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Dolphins may have other veteran LT options

Branden Albert might not be the only left tackle available in a trade.

Because left tackles went at No. 1, No. 2 and No. 4 in the first round of the NFL Draft Thursday, one assumes that the left tackles already on Kansas City, Jacksonville and Philadelphia have been at least put on notice that someone is knocking on their door as a possible replacement.

We know the Chiefs would like to replace Albert. He's been on the trade block for a month now.

Well, are you aware the Jaguars and Eagles, which also picked left tackles Thursday, already had left tackles in place?

As ESPN's John Clayton notes, Jaguars left tackle Eugene Monroe is in the last year of his contract. Even though he might play the season at left tackle, it would seem unlikely the Jaguars would pay him big money after taking Luke Joeckel with the second overall pick.

Sooo ... Monroe might be available in trade.

In Philadelphia, where new coach Chip Kelly drafted Lane Johnson with the fourth overall selection, Jason Peters is coming off an injury and expected to return for 2013. Peters, a former Buffalo Bills left tackle, is scheduled to make $12.8 million a year but that club just made his long-term job security an issue.

Sooo ... Peters might be available in trade.

The point is, if general manager Jeff Ireland is as smart as, well, me, he'd be on the phone with both the Jaguars and Eagles today. He'd be trying to find out if either Monroe or Peters is available now. He'd be looking for LT options outside of simply trading for Branden Albert.

Maybe the mining expedition finds nuggets. That's all he needs.

Understand, if the Eagles or the Jaguars say either of their veteran left tackles is available, immediately the Chiefs lose (more) leverage in their attempt to trade Albert because now the market has multiple LTs available.

The Dolphins don't have to necessarily trade for the other available LT, but they have to present themselves as a team with more options today than they had yesterday at this time.

You reading this, Jeff?

Hop to it!


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I have no idea what Ireland will do after last night but I'd be absolutely shocked if we didn't trade the 54th pick for Albert.

Posted by: We Have Playmakers | April 26, 2013 at 02:47 PM

The whole trade for Albert deal will be contingent upon him passing a physical with OUR Team Doctors.

Ireland won't let them use the pick without our medical staff first verifying Alberts health.

So, a deal can get done, but we don't have as much time to do it as some people think.

Ireland won't let them use the pick, while the possibility exists that Albert could fail his physical. There aren't any Do Overs in the NFL draft, so Dorsey better get on the ball if really wants to get a deal done.


your post just gave me a little chubby..

Well, Jordan may play more as a linebacker THIS year but I think the longer-term plan is probably to add some weight to that frame and have him (ideally, obviously) develop into a Jason Taylor-like role--a 'hybrid' player, if you will.

Either way, Miami now has a POTENTIALLY lethal (and deep) front seven.

I like that they didn't play it safe here and went after a player who just might turn out to be a true difference-maker---especially at the price they paid.


Let me clarify. I was talking about your Dion post

No doubt Ireland paid a huge price for Jordan. Another D Thomas?

Is it me or is Dorsey starting to sound desperate? Ireland is running circles around him, with this negotiation

Misi couldn't rush the passer and other than VERY SHORT zones, was lost in coverage. Jordan won't be replacing Wake, Vernon or Odrick, he'll starter WITH THEM.
Posted by: odinseye | April 26, 2013 at 02:52 PM

Misi was also a liability covering TE's downfield. Jordan has the size and speed to cover any TE in the league.

Ive been screaming since the Jordan selction that he's Misi's replacement and Im sticking with that until I see otherwise.

Odin, youre correct, adding ordan to the lb corps could instantly make it amongst the very best in the league, if not tops.

2. Damontre Moore DE Texas A&M 2nd - I know it would be a shock and I seriously doubt the Dolphins double down on pass rushers considering they traded up for D. Jordan to be that but if you're going BPA he might be it when Miami picks and if he continues to fall. Can never have enough pass rushers! Miami currently has 1 proven pass rusher.


