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Dolphins move on Albert should depend on details

Sometimes the devil is in the details and that's where the Dolphins are with Branden Albert.

As multiple media sources reported Wednesday, and as I reported on this blog on March 22, the Dolphins are considering making a trade for the Kansas City Chiefs franchise player.

[Update: John Clayton of ESPN is reporting the Dolphins have been given permission to speak with Albert and he'll visit the Dolphins and take a physical soon. Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald is reporting the sides are talking contract.]

On its face, the idea makes sense.

The Dolphins lost left tackle Jake Long to St. Louis in free agency. The club has a need and coach Joe Philbin didn't exactly endorse the idea of Jonathan Martin as his starting left tackle when he discussed the issue last month. The Dolphins also had a price point for Long and they have not used the cap space that was intended for Long on anyone else.

So the team can afford to sign Branden Albert and believes Albert to be a left tackle upgrade over Martin.

But ...

The devil is in the details.

The only way this trade makes sense is if the Dolphins do it in conjunction with another trade and only after Texas A&M left tackle Luke Joeckel comes off the board on draft day. That's right, this trade only makes sense if Joeckel isn't available because if he is on draft day, the Dolphins look like fools.


If Joeckel goes No. 1 overall to Kansas City, then the Dolphins can be certain the best LT in the draft is gone and they move on. But if KC picks Eric Fisher and Joekel drops to No. 3 or No. 4, the Dolphins must, must, must try to trade up to get him. That move would be expensive in that it would require a second-round pick and other considerations. But it makes more sense than the Albert trade because that also will require a second-round pick plus a more expensive contract than Joeckel.

And Joeckel, unproven in the NFL as he is, is probably going to be a better player than Albert.

So the Dolphins would be going for a better player (Joeckel) using basically the same draft pick compensation (well, maybe more expensive but only slightly) and pay a lower contract in the transaction.

So if the Dolphins don't wait for draft day to make this Albert trade, they're not really thinking through all the contingencies. And if Joeckel then falls, the Dolphins will look downright foolish.

Then there is this:

Even if Joeckel goes No. 1 overall as expected, the Dolphins can simply trade a No. 2 for Albert, but they would still look kind of silly. You see, why pay a high draft pick and a big contract to Branden Albert when you could have had Jake Long for the big contract and kept the pick?

You mean to say the Dolphins played hardball with Long only to cave on Albert?

I understand Long is seemingly diminished and often injured. Trust me, I made the point here many times. But Albert comes with no guarantees, either. He basically had a very good season in 2012. But it was only good enough for the Chiefs to want to trade him. He's been injured during his career. He's struggled with weight issues. He was a turnstile in 2009, giving up nine sacks.

And, again, the Chiefs are willing to let him go so they can draft a rookie to play the same position.

So it's not like Branden Albert is a slam dunk worth-it move.

This is where the devil has to be in the details.

If the Dolphins pay Albert as much as Long got in St. Louis, they look dumb. If the Dolphins get Albert for much cheaper, they still have a find a way to recover that second-round pick they still gave up for him.

And how do they do that?

Well, here is my perfect scenario that would prevent me from thinking the Dolphins got ripped off on getting Branden Albert. If the Dolphins trade away their lower of two second-round picks for Albert and then trade down from No. 12 overall to a lower pick in the first round while then pickinng up a second-rounder for the move, I'll be straight. I'll be good.

The haul would then be a lower first, Albert (albeit at a big contract) and two second rounders for all those moves.

The trade down would mitigate the sting of giving up a second for Albert because it recovers a second-rounder for the trade down.

By the way, if the Dolphins somehow end up giving Albert more money than Long got from St. Louis, something is significantly amiss because even with his multiple injury issues, Long was still a better player than Albert when healthy.

All this has to play out.

The devil will be in the details.


needs to be part of another draft-day trade down


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Wow, Kiper has Fisher #2 overall to Jacksonville. Why the hell does Jax need to take a LT #2 overall when they don't even have a qb?

That's like going thru the trouble of hiding an empty wallet.

HC Andy Reid denies KC gave Miami permission to talk to Albert.

Well now that trade would be stupid. Trading draft picks for a tackle from a losing team? I don't care what kind of season he had. Think. He played on a team that has serious losing issues the past few seasons.
He may have looked good because teams took advantage of someone worse. Every think of that? Line up against the weak link and sack the heck out of that qb.
And at the very least he will come with a losing attitude.


I Wouldn't Want Satan Standing Behind Me. Just Me.

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Im sorry I put this out there for you t bite on. I pray Jesus forgives both you and me for this.

How much sense does it make to give up a draft pick for a player that has health and ability ???'s

Jesus is fake just like Greek Mythology. Its just made up stories.

If the details of an Albert deal turns out to be equal to or less than what a Long deal would have cost. Then at the same time gives a better starting LT option. Then its no brainer.

