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Dolphins pick OT Dallas Thomas in the third round

The Dolphins have selected offensive lineman Dallas Thomas in the third round of the NFL draft.

He has played both left tackle and right tackle. In 2012, he played guard.

"I can do it all. I can play left or right tackle," Thomas said.

Thomas said his move to guard proves his versatility. It can be argued it shows coaches wanted improvement at the tackle spot.

Thomas will have to fit into Miami's zone blocking scheme.

"I think I can fit in any type of offense because I'm athletic enough to get the job done," he said.

 The Dolphins, meanwhile, have traded the pick (82) to New Orleans for (106) and (109). Both the new picks are fourth rounders.


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Thud goes the 2013 draft

Why the hell is Ireland trading back??? How many rookies do we need? I hoped he would use the 11 picks on 4 or 5 quality players. Who needs more late rounders?

Posted by: Bodine | April 26, 2013 at 09:42 PM

It makes perfect sense if you think about it.

2 dozen FA's the next 2 years. High cap numbers the next 3 years & limited cap space.

How do you replace them/ with cheaper draft picks.

This has been the plan for weeks. You could tell thats where it was heading. this is the necessary step to take.

Whether Ireland can make it work is the only question but, the approach, to me, is the right one to take.

agree about grabbing Hopkins or Sturgis in 4 or 5....we got the picks and could save a bunch cutting Carpenter, who's been mediocre

So we have now gave up 2 picks in the top 100 and now have 8 picks in the bottom of the weakest draft in years. I don't get it.

So out of 5 picks in the first 82 we had before the draft started, we ended up with a skinny DE, a short CB and a fat guard. All 3 won't be starting in 2013. Great job Ireland!

ok, wouldnt Barkley be worth one of our 4s at this point?--Moore only signed for 2 years......cheap backup QB, young......not much risk in Rd 4

A lot of great players left, we can get three of the best 15 tomorrow.

OK...so moving Bess, clearing cap space and trading down could mean the plan is to send one or two of the fourths for Albert. if so that is pretty good wheeling and dealing by JI

can we swap our draft picks for the eagles draft picks? it almost seemed as though philidelphia picked the guys we needed... the sad thing is, is that miami could have picked everyone of those guys the eagles drafted. take a look at philly's picks and tell me that you would NOT rather their selections..lane johnson...

Constant complaining about our Dolphins!! If most of you are such NFL experts why aren't you being paid for your WEALTH of knowledge. STFU and support the TEAM. Do you seriously think that Ross and Ireland are trying to hurt the TEAM??? Grow the F#$% up!!!

Man! You guys are negative! The guy killed it in free agency.. I think ballsy pick dion Jordan..and got a good cb and oline man...TE would be nice but Wht is everyone bitching about.. Look I could stand what he did previous years but think he deserves somecredit. It's all in the coaches now. This roster is pretty damn nice. Ryan swoope would be nice pick up

I agree with you GREG G.
I really like the FA and the draft so far and This is a deep draft.

Greene still available.......Ellington too......there are actually a bunch of decent prospects still available, and will be in Rd 4


No offensive weapons. No TE, no receiver, ugh. Average OL guy, big reach pass rusher, no name DB.

Always next year....

I'm not a fan of trading back in the heat of the third round with good players going off the board like Jordan reed bad job there

Get Lattimore tomorrow

I am waiting for the Dolphins to draft a mensch.

Yes, Barkley would be a good pick at this point. Miami will need to trim some of the payroll with Keller, Grimes, Starks, Solia, Incognito, and Odrick ( 6 Starters) all FA next year

Dolfan Rick.....everybody agrees that this is the "deepest" draft in awhile......nobody said weakest

Here's nother I was able to cut and paste. He didn't do the combine & pro-day because of torn labrum...sheesh another torn labrum


He began his Volunteer career at left tackle but moved inside for his senior season, where he earned All-SEC accolades, so versatility is a major plus. His long reach and wide (yet balanced frame) make him a suitable tackle, while his solid footwork and agility allowed him to excel in the run game at Tennessee. He's durable, too, as he didn't miss one start in his final 37 collegiate games.


