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Dolphins may have other veteran LT options

Branden Albert might not be the only left tackle available in a trade.

Because left tackles went at No. 1, No. 2 and No. 4 in the first round of the NFL Draft Thursday, one assumes that the left tackles already on Kansas City, Jacksonville and Philadelphia have been at least put on notice that someone is knocking on their door as a possible replacement.

We know the Chiefs would like to replace Albert. He's been on the trade block for a month now.

Well, are you aware the Jaguars and Eagles, which also picked left tackles Thursday, already had left tackles in place?

As ESPN's John Clayton notes, Jaguars left tackle Eugene Monroe is in the last year of his contract. Even though he might play the season at left tackle, it would seem unlikely the Jaguars would pay him big money after taking Luke Joeckel with the second overall pick.

Sooo ... Monroe might be available in trade.

In Philadelphia, where new coach Chip Kelly drafted Lane Johnson with the fourth overall selection, Jason Peters is coming off an injury and expected to return for 2013. Peters, a former Buffalo Bills left tackle, is scheduled to make $12.8 million a year but that club just made his long-term job security an issue.

Sooo ... Peters might be available in trade.

The point is, if general manager Jeff Ireland is as smart as, well, me, he'd be on the phone with both the Jaguars and Eagles today. He'd be trying to find out if either Monroe or Peters is available now. He'd be looking for LT options outside of simply trading for Branden Albert.

Maybe the mining expedition finds nuggets. That's all he needs.

Understand, if the Eagles or the Jaguars say either of their veteran left tackles is available, immediately the Chiefs lose (more) leverage in their attempt to trade Albert because now the market has multiple LTs available.

The Dolphins don't have to necessarily trade for the other available LT, but they have to present themselves as a team with more options today than they had yesterday at this time.

You reading this, Jeff?

Hop to it!


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Be careful before signing any deals for a LT today. We absolutely need #54 to draft either Darius Slay or David Amerson, there is no question about it.

Besides we already have Martin, who should be pumpin' the iron like never before in his life as of today.

I'm OK with Martin starting at LT this whole year. Let's find out what we really have in the guy before we decide if we need to expend more high picks on a starting OT or not.


Maybe they were considering Austin at 12. Texas is correct about one thing--his size requirements were not involved in taking Jordan. That's actually one of the things that was so shocking to me about this trade. If he took Star Lotulelei or Dee Milliner I wouldn't have been as shocked.

Anybody who doesn't like that pick has to be a patriot or Jet fan.

...I want to see the team stay aggressive and take a safety in round 2..Hopefully the team has evaluated a guy that we think we can get in round 2. If it means giving up more picks...Lets do it! Lets get weird. Go grab Cyprien. If we cannot trade, or feel the price to steep, even feel our guy will be available..Cool. IMO. Saftey is the position we should be targeting in round 2...(assuming we have the pick)

hey ireland,
that first round pick is right up there with the crappy jason allen pick, even worse it does not exploit or compliment any of the offensive firepower we aquired in freeagency, and in light of the afore mentioned extensive offensive overhaul, this ridiculous reach for a player who would most likely be still available in the seventh round, will make the jason allen and ted ginn errors look miniscuel! we could have gotten a premium LT in lane johnson who is NOT going to get bullrushed NOR beaten by speed, we could've gotten LACEY who would've added effective playaction, dominant blitz pick-up, and oh by the way move the chains on third and short if not flat out take over a game(as he did in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP)--at OUR stadium to say the least,,,,i really thought the new regime had parted ways with idiot moves like this....wow.!

Posted by: Craig M | April 26, 2013 at 02:03 PM

If youre not going to believe Armando when he personally tells you I don't post under different screen names when I come here. Then I know you wouldn't believe God come down from Heaen himself and appeared to you and told you this.

The truth is always a very unnecessary barrier to all of your ill-fated ideas and plans. The truth is always according to CraigM and nothing else.


I called the trade up with the Raiders. I watched it in the bar with my buddy and I was convinced that the Raiders were making a trade with us. But I was sure they were doing it for Johnson, despite what Armando said they felt about him. It was shocking that they landed Jordan. I believe if Joeckel had dropped they would have added him but I could be wrong.