I realize there has been a lot of confusion on Dion Jordan & maybe I'm wrong BUT I don't believe Jordan was drafted to be a DE or as exclusive 'passrusher' like Aldon Smith. In a 3-4 defense then yes he could be a pass rusher as an OLB but he's not big enough in today's NFL to be a DE in a 4-3. He's just not. Can you imagine this kid going up against a 325 Tackle like Michael Oher??? They'd break him like a chicken. I don't care what the his measurables say--right now he's too thin for a DE. Aldon Smith is 258 pounds but he's also shorter at 6'4" so he's much more solid.

I think he was drafted to be an OLB & take over for Misi. Last year at Oregon they were using his athleticism in coverage & not so much as a pass rusher. This is why I've compared the pick to Aaron Curry & I think it was too high to an OLB.

We missed the boat on Jeff Fisher.

Posted by: Jay | April 26, 2013 at 02:58 PM


Well, Fisher can have fun trying to get that boat to keep up with the Niners and Seahawks.

Not anti-Fisher at all--I respect him--just saying.

And Philbin gives every indication of being a smart, solid coach. Christ, his peers just nominated him to the Competition Committee. That speaks vlumes about how much respect he's already garnered among his peers.


We didn't miss the boat on Fisher, he missed the boat on the Dolphins. We're poised to make a serious run at the Pats throne.

Fisher is now poised to make a serious run at 3rd place behind the Niners and Seahawks. He's not beating either anytime soon, my man. LOL...

I just saw Ireland talking about how they plan to use DJ. They will bring him in on 3rd downs(I suppose passing downs) in the beginning then let him grow into a 3 downs Player.

Posted by: oscar canosa | April 26, 2013 at 02:49 PM

So you believe we traded up and spent picks 12 and 42 on a 3rd down project that needs to grow?

Also, on the last blog I saw your comments regarding Jordan having no bull rush and no inside move?

So you think Ireland spent the 12th and 42nd pick on that?

This is only PART of the reason I believe Jordan will be a 3 down - Day 1 Starter at OLB.

Also Oscar, he has a pretty wicked spin move where he spins back to the inside. They showed him getting two sacks with it last night on Game Tape.

Posted by: tj turner | April 26, 2013 at 03:03 PM

I see great minds think alike. LOL...


Plus, right now, Ireland's not going to come out and say that Misi just lost his job. he's trying to play nice until the end of training camp. LOL...

Probably some alternate scenarios for acquiring Albert out there, too.

For instance, if Bess is moved to Cleveland or whoever for a 4th, maybe the Dolphins offer a pick in that round--along with a third?

All hypotheticals, obviously, but not sure the straight up 2nd for him is the ONLY plausible scenario that may develop. We'll see.

Thank goodness Jeff Ireland finally reached puberty!

Fisher has the Rams already passed the Dolphins. He was smart not to work with Ireland.

We Need Playmakers,

I hope Dion Jordan is used in a way like we've never seen. He's a shade under 6'7 248 lbs and ran a 4.57-4.6, he's an incredible athlete with agility but like we said that doesn't make him a good football player.

But I disagree that he was brought into be just a coverage OLB. Make no mistake only passrushing LBs or DEs go #3 overall. I just wonder how he will be used as a passrusher. Will he be hand in the ground on 1st down on is it a "rover type LB where he blitzes, covers, zone, etc and then on 3rd down is what he was brought into do.

Sorry - I dont hang with the trash in South Philly.

Anything south of South is trash.

Center city, where the rest of us White Collar, educated, professionals live and work.

That's not what Ireland said, odin. DJ will be worked in gradually into the roster. It wasn't me, it was Ireland who said it. Go talk to him.(if he lets you near him).


Check out your post at 2:47 and then mine at 2:52!

That's what's Up!

Jordan and Wheeler's pass rushing abilities at OLB with Wake and Vernon in front of them at DE?

YEAH! That's what I'm talking about. Not only will we have more QB Killers on the field, we'll have better coverage personel as well.

