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Dolphins seriously exploring trade-down market

The Miami Dolphins have spent the past couple of days phoning various other NFL teams trying to gauge interest in the No. 12 overall selection as they try to prepare themselves for an attempt to trade down from their first round selection, multiple NFL sources are telling me.

Although the Dolphins have perhaps a handful of players they would be satisfied taking in the first round of the draft, which begins Thursday at 8 p.m., they clearly believe some of those players will be available and thus be a better value later in the first round.

It's impossible to know what players exactly the Dolphins have eyes on, so to speak, particularly for later in the round. But these are some of the possibilities:

Cornerback D.J. Hayden of Houston.

Safety Kenny Vaccaro of Texas.

Tight end Tyler Eifert of Notre Dame.

Defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson of Missouri.

Defensive tackle Sylvester Williams of North Carolina.

Guard Jonathan Cooper of North Carolina.

And yes, Manti Te'o of Notre Dame.

The fact the Dolphins are clearly doing much more work on trade down scenarios and not trade up scenarios suggests two things:

One: The club is likely exploring ways of retrieving a possible second-round pick in the exchange because it may give up one of its current second round picks to Kansas City for LT Branden Albert between now and Friday. Trading down, getting a late first-rounder and getting back a second-rounder in the mix could mitigate the sting of giving up a second-rounder for Albert. It would leave the Dolphins with multiple second-round selections, which is what the team has today anyway.

Two: The Dolphins don't love their options at No. 12 and believe there is more value in players lower in the draft.

A caveat, however, is that the Dolphins aren't the only team wanting to trade down. Because this draft's strength and greatest value are expected in picks 15-17 to around 35ish, there may be several teams looking to trade down.

The more teams looking to trade down ... the harder it will be to trade down.



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By this point, I'm just sitting back and counting on Ireland, who has much more at stake here than I do, not effing this up beyond recall. Philbin may be a good influence on him. Let's find out.


Always Wanted To That. Just For Kicks. Now I Sort Of Get It.

If I was miami I wouldnt even give chiefs any of my second rd picks .I would ofer a 4th thats it. Chiefs r in a bad corner with albert chiefs have no negociation leverageireland must see this and not give in out of desperation, but then again the man is desperate to keep his job.. if the chiefs get a second rdr it will be terrible .reminds me of when king carl peterson bamboozelled miamI in a trade and was stubon and got what he wanted remember guys??????? Now that miami has the upper hand they should payback on that past transaction.chiefs r playin stuborn cause they know they can play miami I hope ireland relies this.

If The Fins Are Looking To Move Down. Mando Might Be Right.

The Fins Will Get B. Albert and Re Coup the 2nd In A Trade.

On The Trading Down. Mando You Forgot To Add E. Lacy. I Like Te'o and He Makes Sense Late In The First. But Lacy Makes Even More Sense.

2-Traded For B. Albert

If Ireland Can Pull This Off. This Draft Will Be Better Than Last Year.

Ireland knows he's on thin ice. He has to do anything and everything to get the Dolphins over the hump..NOW.

Trading out of the first round wouldn't be a bad thing either.

Most of the weapon type players are between 20-45.

No way we pick Teo. Even if he is sitting there in 3rd round.

Or the Fins feel they can the players they want by trading back and still not go after Albert. Armando strikes me as a panic-stricken child. I would not like to be on a stuck elevator with him. He would think the world as come to an end. Relax Mondo; it will okay. Brother! You drive us crazy with your insecurities.

Correction :Dolphanta (Atlanta) | April 23, 2013 at 01:05 PM

Or the Fins feel they can still get the players they want by trading back and still not go after Albert.

Everyone and thier mom wants to trade back in this draft.

I seriously doubt Miami does. The trade value charts might as well be tossed in the garbage because no one is going to get what their looking for in trade down scenarios if they seriously want to move down for an extra pick. So recouping a 2nd to me is completely out of the question. Who is going to be there at 12 the somoene is going to sacrifice a 2nd to move up to get?

