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Dolphins pick UF linebacker, Michigan State TE in 4th

The Dolphins picked up a linebacker and tight end with their two fourth round picks today.

The Dolphins spent a lot of money revamping their linebacker corps in free agency but with their first pick of the fourth round (104 overall) the team picked linebacker Jelani Jenkins.

With the (160th pick the team picked TE Dion Sims of Michigan State.

Jenkins is a WLB. He's very similar to Josh Kaddu who the team drafted last season and is hoping to use more as a pass rusher.

Jenkins missed four games due to multiple injuries in 2012. Durability is a big issue with this player.

Jenkins was a fine cover linebacker in college. He had one interception last season.

"I hope to be able to help out as fast as I can," Jenkins said. "However I can do that, I'll do whatever the coaches ask me to."

Sims, 6-4 and 265 pounds, is a classic tight end type. He's burly. He's lumbering.

He does, however, seem to have good hands.

"I'm an all-around tight end and I can do everything," Sims said. "I came a long way. I've been putting a lot of work in. Blocking and catching is my specialty. I'm a versatile tight end."

In 2010, Sims was suspended from the team for his participation in a theft ring. So there's that.

"It's pretty much in the past and it's behind me," Sims said. "I learned a lot from that situation and not be so naive."

Sims said all the teams he spoke to asked him about the incident and he "told them the truth and the whole story."


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Did Andre Ellington get drafted yet???


I admire those who are able to stay positive about the Dolphins.

It's OK to have differing views on the performance and direction of the team.

Some of you see the team as coming together and improving to the point of being a playoff team or even a Superbowl contender. Who knows, you may be exactly right.

Others see the team as spinning its wheels and getting worse. That's not an unreasonable position either.

The difference between a great team and a terrible team is probably not all that great -- luck plays an outsized role (injuries, drafts, etc.).

Enjoy the rest of the draft.

I'd still like to see Miami take a big RB. And, we need a Kicker too...

If we stay where we're at & we wind up drafting nine players there's NO WAY we won't improve. I'm sorry but you can't miss with NINE picks!!!

I don't like the dolphins picks. I don't trust Ireland. I think that with all those trades he completely destroyed what looked a nice draft year for Miami. Now the Dolphins are picking the leftovers.
If Jordan does not becomes one of the best pass rushers in the league next season, I really hope Ireland gets fired in week 7.

Will Sherman push to get Swope?

I guess the fins must be big beleivers in Reshard Mathews as their # 4 receiver. They are probably not going to find the 4th WR, 3rd RB, and safety to groom in this draft. At this point you are just rolling the dice.

Guys, most of these players being drafted at this point will have ZERO impact in the NFL. Nothing. Nada.

Most won't even be on the opening day rosters, let alone become big names.

It really is time to take a deep breath and relax.

If you're still hyperventilating about a bunch of kids who will never even play pro football then maybe you need a new hobby.

Hey Just FYI,

Well OBVIOUSLY you come here to read my comments, 'cause you continue to comment on them....time after time. Who are you? Cindy Lauper?

Seriously dude....who the fukk do you think you are? If you don't like my comments simply skip over them

So go back and change your sign in name to 'Just FYI'. I couldn't care less. Not sure why you think you can just tell people to shut up. I wasn't talk to you in the first place, so mind your business.

Swope had the second fastest 40 yd dash at combine.

I guess the fins must be big beleivers in Reshard Mathews as their # 4 receiver. They are probably not going to find the 4th WR, 3rd RB, and safety to groom in this draft. At this point you are just rolling the dice.


I disagree. There are future Pro-Bowlers still on the board.

F#ck!!! Bruce Arians is one smart motherf#cker. Just got a steal.

didnt we have cleveland's pick in the 5th rd from the bess trade. I see cleveland moved it to indy

hope Ricky Wagner and Ryan Swope fall to us....

If you remember last pre-season Reshard Mathews was a beast. Made some plays down the stretch for us. I really like him. He worked hard to get on the field. We got a bunch of smurf recievers, would like us to target a 6'3" guy or taller next.

We coulda been somebody, we coulda been a contender...


Funny at 2:26 PM.

Nice Brando imitation.

One thing Ireland has proven is that he has no talent to select players. Only a miracle would save his dirty ass.

Looks like the banners saying "Fire Jeff Ireland" will be flying again.. this guy just can't draft worth a damn. Dion Sims? He's a bum and doesn't fit Philbin's uptempo offense. Dion Jordan is a tremendous athlete and good pass rusher but a reach at #3 overall. He only played 42% of his teams defensive snaps last year? WTF is up with that? Does he wear down easily? Jenkins is NOTHING special guys. Have you guys watched any college games? Judging by some of the HOMER comments, you guys are only casual football fans and probably don't watch college football outside of ESPN News highlights. Jeff Ireland had an OK draft last year grabbing Tannehill and Lamar Miller. He blew 3rd picks on Vernon (drafted Jordan this year so now Vernon is wasted) and Michael Egnew. He trades Vontae Davis for a corner out of BOISE STATE (2nd rd pick from Colts). He traded Brandon Marshall for two 3rd rd picks (Egnew and a 3rd that we traded away and grabbed Dion SlowMo Simms). If Wallace gets hurts, our offense will be dead last because have absolutely NO PLAYMAKERS on this offense. Lamar Miller better have a big "S" on his chest if Wallace goes down. Brandon Gibson sucks, Hartline is way overrated and better off as a #3 wr instead of our #2. Charles Clay might be better off going to Fullback.

- Who they picked in the 5th? - That's cannon fodder, Man.

Yeah, yeah, I now, Brady was picked in the 6th, or was it the 7th?

