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Dolphins pick OT Dallas Thomas in the third round

The Dolphins have selected offensive lineman Dallas Thomas in the third round of the NFL draft.

He has played both left tackle and right tackle. In 2012, he played guard.

"I can do it all. I can play left or right tackle," Thomas said.

Thomas said his move to guard proves his versatility. It can be argued it shows coaches wanted improvement at the tackle spot.

Thomas will have to fit into Miami's zone blocking scheme.

"I think I can fit in any type of offense because I'm athletic enough to get the job done," he said.

 The Dolphins, meanwhile, have traded the pick (82) to New Orleans for (106) and (109). Both the new picks are fourth rounders.


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Bailey's gone though. Damn Fisher!

At Least Lacy Got Drafted By A Good Team. With An Opportunity To Start Right Away.

When Is Matt Barkley Going.?

Miami has the 2nd largest Jewish population in the US other than New York City.

Ryan Nassib would be a great "mensch" pick.

Then trade Moore.

Forget Thomas on the right side. He will get his shot on the left.

The pick is Will Davis?

all the wind has been taken out of my freeagency sail...what was supposed to be a draft that exploited what miami had done in freeagency turned into a nightmare..i'm saying it here, i'm saying it now, without doubt...MIAMI WILL MISS THE PLAYOFFS, AGAIN...truly sad after such a great freeagency period...the draft did not upgrade the left tackle position, nor did it correct third and short(move the chains), it did not add believable blitz pick-up protection in the form of a real powerback threat who would also make playaction more credable, the draft did however address the defensive backfield(sadly with a late pick) was this guy even in anybody's top ten? this draft didn't even address upcoming salary issues at the defensive tackle position..passing on a top left tackle, should have at least netted us a dominant top player....and it didn't even do that, miami could have even took those good picks and parlayed them into 2014 additional one's and two's, but we didn't even do that. our selections stink-------grade F

Green Bay got the 12th pick of the 4th and pick 13 in the 5th.

Will Davis, CB Utah. Good Pick!


You are right to a degree benz. One scout said he rated 65 players with 2nd rd grades. He said some of those will trickle down to the 3rd and 4th.

I just don't like that we traded a 2 and 3 where we could have had 1st dibs on some of those players.

Lots of good ones still there though. Poyer, Patton, Franklin, and Rambo to name a few.

The Rams get both receivers Miami wanted. Fisher laughing.

M. Scott Has Been On My Mock As A 4th Or 5th.

He Is A Better Project Than Barkley.

What good is having extra 4th and 5th round players? The one's that make the team will have less talent and ability to make plays. I have supported Jeff Ireland's moves and indicated that he had a good offseason but Jeff is F'n up again.

Oscar, did you learn anything tonight? I hope so.


both networks = terrible coverage not 1 word on fins trade down ; hope Darick Rogers, WR available

Will Davis, CB, Utah State
Height: 5-11. Weight: 186. Arm: 31 1/4. Hand: 8 3/8.
40 Time: 4.51.
Projected Round (2013): 3-5.

4/24/13: Davis had an impressive senior season in which he demonstrated special athleticism alongside a rare combination of size and speed.

Davis went on a tear during the second half of the season, snagging an interception per game in five straight games. He displayed excellent ball skills in 2012, recording 17 passes broken up. Davis' 22 total passes defensed led the nation. He also had 54 tackles with 4.5 tackles for a loss.

Did you know Ross's grandpappy's name was Roscovich?

NFL needs a Jewish QB. Pick Nassib somewhere.

i can't believe that were almost 4 rounds into this and miami has absolutely nothing to show for it. may as well have traded every single one of those crappy picks for the top NFL left tackle in the league.

Expect Some Of Those Veteran CBs Getting Cut In Training Camp.

Another Possible First Rounder.

Great Job By Ireland. 4 Players That All Could've Went In The First Round.

Nothing wrong with what we have done?

Cocoajoe - cant believe football players get hurt. Sheesh.