He can be a bit of a lunger when attacking defenders, and combined with having a tendency to stop moving his feet, is susceptible to quick outside rushers. He's somewhat of an unknown in terms of not participating at the combine or his pro day, so teams will have to go on interviews and game film and won't be able to compare him to other linemen. He doesn't pull all that well for an interior lineman, meaning a power-blocking scheme will be a better fit than a zone-blocking scheme.

We don't have the Saints 106th selection....it was traded to the Jets for Chris Ivory.

No offensive weapons? Did you miss FA?

J Franklin still around too.....

These constant complainers cannot possibly be Dolphin fans they have to be Jets or Pats fans just looking to drag us down. We have had a fantastic off season and are set up to improve in the coming years because Ireland has not blown up the cap.

hey Boring.....ever heard of guys like Keller and Wallace?......Gibson and Hartline arent terrible either?--you been overseas?

All 3 Players Could've Been 1st Rounders. And D. Jordan Was/Is The Best Defensive Playmaker In The Draft. A Top 3 Pick.

Ireland Has Done A Great Job So Far. And We Have At Least 5 Picks Tomorrow.

Ireland traded the 2nd third round pick which makes no sense! He could have drafted Stegman Baily. All he acquires is another player with less talent that could be cut within 1 or 2 years. Not a very good move. Ireland is obsessed with the trade down even when there is not an advantage to do so.

It's a bad draft so far because none of the draft picks will be starting in 2013. You guys consider this a good draft so far? 0 starters in the first three rounds!

read that this guy is a top 50 pick and we got him at 77...and he is an excellent pulling guard his best strength....sounds like the kind of OG our coach wants

offer KC a single 4th for alberts if not walk away....still would like to see

Thought Ireland was going to find impact players?!?!
Trading Bess just to jump up a few places in the 4th???
Trading a 3rd for another 4th??? Now that's the Jeffrey I know!!!
This 2nd day of Fins Draft is a real yawner!

The Saints received the 106th from the Jets and then N.O. traded it to us along with 109.

wow marcus, you dont know much

I am not a fan of trading out of the draft completely . Like Jeff has a habit of doing before its over we will have 80 7th round picks do you know what I mean he needs to learn to sit and make the damn pick when Terran armstead got picked he freaked out that was our target and he then panicked

Thinking, Ireland is getting multiple picks in 4th as part as getting picks to use in Albert trade.

Nothing wrong with what we have done?

Cocoajoe - cant believe football players get hurt. Sheesh.

He Can Still Draft S. Bailey. Bailey Should Be There In The 4th.

Do We Have 3 Picks In The 4th?

Matt Barkley Will Be A 6th Rounder.


As someone who just had a torn Labrum repaired, They are no joke. Rehab is key. I was going 3 days a week for 4 months. Obviously everyone heels different. I was actually considered a quick healer believe it or not. It's pretty much 6 months before you can lift again. And the doctors recommend you wait till 9 months after surgery before going hard.

Am I wrong? Do you honestly think any of the guys we have drafted so far will be starters in 2013? Maybe I am wrong, enlighten me!

The only two impact players in this draft for us this year will be Jordan and Taylor (we hope). They will be starting for the fins. With the rest of the picks you hope to catch lighting in a bottle or players for the future. You are hoping that you can get the next Reshad Jones but chances are you end up with the next Michael Egnew. That is why it is not a bad strategy to collect as many picks as possible to improve your chances of hitting on a player.

A bunch of complaining little girls on here tonight. Our 1st 3 picks will be day 1 starters....AGAIN ALL # WILL BE DAY 1 STARTERS!! WTH are you all smoking?

dashi it's not like your opinion counts for much. Lacy at 12? Long to sign at Irelands price?

...and ESPN doesn't even bother to report the MiA & NO trade...still being distracted by this channel!!! Clicking over to NFL Network!