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Even the sun shines on a dog's arse once in awhile. When is it going to start shining on Ireland's?

If the kicker is as good as they say, tha Dolphins should pick it in 5th rnd.

Ryan swope is a legit playmaker...wish we would draft him....

Another corner for competition, and ryan swope....that be great....

Ireland has completely messed up the second half of the draft, if not all. The Dolphins have two very late picks at 5th and just one very late at 7th. So maye a WR, the kicker and whatever RB or safety left.

there's a new blog

Not blown away with this draft....hopefully im wrong...

Dudes- we are going to have one fierce D this coming year. Offensively- we are going to jump into the teens this year minimally with all the free agents we signed. Bryant mckinnie should be signe ASAP for LT or even Gaither.

With remaining picks, draft a wr,rb,te,cb......playmaker positions...depth and competition...maybe a safety to..holding onto hope we get ryan swope,...

Love the Jelani Jenkins pick. He's a former rivals 5-star high school all-american. 1st round talent. His injuries this year were somewhat flukish and not indicative of his entire UF career. Excellent speed, instincts, toughness and a good guy to have in the locker room. Good job Fins!

Lol......jets draft geno smith....bye bye marky sancheezy...

Zac Stacy and Ryan Swope are still available. Go Dolphins!!!

Jelani jenkins was a solid pick...natural instincts, fly's to the ball...solid on special teams also.

Remember we got young corners, but jets and bills got young qb's also...only qb that you gotta play great against right away is tom brady..

Dallas thomas has a very big upside, can play gaurd and tackle.

Corner jamar taylor is a steal of a pick where miami drafted him...

Our pick # 164 ....5th round is: running back...gillislee....holy crap......big timw back...

No more white boy wr's. There is a reason Swope is still on the board. No one wants a Hartline on there team. No moves...no ability to be sudden...no ability to stretch the field. This team added speed but not on offense. Miller has brittle shoulders and we have one wr in Wallace and 2 slow possession wrs.

Matthews didn't separate at all when given a chance to play. Had no wiggle and couldn't get behind any one. This offense will bore fans to death as Wallace will be doubled all game long.

Dion Sims can barely get off the line of scrimmage and will only be an in line blocker...nothing else. He is more sluggish than Fasano with his 4.8 forty..one of the slowest tight ends in the draft and the Fins take him.

Best pick of the draft for the Fins was just made in Mike G. Dude is a legit back who may start over Miller. He has better vision...is tougher and has more ability in space. Love the last pick.

Jelani Jenkins a 1st round talent? What are u smoking dude? He can't off of blocks and he doesn't play the run particularly well. His best asset is his coverage ability. His draft pick anylasis for us was that he will make his living playing special teams! Yeah what a great pick that was!

Also, do some of you guys even know what are offense is? Guys are saying sign Bryant McKinnie to play LT. Really? Our linemen are asked to zone block, trap, pull,, and get to the 2nd level. On top of that, we want to run an up tempo fast paced offense and you guys want a 355 pound tackle who is routinely out of shape? If we ran a smash mouth offense then yes I would want McKinnie to come back home to Miami and finish his career but we don't.

Gillislee has low miles, complete back....did not go high in draft because he dont have multiple years....kid can do it all....future pro bowl material....love this pixk..

Sturgis..kicker...florida.....threeo gators...love it...kids very acurate..

I just wasted 3 days of my life watching Ireland draft some of the "most questionable" players ever! How do you take a kicker here? Does he understand that we have bigger needs than kicker? Get him OUT OF HERE!!!!!

Rb gillislee will be at least our #2 back...kid makes plays...future starter in time....

Drafts over, doubt any 7th round is going to blow us away...

go phins.....season cant come fast enough!

The Dolphins have become the joke of the NFL! You can try and remain positive, but wishful thinking does not score points or block pass rushers. I hope Tannehill has his life insurance policy paid up.

Best pick of our draft so far is Mike Gillislee. Ireland is drafting too many Gators though. They rarely pan out in the NFL. 5 stars out of high school and they never do squat in the pros.

A kicker? Its not like that kid has a leg like Blair Walsh or Greg Zuerline! What another wasted pick by Ireland... I wish Ross would have fired Ireland and Sparano at the same time. We are going to fighting with the Jets to stay out of last place.

If Ireland wants Swope, he has to trade now. Maybe for his 7th rnd and a 5rnd next year, otherwise he'll be gone. His 7rnd now is only useful for a trade.

We trade back up into the third for a cb that we probably could have gotten in the 5th when a cb (Jordan poyer ore st) was rated as a 2-3 rounder was still there. We pass on swope,, lattemore, Barrett, toledo,hodges and others to get a often injured lb under producing lb, reached for a kicker and get an average back. Ireland just can't draft. It's a shame cause he knows how to manage the cap and has two great picks with Jordan and Taylor

Crystal clear what Ireland/Philbin are doing:
1. Taking advantage of Collective Bargaining Agreement making young players cheap by (a) making Miami the second youngest team, (b) dumping expensive veterans in the 3rd, 2nd tier roles and non-playmakers and replacing them with young guys, and (c) focusing the money freed up to acquire playmakers.
2. The players we brought in were consistent - all athletically gifted and smart with the flaw of relatively short performance records, inexperience and defects in play that are coachable. Their theory is to get guys with a lot of upside who are comparatively underestimated because raw or relatively unexperiences (actually Tannehill also fits this mold) then coach them up to maximize their valley.
3. The team is build to align with the direction dictated by the rule changes - aerial ball. Bring in passing attack tools. Strengthen the pass rush and the CB speed core. Outscore opponents. Put Brady on his butt.

Go Phins!!!

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