Jordan is going to play DE opposite wake. Get that olb thought out of your heads. They may move him some in situations but he's a DE. He will occasionally be a LB on the same side as wake to mix it up. Both these guys can be shifted around. This was as much a coaches pick as it was Ireland's. Coyle is loving this pick. The front seven is going to light up some QBs. Odrick will still play on run downs and move inside on passing downs until Jordan is ready to be full time. But the fins rotate the defensive line a lot in general to keep them fresh.

Craig - I agree, if Joeckel were there it may have been him instead of Jordan.

..Could it be that the deal for Jordan was just too good to pass up? Maybe the compensation for Austin was greater then what the team was willing to give up...I mean look at some of the trades later in the round. Comparatively. We gave up peanuts. Look how Belicheck fleeced the Vikings to move up 1 spot for Corderelle Patterson. It is a thieves bounty.

It was just too good of a deal to pass up.

Ok YG,

I'm not here to play your stupid games today. I'm here to talk football. I KNOW what I believe about the games you play and the others do too.

I told you a couple of days ago you're an excellent poster when you're heads screwed on straight. When you get this weird way (which happens a lot) I'm not interested in to you any more.

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | April 26, 2013 at 01:55 PM

I'm with you guys in terms of results. I think that where I'm not seeing eye to eye with some of these guys is that no playoffs doesn't mean fired to me.

For me Ireland is tied to Philbin and it's hard for me not to at least give Philbin two more years regardless. Tannehill would have to look like garbage for me to move on from that trio before 2015.

I like Philbin and he seems to like Ireland. Just saying the circumstances suggest Ireland knows he'll be here next year as long as they don't bottom out.

Doesn't hurt that it seems like Ross likes and trusts him too.


Also, "Im Armando's #1 blogger, are you kidding me?"

If you asked, Im sure Armando would also tell you he despises me like the bubonic plague. I guess you never notice how he consistently ignores my questions during live blogs.

ut, like always, you'll puke any garbage necessary if you think it'll make your trumped case. Seriousy, I pity you man.

If it means giving up more picks...Lets do it! Lets get weird.


You mean it hasn't gotten weird already??? IMO--This trade up for Jordan has to be the WEIRDEST pick. Probably b/c Ireland doesn't draft players that don't possess the prototypical size.

I would have LOVED to see Bill Parcells reaction after Ireland took Dion Jordan.

...keep trying to pretend you're better than me, that you're the man that has all the answers and all the smarts.

Posted by: Craig M | April 26, 2013 at 01:52 PM

Excellent job describing yourself!

Very well done!

...Why I think safety is a position we should explore over corner. 1 for depth. I know we are short on quality at corner as well. But we need playmakers(I didn't mean to steal your sign in..appropriate here) IMO safties have the ability to change games more then corners do. The nature of the position breeds playmakers. I'm not discounting the importance of the corner position. I just think that this zone scheme leaves the door open to corners in a wider range. That we can find a guy in the 3rd round that has the skill set necessary to plug into what we do in the secondary.

Keep the aggressive nature of this offseason rolling. If we can grab a safety round 2. I throw my support behind that choice.

Hey Budtki@verizon, if you are gonna post nonsense cause "your boy" wasn't picked then find another blog.

IMO Jordan being a LB is prototypical size. 6'6" 248 lbs, IMO that is a little bigger than most OLB's.

Now if he were a DE, he'd be a little smaller.

DJ Swearinger may still be there for the taking at 3rd-4th round. Or Shamarko. or Shawn Williams.

I'm kind of worried about CB though. Those won't last much longer. At least not the really good ones.

It'll be funny watching posters here jump the ledge if Ireland takes the "Honey Badger" with our 2nd pick.



I called the trade up with the Raiders. I watched it in the bar with my buddy and I was convinced that the Raiders were making a trade with us. But I was sure they were doing it for Johnson, despite what Armando said they felt about him. It was shocking that they landed Jordan. I believe if Joeckel had dropped they would have added him but I could be wrong.


No doubt. I wasn't shocked that we traded up but I was beyond SHOCKED when I didn't hear Lane Johnson's name. I'm okay that we didn't take Johnson b/c I trust Philbin on O-lineman but nonetheless I was like...WTF??? Dion Jordan??? Really??? Is he even big enough to be a DE???