I would hope that Ireland has both potential trade up and down partners identified long before the draft clock starts running on Thursday.

Sounds good. Lets trade down and get more quality players… Anyway Ireland its better with later round picks.

I just don't get all the Albert talk - no way Ireland goes for that big buffoon. PLease enough with all this crazy talk.

Eifert at 12 works for me.







Niners wants the 12th pick, in exchange why not try 31th pick.. 2 nd rounder and next year 1st rounder of Niners.?

Et Tu, Armando? Life is short.

If they pull this move because they traded a 2nd round pick, I'd fire Ireland IMMEDIATELY. This would be a repeat of the biggest mistake he made as a GM when he gave up a lot of elite players so he could reciver a 2nd traded for Marshall when in hindsight it would've been better to forego the pick.

Albert is a smokescreen that is also being used as a backup plan. Combine this variable up with our sudden urgency to trade back and now we have covered any of the cards we may have exposed. See what is happening are now teams that need tackles are now seeing what they too could get with trade backs and are also now interested in Albert. I believe this is all a well thought out approach taken by the Phins FO. Truth is I believe the Phins have a board of players however plan on playing the reaction gamecome Thursday. I don't think they move up. I believe they sit at 12 to see what players fall to them and if nothing then seek a trade down. They may add Albert but I don't see Jeff veering from what he has done over the course of this offseason by adding youth. I think they will do what is best for this team and I will be watching Thursday night for sure! GO PHINS 2013! Side note I liked the limited film I viewed on TE Kelce. I am actually more excited to see how are second and third year guys have developed this offseason with a structured program now in place.

Retard post @ 1:14
Congratulations on the helmet and crayons...


I just heard that in a continuing effort to promote player safety the NFL will require all draft eligible invitee's to wear safety helmets during Thursday NFL Draft. This is to protect players from sustaining concusions do to accidental head buts during family celebrations. Also the NFL has ruled that family members will only be allowed three back slaps per family. Any family that delivers more than the allotted three will be suspended and fined by Roger Godell.

Ireland does better with late picks?? Actually history states that he finds everyone in round one or two. Once those rounds end, may as well go to sleep. There is hope for the 3rd and 4th round picks last year though.

Don't know why People still believe all this nonsense published by the Media. Sure, Armando knows some things fed at times by the Dolphins FO but this is not the case now. Not even Ireland knows what's going to happen Thursday night before his turn to pick arrives. That, is a Certainty.

Lets give up a draft pick and pay an injury prone player with a bad attitude more than than we were willing to play an injury prone player with a good attitude....does anyone remember how well Tannenhill performs under pressure? Trade up please and forget Albert!

Several posts @ 1:14, Mark being the focal point of mine.

niners are ideal trade partners for dolphins since they easily fit requirement for 12th overall pick by sending 31th, 34th & 128th overall picks. they can easily fill their needs with those picks.

Armando writes:

The fact the Dolphins are clearly doing much more work on trade down scenarios and not trade up scenarios suggests two things:
Until the deal is done to trade down I will not believe it. A couple of days before the draft is not the time to believe any GM's intentions, spoken or written words or even words conveyed from another person.

Yeah,.. I think Kelce is a beast!!!.. I've heard off-field issues is a concern..

adam, put your your focal point on my cokk you fukkwad.




Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 23, 2013 at 01:14 PM

Ah.......Mark, I totally agree and sympathize with the sentiments.

But......For God's Sake, get outside, get some air and take a walk.

Down to the Local Pub ;)

Puto The 49er's won't that, that's a terrible trade. The 12th pick is worth 1200, the 31st is 600, the 61st is 280. and next year's 1st will be worth 600, or 590 depending where the 49er's finish this season if the are good. They aren't going to give up 280 point in a trade. Everyone has the same charts, there no mystery what each pick is worth.

