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Dolphins pick OT Dallas Thomas in the third round

The Dolphins have selected offensive lineman Dallas Thomas in the third round of the NFL draft.

He has played both left tackle and right tackle. In 2012, he played guard.

"I can do it all. I can play left or right tackle," Thomas said.

Thomas said his move to guard proves his versatility. It can be argued it shows coaches wanted improvement at the tackle spot.

Thomas will have to fit into Miami's zone blocking scheme.

"I think I can fit in any type of offense because I'm athletic enough to get the job done," he said.

 The Dolphins, meanwhile, have traded the pick (82) to New Orleans for (106) and (109). Both the new picks are fourth rounders.


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Vonte Davis and Sean Smith were decent, not outstanding corners. But after VD and Smith, we were absolutely horrible.

What a difference a year now makes. CB even more fortified with the last pick.

i cant believe how many dumb comments are on this board......shocking really.....including mine

The draft feels like a let down so far.

No TE and no WR for starters, especially with the Bess trade.

Ya know, Sigh....

If what you have gathered through free agency and this draft so far for the dolphins is what you have written in your [10:30 PM] Post... I can only offer you a couple of options...

1. Kill yourself..... Right now.... Just do it man.. Put the barrel in your mouth and start toeing at the trigger till you see a bright light at the end of long tunnel.... Do It! Do it RIGHT NOW!

2. Bypass #1... and just go away... You know?... Leave. Leave town... Vamoose, scram, split, cut-bait... Kick Rocks.... I suggest I-95 North until they wear ugly green jerseys and whine about everything......

Now... here is what I REALLY hope for you...
3. Grow up. Stop Whining like a little B!^*H... get off the hem of Mommie dress... I picture your nazely, hanky using, high water wearing.... coke bottle lens goofy a"zzzz OOZING loser...

Step up man..... If you under 25, join the service. NOT THE AIR FORCE... Go be a grunt for a few years... Hell, go grease some tank torsion bars.... Fire a few shots in anger.... Kill a Hadji or six.... Set off an IED and get some bloody ears and some context to live your life....

I've seen and read less drama and "poor little ol' me, I'm going out to eat worms" from 18 year old 100 miles and the first time away from mommy...

Damn.... You make me wanna smoke good tobacco man... You need some context.....

OK Bobbyd12 you are convincing me. Ireland has concentrated on the defense.

My only concern now is the RT position. What do we do there. Winston is the happiest guy right now. Fins are probably on the phone trying to ink him now. I don't like Winston but hopefully he can be adequate for us. I can't imagine that they are considering Garner to be the starting RT.

I am guessing Kiper and McShay will give the fins a C on this draft. Chucky will give us a D. They are all going to say that we did not address the Tackle position in the draft, our weakest position going in.

Something that you stat freaks may like about our CBs that we drafted is that both are super quick. Look at their ten yard split, cone and shuttle times. Davis had the fastest ten yard split in the forty that I have seen.
Another quality these two posses that I think we all will agree has been missing and much needed in our secondary is ball skills.
So before you start criticizing that we didn't get Milliner or the "honey badger", know what you are knocking.

Unless the Miami throws in a number 2 from next year this Albert trade is dead. Kansas City will just hold onto him for another year, and play Fisher at RT. Ireland had his chance Dorsey is not just going to give him away. The only thing Ireland did was back himself into a corner. Kansas City has the Cap room and does not have aproblem holding on to him.

......@Breeze @10:58


budtki, you are a dumb sob...get a clue man, the phins have had a dominant draft...i think they made a mistake not grabbing ssteadman bailey but i understand what they are doing. they locked up all needs today and tomorrow JI has 4 picks to find something special.

JI would be wise to draft ryan swoopes, cierre wood and uzzi oreggami

Mckinnie AND Winston can both be signed for less than what Fat Albert wants (likely on 1 year deals). We would have all of our picks next year and can wait out a band aid year with one of those two guys at a tackle spot and pick our LT next year. We are backed into no corner!

Come on man--Albert again. Do you not get it? We are not going to take him, unless the Cheifs give him to us to take him off their hands.

R u guys even fin fans? Do u watch colllege ball? Do u watch tape and highlights and read abiut these three that were drafted by the phins...GREAT PICKS IRELAND WE NEED THEM ALL..great draft so far and good moves u made in F.A WE R A GOOD TEAM NOW AND 100% A PLAYOFF CONTENDER AS OF NOW ANX WE STILL GOT EIGHT PICKS I THINK AND F.A AINT OVER AND ANOTHER TWO MILL FROM BESS TRADE... DO U GUYS REMEMBER 7\11 CHRIS HOGAN?? Think he will be back for camp?

If you're like me, you're questioning lotsa moves, including Long, Bess, and of course losing Bush to an unproven Miller and an injury prone power- lacking Thomas.

But if we kept these guys, who were popular with all the fans and were good leaders, and if we kept Dansby and Burnett and Smith, what would we have? The same 7-9 Dolphins.

Forget Ireland. The Dolphins have two basic questions. One, will Tannehill improve to become a top ten QB. Two, can this coaching staff coach and make the right game decisions.

We'll find out soon enough.

Listen, I too have been an Ireland critic in the past. But for the Love of God, let's give this guy a break. The critics come out of the closet before the names of these guys's even comes out of the commissioners mouth! Let's see what we've got, this thing is nothing more than an educated crap-shoot, we won't know for at least two years how good this class will be. I believe the draft is a cyclic thing and that your luck is bound to come around every few years. Maybe it's our turn again to hit on some Dwight Stevensons' and Mark Dupers'!

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