Before the draft I thought Dion Jordan would be drafted as an OLB in 3-4 defense.

..hireland. I agree that the playoffs aren't the make or break for Ireland. But we need to have a winning season. I mean if we go 10-6 and miss the playoffs. I would imagine that Ireland keeps his job. 8-8 ??? I'm not so sure. What is a real baromter of the state of the team. a 10-6 season where we just miss out. Or an 8-8 season where we backdoor a playoff game?


GET YOUR POPCORN READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most of the scout reports have Jordan as the top pass rusher and top 4-3 DE. Was watching tape a few weeks ago and Jordan looks very much like Jason Taylor from 12 years back. How bout them Cowboys taking a Center with a 3rd round grade.

"IMO Jordan being a LB is prototypical size. 6'6" 248 lbs, IMO that is a little bigger than most OLB's.

Now if he were a DE, he'd be a little smaller."


I guess that's my point. Is he a DE??? People keep saying that we needed another pass rusher. If he's an OLB in 4-3 then that's a lot different than being a pass rusher like Aldon Smith or Jason Taylor. In a 4-3 the DE's are the primary pass rushers.

..YG...That would be a head scratcher. I go back to the realization that I nor most on the blog are so far away from the real evaluations these GM's make. So I could sit here all day and say..The Honey Badger in round 2..Are you kidding me. Get pissed. Throw up a long post with little thought. But really. What do I know. I couldn't do his job. Same goes for all of us on this site. I would be shocked if Matthieu was the choice in round 2. Or whatever round our second pick is. But it doesn't matter what I think.

Jeff Ireland and his staff started evaluating Dion Jordan in 2011 when they believed he may have come out early. They have been looking at this guy now for 2 years. Jeff Ireland loves him but more importantly the COACHING STAFF loves this guy.
Dion Jordan's 10 yards off the ball dash time EQUALS OR EXCEEDS most WRsin the NFL
Chip Kelly admits he did not use Dion Jordan enough or properly.
Eagles would have absolutely taken Dion at 4
Most experts had him going to Jacksonville at 2
He will free up the doubles on Wake just by being on the field.

Thank you Jeff for FINALLY taking a chance on big play potential instead of vanilla safe picks. To bad you didn't do this when you passed up Gronkowski TWICE in the draft. But of course people here were saying the guy would be done with the first hit in his back. .

Ireland is a very disciplined GM. I know because he tried to please Sparano with D. Thomas, Gates, etc just that there was no pleasing TS because Tony himself didn't know what he wanted. Make no mistake, Dion Jordan is mostly Philbin's choice and Ireland got it for him.

Neither Brady nor Brees nor Matty Ice have ever had to go up against someone like Dion Jordan.
Nor have thier o-lineman.


Great thing about Jordan is he can play multiple positions. Also its said he has the frame to easily put on more weight.

Most complain about 5.5 sacks. I read up on it and it said:

"Jordan had another good season this year with 44 tackles, 10.5 tackles for a loss, three forced fumbles and five sacks. Oregon's coaches hurt his pass-rushing opportunities as the team often dropped him into pass coverage.

The Ducks were playing with big leads and often pulled Jordan from games in the second half as they emptied the bench. He also dealt with some injuries."

Some 2nd rounders and 3rd rounders I like:

One of these picks could be Brandon Albert and the fact no deal has been struck tells me that Ireland is insisting 2nd next year or a 3rd this year.

1. Kawann Short DT Purdue 2nd - He's a very impressive player. He has 7 sacks, 15 TFL and 4 blocked kicks. He's in the Starks mold as a disruptive interior player.

2. Damontre Moore DE Texas A&M 2nd - I know it would be a shock and I seriously doubt the Dolphins double down on pass rushers considering they traded up for D. Jordan to be that but if you're going BPA he might be it when Miami picks and if he continues to fall. Can never have enough pass rushers! Miami currently has 1 proven pass rusher.

3. Ryan Swope WR Texas A&M 2nd or 3rd - The guy just seems to make too much sense being Tannehill's favorite target at A&M. If Miami loses/trades Bess then he would seem like a perfect fit to contribute out of the slot.

