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Dolphins pick OT Dallas Thomas in the third round

The Dolphins have selected offensive lineman Dallas Thomas in the third round of the NFL draft.

He has played both left tackle and right tackle. In 2012, he played guard.

"I can do it all. I can play left or right tackle," Thomas said.

Thomas said his move to guard proves his versatility. It can be argued it shows coaches wanted improvement at the tackle spot.

Thomas will have to fit into Miami's zone blocking scheme.

"I think I can fit in any type of offense because I'm athletic enough to get the job done," he said.

 The Dolphins, meanwhile, have traded the pick (82) to New Orleans for (106) and (109). Both the new picks are fourth rounders.


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So, he can either replace Fat Jerry or nothing since I'm guessing he was a better guard than a tackle...sigh



Production 1 2008: Redshirt 2009: Played 13 games (0 starts) 2010: Started all 13 games at LOT. 2011: Started all 12 games at LOT. 2012: Started all 12 games at LOG

Height-Weight-Speed 2 Has prototypical OT height. A bit lean but continues to add bulk to frame. Straight-line burst is adequate-to-good.
Durability 1 Has played in 41 consecutive games, including 37 consecutive starts to end his career.

Intangibles 2 Soft-spoken type. Team player. Made move to LOG in 2012 spring after 25 starts at LOT so team can get best five OL on field. Solid student. Son of Dawn Thomas.

1 = Exceptional2 = Above average3 = Average4 = Below average5 = Marginal

'It can be argued it shows coaches wanted improvement at the tackle position'

No kidding Mando.

Not a good pick. You agree, oscar?

Dallas Thomas Was Rated Higher Than 3 First Rounders.

Great Pick.

Do any of you know how much tape the Dolphins brain trust has viewed of Dallas Thomas? I will trust their opinion a lot more than ours!!

Best OT left. I'd just pegged him before they announced. Need to keep looking, but worth a try.

Bye bye Richie Icognito, next time don't go against the family!

was moved around their line because he was their best/most versatile lineman, so they moved him for that reason.....not because he cant play tackle--ok, i just repeated what they said on tv......i have no idea who the dude is--but he's a house!

NFL net says Nyet,,,,,,,,,,,,he's a guard not a tackle

Thomas def fits Miami's new O-Line scheme. They want guys around 305 who can run and pull. Remember, it's a zone blocking scheme now.

Having said that, he seems a bit of a reach. ESPN had him ranked as a high 4th round pick. Not terrible, but sill

Honey Badger is a Cardinal. Honey Badger don't give a s--t.

If he'd been on the board in 6th or 7th, and I were Ireland, I'd have picked him just to see Philbin's face.


we can certainly us a guard who is versatile.....its not like jerry is some stud--gives us some options on O line, it sounds like--Tackle plan must be one of the free agents, which is ok

Seeing Armstead off the board they probably figured they needed to move on the next highest rated OL now and not risk losing him later

As I said a cb, guard n ot would be drafted today. Jeffy is preparing for all the fa losses thr next 2 years. Thomas by all consensus Is a guard.

Not a coincidence that jerry n incognito are soon to be fa's.

unnecessary trade

we traded pick for what

Miami traded back into the 3rd round

NO doesn't have any 3rd RD picks, what did we trade for???

Dolphins trade pick 86 for 106 & 109

WTH happened to our #82 pick? I thought we had #82 in the 3rd rd also.

Fins traded back for picks 106 and 109

see you tomorrow folks

Agreed Aturo,

I don't have a problem with the pick. Incognito on the other hand should be losing some sleep making over 5 mil this season...

Buys time to work out trade for Alberts, 2 4ths?

Giants showing us how you do things. Anothe solid pick with a DE

This is looking worse than the 2011 Draft.

so we started with 5 picks in first 82, and ended up with 3 players

Jeff loves fat guys, and the fact that his name is dallas, gives him a boner.

Why the hell is Ireland trading back??? How many rookies do we need? I hoped he would use the 11 picks on 4 or 5 quality players. Who needs more late rounders?