I believe the B Albert issue is a smoke-screen. He does not fit the athletic zone block type of line Philbin wants to build. why let Long go in FA when he is better then Albert (& does fit the more athletic zone blk)and would not cost a 2nd R pick? Albert can't stay healthy either. Does not make sense. If Irland makes that move then he is a tard.

Miami trades down if the 3 top OT are gone by pick 12 which they will most likely be. Makes sense to let someone like San Fran give you their late 1st & one of their seconds to get the WF playmaker just before the Wets try to get him at 13. Makes sense for SF because they need the just a couple of players from this draft to complete a very good roster and they have 13 picks!
Miami 12 pick would be perfect for WV playmaker, not too soon and not too late. Wets would love to get him at 13.

If this happens Miami would have 6 picks in first 3 rounds! Just where all the value is followed by 5 more picks in the remaining draft.

Really? Trade the 12th pick for the 31st, 34th, and 128th pick?? Some of you guys really lack smarts. Why don't we give up drafting Earl Thomas, Derrick Morgan, and JPP again so we can draft Koa Misi and Jared Odrick. Sheesh..

What is your thought on picking Tyler Eifert in the first round. Would you like that pick?? Figuring they need playmakers and a huge red zone threat. Then using the sceond and third round picks to look for OL and CB. Any thoughts ??

Odin, I will be in Miami this Friday so if a trade down happens, security in Miami Gardens should be heightened. I'm not exactly rational when it comes to the aqua and orange.

The funny thing is that Ireland in his press conference told everyone he'd be making these calls to gauge what Miami may or may not be able to do as the draft unfolds. This IMO is no news and in no way reflects what Miami may or may not do.

Although I do love pre-draft speculation.

Meant WV,Tavon Austin.
also Phins would have 6 remaining picks in rounds 4-7

adam, put your your focal point on my cokk you fukkwad.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 23, 2013 at 01:36 PM

Don't tempt the guy. Rumor has it, he's often the Rearward facing Point Man at The Rainbow Room's FAMOUS Conga-Line!

Hi All

Read a lot of your thoughts and here is mine, the Chiefs are playing hardball so please don't bite, Albert is a good player not great or he would of been gone long ago even at the bucks he expects. Third round pick at best or a second in 2014

Would I trade, yes but up, only for one of the top three OT or for Dee Miller. My pick at 12 would be either OG Cooper, safety K. Vaccaro or RB E. Lacy

I trust Ireland more this year than any other, think he has learned from past mistakes and we are in a good position going into the Draft to really improve the team

Go Dolphins

Eddie Irwin Dolfan UK

Even the chefs would have a rookie playing LT rather than this Brendan Albert guy.

Mark in Toronto - Every team hits and misses on draft picks, does not matter what round. Just because you pick a player in the first round does not gaurantee anything. Ask Vontae's mother.

The best any team could expect to hit on is 50%-60% starters and much less then that as stars and the stars are found in every round.... too many to name here look it up.

Multiple picks especially in the value rounds 2 - 6 for this round increases the odds of getting players to help the team. It's still a crap shoot, always is and always is for every team. Do you remember when the NFL world was split on who should be drafted first Manning or Leaf? It is not an exact science

Armando's reasoning is faulty. He keeps making reference to trading down BECAUSE of the 2nd rounder we MIGHT give up for Albert.

If this is the case, in essence, we would be giving up the big bucks. The 2nd rounder. And as Armando will have us believe, our 12th overall pick or at least the opportunity to pick within the top 12.

If that's the case, I have a simple solution, I say Fvck Albert(calm down adam, I mean that figuratively, not literally). Fvck Albert and lets keep our 12th and two 2nd's.

If there's a better reason to trade down, OK, fine. But don't do it because Albert and KC are trying to extort us Like a couple of Mafia dweeb wanna-be's!

Odin @ 1:45, haha, I guess someone has to be here representing the Manti T'eo fan club!!!