4. Stedman Bailey WR West Virginia 3rd - The guy isn't blazing fast like his team mate Tavon Austin but over 100 catches, 1600 yards and 25 TDs is impressive no matter how much the offense threw it and the system. Numbers don't lie about production.

5. Jordan Poyer - He's best suited for a zone style of defense. I heard Pat Kirwan compare him in the same mold as Asante Samuel. Not Asante but same type of player. Now that's good and bad. He has ball skills and good in reading and reacting in zone coverage but also not very physical and lacks toughness.

Just talked to John Denney-

The Fins have traded Bess to the Browns for a 5th round pick, and a "swap" of our 4th round picks.

Not bad for value, but not the best

Jordan Poyer CB Oregon State 3rd ^

Ireland is NOT that smart to check for other options!!!



I live in Philly and the word here is that the Eagles HAPPILY would have nabbed Jordan with their pick had not Miami moved right ahead of them.

Like others here, I'm not about to project the career prospects of a 22-year-old BUT it was a very bold move that potentially could deliver greatness--and the price of doing it was surprisingly cheap.

Ireland has deserved criticism on some issues in the past but we should also be fair. This was a solid, bold move by the team.


You are a 100% LIAR. I live in Philly and I listen to Tony Bruno and Mikey Miz every day - and am listening right NOW.

They 100% DID NOT want Dion Jordan AT ALL. It was 100% Lane Johnson.

They are pissed that EJ Manuel went cuz they wanted him in round 2.



I posted earlier that it wouldn't shock me if Ireland made Damontre Moore the 2nd pick. He did say you can never have enough pass rushers. LOL...


The one other thing that hurt his total production was he injured his shoulder in October against Colorado and played only 3 out of the last five games but you can see in his stats that they fell off during that time.

Jordan is a fine player but not worth a 12 + 42 to a team that needs a LT, CB & RB just to fill out the starting lineup.

Posted by: tj turner | April 26, 2013 at 02:36 PM

Absolutely correct! The Eagles were projected to take Jordan #4, exactly why Ireland made the call to the Raiders at #3.

Wow. Are you capable of an adult conversation or is "juvenile nitwit" your default mode?

Posted by: tj turner | April 26, 2013 at 02:36 PM

Absolutely correct! The Eagles were projected to take Jordan #4, exactly why Ireland made the call to the Raiders at #3.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 26, 2013 at 02:40 PM



They wanted an OT at 4 all the way. And EJ Manuel in round 2.


Stop lying to people to fool them that this was a smart move.

Wow. Are you capable of an adult conversation or is "juvenile nitwit" your default mode?

Posted by: tj turner | April 26, 2013 at 02:41 PM

Is your default mode - retarded liar?

Because youre lying. Online. Like retard.

Im in Philly. Im sure youre not.

Youre spewing crap to make this look smart. it wasnt.

TJ and Ireland will Screw up,

Im right over the bridge in Cherry Hill and Im not taking sides here but I heard this morning on Cataldi that the Eagles were heavily considering Jordan which to me says he was the pick.

Again not taking sides, just what I heard on Cataldi today.

Here's one of the MANY reports that had the Eagles linked to Jordan:


Posted by: DarrylDunphy | April 26, 2013 at 02:21 PM

For me Phil on sticks with 7 wins for a third year with high expections. I'm tying Ireland to Philbin so that means to me at least that Ireland and Philbin are gone with 6 wins or less.

From behind the scenes you could evaluate Ireland's performance based on the plan put forth. If the plan was built around Philbin's schemes and Ireland got him the players he wanted at rates that are cap and team friendly then I could see how Ross approves of him absent solid results.

If Ireland can execute a plan but the plan had flaws does it make Ireland bad or inexperienced or is he just at fault because of his approval of Philbin in the first place?

Just saying more goes into the termination of someone his role besides just tangible results.

Keep in mind that Carl Peterson operated in that fashion for a long time in KC. CP has the ears of Ross and has a history with Ireland. At one time Peterson was looked at as Ireland's biggest threat. He may have been his biggest fan.

You're sure I'm NOT in Philly?

Why don't you com over to 6th and Catharine St. right now?

Or is that too far for you to travel on your tricycle?