The Kicker(as you pointed out-I think)we'll be able to disguise it the rush and confuse the hell out of opposing QB's.

They won't know WHEN or WHERE "It's" coming from at any given time!

Seriously though, if available and we use our 2nd rd pick, I expect Ireland to go after cb Jamar Taylor. He's very good in coverage, a excellent tackler in the run game, and an excellent blitzer.

Ireland doent make th decisions on who plays and how much. Duuuhh!

Obviously, you don't know Philly well AT ALL if you think the Bella Vista/Queen Village area is "trash."

Most of the homes around me are valued at 750,000 plus.

Of course, if you actually knew Philly this wouldn't be news to you.

How are things in Port Richmond, anyway?


Stop lying to people to fool them that this was a smart move.

Posted by: Ireland WILL screw up | April 26, 2013 at 02:42 PM

What? You're right and we're wrong. Why is that......AGAIN?

Because you listen to the Radio?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


Pay attention to the Troll at 2:42 guys, he has some GREAT INSIDE SOURCES.

HE LISTEN's Too The Radio-LMFAO!


That's what's best about Dion Jordan. I believe he will eventually be a guy that we line up all over the place. I believe he's used in a way that will make it very difficult for opposing offenses to account for him in pass protection.

I don't think he'll be used as a one position stick and stay player. I believe we open Pandora's box with this kid!

Posted by: odinseye | April 26, 2013 at 02:59 PM

Actually this is key. We shouldn't offer any picks unless Albert has already passed Dolphins' own physical.

The Ducks were playing with big leads and often pulled Jordan from games in the second half as they emptied the bench. He also dealt with some injuries."

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 26, 2013 at 02:31 PM

Yep, I read the same things. I think they said he missed parts of or MOST of 3 games.

This is Ireland's last draft maybe ever.

No doubt Jordan is injury prone.

Talk to Ireland. He said it.


your post just gave me a little chubby..

Posted by: Rdubs | April 26, 2013 at 02:59 PM

Glad I could Help.......Sweet Cheeks!



If opposing qb's have to be focused on guessing where the blitz is coming from. That's less focus they'll have on their downfield recievers.

Im expecting to see something from our pass rush defense this year, that will resemble 1985 Chicago Bearish! LOL...

Ireland WILL screw up,

Judging by your classless post I seriously doubt you are part of the white collar, educated, Center City, community. Center City are yuppies from out of town who socialize with each other. They don't represent the city or resemble anything about it. All out of towner who migrated to shoebox apartments for double the price of South Philly. And anything North of South is dirty China town or gayest neighborhood on earth literally the "gayborhood."

South Philly is the heart of Philadelphia!

Kind of an odd move to go all the way up to #3 and take Jordan. That tells me they had Jordan rated much, much higher than Lane Johnson. Johnson made so much sense there. They want to get a veteran LT? Could have Johnson for a 5 year contract at half the price one of these veterans wants. Better not pay more for Albert or any vet LT than what they offered Long. Shocking how the market is not there for LTs. Long was offered an extension last year for what $11 mil? Now he's playing for 8. Albert thinks he is worth top 5 T money, but he's not.


Jeff Ireland Is Smarter Than You.

By Getting DJ At #3 He Basically Forced The Eagles To Reach In C. Kelly's First Draft. And They Reached For A LT.

Ireland Will Make The Right Decision At LT.

Also, when you look at Dion Jordan highlights, he's absolutely excellent at chasing rb's down on the backside for losses in the backfield.

So that will also be a positive when teams are running away from him. They risk loss of yardage on running plays because his backside pursuit is 2nd to none.

Andy, the more this tool posts the more I even doubt he lives here. Or maybe he's a shut-in. Either way, he seems to 'know' Philly about as well as a blind guy on Mars.

Oh ODin, you're such a tiger

Odin, youre correct, adding ordan to the lb corps could instantly make it amongst the very best in the league, if not tops.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 26, 2013 at 03:02 PM

YG, when first picked Jordan I was scratching my head.

