

He is very agressive. Some of these free agent and draft picks will work out and some not, but he is taking the risk.

Very happy with Ireland. Dion Jordan can be a game changer and a great pass rusher. The most important possition in defense in the new NFL.

That's true Playmakers, he won't be cut. He needs to be traded though, doubt he wants to move to the right side.

I prefer to assume Jeff Ireland is talented at his craft so I rest assured that he has a plan.

Don't assume anything. The proof will be in the pudding this year. If we win 10 games &/or make the playoffs then he got it right. If not??? Adios!!!

That last post was to Hireland.

Yo...have we traded Bess to the Jets for a 6th???

If Ireland drafted Dion as an OLB it has to be a 3 downs strong side LB(SAM). No, YG?

There is little doubt that Ireland was already aware of the looming possibilties in Philly and Jax before you wrote this Mando.Heck,it even crossed my mind and I'm just a dumb old country boy.

Monroe is making $3.80 million in 2013, much easier to swallow than what Albert is making.

Is there a way we can trade picks or Martin and picks for Monroe and get a new deal done with Monroe? I like this option way better than Albert and his $10 mil salary.

Onl;y question is, is Monroe any good? I've watched him from afar but I don't really know. Jags need picks. Check. But why sign Joeckel if they are really sold on Monroe. Could be they don't know what they are doing.....which I suspect.

What kind of jobs do you guys have that allow you to post all day long every day??? They must be pretty lame.

..@ 12:55 LOL at our new couch! (I know it was a mistake , still funny though)

I understand that we are all Phin fans. We are going to support our team regardless. We are free to rip on other teams because they are the enemy. They all can suck it. But. Imagine if the jets did this deal? Or the Bills..Folks would be bashing this all day long.. anyone that is honest knows this. Nobody would be..Oh man..Those Bills are savvy. They just got the best pass rusher in the draft..We all know it.

Folks were crushing teams last night for their selections. I'm sure on those team sites. Just like ours. There are fans of the team who love the picks. Who think(like this site) the rest of the criticizing World are clueless hacks, with little football acumen, and bad hair. With a job talking football instead of coaching it.

It's fine. I think you have every right to love this choice. If you hate it..Again it doesn't make you any less of a fan, or an Ireland "hater"..Just how you feel. Me..I am indifferent. I want to see this kid play. I don't understand why we had to trade up for him..The team felt it was the right thing to do. Great.

I find it ironic that if Dion Jordan does drop back in coverage and ends up covering Eifert, the guy most of you wanted, Jordan is way faster then him.

I prefer to assume Jeff Ireland is talented at his craft so I rest assured that he has a plan.

Don't assume anything. The proof will be in the pudding this year. If we win 10 games &/or make the playoffs then he got it right. If not??? Adios!!!

Posted by: We Have Playmakers | April 26, 2013 at 12:57 PM

Don't assume Jeff Ireland hasn't earned an extension in Ross' eyes already.

I wouldn't be surprised to see him get extended after the stadium vote.

Perhaps we're looking more for a RT at this point? Martin was the obvious default replacement without better option. Is 9+ mill, and our 2nd rounder a better option than Martin? Prob not. So how much is a starting RT in the market?
Ireland has had eternity to make these moves and hasn't. He doesn't feel too pushed, and apparently likes his situation better than we think. So why is it different now? It's not.
I say he gets his bargain - maybe at RT - or shrugs his shoulders, lets Martin be LT, starts his stopgap roster guy at RT (there's 2 I think) and waits til better options come along.
The media is the only one who has been salavating at the FA/trade/draft LT scenarios. Ireland hasn't blinked.
Don't think he will now either.
If he can get Albert for next years 2nd rounder, or a 3rd this year - he'll agree. Otherwise ... RT to best roster guy.

Clearly Ireland had no plan B after losing Jake Long. YIKES!

Very happy with Ireland. Dion Jordan can be a game changer and a great pass rusher. The most important possition in defense in the new NFL.


We've had four straight losing seasons. We went 7-9 last year. If we win this year I'll be happy. I REALLY don't understand....How could you possibly be 'very happy with Ireland???' Are you nuts???

You don't win games on paper. The off-season & the in the draft don't mean sh#t unless you win games on Sundays. A LOT of things can happen this season BUT if this team doesn't win then he's been a complete & total failure as GM.

What kind of jobs do you guys have that allow you to post all day long every day??? They must be pretty lame.

