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Dolphins may have other veteran LT options

Branden Albert might not be the only left tackle available in a trade.

Because left tackles went at No. 1, No. 2 and No. 4 in the first round of the NFL Draft Thursday, one assumes that the left tackles already on Kansas City, Jacksonville and Philadelphia have been at least put on notice that someone is knocking on their door as a possible replacement.

We know the Chiefs would like to replace Albert. He's been on the trade block for a month now.

Well, are you aware the Jaguars and Eagles, which also picked left tackles Thursday, already had left tackles in place?

As ESPN's John Clayton notes, Jaguars left tackle Eugene Monroe is in the last year of his contract. Even though he might play the season at left tackle, it would seem unlikely the Jaguars would pay him big money after taking Luke Joeckel with the second overall pick.

Sooo ... Monroe might be available in trade.

In Philadelphia, where new coach Chip Kelly drafted Lane Johnson with the fourth overall selection, Jason Peters is coming off an injury and expected to return for 2013. Peters, a former Buffalo Bills left tackle, is scheduled to make $12.8 million a year but that club just made his long-term job security an issue.

Sooo ... Peters might be available in trade.

The point is, if general manager Jeff Ireland is as smart as, well, me, he'd be on the phone with both the Jaguars and Eagles today. He'd be trying to find out if either Monroe or Peters is available now. He'd be looking for LT options outside of simply trading for Branden Albert.

Maybe the mining expedition finds nuggets. That's all he needs.

Understand, if the Eagles or the Jaguars say either of their veteran left tackles is available, immediately the Chiefs lose (more) leverage in their attempt to trade Albert because now the market has multiple LTs available.

The Dolphins don't have to necessarily trade for the other available LT, but they have to present themselves as a team with more options today than they had yesterday at this time.

You reading this, Jeff?

Hop to it!


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I've never been in Ireland's corner. yesterday he pleasantly surprised me. Hopefully he'll do it some more. I'd prefer to have faith in him, than hate him.

Gotta get back to focusing on work. Crazy busy, and have been for a while.
It's been a pleasure chatting. Man, I'd love it if its this way all the time.
Take care, sir.

Offense isn't pathetic...wasn't pathetic last year. Struggled in the red zone and needed more weapons in the passing game. The additions of Wallace and Keller help. Don't like Gibson and never liked Hartline. Keep trying Jeffey!

I like your assement armando

I dont think Ireland has to create any other options I think they havent agreed on draft compensation,and Ireland is in a traders market not a tradee market so he can wait and remember he traded a Dolphin starter that makes a lot more plays that a LT will make for a 3rd rounder.My suggestion give the Chiefs a 4th rounder or less its better than nothing the longer the Chiefs wait with no other offers coming in the cheaper Ireland will be able to get him.Alberts contract is not very cheap.

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