Then when I heard and read up more in detail, it all started to make sense.

Our D-Line has been pretty good as of late. But our Linebacker unit, no so much........

OLB was a MAJOR, though least discussed NEED. I think Ireland NAILED IT with Jordan.

Ellerbe, Wheeler and now Jordan!!!!

YEAH!!!! Playing behind Wake, Solia, Starks and Vernon/Odrick! Are you kidding me........?

This defense is going to be Scary Good!

YG 4Ever,

That's exactly how I hope Jordan is used. I hope he lines up standing up on the outside shoulder of Wake on 1st down, on 2nd down he's standing up between the inside shoulder of Wake and the outside shoulder of Starks and on 3rd down his hand in the dirt over the outside shoulder of the OT (or TE).

If he just lines up hand in the dirt I think we don't see much production in year 1. He's a limited pass rusher even if he possesses the skill set to do so. He has 1 move which is run around the OT as fast as I can. Use him in a variety of looks and it gives him different ways to make plays and different ways to get to the QB.

Agree with odinseye - Albert will have to pass a physical and there is not enough time for him to do that before the Dolphins second round pick tonight. If it's going to be a second round or third round pick, it will be next year's.

However, if the Dolphins weren't willing to trade a second round pick for him before, why would they do it now? Especially when the Chiefs just drafted a left tackle and are now desperate to unload Albert.

I've never really liked Ireland - until this year. He has played the Chiefs. Miami is really the only suitor for Albert and now the Chiefs are desperate to get rid of him. The price for Albert is going down not up. If the Chiefs don't lower it, the Dolphins can trade for one of the other LTs that are now available, draft one, or sign McKinnie and/or Winston. McKinnie and Winston combined would be equal to Albert's asking salary. To me, that makes the most sense. The LT market is dwindling now that teams have stockpiled on first round talent so the price will be cheap.

For all you guys dumping on that selection. You are basically nuts. This guy has a very good chance to be the defensive game changer we really needed last year. We only really had one and the rest of the guys played very well. But that doesn't create turnovers or make stop big plays. How many times did we get burned by tight ends last year? this guy can cover tight ends and some receivers. The opposition will have no idea of where and when he will be coming or going.
His physical traits are outstanding. He can jump, he has long arms, is as fast as a lot of cornerbacks and has some pretty good moves.
Ireland did an outstanding job getting this guy. Even if he didn't work out. Mando's post about our 2nd round bad luck just changed.


We got no impact plays from the entire lb corps last year. so what happens?

Dansby/Burnett out, Ellerbe/Wheeler in, check. Dion Jordan in, Misi's probably out, check!

Lets call it great lb corps in an instant, check!

YG / Odin

I believe the Dolphins had the Division in mind by picking Mr. Jordan.
Gotta put some heat on Tom Brady.

Just my opinion.

One thing is certain: By adding Ellerbe, Wheeler, and Jordan the Dolphins are definitely not shying away from defenders with some real attitude and a nasty streak. All three have that reputation.

Sometimes that can backfire when emotion overwhelms smart, disciplined play but that's a risk I think they're willing to take when such players can ALSO add a ton of personality and spunk to a defense. That is one factor that was really missing despite already having a pretty respectable bunch on that side.

It's going to be fun seeing a bit of "snarl" from Miami's D.

I think people are giving Ireland to much credit for his hard balling Dorsey on this Albert trade. Kansas City specifically wanted Fisher because they had a plan for him up in KC if they got stuck with Albert for one more year. They were going to have Fisher play RT for his first season and then move him over to LT for 2014. So from what NFL Network was saying this morning Ireland wouldn't even take Dorsey's phone calls. Advice to Ireland just don't over play your hand or you will not have a LT going into trainning camp.


Say, Vernon is starting DE. Jordan's OLB on his side. We can bring both on a blitz or Vernon feign he coming, drops off at the line, and Jordan comes steaming roling with a head of speed around the tackle.