Posted by: Dolfan13131313 | April 26, 2013 at 10:06 PM
Just a comment about torn labrums...Jordan also didn't do combine because of it. Say, are you one of those sensitive 'don't you even sound like you're critizing Jeff Ireland or I'll get mad' types?

I guess the Will Davis pick is Nolan Carroll, meet the door.

Bill Belichick has probably made more trade downs for extra picks than anyone else in the NFL the past decade.

So, absolutely, you guys are 100% right about what a bad strategy it is. It's amazing the NFL isn't ringing your phones off the hooks with job offers.


Uh possible first rounder, no. Ireland getting too cute here? We've seen that before.

Have to wonder if Richard Marshall is getting moved to safety. He played it some in Arizona and was pretty solid. Patton and his 5 mil salary should call a real estate agent ASAP

Let me get this right he trades out of the 15th pick in the third round gains one 4th and one 5ith. trades back into the third round at pick 31 at the cost of a fourth a fifth and a seventh?

Nolan Carrol was a 5th rd pick, this kid is a 3rd rd pick. Either Carroll or Jimmy Smith were just handed their walking papers.

At least one of the fa cb's too.

Will Davis?


Has anyone heard of anyone Miami drafted this year?

When I say fa cb its 2012.

I cant stand when they do this... a whole consensus of players listed and they have to be different. If they would have taken the Off Lineman like they should have with the first pick they could have then taken a defensive lineman with this pick and likely made out better. The don't need to worry so much about depth in later rounds, they need bonafide play makers, no projects. Hell im not even sold on our QB he didn't show me anymore then any decent discussed qb does out of the draft. Im not sure he is even better then Henne at this point.

This from CBS SPORTS on Will Davis:

COMPARES TO: Richard Marshall, Dolphins -- Like the former Carolina Panthers second round pick (2006), Davis has intriguing natural athleticism for coverage and ball skills and may only need greater physicality to emerge as a starter in the NFL.

@flasportsbuzz: Pro Football Weekly says Davis "should contribute initially in sub packages before developing into a No. 2" Davis, Taylor, D. Patterson,......

Not that the retard population is really ever under control around here, but unfortunately when big events take place its like opening a state fair in here.

Here is the rundown from Walter Football concerning Miami's #93 pick

Will Davis, CB, Utah State
Height: 5-11. Weight: 186. Arm: 31 1/4. Hand: 8 3/8.
40 Time: 4.51.
Projected Round (2013): 3-5.
4/24/13: Davis had an impressive senior season in which he demonstrated special athleticism alongside a rare combination of size and speed. Davis went on a tear during the second half of the season, snagging an interception per game in five straight games. He displayed excellent ball skills in 2012, recording 17 passes broken up. Davis' 22 total passes defensed led the nation. He also had 54 tackles with 4.5 tackles for a loss.

Another well thought through... solid acquisition at a place or need.... All the needy spots have been well addressed... Miami still has a nice handful of picks to take some shots at some WR/TE/RB options...

Try and keep one thing in Mind... Miami bought into a BUNCH of Free Agent players. Guaranteed cash is out there. Miami gets 53 players... Period...

Start by looking at the Roster (all of it),,, Than lay the draft picks down next to the roster... Now get ready in a few days to lay ANOTHER roster full of UFA, invites and camp fodder trying to make the team.... Only 5... MAYBE 7 of these picks will be here in September..... The math is cruel man.... The math is DAMN cruel.....

Good Jon Ireland, haters will always Hate.
Amazinf FA, and great draft.

Makes sense what Ireland did. Traded out of the 3rd and picked up 2 4ths, then traded back in. Clever maneuver to giain an extra 4th rd pick and still pick in the 3rd rd.

Will Davis looks like a very solid 3rd rd pick.

Love 3rd, 4th round handwringing. Bunch of draft nerds with their Athlon draft guides having a fit cuz the Dolphins didn't take a "name" player with the 90th pick in the draft. This just in: Jimmy Graham doesn't come along every year, folks. Just accept the fact that it's a dice roll from now on.

