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Dolphins pick UF linebacker, Michigan State TE in 4th

The Dolphins picked up a linebacker and tight end with their two fourth round picks today.

The Dolphins spent a lot of money revamping their linebacker corps in free agency but with their first pick of the fourth round (104 overall) the team picked linebacker Jelani Jenkins.

With the (160th pick the team picked TE Dion Sims of Michigan State.

Jenkins is a WLB. He's very similar to Josh Kaddu who the team drafted last season and is hoping to use more as a pass rusher.

Jenkins missed four games due to multiple injuries in 2012. Durability is a big issue with this player.

Jenkins was a fine cover linebacker in college. He had one interception last season.

"I hope to be able to help out as fast as I can," Jenkins said. "However I can do that, I'll do whatever the coaches ask me to."

Sims, 6-4 and 265 pounds, is a classic tight end type. He's burly. He's lumbering.

He does, however, seem to have good hands.

"I'm an all-around tight end and I can do everything," Sims said. "I came a long way. I've been putting a lot of work in. Blocking and catching is my specialty. I'm a versatile tight end."

In 2010, Sims was suspended from the team for his participation in a theft ring. So there's that.

"It's pretty much in the past and it's behind me," Sims said. "I learned a lot from that situation and not be so naive."

Sims said all the teams he spoke to asked him about the incident and he "told them the truth and the whole story."


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Well I guess defending Te's wont be a problem anymore.

...Dion Simms. Sweet for 2 tight ends sets..He is the H-Back. This will be an attacking formation for this offense next year!! Love it! Bye-bye Egnew..

That TE is a big dude

Yes Dion Simms. I love this pick. He is the TE the fins need. He can block. He is huge. Great red zone TE. Awesome pick!

Oh yeah, bye bye Charles Clay!


The team had FIVE TEs on the active roster last year. I don't believe this means the end of time here for Egnew. I don't see what that accomplishes.

By all accounts he's worked his tail of this offseason. Let's see what he's got before getting rid of him.

great picks. now trade up to get Barrett Jones.

I think the dolphin so far 'on paper' have done a solid job of drafting players so far. I guess there will be some who wanted all offensive playmakers, but so ar i'm happy with the type of picks made.

I disagreed with Omar Kelly yesterday when he said he preferred the Tolilo (I cannot remember how to spell it) from Stanford yesterday. I really like Simms here.

I guess they did not like Swope as much as I thought.


I don't know enough about this kid to comment. I like that they addressed the position and it helps that he blocks.

I've read a few things on him but I'll have to read more.

We have the ammo to trade back into the 4th round if need be.

Another LB (even if he is a good football player) and a blocking TE.

So, the Dolphins have 6 of the top 106 picks and they get 2 CB, 2 OLB, OL, and TE.

This, on a team with the 27th ranked offense and the 7th ranked defense.

8-8 in 2013.

2 New Fast LBs

2 Smart Quick CBs

And 1 Huge Prototypical TE.

The TE Were All Graded Pretty Close. Like I Said. If We Go TE It Was In The 4th Or Later.

These Picks Show 2 Things That I Like. The Coaches Believe In L. Miller and Feel R. Matthews Is A Capable #4.

Way To Do Work Ireland.

Oh and Expect The Fins To Go LT In Free Agency.

The Fins Can Save $10 Mil By Cutting Incognito and 1 Of The Veteran CBs. Sign Whoever They Want At LT. McKinney In My Book. He Already Has A Relationship With T-Hill and He Lives In Miami.

The fins have done a great overall job so far this off season. Only flaw was not adressing the RT position. Looking back on it now, we should have made a better effort to keep Jake Long. We had a great FA period and draft but the RT position could come back to hunt us.

Our Defense was no where near 7th. We were 21st in the NFL.

Barret Jones would be nice. Lattimore would be icing on the cake!

A bit of a shortsighted comment don't you think??
They addressed a buch of offensive needs in FA and those players will be ready to go day. Most of the draft picks in the same positions that we could get in the draft(if available) won't be.!

Dont give Ross a dime for his tickets, his jerseys, or his stadium until he PROVES he can have at least ONE winning season. This guy doesnt care about even trying to build a winner. Its ALL about the money for him. At least Jeff Loria won a World Championship BEFORE he asked for handouts. Ross has shown he can lose EVERY year and is OK with it. Well, Mr Ross the fans are not OK with perrenial losing, Thats why your stadium is empty on game days and why you wont get any charity for YOUR dwindling business.

Hey Sigh.... WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sigh are you stupid. they addressed the offense in FA. the draft has addressed the D.

So we have two picks late 5th round picks & then we're done???

After watching 30 years of Dolphin drafting, this years stupidity takes the cake.

OK there will be a pretty good RB available in the 5th round. Dashi Lattimore may actually be there. However, I beleive that Franklin and Stefan Taylor are still available.

Simms is a nice pick. He will complement Keller real nice in the red zone. Hopefully Keller will have a kick ass year but one day the Fins are going to have to come out of the dark and pick a Gronkowski type TE.

ESPN’s Mel Kiper said Jordan “wasn’t as dominant this year as I thought he could be.” But Jordan might not want to put on too much weight, either.




We Haven't Been Able To Cover TEs Or RBs Since Zach Retired.

Things Have Changed.