Posted by: Wundrin | April 26, 2013 at 01:05 PM

Jets employee

Wundrin...speak for yourself...what kinda job you have that you have time to read all this shyt !!???

Better hope they have other options.

Don't like the draft so far- we're regressing to the Spielman days - trading a valuable 1st & 2nd rounder for a tweener position (an underweight DE/OLB) that is not absolute priority and trading another 2nd for someone elses expensive castoff (Albert). Stud offensive and defensive linemen are what the good teams (see Niners, Ravens , Pats, Steelers,Giants, Seahawks, Packers) in this league are built on first. We have no LT and the one we get will be an expensive stop-gap/bandaid at arguably the second most important position behind QB from the worst team in the league (KC was picking first for a reason).

If there was one thing this draft had it was olinemen early AND if there is one thing this team needs to compete its still olinemen (as in 2 guards and a left tackle) . The perfect convergence of supply and demand . Ireland managed to screw it up. Love the Pouncey pick 2 years ago but, but he cant take on the Vince Wilforks of the league himself. Martin looks serviceable, but why stop when they oculd have had Lane Johnson or a stud SEC guard in Warmack?

I was in Irelands corner but seriously - I think he is off his meds. If he ends up trading the remaining 2nd rounder for Albert , he better find some OL depth with the two 3rds. Hell I figured trade the lower of the 2nd picks to go get Warmack and then go after CB, SS, TE, but who knows maybe the 3rd overall pick on a guy named Jordan will be special. Was for the Chicago Bulls in 84.

Give NOTHING today to this windbag John Dorsey. He's leaking like a sieve to the hacks for weeks, and, recently, even desperate enough to be quoted. Ireland is smiling saying it's 'going nowhere fellas'...I hope Ireland continues to tell them to pound sand.

t's a zone scheme. Long couldn't move laterally. Grossly overpaid. RT17 rolling right 30% of the time. Let see if in fact Martin got stronger, let's see where Yeatman is at RT. Let's see what they draft. Run the no huddle, hi tempo,, cut block wear out the defenses with more weapons.

48-Go I couldn't agree more! Very excited to see Jeff so aggressive, BIG kudos to Dawn for showing Jeff the $!

mckinnie is best option no picks just won SB

C'mon guys, Martin isn't that bad at LT; he protected Luck's blind side in College. We will sign a RT in free agency (Clabo/Winston). We have Yeatman and Jerry that can play RT and we have Lance Luis to fill Jerry's spot at guard. I think we will get a RT in rounds 4-7.

I like the pick, it means Brady has to move in the pocket instead of stand there and pick us a part like he has been, and Luck will have to run around too in week 2. This coaching staff is much better than past regimes, so I believe Jordan was a great pick and will be coached up great by Kacey Rogers.

I don't understand all the hate! Isn't the Dolphins your team? If you want to be the Owner/GM, save about $100 million and buy the team and make the choices, until then, Support your Damn Team!!! If you don't like it, go route for someone else! Go route for New England or Dallas! Just be thankful Jerry Jones isn't our owner; A Center in the first round, really Jerry??



My question to you is, if you haven't a clue if Monroe's any good, why the Martin trade talk?

IMO, this Martin trade talk rubbish you've now rambled is total none sense.

Bye Bye Jeffy and good riddance after 5th consecutive losing season.

Terron armstead anyone?





"Martin isn't that bad at LT; he protected Luck's blind side in College"

Against college players. Not NFL beasts.


I work for myself as a financial advisor in Ontario. I have a successful practice I've been running for 12 years.

Thanks for your concern. I'm sure it must suck to be you!

"Don't assume Jeff Ireland hasn't earned an extension in Ross' eyes already.

I wouldn't be surprised to see him get extended after the stadium vote."


An extension??? Ha!!! For what??? For spending Ross' money like a drunken hooker??? For trading up to take a player that never took a snap in the NFL??? Hell I could do THAT.

The question is can he win & so far the answer has been NO!!!

We Have Playmakers,

Ireland has fixed the cap and shifted the average age of the roster dramatically younger.

He drafted a QB that didn't fail in his rookie season.

He drafted a Center in the 1st that at the time seemed like a reach but now looks textbook.

He brought in a no name from Canada and turned him into one of the league's top pass rushing threats.

He got a solid Safety in the fold.

He brought in a sought after WR.

All his deals are cap friendly if not team friendly.

What does the guy have to do to be appreciated?

Sometimes you need to judge beyond the record and also take into consideration the shape this roster was in before he got here and before Parcells left.