We Have Playmakers,

Odrick just lost over 20 pounds so he's not moving inside okay??? You have NO IDEA what you're talking about.

He will move inside on passing plays when Jordan plays the end. - I do know that your a fvcking a##hole so that is something

"Chiefs GM John Dorsey said Friday he anticipates restarting Branden Albert trade talks with Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland today.

Dorsey said Ireland and himself played "phone tag" Friday morning, but they have plenty of time left to work out a deal before the 54th overall pick goes on the clock. Ireland no longer has two second-rounders after surrendering No. 42 in the Dion Jordan trade. We expect Albert to be a Dolphin by late tonight."

I have no idea what Ireland will do after last night but I'd be absolutely shocked if we didn't trade the 54th pick for Albert.

Many of you don't understand the Jordan pick because you are looking at the pick itself. What did Ireland do the LB corps this offseason and why?

He wants to be able to getmore pressure on opposing qb's from the lb positions. Burnett and Dansby we'rent getting the job done in that respect. Thus, reland signed Wheeler and Ellerbe.

Now throw Jordan into that mix. 3 Lb's that could come in pressure at any time. 3 Lb's that have the speed to cover TE's.

So at all times there can be 2 lb's in coverage and one coming on the blitz. When all 3 can get to your qb, offenses can never calculate exactly which lb will be coming.

Plus, adding a speedy lb that can cover TE's seems to be a move aim strictly at Brady and those 2 TE's. Dion Jordan definitely seems to be an anti-Bellichik afc east move.


South Philly!!!!

17th and Mifflin born and raised!

I just saw Ireland talking about how they plan to use DJ. They will bring him in on 3rd downs(I suppose passing downs) in the beginning then let him grow into a 3 downs Player.

The Dolphins wont have the talent to really compete until 3-4 years AFTER Ireland is fired and our new GM can fix his awful busts.

Andy, not far from me at all! Have some goo friends in that general area, too.

It's funny how I'm "NOT" in Philly yet I can look outside and it's a cloudless, beautiful day--about 66 degrees and I can walk down the street and see Passyunk Avenue or go around the corner to John's Water Ice.

Must be the "alternate" Philly.

"Good" friends! I no longer have any "goo" friends, lol.

Anyone else notice how ever since Fisher went to StL how every move they make looks smart:
Added Long, Cook, Austin.
Have quality DL and secondary.

Would Ireland spend the 12th and 42nd picks on an undersized project DE?


This Kid has 4.54 Forty speed with Great Coverage skills. We had Misi starting at OLB.

So we're going spend all that on him, try to beef him up and then convert him into a pure DE?

There's just no way this happens Guys. Jordan was drafted to join Ellerbe and Wheeler in what now looks to be one of the best Line backing units in the league!

The biggest knock on Jordan was setting the edge while playing as a Stand Up DE. I'm telling you guys right now, Ireland didn't just spend the 12th and 42nd pick on an undersized, project DE that has trouble setting the edge. You move him to OLB and all the knocks on him go away and his positives are amplified!

Jordan will be our blitzing, pass rushing OLB. On 3rd downs, Vernon and Wake will be on the Ends and Jordan will be on the prowl.

I'm telling you, we did not just spend our wad on an undersized, project DE. with the plans to bring him along slowly as a 3rd down pass rush specialist.

Jordan will be a Day 1 Starter at OLB and TOGETHER with Wake and Vernon, they'll wreak havoc on 3rd downs.

Kudos to Ireland, he didn't try to replace or upgrade a position we already have. Wake, Odrick, Vernon, Shelby and Kaddu. All young(except Wake)and all talented and developing nicely at DE.

Kudo's to Ireland because he just upgraded our weak link in Misi! Last season Wheeler was rated by Pro Football Focus as the 2nd best pass rushing 4-3 OLB in the league. Now he's putting Jordan on the other side of Ellebere to put a solid Linebacker crew behind Wake, Vernon and Odrick. Solidifying the group as all being 3 down players.

Misi couldn't rush the passer and other than VERY SHORT zones, was lost in coverage. Jordan won't be replacing Wake, Vernon or Odrick, he'll starter WITH THEM.

I wonder if Ireland asked Jordan if his momma's a hooker.

We missed the boat on Jeff Fisher.

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