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Dolphins move on Albert should depend on details

Sometimes the devil is in the details and that's where the Dolphins are with Branden Albert.

As multiple media sources reported Wednesday, and as I reported on this blog on March 22, the Dolphins are considering making a trade for the Kansas City Chiefs franchise player.

[Update: John Clayton of ESPN is reporting the Dolphins have been given permission to speak with Albert and he'll visit the Dolphins and take a physical soon. Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald is reporting the sides are talking contract.]

On its face, the idea makes sense.

The Dolphins lost left tackle Jake Long to St. Louis in free agency. The club has a need and coach Joe Philbin didn't exactly endorse the idea of Jonathan Martin as his starting left tackle when he discussed the issue last month. The Dolphins also had a price point for Long and they have not used the cap space that was intended for Long on anyone else.

So the team can afford to sign Branden Albert and believes Albert to be a left tackle upgrade over Martin.

But ...

The devil is in the details.

The only way this trade makes sense is if the Dolphins do it in conjunction with another trade and only after Texas A&M left tackle Luke Joeckel comes off the board on draft day. That's right, this trade only makes sense if Joeckel isn't available because if he is on draft day, the Dolphins look like fools.


If Joeckel goes No. 1 overall to Kansas City, then the Dolphins can be certain the best LT in the draft is gone and they move on. But if KC picks Eric Fisher and Joekel drops to No. 3 or No. 4, the Dolphins must, must, must try to trade up to get him. That move would be expensive in that it would require a second-round pick and other considerations. But it makes more sense than the Albert trade because that also will require a second-round pick plus a more expensive contract than Joeckel.

And Joeckel, unproven in the NFL as he is, is probably going to be a better player than Albert.

So the Dolphins would be going for a better player (Joeckel) using basically the same draft pick compensation (well, maybe more expensive but only slightly) and pay a lower contract in the transaction.

So if the Dolphins don't wait for draft day to make this Albert trade, they're not really thinking through all the contingencies. And if Joeckel then falls, the Dolphins will look downright foolish.

Then there is this:

Even if Joeckel goes No. 1 overall as expected, the Dolphins can simply trade a No. 2 for Albert, but they would still look kind of silly. You see, why pay a high draft pick and a big contract to Branden Albert when you could have had Jake Long for the big contract and kept the pick?

You mean to say the Dolphins played hardball with Long only to cave on Albert?

I understand Long is seemingly diminished and often injured. Trust me, I made the point here many times. But Albert comes with no guarantees, either. He basically had a very good season in 2012. But it was only good enough for the Chiefs to want to trade him. He's been injured during his career. He's struggled with weight issues. He was a turnstile in 2009, giving up nine sacks.

And, again, the Chiefs are willing to let him go so they can draft a rookie to play the same position.

So it's not like Branden Albert is a slam dunk worth-it move.

This is where the devil has to be in the details.

If the Dolphins pay Albert as much as Long got in St. Louis, they look dumb. If the Dolphins get Albert for much cheaper, they still have a find a way to recover that second-round pick they still gave up for him.

And how do they do that?

Well, here is my perfect scenario that would prevent me from thinking the Dolphins got ripped off on getting Branden Albert. If the Dolphins trade away their lower of two second-round picks for Albert and then trade down from No. 12 overall to a lower pick in the first round while then pickinng up a second-rounder for the move, I'll be straight. I'll be good.

The haul would then be a lower first, Albert (albeit at a big contract) and two second rounders for all those moves.

The trade down would mitigate the sting of giving up a second for Albert because it recovers a second-rounder for the trade down.

By the way, if the Dolphins somehow end up giving Albert more money than Long got from St. Louis, something is significantly amiss because even with his multiple injury issues, Long was still a better player than Albert when healthy.

All this has to play out.

The devil will be in the details.


needs to be part of another draft-day trade down


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Nobody will watch on Sat, Marc, those are the dregs.


Most of those Players in the first 3 Rds are good Players. Take your pick.

Very true Oscar but the draft used to be 16 rounds

DB you may want to read this article as well about the surgeon who ok'd Jarvis Jones and his spine... def a lil shady


If he was another Richardson then we'd be in business...

Our high 3rd and a 5th for Fat Albert, nothing more. Wait till draft day, if Joeckle or Fisher falls to 4-6 range go up and get him. If not, play your cards right Jeffrey....all in with a pair of deuces! The deuces are for the amount of LT's the Chiefs will have after taking Joeckle or Fisher 1st overall. We have to shell out the money for him, so they need to take what we give them (or play a disgruntled Albert at RT and pay him the franchise tag mula that goes with it! One week away fellas, gonna be fun!

Pouncey guaranteed Miller to rush for over 1300 yrds earlier today

Yo...new blog subject started.....

he meant denominator and it kinda makes sense but for fluker and jones being there as starters for the last 3 years as well. They always have a well rounded run focused line...

Posted by: B33RCA53 | April 18, 2013 at 07:00 PM

He meant common denominator. He apparently tries to use words and phrases that he doesn't understand. Nothing wrong with that, other than it makes him look sillier than he is.

Nonetheless, Bama does have so consistently good offensive line.

But the real common denominator there is Nick Saban.

Nice try though.

i know all about jones history. ive seen him so many times, guy is relentless. millner is my first choice

kc wouldnt play albert at rt

Jerry has already showed up and according to Cogs is buying in fully with a great attitude... Doesn't sound like the same player as last year at this time.

Posted by: B33RCA53 | April 18, 2013 at 05:33 PM

That very well could be.

But I suspect it has more to do with Philbin not taking any crap from anyone.

That of course and the fact that Lance Louis wasn't on the team last year.

That's my take anyways!

so since you know everything about him I assume you read the report just made today a few hours ago... color me impressed. I shallt not question your greatness o' lord of jones' anatomy

b33 every player is a risk. i think hes worth it if hes there at 12. again he isnt my first or second choice, thats millner and warmack

The confusing part for me on any deal for Albert isnt the compensation- a 2nd round pick-its the cap hit the Dolphins would take to sign Albert. Can they get him to play for smallish money the first two years of a 4 year deal and dump him after year 3 or 4? Ireland and Aponte are cap gurus. They will not do a deal if it doesnt fit the cap structure. I think this is why so many of us are nervous about this trade. A proven LT for a 2nd round pick is good if you think about it (a 3rd or 4th would be better). I just cant see IReland pulling the trigger if a deal cripples the Dolphins financially.

Again, Im on record stating that I would rather sign Winston or Clabo and move Martin to LT full time. If Martin truly is more of a RT, I would even sign McKinnie for a year and draft a player to develop at LT.

Chiefs hold all the cards here. They will be just fine keeping Albert, moving him to RT, drafting Joeckel and then letting Albert walk after the season. Chiefs would be due a comp 3rd for Albert most likely, so they won't take less than a 3rd. Albert signed his tender so the Chiefs won't cut him. If we want to trade up for Joeckel/fisher, they won't last past 5. Most likely 4. You will have to trade with 1-3. That would cost both 2nds and a 3rd, or next years 2nd for #3. Too much. Albert can be signed for probably in ballpark of Bushrod, probably less. 4 year 26 million which is 1.5 a year less than Long. Give the lower 2nd rounder for Albert, then recover that 2nd by trading down in the 1st. It all evens out in picks, we get Albert, and a cheaper 1st rounder at the same talent level as our #12...

3rd round yes. 2nd round Nooooooo!!

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