Some of you forget Jerry or Garner are not ideal options at RT. Even if Martin makes due as a LT, RT could be huge problem over a 16gm haul.

So if Albert is even a slightly better option at LT than Martin. Martin back to RT saves at least a 2nd rd pick that would need to be used to solidify RT. Jerry and Garner are not proven options over a 16gm long haul.

The icing on the cake would be if overall, we get Albert for about the same or slightly less than what we would have paid Long. Now that's what I would call brilliant gm-ship and an overall coup!

the video on there has an interview w Albert and they ask a question within it saying now we know you signed your franchise tender already so...


Jesus is fake just like Greek Mythology. Its just made up stories.

Posted by: Reality | April 18, 2013 at 04:15 PM

Just like your post: Mythology.

There has been concrete evidence that has been found which definitively proves a man named Jesus actually existed in that time period.



I Understood What You Meant. I Just Wanted To Keep The Jesus Discussion Light. People Get Nasty Quick When You Question Their Messiah. As You Can See By Jack's Ignorant Response.

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Very Few Enlightened People. They Either Don't Want To Believe Or Are Sheep.

How could the KC FO have not told Reid they had given permission for Albert to talk to the Dolphins? Something fishy here...

Some day I shall figure out how discussion of a possible trade for Albert turned into the Miami Theological Seminar. You folks do make the oddest connections sometimes.


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If you noticed, Im carrying on a two-pronged conversation. Dashi and I are having one, and my other is on the football topic of the day.

Another SS mistake? Becoming too frequent now.


If you noticed, Im carrying on a two-pronged conversation.
That is certainly one possible way of describing it.

BY the way, if you haven't caught the Bible mini series that was recently on the History Channel, you should. Very well produced ...


I caught that Bible series on History Channel. I enjoyed it very much.

Oscar, I was quoting a comment (Andy Reid denies team gave permission for Albert to talk to Miiami) on NFL Live at 4:00

Why trade for Branden Albert when they could've just signed Jake Long? This reminds me of the Drew Brees fiasco where the Dolphins traded a 2nd rd pick for Culpepper when they could've just signed Drew Brees. We could've just signed Jake Long instead of using a high draft choice to get someon worse then Long. Its getting desperate to replace our LT.

I blush when I think of my nights with Dashi.

Yeah Jay, I'm thinking same as you. As a matter of fact, I always said, if you aren't going to sign jake, you are going to pay a high price for his replacement - either in draft picks or dollars. Saw this coming a mile away.

Frank, If I'm at #12, and someone down the road like Atlanta wants to move that far up, they had better give me something more than their LOW 2nd rounder. Folks forget that not ALL 2nd rounders are the same. #35, Great! #52, not so, especially if it's an Atlanta, etc. who will be drafting in the 20's, at least.

Posted by: Jay | April 18, 2013 at 04:48 PM

Because no one can say for certain Jake Long is not truly in decline. His last 3 seasons in Miami strongly suggest he is indeed declining. Only 2013 will tell for sure, if he follows the current 3yr pattern he followed in Miami.

If he does, all dolfans will experience a great sigh of relief in allowing Long to walk.

Still, in either case, I expect Albert will be brought aboard in similar numbers offered to Long. Also, to solidify RT, we would have had to use a 2nd rd pick at RT anyway. So, the 2nd rd pick for Albert is still a wash.

"And Joeckel, unproven in the NFL as he is, is probably going to be a better player than Albert."

I don't know,,,really? Jake Long was the 1st pick in the draft and every "expert" and reporter in the world told us he would be our tackle for the next decade. And how did that work out again?

Don't know how anyone could make assessments like this when there is so much strong evidence to the contrary. Joekel will be better than Albert, probably, maybe, maybe not, who knows.

"Also, to solidify RT, we would have had to use a 2nd rd pick at RT anyway. So, the 2nd rd pick for Albert is still a wash."

This is the best point (that was missed in the story) on this page.

Like I said, the huge gamble on Jake Long is, hoping he is not indeed in decline. Ireland just felt he would only be in at 8 million dollars on that bet.

3 straight seasons Long has landed on IR just before season's end. Ireland just wasn't willing to bet higher than 8 million dollars that this season doesn't turn into 5 IR seasons in a row for Long.

Its a sound and solid decision. Even greater if Long does prove to be in decline or experiences yet another season of IR and "free money".

Dashi told me he loved me. And now here I am with a little Dashi to care for - and Dashi never comes around any more.

I feel much better seeing Martin starting RT than Jerry, Garner, or a rookie.

I wouldn't bet any money on Martin beating out Jerry at RT


Using a 2nd rd pick on Albert is easily the greatest of all of our 2013 OT options. We get a proven experienced LT and absolute greatest of all RT options(Martin).

I wouldn't be surprised if Ireland/Philbin closes the oline deal by taking Warmack or Cooper 1st rd.