Even the chefs would have a rookie playing LT rather than this Brendan Albert DIVA.

Sorry for the typo.

Don't tempt the guy. Rumor has it, he's often the Rearward facing Point Man at The Rainbow Room's FAMOUS Conga-Line!

Posted by: odinseye | April 23, 2013 at 01:45 PM



I Always Thought Of Him Of A In The Middle Kind Of Fella.

You Saw Him Finally Admit What We Already Knew Yesterday.

This is a deep draft don't give up any picks in first half of draft. Pugh in the 2nd rd would be great value and good system fit. A lot of depth at CB in rounds 2-4

No trade for Albert will happen until Friday, but I believe the chances of this happening are very high, and that this is a partial smokescreen, however they are at a wait and see stand still. Dolphins fans need to cheer any unnecessary reach picks before 12 like Geno Smith etc...When it comes down to Miami's pick, and Tavon Austin is still on the board, teams will get desperate for that pick, that is when the trade down will occur with Miami already talking to several teams about this scenario, also watch out for San Diego to make a move out of 11 right before our pick. Perfect Scenario:trade our 12th overall and one of our 3rds for Minnesota's 2 1st rd picks. Trade our late second for Albert. Draft Eiffert, and Vaccaro or Hayden in the 1st! Fins Up!

Hey Hey Fella's!

The Manti Teo Fan Club will be meeting at the Rainbow Room Thursday Night for the Big Party.

Be There.........You Silly Willy's ;)

A stunning conclusion about trading down. Wow, I wish I had thought of that.

1:36 YMB?

Don't post retardo comments.

In addition to what I said, the fins also could grab Banks, Rhodes, or Trufant

TBTT, statisically, your odds are significantly higher of picking an impact player in the first round. Your odds then increase the higher in the round you select. That's why teh values attached to those picks are higher. You do not trade out of those picks... especially when you have a full compliment. And those odds are even then magnified when you havae a gm who does not have a track record of finding players after the first round. Ireland would eb trading himself right out of his comfort zone.

Armandos comment section = 5 or 6 complete Dbags whom think their word is gospel, then bicker and belittle all others.
Get a clue you frakking cummqueens

Trade down? Ireland has had more sucess in 1st rounds, not so much in 2nd and 3rd. But maybe Philbin can steer him in the right direction. One can hope.

As far as the pro-Albert fans are concerned, there might be two things you're forgetting. One is, it's not just the money, it's the long term contract he wants. Now contract language might protect the Dolphins but will Albert/his agent agree to it? Or will Ireland cave?
Two, if Albert is all that (LT) then why has KC tried to move him to guard? Failing that, why does KC want Joeckel or Fisher?

adma @ 2:06, lube up, ur going in ... getting entered in ... whatever you usually do at these meetings ...


Just being real with you for a sec.

You've made 4 posts today. And other than your "Rainbow Room Party" announcement, you've not made a football related post. And in my opinion, your Manti Teo post HARDLY counts.

How are you going to try and tell others what to post?


Mante Teo = Tebow in a skirt. PASS

Aint nobody got time for that. Stay at 12 and Draft Tyler Effert TE from Notre Damn.

Irelands 2nd rounders bust out anyway.

Armandos comment section = 5 or 6 complete Dbags whom think their word is gospel, then bicker and belittle all others.
Get a clue you frakking cummqueens

Posted by: Rodman | April 23, 2013 at 02:11 PM

I know what you mean, but try to take it easy on Commanda Adama, she's been getting enough grief over her foul mouth.

Fins Up!!!!


Good read on judging talent in the draft, it starts out talking about Dan Marino so a good read..

Do a trade down with NEw orleans who wants Vaccaro. We still might miss out on Eifert if Tampa grabs him at #13.That leaves guys like Ogletree, Jones, maybe Ansah, Patterson, Warmack, even tavon Austin at #15. We then pick up a 2 or 3 this year or maybe a 2 next year.

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