Just so many things we can now do defensively by adding Jordan. He's a player teams will always have to account for. Misi wasn't close to this.

Some of you guys are so stupid I killed brain cells just reading your worthless posts. Get lost. You don't know football, str8balla and veteran fan. Too stupid.

Right now KC has Albert at LT, Fisher at RT, Smith at QB, Charles at RB and Bowe at WR.
KC does not need Miami.
As we both stand right now KC will win more games than Miami.

YG / Odin
I believe the Dolphins had the Division in mind by picking Mr. Jordan.
Gotta put some heat on Tom Brady.
Just my opinion.
Posted by: Tim in Tampa | April 26, 2013 at 03:31 PM


Smarter_than_u = Dashi.

I believe all anybody has a legitimate right to expect is the expectation a team has a chance to win a Super Bowl more than once every 40 years. You do realize that Watergate was still going on, we were only 4 years removed from first moonwalk, Joe Robbie Stadium was 14 years from construction and Barrack Obama was 10 years old the last time this team has won anything? I believe anybody on this planet has a right to question ANYTHING going on within this organization right up until the moment they can contend and sustain. The evaluation of players is not nuclear physics or microbiology. It is conducted by men who have been associated with a game the great majority of lives and who probably were Physical Education or Recreational Therapy majors in college. This entire thing is an "art" and not a science. All these teams that remain inconsequential for years demonstrate this. Since this is an "art" we don't need Stephen Hawking but it would be nice to think somewhere on the Dolphins organizational chart there is a budding Picasso.


Yeah, this defense looks very intimidating on paper. The NFL Network is really bashing the moves Ireland has made.

The truth is that these will either be genius moves that other teams will try to emulate or we will be laughed at 10 years from now on an NFL Network's worst drafts.

But I disagree that he was brought into be just a coverage OLB. Make no mistake only passrushing LBs or DEs go #3 overall. I just wonder how he will be used as a passrusher. Will he be hand in the ground on 1st down on is it a "rover type LB where he blitzes, covers, zone, etc and then on 3rd down is what he was brought into do.


Here's what Philbin said--"Coach Joe Philbin is unsure of what weight he'd like Jordan to play. He's currently at 248. "I’m not going to sit here and say that we want him to be 265," Philbin said. "We’ll see. Maybe his body isn’t going to function and do some of the things he can at that (weight). He may be able to."

Right now he's too thin to be a DE & he'd get eaten alive by NFL Tackles. They'll literally break him over their knees. Although LB's in 4-3 scheme can be used in blitzes to go after the QB but I just can't think of an OLB in a 4-3 scheme who was a big time pass rusher. Can you???

Also, if Jordan gets a pick in coverage, he has the speed to take it all the way to house.

Plus, in the backfield, he has the ability to be a Jason Taylor like disruptor. Strping the ball from qb's and rb's and taking it to the house in this capacity too.

Also, with his height, length, and jumping ability. I fully expect to see some qb passes batted down at the line.

Lou, a budding Picasso would be great. Or a Gaugin. Too many of our drafts have been of the Jackson Pollock variety.

(this blog is very entertaining sometimes, lol)

passes batted down, better see a whole lot more than that for being 3rd pick of draft

Right now KC has Albert at LT, Fisher at RT, Smith at QB, Charles at RB and Bowe at WR.
KC does not need Miami.
As we both stand right now KC will win more games than Miami.

Posted by: CadillacDeVille | April 26, 2013 at 03:37 PM

Great Comment!! They are not boxed in like the people on this thread think.

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | April 26, 2013 at 03:40 PM

NFL Network is only a cult of disgruntled ex-players who would presently be unemployed if not for the existence of nfl network. Anything they say or do carries no merit.

Half of them have been, are, or will soon be in bankruptcy court. Many of these brainless idiots cant even make wise decision about their own finances.

Says a lot about them, right?

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