LT Albert
LG Cogs
C Pouncey
RG Warmack/Cooper
RT Martin

That looks like one helluva sweet looking 2013 oline!


Jerry hasn't started any oline position for 16 games. I wouldn't bet any money on Jerry beating Lance Louis out for a backup position.

As a matter of fact, I think its even money Jerry can beat out Garner for a backup OT position.

Im willing to bet that if Warmack or Coper are still on the board at #12, we wont be trading down.

drafting a guy like Warmack makes the whole O_LINE look better.. not just that But he will put Miller or whoever else is runnin' with the rock in the pro bowl. there i said it .. I want Warmack.. I just wish he would fall to the second round. But not going to happen. A guy like Warmack makes Martin a better LT! move John Jerry to RT .. then our offensive line is set for years to come. then PLAY MAKER PLAY MAKER, PLAY MAKER, PLAY MAKER

Jerry is only adequate at best, no matter what position he plays. IMO, Jerry is great career 2nd team depth at best.

The type of player that tides you over when your starter goes down. Sparano over valued what he saw in Jerry at that Senior Bowl. Sparano has proven to not be a great evaluator of talent.

But boy can he remember his players snaps and reps. At this he is genius!

Get Albert, Martin at RT, and draft Warmack/Cooper. Then Jerry can sit on the sidelines and eat twinkies until someone goes down.

John Jerry = Another Irescum bust.

You don't want either side of your qb protected by a guy in love with destroying weight scales. Sooner or later, it will get your qb destroyed too.

If all the details are exactly as written then It would make sense to get a younger player by trading up for the same compensation and paying on a smaller contract for a player with more upside.
Somehow it sounds to good to be true, and if the Chiefs dont draft who the Dolphins consider to be the best O lineman in the draft, the team that would trade their higher pick for Miamis lower 1st round pick would try to get more than one pick from Miami because they have more draft choices and they are the team that is URGENT to do the deal.

As a matter of fact, if Jerry doesn't come to camp at prescribed weight, I believe Philbin's going to cut his fat ass!

That's why we have training camp position battles galore let the best player start , really are you people stupid or what it's about competition not a popularity contest

Jerry has already showed up and according to Cogs is buying in fully with a great attitude... Doesn't sound like the same player as last year at this time.

7 days to go mother uckers WOW

Also YG you are incorrect on your earlier post... Jerry started all 16 games last year...

On the other hand I would say enuff already about offensive lineman I would think signing Albert would be allright but only on a short term deal and the draft compensation is known.
With playmakers on the field Tannehill wont need to hold the ball too long on passing plays the playmakers get open right away.
They need more offensive talent that catches and runs.

John Jerry weighed in at 353 much better then his 385 last year. Still he's always played poorly.

We still have no idea what will happen or who we are targeting , I love this crap


The Dolphins have to trade up to the 2nd-3rd position to get either Joeckle or Fisher even if KC does not take LT 1st overall.

Value wise we're talking maybe both 2nd rd picks, plus 2014's 1st rd pick, and we're talking about a player not certain to be a top 3 nfl LT.

IMO, to give up that much for an LT, you had better be 100% certain he will be a perennial top LT for the next 10yrs. Jake Long didn't cost that much, we had 1st overall pick in 2008.

So trading up to the #2-#3 spot is a heavier price paid than even for Jake Long.

Also YG you are incorrect on your earlier post... Jerry started all 16 games last year...

Posted by: B33RCA53 | April 18, 2013 at 05:36 PM

I was wondering what the breeze in the room I kept feeling when the Fins were on offense in 2012 was. You just explained it.

I still say best available player at 12 , I also believe we trade Bess and Starks

He had his best year last year and still only 26... You're willing to give up on the man that's 6'5 350 in basically his first real season starting? So it took a bit for him to get on the field... If we never saw hard knocks I guarantee people wouldn't be dumping him so quickly. HBO made him look bad on purpose to add drama. How many lineman in this league can you say never had weight issues?

They say Dee Milliner might be there at 12 this is all so fluid ,that's why the draft is so great and keenan Allen in round 2 could you imagine

Wow, Kiper has Fisher #2 overall to Jacksonville. Why the hell does Jax need to take a LT #2 overall when they don't even have a qb?

That's like going thru the trouble of hiding an empty wallet.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 18, 2013 at 04:10 PM

That is one of the best analogies of ever heard.

Posted by: B33RCA53 | April 18, 2013 at 05:36 PM

That was also the primary reason we couldnt convert on 3rd and inches on the right side of the line. Luckily, Tannehill wasn't a "butt-tackle" poster child on the right side with Jerry in pass protection.

Maybe it was because Tannehill scrambles with his eyes open, unlike Sanchez.

Jerry can be a pro bowler if he commits he did have his best year everlasting year

Ann yes the butt fumble what a historic play that was wonderful

BPA at #12 will be Matt Barkley QB USC.

One thing for sure we will not get a top tackle they will be gone

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