...Craig M..You are right.. I do hope Egnew works out. I just see this move as the missing link to the offense. I don't see Egnew as the H-Back. I really don't know how he will be used. Hopefully he has improved an finds niche where he can contribute.

The pessimism here is startling. I did nit realize we had all these former GM's as fans...

Jamar Taylor and now Dion Sims!

That's two from my Mock!

Sims is the complete package! He should make a good compliment too Keller!


Yeah you're right. Lets scratch off all the good work they did in FA. Adding Wallace, Keller, Gibson and re-signing Moore shouldn't count. Great point!

Jenkins will be a bench warmer- nice picture- looks like trouble- 1 st pick we have made this year that I don't agree with

If these jokers ever go 8-8 they'll throw a parade. LOL

Egnew wont make the roster this year.

Im guessing a WR and OL/ S in the 5th. For those wanting swope he will be there in the 5th

Yes, its very possible Daniel Thomas's replacement comes in the 5th rd. Icing on the cake would be if its Lattimore, but very doubtful.

Our Defense was no where near 7th. We were 21st in the NFL.


7th is points allowed. 21st in yards.

The Defense continued to break down in the 4th quarter.

Jets and Bills fans trolling here rather than weeping over their own teams.

Too bad Jets couldn't draft a coach!

We lost 13 starters. Can u say expansion team? LOL

Patton, Swope, and Darrick Rogers at WR are still available. One may still be there when we pick. This draft is deep we should have a pretty good pick available in the 5th round.

Just hope NE or Pittsburgh does;'t get barrette Jones.
Marquise (sp) Pouncey has injury issues, so the Steelers might go there. Circumstances have given them a great draft, and that will be one TOUGH division, assuming Cleveland improves.
I don't quite understand the Jenkins pick, unless the Fins are planning to trade Misi, but surely Misi is worth more than a 4th rounder? Maybe a 3rd rounder NEXT year?

I would like to see some competition for Carpenter, but not at the expense of a draft pick.

3 days of constant complaining and negativity. You are a; an embarrassment to the Dolphins. Why don't all the complainers become Jets or Bills fans. Then you will have something to complain about. Miami really does have the worst fans. This is the reason our stadium is always empty....even when we are winning our stadium is filled with the oppositions fans.

Dion Simms is a very very very good pick . Lamar can now turn corner!


I commend you on your ability to try and be positive.
The top CBs in this draft were Milliner, Trufant, Rhodes, Hayden we got none of those but the 2 we got will be starting.
The top OLs were Fisher, Joekel, Johnson, Fluker, Cooper & Warmack; we got none of those either but we did draft a gard in the 3rd who is also starting at RG and either Jerry or Garner will move out to RT, Martin is our LT.
The top TE were Eifert and Ertz and again we got none of them.

Like the LB pick, but disappointed it was not Khaseem Greene. Dude's a flat-out baller, and as a former safety, can cover the TE. He would've been a steal at that pick.


Posted by: Dashi | April 27, 2013 at 12:48 PM




Vazman, what exactly has Loria done? He won with Dombrowski's team! Only thing Loria has done was trade away Beckett, Lowell, Miggy, Jj, Reyes, Buerhle and any other player on the Marlins that makes any significant amount of money! Stanton will be next! Loria running this team into the ground just like he did the Expos. Learn Papo, LEARN!

Armando, wake up. You got it wrong. It was the 106th pick, not the 160th.

Our next pick, barring trades, are the 164th and 166th. Be on watch for us.

4O years without a SB win and 16 years without a playoff win and 5 years of consecutive losing BREEDS COMPLAINTS!

So Ireland engineered 5 picks in the top 92 into one starter and 3 special teamers.
To be fair on any of the other 31 teams in the league they would be special teamers.
On this team they are starters and better than anyone currently on our roster.

The QB's are finally coming off the board...

Really I was on board with most of the picks but we can only play so many guys on defense. I don't know this team needs another LB more than a Patton, Swope, Franklin or B. Jones or even a DT to develop.

Posted by: CadillacDeVille | April 27, 2013 at 12:54 PM

Earth to Cadillac,

Brent Grimes is most likely our #1 cb. He's already pro bowl proven. In Jamar Taylor, we drafted a #1 quality corner that will play the #2 cb position.

He'll be putting teams 32 r's in total lockdown. Bam!

Anybody knows if Markus Wheaton has been selected?

"Why don't all the complainers become Jets or Bills fans."

Because they are Jets and Bills fans. Not sure why Bills fans come here since there hasn't been a true rivalry with them since 15 years ago. They live in the past worse than Dolphins fans do.


I'll bet you any money Taylor starts for us this year. Special teamer? Wake up son!! A lof of people had him late first/early second.


Just Cause Dashi Is Realistic And You And Your Friends Come On Here To Troll The Fins.

Doesn't Mean I Have To See The Draft The Same Way You Do.

J. Taylor Was The 3rd Best CB By A lot Of People.

None Of These Linemen Was Worth A Top 5 Pick. Weak Draft So They Went Higher Than Any Other Draft. And B. Albert Is Overrated. Ireland Will Answer The LT Question With A Good Cheap Alternative. Or Maybe J. Martin Is Ready. Either Or Ireland Did A Good Job.

Cutting Incognito is insane. If u want to cut a linemen, cut blubber
butt at RG.
Good draft so far, Id like to grab Barrett but you never know?

In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

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