Ross will be delighted at the exciting playmakers this draft has added to the team!! Seats should be full now lol

The draft feels like a let down so far.

No TE and no WR for starters, especially with the Bess trade.

Keller was hurt a lot last year and his backups have never performed at a high level. Egnew hasn't performed at all.

With Bess (a good player) gone, one would think the Dolphins would want a replacement. Wallace is a speed WR. Hartline is decent, but he can struggle to get open. Gibson was not resigned by the Rams - a team with a screaming need for WRs before this draft.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but it seems the Dolphins could have done better in this draft.

What happens if Taylor is the only starter on openning day after entering the draft with 11 picks, including 5 of the top 100?

I like the Taylor pick. I'm uncertain about Jordan.

..If you guys want to see Davis..Check out the Senior Bowl. I'm psyched on this pick too. Couldn't tell you one thing about The guard/tackle. So it is pointless to complain or celebrate about him. Been on the Davis bandwagon since Jan..Much better cover man then say the Honey Badger. Should fit into nickel, or dime packages.

Ireland better hope that Tannehill becomes a franchise QB. He has given him no help in the draft. In fact, he may get him killed this year. Jonathen Martin on his blind side and Garner at RT, Yikes!

Ireland will probably lose his job this year. All those picks at the beggining of the draft and what do we have to show for it. Two possible starters.

Bailey's gone though. Damn Fisher!
Posted by Yesterday's Gone
Why is it Fisher's fault when Ireland traded down for no advantage. The obsessed with trading down Dolphin GM could have had Bailey if he did not trade down. Now Jeff will have more players with less talent and more players who will not make the team.

I wish Jon Ireland was our GM!

Sight unseen, he's better than Jeff!

Great job by Ireland thus far this offseason addressing pass rush and coverage issues on defense.

Hasn't grabbed a safety yet because last year's defensive issue wasn't getting beat over the top due to poor safety play.

20012's defensive were inconsistent pass rush, plain avg lb corps, and cb's not getting enough int's or passes defense. Always tackle after the catch.

The Rams get both receivers Miami wanted. Fisher laughing.

Posted by: Bodine | April 26, 2013 at 10:17 PM

Miami poached Brandon Gibson, The WR who ranked first in the NFL in first down conversions and second in total yards and points in St. Louis right off Fisher's team.... But before doing that... They Humiliated Fisher by welcoming Mike Wallace to Miami despite St.Louis offering $5 Million more per year and more guaranteed cash.... Wallace wanted to play in Miami... Not for a coach who is a replica of Norv "Almost, but missed it by THAT much" Turner....

Ross and Ireland sending tickets to nearest soup line to Fisher and his green a"zzz Wide outs.....

Winston Will be a Dolphin next season + Paterson or Marshall will be cut, and Carpenter should be worried too. If we trade for Albert will be for a late pick.


It's not a clever move when there is better talent that he does not draft.

all i'm hearing is that ireland is making bold moves,,,,did the meaning of the word BOLD change in the past 24 hours? i'm going to go online and look at the latest and up to date version of webster's dictionary...this will only take a minute....GOT IT. here it is ---BOLD: dumbfounding, to act out in a unwarranted and unexpecting manner, an irrational and spontanaity response to pressure
let me add---to make insignificant and bonehead selections with premium picks in the NFL draft...
boo!.boooooooooooooooooooo! what a let down, i can't believe it. i can't believe we passed on the talent that was out there.....unbelievable.

...Did you guys ever think that Steadman Bailey isn't the type of receiver Ireland wants? You guys all love him so of course the team must have loved him too. I'm not saying he is a bad player. I just think you guys are undervaluing his size. There are a ton of factors as to why thay we don't know about. We can't assume because one of these guys is on our wish list makes it the right fit for the team.

Great draft so far. We got the drafts best pass rucher. 2 cb's that will probably be our starters in 2 years. and upgraded our right guard.

