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Dolphins may have other veteran LT options

Branden Albert might not be the only left tackle available in a trade.

Because left tackles went at No. 1, No. 2 and No. 4 in the first round of the NFL Draft Thursday, one assumes that the left tackles already on Kansas City, Jacksonville and Philadelphia have been at least put on notice that someone is knocking on their door as a possible replacement.

We know the Chiefs would like to replace Albert. He's been on the trade block for a month now.

Well, are you aware the Jaguars and Eagles, which also picked left tackles Thursday, already had left tackles in place?

As ESPN's John Clayton notes, Jaguars left tackle Eugene Monroe is in the last year of his contract. Even though he might play the season at left tackle, it would seem unlikely the Jaguars would pay him big money after taking Luke Joeckel with the second overall pick.

Sooo ... Monroe might be available in trade.

In Philadelphia, where new coach Chip Kelly drafted Lane Johnson with the fourth overall selection, Jason Peters is coming off an injury and expected to return for 2013. Peters, a former Buffalo Bills left tackle, is scheduled to make $12.8 million a year but that club just made his long-term job security an issue.

Sooo ... Peters might be available in trade.

The point is, if general manager Jeff Ireland is as smart as, well, me, he'd be on the phone with both the Jaguars and Eagles today. He'd be trying to find out if either Monroe or Peters is available now. He'd be looking for LT options outside of simply trading for Branden Albert.

Maybe the mining expedition finds nuggets. That's all he needs.

Understand, if the Eagles or the Jaguars say either of their veteran left tackles is available, immediately the Chiefs lose (more) leverage in their attempt to trade Albert because now the market has multiple LTs available.

The Dolphins don't have to necessarily trade for the other available LT, but they have to present themselves as a team with more options today than they had yesterday at this time.

You reading this, Jeff?

Hop to it!


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passes batted down, better see a whole lot more than that for being 3rd pick of draft
Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 26, 2013 at 03:45 PM


I think he has the skillset to lineup as a 3-4 OLB, a 4-3 OLB and a DE in passing situations.

This is a guy who you can move around to create mismatches that force offenses to try to adjust plays at the line of scrimmage or risk turnovers and sacks.

Some of the overanalysis on ESPN and NFL Network really borders on the ludicrous. I guess it's the elongated nature of the draft these days that leads to it but my goodness, in most cases we're talking about teams having taken ONE player so far--with the vast majority of the draft yet to even occur.

Some of these talking heads could use a deep breath. Or a long nap.

Can someone explain to me why these networks or network employees have such bad feelings toward our dolphins was it because they were cut by us cause they sucked ala Heath Evans and Jamie nails I just don't get it another team can make the same move and there geniuses they are so bias , dion Jordan will be a stud and mike Wallace is a proven star what's the problem here

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | April 26, 2013 at 03:48 PM


good to see u also yesterday, i just got here brother. maybe u did i didnt go back and read co mments

Plus, if you watch this stuff long enough (which I do NOT recommend) you'll eventually find just about EVERY team's moves both praised AND criticized.

I think it's just a matter of them literally running out of anything new to say and just spewing crap for the sake of spewing crap.

But will I watch? Yes. I'm a dork with this stuff, too.

lets hope marc

These kids don't need this it's not fair to them or there families it's supposed to be the best time of their lives

hmmm... it looks like KC fans are still mad.

Whatever. I just hope we pick a CB, a S and finally a WR today.

Darius Slay, DJ Swearinger and Ryan Swope would be my choices. I would be shocked if we go after honey badger in round #2, but I would still like the pick. And he is reputed to be a playmaker so...

What players/positions do you guys think we should go after today???

"How many times did we get burned by tight ends last year? this guy can cover tight ends and some receivers. The opposition will have no idea of where and when he will be coming or going.
His physical traits are outstanding. He can jump, he has long arms, is as fast as a lot of cornerbacks and has some pretty good moves.
Ireland did an outstanding job getting this guy. Even if he didn't work out. Mando's post about our 2nd round bad luck just changed."


It's true. His a phenomenal athlete. Clearly one of the elite athletes in this entire draft but can he be an impact player in the NFL??? I hope so.

We definitely needed a guy who could cover TE's & he can do this. But as I was saying he's an extremely versatile OLB with a lot of different skills & not a DE who is going to be a pass rushing specialist like Aldon Smith was. So the people who think that Odrick & Vernon are now backups are wrong b/c one of those guys will be starting this year. Misi has now become a backup.

