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Dolphins pick UF linebacker, Michigan State TE in 4th

The Dolphins picked up a linebacker and tight end with their two fourth round picks today.

The Dolphins spent a lot of money revamping their linebacker corps in free agency but with their first pick of the fourth round (104 overall) the team picked linebacker Jelani Jenkins.

With the (160th pick the team picked TE Dion Sims of Michigan State.

Jenkins is a WLB. He's very similar to Josh Kaddu who the team drafted last season and is hoping to use more as a pass rusher.

Jenkins missed four games due to multiple injuries in 2012. Durability is a big issue with this player.

Jenkins was a fine cover linebacker in college. He had one interception last season.

"I hope to be able to help out as fast as I can," Jenkins said. "However I can do that, I'll do whatever the coaches ask me to."

Sims, 6-4 and 265 pounds, is a classic tight end type. He's burly. He's lumbering.

He does, however, seem to have good hands.

"I'm an all-around tight end and I can do everything," Sims said. "I came a long way. I've been putting a lot of work in. Blocking and catching is my specialty. I'm a versatile tight end."

In 2010, Sims was suspended from the team for his participation in a theft ring. So there's that.

"It's pretty much in the past and it's behind me," Sims said. "I learned a lot from that situation and not be so naive."

Sims said all the teams he spoke to asked him about the incident and he "told them the truth and the whole story."


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The Parcells blueprint was to invest in OL, CB, and DL. Playmakers such as QB, TE, and WR were neglected. The results were a disaster, especially when he missed on many of his picks.

The Ireland blueprint? Over the past three drafts, he he invested the highest draft pick ever used to get a center. He then invested in OT and OG; to complete the retro-Parcells plan, he even signed an injured OG. He ignored QB's such as Kaepernick, Dalton, and Wilson.

In fact, Ireland likes injured players so much he used the third pick of the entire draft on one. For good measure, he signed a TE whose last season was as an extra in Grey's Anatomy.

Perhaps the Dolphins will have an All-Pro Trainer's Room Team in 2013.

Just like Parcells, Ireland went and got another team's best WR (Marshall, Wallace).

Ireland did 'Ponder' a bit and select Tannehill, who was not really very good as a Rookie. Everyone presumed that it was because he had no skill players to assist him. So, the Dolphins add a single WR (Wallace) to help out?

Gibson? All one needs to know is that the Rams let him walk. And the Rams were doing everything to try o improve the talent they had at WR and TE.

The choice to built a better defense and neglect one of the NFL's worse offenses is a significant one.

Some think the Dolphins are ready to join the Seahawks and 49ers near the top. Others think that the Jets are ready to join the Dolphins at the bottom.

Get Sense=Get a Clue!! Im a fan of this team since 1968. Do you know what fan means? Through the good times and the bad times you SUPPORT your team. Since we left the Orange Bowl we have not had home field advantage. Look at KC, GB, Sea, Pitt, NE, NYJ, Buff etc. Even when they are bad they fill the stadium with their fans. Our stadium, in good and bad times, is half filled with the oppositions fans. Miami fans are really the worst fans in the NFL.
Ireland has done a fantastic job this off season and all we see and hear is constant complaining from Miami!!


Looks like Clay and Egnew will be competing for a roster spot this season. Loser gets cut.

However, if Egnew is the winner, and becomes what this coaching staff envisions him to be. It's highly doubtful we'll be in a bidding war for Keller next offseason.

MY guess on OL so far

LT- Martin
LG- Thomas
C- Pouncey
RG- Incognito
RT- Jerry

Im guessing we sign Winston though to compete with Jerry



Our LBs Can Finally Cover!!

You Know How Many Times Last Year!! YG And Dashi Were Here Screaming That Dansby, Burnett, And Misi Couldn't Cover Their Own Shadow On 3rd Down.

Dashi Expects Our 2 Safeties Won't Average 100 Tackles Each.

Ross was an idiot to allow Irescum to do another draft! Hilarious!

Vazman, more like Vagman! Your an idiot. So are you Sigh. Why dont you go back to your jets web site and post on there.

Bye Bye Egnew. Another Irescum bust...

4O years without a SB win and 16 years without a playoff win and 5 years of consecutive losing BREEDS COMPLAINTS!

Posted by: Get Sense | April 27, 2013 at 12:57 PM

Nice post.