? Nfl network ignores the fins trade?

we have 3 4th rounders

I guess Ireland thinks 3rd round talent = 4th round talent this year? Who knows with this guy.

Incognito isn't going anywhere this year. Thomas will be depth this year and start next year.

I Can See D. Thomas Starting.

Incognito Is On The Way Out. OR He Can Start At RT As A Rookie.

hey dusty.....its not like we have that many roster spots available

Overall, things are looking up. Next year we look to draft LT, S, TE and we should be in really good shape.

I see no reason why we shouldn't earn a playoff spot this year. Anything less I will consider a failure.

So 5 picks in first 3 Rounds, we end up with 3 players, one of which is a OG/OT or whatever he sucks less at, pathetic, so many hope and anticipation down the drain

dont get this trade at all....are we increasing our allowed roster to 60?

ESPN hasn't said squat about the Thomas pick or the trade with the Saints unless I missed it.


you're right. NFL Network didn't make any mention. they were interviewing honey badger.

benz he just added picks

is quality over quantity a bad thing for you guys all of a sudden?--not sure what half you dudes want....

So, Miami has three 4th round picks and three 5th round picks? There's gotta be some trades in the works I would think

ESPN went downhill after they spent 15 minutues talking about the Honey Badger which nobody gives 2 ***** about

Im out until tomorrow. Our draft day is done.

Three 4th rounders??? I'd rather we trade back up & take one of these RB's.

i know dusty but you dont know what he's gonna do with them.....you all act like all these guys taken in the 3rd and 4th (and 2nd) are definite studs/starters......a bunch of these guys, from every team, wont have much of an impact at all--too caught up in the rankings/mocks, etc.....

@BenVolinPBP: #Dolphins now have 104, 106 and 109 to start off tomorrow's fourth round. That's the 7th, 9th and 12th picks of the round...

Buys time to work out trade for Alberts, 2 4ths?

Posted by: Rdubs | April 26, 2013 at 09:41 PM

I think you're right. Chiefs probably undecided.

Maybe talent level will still be there if it falls thru. And fins will have more picks.

I would imagine that whoever Ireland had rated as 3rd round talent was gone so he decided to trade out to pick up more picks for tomorrow. We have plenty of ammo to trade up or for picks next year.

There goes Jordan Reed - another great TE off the board.

We are gunna draft more pieces of crap instead of an impact player.

We will draft another Josh Kaduu or something crappy.


we signed like 96 free agents, and have added several generally highly thought of college kids through 3 rounds--whats the problem?

Ireland continues to F up another draft....we got 2more 4th rounders that will be suck and ultimately be cut before the season starts. I thought Spillman was bad

Tomorrow, between the 5-7 round, Miami needs to select Dustin Hopkins, K Florida State.

Dan 'I should of been a ' Carpenter and his 3 mil salary needs to go

Strengths..."Potential as tackle or guard. Plays with natural bend in knees and flexibility. Excellent agilty. Can pull"

Weaknesses..."lacks foot quickness> Must get stronger lower body. Will give up ground against powerful defenders especially when he fails to land punch correctly"

This was pretty much typical of several reports I READ

Bobby, didn't say Incognito was going anywhere this year. He & Jerry are goners at the end of the season.

Been saying it for weeks. This draft is deep & expect alot of trade downs. 3 Fours & 3 Fives.

Jeffy is using these picks to find eventual replacements for the almost 2 dozen Fa's the next 2 years. They'll have time to develop them.

With us having high cap numbers the next few years, there is no way to resign our guys except Jones & Pouncey.

This is where Jeff ireland will prove his worth. Can he retool the roster with cheaper draft picks? We`re gonna need them.

It's do or die time Jeffy.

Jordan Reed is another "great" TE?.....really?--maybe decent.....solid......possibly solid?--we'll see, but "great" is a little strong, Gator


so much for this year being a better draft..........nuttin but tweeners & projects.\\

Fire him NOW ROSS!

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