You can't be a pass rushing specialist & a guy that covers TE's 15 yards the field. That would be something though...That's called Superman.

Posted by: tj turner | April 26, 2013 at 03:49 PM




jets so dumb. now there gonna take gino smith. hilarious

Heath Evans and fatso nails should both be fired they are talentless and they sucked at football too

YG, true dat!

We should freak out the world and take HONEY BADGER in round 2

AND WITH THE 3RD PICK OF THE 2013 NFL DRAFT... ireland throws his entire draft into the crapper!...what could have been complete euphoria(and a follow-up to one of the best freeagency periods miami has seen in a LONG time) miami is now behind the proverbial eightball. they now have to give up ANOTHER 2nd rounder to get albert who is going to get beat by speed rushers, and instead of paying what could have been 5 years of rookie money to the premium left tackle position we are now stuck for jake long money...and after that ireland can do one thing that might take dolfans minds away from that first round blunder..move up and get LACEY,,,God knows we need it now that the left tackle position is no better then it was with an injured jake long....jeff!!!!!! what did you do?????? total bummer....dion jordan???? it's one thing to shock fans by moving up to grab a great player....but this was shock from disbelief!!! as in OH MY GOD, ARE YOU KDDING ME???????!!! WHO IS THAT????WHY DID HE DO THAT??????I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!ARE YOU SERIOUS??????YOUR JOKING???RIGHT??????

The only talking head I really respect is Chris Mortensen. His analysis are almost always fact based, not opinionated.

Chris Mortensen loves the Ireland move, that's good enough for me. This guys lives in factland, not wonderland.

The badger is a shut down corner he's just a party boy

Craig he's not a fan. I've established this along the way. I've been watching football for 36 years. I have met hundreds of fans and so have all of you.

Just think about it for a second. How many fans have you met in your lifetime who never have ONE good thing to say about their team, players, coaches, etc.? It doesn't happen. EVERY FAN in the world loves their team, it's why they are a fan to begin with. As a fan you recognize your teams faults but you also see the good. Your critical, but objective and fair. "The team was really mediocre last year and the offense struggled but wow we had one heck of a defensive line. Tannehill has things to work on but he has all of the qualities and attributes to succeed in this league".

That's an example of a real fan. Anyone who is in here to bash the team in every one of their posts, the guys who have nothing good to say about an offseason that has been tremendous, they are not fans. There are a couple of really disturbed individuals who get off on hanging out in here and saying bad things about a team they don't even root for. It's really obvious and I could cite hundreds of examples. We need to do a better job of ignoring these losers. You know the posts, they're glaringly ignorant. The regulars (all of us) need to ignore these guys, don't give them the satisfaction of a response because it's what they live for.

ACTUALLY...Jason Taylor WAS really good right out of the gate.

It was his second season when he sort of got rocked and only got like 3 sacks or so but he recovered the next season and the rest is history.

Point is, we knew RIGHT AWAY that JT was a great one. Just like Zach Thomas. He was a beast in pre-season before he got hurt but you knew he'd be back and be our starting MLB for years to come.

Not sure who it was that said NFL Network was high on the Jordan pick but their trashing it today.

Whoever the big mouth is that is paired with Jamie Dukes is a blowhard. He had to go into the whole spent to much for Wallace and Ellerbe thing as well.

These will be the same douchebags that will be jumping on the bandwagon when we're in the playoff hunt.

Mangini just praised Ireland was I dreaming?

Posted by: Phins78 | April 26, 2013 at 03:59 PM

GREAT POST, SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rick - That is Heath Evans ex full back of the Pats.

Jeez, budtki, calm down, dude.

EVERYBODY had Jordan going top-5 and I've heard very few suggesting Miami really paid a very steep price to move up to a prime draft spot.

Fine if you don't like the pick--I can't change your mind about that--but it's not as if the Dolphins did something extraordinarily bizarre or rash.

They're taking a gamble this kid could develop into a genuinely special player and you don't get that chance unless you make that move to get him.

Someone on here said that, "as it stands now, with Albert, etc..." KC will be better than Miami next year. First, KC was horrible last year and still does not have a QB. A rookie LT (or RT) won't make much of a difference. Second, nobody will get to see if your dumb prognostication becomes true because there is no way KC is keeping Albert on the roster.

We Need Playmakers,

Absolutely Von Miller is a 4-3 OLB who blitzes and rushes the passer on obvious pass downs. I saw vs Baltimore when Baltimore went no huddle Miller was strictly a DE and when the Ravens were mixing the calls he was a plays 4-3 OLB. That's exactly how I'd like to see Jordan used. As a 4-3 OLb who on certain downs maybe is stricly a rusher and other downs plays in space.