Posted by: Greg G | April 27, 2013 at 01:05 PM

Wow! You've watched football for that long and still don't have clue what's going on, exceptfor the final score.

Wow, how long did it take for you to learn the team with the most points win?

Cadillac, I believe we got the top DE didn't we? Geez..how many top players at their respective positions do you expect one team to get? Most teams don't even get one.

Oh and before I forget you can include yourself in that bunch to Caddy.

What's making Swope drop, his concussions?

Who are really idiots are the mindless homers that think Ireland will ever build a winner.

And dido to Monte. Another effin troll.

Some of you crybaby supposed fans sisters know far more about football than you do.

I know, because your sisters are the best tightend Ive ever had!

Yesterday's Gone,

I certainly hope you are following a hygiene and skincare regimen that includes NEUTROGENA products.

They are wonderful and affordable. Dermatologist recommended, too!

And another effin dbag called jay. You can go back to jets land to Jay.

Swope is dropping bc of concussions and drops

Cmon YG w all know you have NEVER had a women....you are a h0m0 pedophile! Dr Canosa can you please help this abusive loser??

The Dolphins did sign two WR and one TE in free agency.

Wallace is an excellent, if overpaid, WR.

Gibson is big strong and not all that fast. The Rams did not think enough of him to resign him and the Rams wanted quality WR depth.

Hartline was resigned. He struggles to get open; maybe he does better as a number 2 WR and maybe he doesn't, especially after getting a nice new contract.

Keller - lots of injures in 2012. Could go either way.

Clay, Egnew -- let's be nice: they have not played at an elite level to date.

The 27th ranked offense may not be as improved as some think.

Having said that, if Tannehill makes a huge leap this year and plays at a Kaepernick, Wilson, Brady level, then the Dolphins will be greatly improved.


Amen, my man! Fan means supporting in good times and bad. Not showing only when times are good. We are quick to pack the stadium when the Heat are winning (now and in 05-06) but not showing up when we are losing (06-09). Too many examples of this. Marlins packed 75,000+ into the world series games in 03 but cant draw 15,000 to a game now. Fins are down, you got half the stadium in the other teams jerseys, but we make the playoffs and the bandwagon is full. PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A FANBASE! What do u expect though, just read half the posts on here.....

Would be interesting if they could package Martin (natural RT) and a pick next year to Jax for Monroe (natural LT). Let's Joeckel play at LT, where he's more comfortable, and Martin play where he's comfortable.

Miami can then sign a cheap RT to compete with Thomas, or let him slide into Guard.

Helps Phins and Jax better balance their lines. Saves Jax some cash next year with Monroe.

Some of you crybaby supposed fans sisters know far more about football than you do.
I know, because your sisters are the best tightend Ive ever had!
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 27, 2013 at 01:12 PM


Again sigh GO BACK TO GANGREEN you effin troll!!

Losing Doesn't Breed Complaining.

Complaining Breeds Complaining.

That Has Nothing To Do With Watching The Fins.

People That Complain Were Spoiled Little Kids That Grew Up Into Adults That Complain All The F'ing Time.

Seriously Some Of You Whine Worst Than A 3 Year Old.

Man Up.

The Only Thing Losing Breeds Is Quitting. If You Lose A Lot You Quit On The Team.

Complaining Is A Personal Problem. Look At Dansby And Marsha For Examples. Or T. O. They Complain Regardless Of The Situation. Like Some Of You.

Do you guys realize that Jeff Ireland has NEVER drafted a good playmaker in his entire career? (Not including this draft) He has used 14 Dolphin draft picks on skill position players and does not have 1 good playmaker to show for it. YIKES!!!

For a coach we wanted Cowher, Gruden or Fisher: we got Philbin.

For a QB we wanted Peyton, Orton, Flynn, Luck, RG3: we got Tanne

For a CB we wanted Rhodes, Trufant, Milliner, Hayden: we got Grimes who may never play again and we got the 54th pick.

For TE we wanted Jared Cook, Eifert or Ertz. We got Mickey Shuler from the Jets.

Anyone seeing a pattern here?


Yeah Hartline 'struggles to get open' to the tune of over 1,000 yards. I wish all out WRs could struggle to get open this way.



I like all our picks but the CB Will Davis from Oregon State. I did my research and this kid is a project. He wont play a single down this year. Trust me.