We still need a TE, WR, RB. Kellar cannot block.

Ireland addressed every grave issue on defense this offseason in fa and draft.

I love skilled offensive players too, but did you guys notice the qb's we're playing against 11 of our 16 games in 2013? We weren't going to just outscore them all with a bunch of young green offensive skill players.

Especially when we had far too many defensive issues to be addressed. The qb list we face this season is far greater than the sum of qb's we faced last season.

Here is a crazy thought Matt Barkley with our first 4th.

You guys love when New England stock piles QB's. Hell its the Green Bay Packer way. Take Matt push Tanhill his sophmore year. And if all works out peachy you might get to trade one of them for say a 1st in a year or two.

Barkley has to be better than Devlin. Even though I think Philbin likes him.

most of the guys you are going to get in the 4th on down are going to get cut anyway. Why not get a player many thought would be drafted first round last year. We can make him a trade up project for future years.

Go Dolphins! Better than a kicker.


Dion JOrdan was the top DE/OLB prospect in the draft. The guy was fast enough to cover slot receivers in college! He frees up double teams on Wake. He is a tremendous pick. Jamar Taylor is amazing value at 54. Dallas Thomas ranks in the top 50 on many pundits boards and we got him at #77. Will Davis- #93. Another solid pick. All of you worried about the CB position need not worry any more.

% picks left- two in the 4th- two in the fifth- one in the seventh. As far as those of you wanting a TE or WR, there is Ryan Swope at WR and Dion Simms at TE. Shamrko Thomas at Safety. IF we can get two of those three with those 4th round picks, this will be a highly successful draft.


Forget about Bailey, the talent 10, 15 or 24 picks later can be diluted. All the Dolphins will have is more players to cut and less talent on the roster.

Excellent job by Ireland!!! All thumbs up in this Draft. He has turned this mediocre slow footed defense into a "speed kills" D.
1. Upgraded our linebackers to two young, aggressive guys who can play with speed.
2. Drafted Dion Jordan who will immediately take the pressure off Wake and with a little bulk can possibly become a premier pass rusher in this league. Ireland finally took a chance instead of staying with a vanilla pick.
3. Drafted a CB in Jamal Taylor who is not only super quick, 4.3 40 but a guy who should have gone in the first round.
4. Drafted an OG who will add depth and replace Incognito next year. PFF said Dallas Thomas will be an excellent lineman in the zone blocking scheme. He is a system fit.
5. Drafted Will Davis, another excellent, quick defender.
This Dolphin defense has had a MAJOR upgrade.

Jamar Taylor reminds me a bit of Jamar Fletcher and Jason Taylor, while Will Davis reminds me a bit of Will Allen and Vontae Davis. The Dolphins must like these name games.


You never seemed like a Bailey guy from the beginning, so I forgive you.

Im not just looking at the draft, Im looking at the hole picture, how Ireland's draft moves thus far has so coincided with his fa moves. He's now addressed weaknesses on the defense we forgot to even think about.

So, if we lost Stedman Bailey due to Irelands thoroughness of addressing this defense. Its a pill I very easily swallow. And, you know what a big Stedman Bailey homer I was.


It also now looks we'll have 4very good corners. We're very good at both starting corners. Also, now look very good at both our nickel and dime.

No more real weak links. But I guess the less knowlegeble fans don't yet see that. They said that Coyle is a db guru, now I believe it.

No more weak links in the entire cb corps. Only thing that can stand an upgrade now his Chris Clemons at safety. That can be done in 201's fa or draft.

This is the way good football teams are built and ran. We are utilizing this draft for its strengths.
The twelfth spot was not considered to be any better than the top of the second, so we traded up and got what could be an elite player(graded as best pass rusher in the draft).
With a strong third day showing, we have acquired a plethora of picks that will further enforce the transformation of a team of plodders to a team of licketty-split athletes.
The transition is to speed and youth--get used to it. The best of the young get resigned and the rest get moved.

Lattimore, Ellington and Franklin available at RB.

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