Man here we go again 150 minutes till the draft lets get some players

And just to add, how on Earth did Ireland "throw his entire draft away" by switching places in the first round and giving up one of their TWO second rounders?

You are aware Miami has plenty of picks left, no?

yeah was acred when they traded up, was thinking lane johnson who i want nothing to do with. so was happy with dion, just hate losing the extra pick. hope this kid can stay injury free and produce,.

He's currently at 248. "I’m not going to sit here and say that we want him to be 265," Philbin said. "We’ll see. Maybe his body isn’t going to function and do some of the things he can at that (weight). He may be able to." stated by Joe Philbin
Do not paraphrase or in some way change the meaning of Philbin's statement. Just to let those on this site know Jason Taylor played at 244 #. Now spin that!

I would offer a sixth rounder for Albert because we have to pay him 8 million a year

Posted by: budtki@verizon.net | April 26, 2013 at 03:58 PM

budtki the problem (as I see it) with your assessment is that you are assuming the tackle that was available to us is going to succeed and have longevity.

And in assuming that you are forgetting that we took a consensus #1 overall pick in Jake Long who was supposed to be our anchor for over a decade. It didn't work out, and no one knows if taking one of these tackles will work out either. The guessing game that is played in here is getting crazy. What happened to letting things play out? I mean the season is 5 months away, the draft isn't over, and free agency is still going. Yet there are f$#%ing psychics in here who somehow already know the Dolphins are going to suck or that they somehow blew their draft because they took a top 5 talent, one of 8 elite players in this draft. It's a little silly.

Reid freigal from Ohio st. In the 4th 6-8 315 ot

"I think he has the skillset to lineup as a 3-4 OLB, a 4-3 OLB and a DE in passing situations.

This is a guy who you can move around to create mismatches that force offenses to try to adjust plays at the line of scrimmage or risk turnovers and sacks."


I agree with you & hopefully he becomes a playmaker for us. Bear in mind that Ireland tried to get this type of all around player when he signed Kevin Burnett just not as tall. If you look at his last season in SD he had 6 sacks, 2 INT's, & 2 FF. If Jordan can provide that kind of impact then our defense is going to be much improved.

I hope all the qbs go on. A run to start the 2nd

then u dont want albert marc

He will certainly disrupt games that's for sure I love this kid a true quarterback hunter

Yeah Heath Evans the sure hall of famer.

What scares me about Jordan isnt even Jordan...its IRELANDs history at drafting DL.

Merling, Langford, Odrick, Vernon....Dotson...who else? I cant remember now but I am just not convinced he knows DL talent. Maybe Vernon showed flashes last year but Odrick is MEHHHHHH.

We are lucky he took a chance on Wake and it panned out but he wasn't a draft pick, neither was Starks and Soliai was drafted by another regime.

So I am cautiously optimistic that this wont be another solid but unspectacular player.

I want Albert but for our price , we can't let kc get into our heads we have a draft to conduct first and foremost


NO RBs were taking in rd one....why should you except Ireland to be the ONLY GM to take a RB in RD 1 in this years draft.....

Miami DIDN'T the LT that EVERYBODY (including me) thought he was going to take when he traded up.....

Its a NEW NFL....and this ain't your daddy's FINS.....

sit back and enjoy the ride....

Words that NO LONGER need be associated with the FINS.....PROTOTYPICAL....that word is DEAD to this organization.....and it should be.....



NO (predictable) and/or PROTOTYPICAL LT....

Ireland is PROTOTYPICAL no more.....and I LOVE it.....

i can't believe you guys, you actually make it sound like looking threw philly's and jacksonville's trash heap of garbage left tackles is some how a good thing...we had the THIRD overall pick 24 hours ago and could've gotten one of THE best tackles in this years draft...and now were sifting threw other teams garbage to fill arguably one of the most important positions to our offense who just spent millions to upgrade the recieving core....i don't get it..it's almost as if jeff put a blindfold on and threw a dart at the draft board to make this pick..this has bust all over it...i really can't believe it...how can you be so careless with a #3 pick!....wow..and we all said the same thing with the pat white pick, ted ginn, jason allen.....unbelievable...this pick could've have seriously made a difference....

YG and Odin, Have It Right.

D. Jordan Will Be A Beast At OLB.

This Is Misi's Last Year On His Contract.