Trade down in the third down to get Will Davis... -C
The rest of the draft A or B

Ya, I see a pattern. Your whinning!

Who are really idiots are the mindless homers that think Ireland will ever build a winner.

Posted by: Jay | April 27, 2013 at 01:10 PM



That's what should concern any fan - your post at 1:16 PM.

Nice post.

No real fan wanted Orton or Flynn, just u badwaggoners! How'd those work out by the way?

Phinmanski aka whinner. LOL!

Posted by: CadillacDeVille | April 27, 2013 at 01:17 PM




Thanks. I guess some fans dont mind losing every year.

John and Phillie and Craig seem to be the only normal posters on here today. The rest are sorry sad Jet or Bills fans and will be ingnored like the petulant little children they are.
Very good job by Ireland, on paper, this off season.

Our defense is going to be very fast and attacking. Kinda like Oregon ST. We have alot of speed

Cadillacdumbville, saying Grimes will never play again shows your brain is a rock and more then likely has a nice comfortable spot in your big fat ass. Same with your comments on Gruden and Fisher. Since you have such a man crush on Fisher. You can easily buy a Rams jockstrap (used) and pretend its a face mask. Get lost Troll

'Ya, I see a pattern. Your whinning!'

LOL@John. Exactly.

Must Suck Being A Jets Fan And A Pats Fan.

Only Way They Can Talk Football Is Coming To A Dolphin Blog.

instead of the LB Jenkins i thought it would be better to get either Shamarko or Phillip Thomas

Matt Flynn is far better then any QB on our roster. That SOB Ross was too cheap to pay him or we would've been playoff bounf last year.

Really I don't believe this offense is that much improved from 2012 with these drafted players so far and I am trying my best not to get too aggravated and sound troll like... but really JI stop drafting guys we don't need. If this is BPA...I'd rather draft vertically.

Agreed Greg. I'll leave u fellas with this little nugget again before enjoying a nice sunshine filled 305 day with the kids (don't hate Northeasterners).......

Two black guys, a preacher, and a Mexican walk into a bar......



Bottom line: our secondary and OL are worse now than they were last season or any of the past 5 seasons for that matter.
So is our running game.
When our offensive production goes from 25th last season to 30th this season we can blame it one the Sophomre Slump for Tanne and that should buy Ireland a couple more years to make some more draft day decisions.

Harmel, yea, sure, right, uh huh.
Thanks for your comment, as totally stupid as it is

Sigh = Phinmanski = CadillacDeville = Who really cares.

They're not here as fans of this team. How do I know? I've NEVER seen one positive post from this guy. But thanks for coming out. Did your won team disown you?

Flynn couldn't get on the field for the QB starved Seahawks?? he got beat out by a 3rd round rookie QB and Flynn is a perennial back-up?

Our defense is going to be very fast and attacking. Kinda like Oregon ST. We have alot of speed


You said it. It's pretty obvious that Ireland has adapted to Philbin & his coaches vision of a team. Ireland used to be all about size & now he's been signing & drafting speed.

Posted by: wallyfin | April 27, 2013 at 01:24 PM

Exactly why you aren't doing the picking. Most often a 4th rd safety is called a special teamer, not a starter.

Why dont lobsters share?

They're shellfish!

I guardedly like the Fins draft, except for failing to get a viable Tackle. Did Ireland assume the trade with KC was going to work out in picking Jordan? Hope he didn't overplay his hand. Hate to see Bess go for little to nothing but hopefully Gibson will be an upgrade.

Bottom line Po OL Nigga Pontiac Deville
No one here cares anything you think
Know take a deep breath into that used jockstrap
While playing Madden GM

Boise State's only loss last year was due to two players: LeVeon Bell and Dion Sims. Any time Michigan St. was in 3rd and long, Sims would get a big catch. Bell just worn the defense down from there. Sims will be a bigger, stronger Fasano type. Not much for yards per catch, but when you need a catch...

Sigh - your argument that Ireland is stuck in some past life of signing big/slow/boring Parcells players is very stale. Just out yourself as a Jets/Bills/Pats lover.

Wallace = Speed
Keller = Speed
Ellerbe = Speed
Wheeler = Speed
Dion Jordan = Speed
Jamar Taylor = Speed
Jelani Jenkins = Speed

And thats just the 2013 offseason so far.


I am not Sigh or Phinmanski

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