We have this picks: 104,106,109,146,164,166,224,250

Yes, Barkley would be a good pick at this point. Miami will need to trim some of the payroll with Keller, Grimes, Starks, Solia, Incognito, and Odrick ( 6 Starters) all FA next year

Posted by: Jon | April 26, 2013 at 10:01 PM
You maybe right, need to keep drafting a QB....not necessarily low rounds . We don't know for sure about Tannehill, maybe this year we will. I like the Ron Wolfe school of thought on this

Yes 3 in 4th AND 3 in 5th.

Dion Jordan will be a starter, though he'll be on a rotation with Odrick and Vernon. Jamar Taylor will def be a starter. Come on!At worst, he'll be the nickel. Thomas will depend on what Miami does with the rest of FA and the health of Murphy and the weight of Jerry.

Dophins are now back on the clock.

Benz, I was thinking the same thing about snagging a QB if available. I'd take Nassib, though, over Barkley. Very accurate, with great pocket poise. Strong enough arm to make all the throws, though it isn't a cannon. Remember some bozo had him going #8 to Buffalo?! Moore and Devlin are decent #2 and #3 guys, but they don't have the potential to be any better than that. Pick a QB every draft--you never know when you'll find a someone who turns into a star due to injury (Brady and Bledsoe).

Just traded up

Guys, I am loving this draft! Ireland is nailing it. I have bashed Ireland when he has messed up many times over the past few years...But, have to be fair...he is doing great. If you can't see it, you are just blinded by your hate for Ireland. Wake up & cheer!

I Love Jeff Fisher.

How I Love Him.


This Guy Is Putting On A Clinic On How Not To Draft.

We're back in at 93!!

I would think this is..ah hell, I have no clue who they'll pick

Lacy At GB.

Dolphins Just Traded Back.

Barkley sucks, 32 out of 32 GM's have confirmed this.

Meanwhile the Pats are STILL drafting lol

Needed a TE badly. Keller is a stopgap, gone after one year.

Needed a true bruising running back. We have none. Thomas is always in the Emergency Room and UM guy is quick but hardly brutal.

Glad to see Incognito days numbered, what is he, about 50 now?

One bright spot is if they get the kicker people have raved about....Dustin...? .....at least it's offense lol

I'm sorry for the negativity, but Jeff Ireland has done nothing to earn the trust of this fan-base. His drafts have been awful since day one so why give him the benefit of the doubt now??? The Dallas Thomas pick is terrible and the trade with New Orleans, unless these picks are sent in a package to KC for Albert, was a terrible move.

Ireland now has the Dolphins with three 4th round picks and three 5th round picks. Jeff has a great ability to outsmart himself. Way to go Jeff!

I hope we find some hidden gems in the next few rounds...

NO BARKLEY!! Note to blog... Until USC has sent up a QB that actually works out for a team long term.... Don't take USC QB's...

If you're feeling the need to grad a QB to develop... a good platform to start a nice Developmental job on is
Matt Scott, QB, Arizona
Height: 6-3. Weight: 196. Hand: 9.08
40 Time: 4.69.

Walter Football say's this....
There are a lot of teams that are intrigued by him. Scott has some nice developmental talent. He had a quality performance at the East-West Shrine and looks like a nice player to groom as a backup. At the Combine, Scott ran well and looked good throwing the ball.
Scott was previously a backup to Nick Foles, but used the 2012 season to make a statement that he is pro prospect in his own right. Scott showed nice dual-threat ability as a runner and passer this year. The senior completed 60 percent of his passes for 3,620 yards with 27 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. He also ran for 632 yards (506 net) with six touchdowns.

That is the sort of guy who can be coached up.... Miami got 2 4th round picks for the 82nd over all.... Not a necessary move... but great value when you are looking to keep you cap in check for two or three expensive signings nest year... Miami either replaces or pay's Soliai & Starks... I say 1 stay's one get's jobbed....

DRAFT RYAN SWOPE to replace Devon Bess... Dude was one of the fastest guys in combine and has GREAT hands... A&M guy with ties and experience with Tannehill and Sherman...


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