We Have/Had No Depth At LB.

And To Those Guys Talking About Pass Rushing OLB. I Stated Earlier Today How We Are Going To Use Him. Think Seau, Think LT, Think D. Thomas.

..@ 12:55 LOL at our new couch! (I know it was a mistake , still funny though)

I understand that we are all Phin fans. We are going to support our team regardless. We are free to rip on other teams because they are the enemy. They all can suck it. But. Imagine if the jets did this deal? Or the Bills..Folks would be bashing this all day long.. anyone that is honest knows this. Nobody would be..Oh man..Those Bills are savvy. They just got the best pass rusher in the draft..We all know it.

Folks were crushing teams last night for their selections. I'm sure on those team sites. Just like ours. There are fans of the team who love the picks. Who think(like this site) the rest of the criticizing World are clueless hacks, with little football acumen, and bad hair. With a job talking football instead of coaching it.

It's fine. I think you have every right to love this choice. If you hate it..Again it doesn't make you any less of a fan, or an Ireland "hater"..Just how you feel. Me..I am indifferent. I want to see this kid play. I don't understand why we had to trade up for him..The team felt it was the right thing to do. Great.

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | April 26, 2013 at 01:06 PM
The guy has it all wrong. It is the love seat and the recliner that's been the most help....LOL
BTW Darryl, we see eye to eye on the Jordan pick and was too late to comment on your comments last blog @10:42. Couldn't have said it better but I'll try.
This trade up in any other draft would have been the deal of the century. But the only 2 truly worthy of a top 10 pick were gone at 3. With the injury and weight/strength & condition issues, it was a reach. I realize Ireland was in love with Jordan and that's fine but I believe he would have been there at 12.

Those upset with losing a 2nd rd pick. Remind yourselves, this isn't about building a sb team in one short offseason. Its about being "AS THOROUGH' as possible, and coming as close as possible to being in a great position to finish that job in the offseason of 2014.

Seems too many expect to see a sb team built in this 1 short offseason, simply because we have a slew of picks. Patience is a virtue guys. Ireland has made not 1 terrible decision, so far this entire offseason.

Please don't tell me Jake Long. Jake Long only prved he no longer wanted to be here. That's a decision he'll soon regret when he's not in the team picture hoisting that Lombardi trophy that could be coming in the next few years. Good riddance.

Thanks YG, I know you see it too. I have to take off guys, have a great night and remember to ignore the idiots. Don't give them a platform, ignore them and in turn you will expose them as the frauds they are. They only come back when you give them attention. Peace fellow Phin fans and LETS GO DOLPHINS!!!!!

I am prepared to draft a tackle in the mid rounds kc is holding us hostage


How many WINS was the BEST TACKLE in the 2008 draft worth.....

are you getting this....


Dashi Is Smarter Than You. But That Wasn't Me.

"What scares me about Jordan isnt even Jordan...its IRELANDs history at drafting DL.

Merling, Langford, Odrick, Vernon....Dotson...who else? I cant remember now but I am just not convinced he knows DL talent. Maybe Vernon showed flashes last year but Odrick is MEHHHHHH.

We are lucky he took a chance on Wake and it panned out but he wasn't a draft pick, neither was Starks and Soliai was drafted by another regime.

So I am cautiously optimistic that this wont be another solid but unspectacular player."


He's not a Dlineman. He's an OLB.

BTW--Every position Ireland drafts scares me.

CBS Sports reported at 3:15 eastern that talks resume for Albert. We shall see if a deal gets done. They were saying that it was going to take a combination of picks and or players.

Mando dropped this link in a tweet. Interesting Sports Science take on Dion Jordan:


Why Hasn't Mando Posted The D. Jordan Interview Or The Ireland Interview?


Maybe people were saying the same things about the Ted Ginn pick, budtki, but you're leaving out one important part.

The player everyone was howling for was Brady Quinn, who I don't think will be getting his bust in Canton anytime soon.

Don't give fan opinion TOO much credit, dude. Only those with convenient amnesia think it's right more than wrong.

Maybe it's a good thing that ESPN & the NFL Network are ripping on us. They were ripping on Pete Carroll & the Seahawks last year for signing Matt Flynn & drafting Bruce Irvin.

BTW--How did their season worked out??? These guys don't know SH#T. Now this year they LOVE the trade to Percy Harvin & ripped on us for overpaying for Wallace.

Whoooooa now it's picks and players who is this guy anyway tony bosselli jr.

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