Judge Ireland post Parcells.

Craig, I don't know much about Monroe, but Gabbert got hurt, Henne was pressured (in the game I saw). My question to you guys is WHY MUST we have a LT, if we have Jonathan Martin? Yes, yes, I know, he wasn't great last year. AND? He was a rookie, who played ALL year at RT (where he wasn't great either). But are we ready to just dump players after one year? I know that's not your philosophy Craig.

Martin may not be our best option, but can he be a 1-yr stopgap? Can we fix our other holes, and see how Martin fares, and then decide next year whether to grab a LT or not?

OR, like you said Craig, why are we in a rush? Chiefs will be getting ansy the closer it is to the day they have to give Albert his money. So why can't we wait and see what arises? I personally don't want to give up our other 2nd rd pick. I LOVED the aggressive move by Ireland, will NEVER blame him for the Jordan pick, but I think there's too much talent left for us to wait for the 3rd rd. So I'd prefer either just drafting another LT (if Menelik is worth it), or offering a 3rd or later and keeping our 2nd.

Lets keep pressing. We STILL need a CB. It would be nice to get a young WR (or TE) or both. I'm guessing S will have to wait for next year. Our picks could be gold (and we know an aging veteran like Albert is not that and if so won't be that for much longer).

So let me get this right, there are actually people out there who don't like this pick? Are you kidding me? Have you people seen this kid play? This is BY FAR the best move and pick in the entire first round. Some scouts have this guy ranked as the best defensive player in the draft at any position, and people don't like this. What are you worried about John Gruden's face........Gruden hasn't been in the NFL in how long and the last time I checked he got fired. How many doozys did he help pick in Tampa Bay before he left. It's funny, the guys on NFL Network loved this move and said the Eagles were set to take him at 4. How are some Phinfans not liking this..........unreal

Jordan has an injured shoulder and may not be ready for the start of this season. Dont think there was any need to trade up for him at all.

Craig, I have a real job that pays real money. Financial Advisor lol. Sounds tough.

"Chiefs will be getting ansy the closer it is to the day they have to give Albert his money."

Exactly. See how the draft goes, see what else is out there ... we can trade a 2014 pick as readily as a 2013 pick. Ain't like the Chiefs won't be rebuilding next year too.

The worst decisions are the ones people make when they convince themselves they have no other choice.

I live in Oregon and I wouldnt have made this deal. You guys do know he started here as a TE right?

I guess I'm just too conservative (the fad complaint right now). I would have stayed at 12 and let the draft come to me - and taken Eifert. Ireland worked hard to get 5 picks in the top 82, I just hate to see them go. We are way back in 2 now and maybe its gone for Albert, Boo on that for me.

If I did do the deal with Oakland I would have taken Warmack. Lets check back in 10 years and see who has had the better career Jordan or Warmack. It wont even be close I suspect.

Has there been any talk that the dolphins do back to a 3-4? Seems like a great fit with Solia in the middle Starks and odrik at ends and jordon wake at the OLB's with the 2 new guys in the middle.

From what I've heard the shoulder is fine........he may not be ready for OTAs, but training camp and the season is fine. Gruden actually said that people would chip him with a back.....go ahead and leave Wake with no help. Then he says that Oregon rotated him in.......yea kind of like the Giants do with their D line and they won two recent Super Bowls. I am jacked about this offseason and draft

Ireland without Parcells puppet strings = FLOP

Ben Volin quote of Ireland's perfect day today.

"I think Ireland would have a perfect day if he drafts a CB at 54, uses 77 on Albert and 82 on Ryan Swope. That gives them a young corner to develop, a starting left tackle and a new slot receiver."

The Chiefs screwed themselves. Their asking price was too high. There are other options.

B Albert & agent have informed the Chiefs (this was a while back but seems to have been forgotten) that he will not play right tackle. Why? right tackles make MUCH less then left OT and Alberts is already rated fairly high as a left OT. Why would anyone move to another less sought after, much less valuable $? For the team? not a chance which is why the player & agent informed the Chiefs there is no way he will line up on the right side.

So what do the Chiefs do now? They are paying an L OT franchise player this year (Albert) and they draft the #1 overall draft pick L OT. They both can't play the position.

Foolish Chiefs, they should have taken whatever Miami offered the first time. It was more then anthing they will get now. No other offers were give to KC but Miami.

Sit back Ireland and let the Chiefs call you with THEIR best downgraded offer and let them sweat it out.

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