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Dolphins seriously exploring trade-down market

The Miami Dolphins have spent the past couple of days phoning various other NFL teams trying to gauge interest in the No. 12 overall selection as they try to prepare themselves for an attempt to trade down from their first round selection, multiple NFL sources are telling me.

Although the Dolphins have perhaps a handful of players they would be satisfied taking in the first round of the draft, which begins Thursday at 8 p.m., they clearly believe some of those players will be available and thus be a better value later in the first round.

It's impossible to know what players exactly the Dolphins have eyes on, so to speak, particularly for later in the round. But these are some of the possibilities:

Cornerback D.J. Hayden of Houston.

Safety Kenny Vaccaro of Texas.

Tight end Tyler Eifert of Notre Dame.

Defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson of Missouri.

Defensive tackle Sylvester Williams of North Carolina.

Guard Jonathan Cooper of North Carolina.

And yes, Manti Te'o of Notre Dame.

The fact the Dolphins are clearly doing much more work on trade down scenarios and not trade up scenarios suggests two things:

One: The club is likely exploring ways of retrieving a possible second-round pick in the exchange because it may give up one of its current second round picks to Kansas City for LT Branden Albert between now and Friday. Trading down, getting a late first-rounder and getting back a second-rounder in the mix could mitigate the sting of giving up a second-rounder for Albert. It would leave the Dolphins with multiple second-round selections, which is what the team has today anyway.

Two: The Dolphins don't love their options at No. 12 and believe there is more value in players lower in the draft.

A caveat, however, is that the Dolphins aren't the only team wanting to trade down. Because this draft's strength and greatest value are expected in picks 15-17 to around 35ish, there may be several teams looking to trade down.

The more teams looking to trade down ... the harder it will be to trade down.



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Great positive post NHPhinsfan. Take note Mark....

The whole premise is just flat stupid....I don't blame you Armando becasue have heard similar. Gil Brandt has said once you get past 9 or 10 there isn't much difference between players all the way through 52 or so. Even that is no justification to get cute and try to trade down but with a talent band between 15 and 35, what are you really expecting to accomplish? The value is here or the value is there..blah, blah, blah...I'd rather take a guy I truly beleive in than trade down and miss him just so I can get more picks to gamble with..especially it's just becasue the so called experts say there is more value between picks 15-35.


I don't think the Dolphins will trade down, I think up, all the way to number one with KC. Albert is all smoke, and KC needs so much. I think the Fins give their first, a second and a seventh to move up and take Joeckel. What a coup that would be.


Hmmm..the more I think of it, WR is not our glaring position of need...BUT, taking Austin could fill a few purposes. Would be drafting one of the 'Expensive positions.' Allow us to negotiate to trade down for more picks in 2nd round to team with value picks that really needs/wants him...If we take him to use or somehow "get stuck with him," our offense will be better. The scheme is better suited for multi WR's more than multi-TE's and more scoring weapons can't hurt. We do have other pressing needs but can fill with our other picks.

How does Teo make sense? we just signed ellerbee and wheeler. Think man> And if alot of teams are looking to trade down it doesnt make it harder, it makes it harder to get a higher pick. I still want Jarvis Jones. A guy who will harrass QBS stop drives and cause turnovers and is the ONLY one of these DE?OLB prospects thats getting drafted on his Production not potential.

anyone know if Clabo was considered vs Albert, have not seen one thing on him

He should pick a offensive playmaker with the 12th pick and load up that offense, we have to score more points to have a chance to end the Pats run. I am not trying to be negative here but I am not sure Jeff is up to it, that would be the only reason to trade out of the 12th pick, being afraid of drafting the wrong guy with that high of a pick. Look we really need him to start hitting on these draft picks, he has yet to draft a great player just a few good ones, we need someone who can make a difference. I would say keep all of our picks (unless someone blows us away with an offer) and find the playmakers and difference makers in this draft this is his fifth year he should be coming into his own if he is going to, like Shula stated, oh and by the way the new uniforms suck, I like tradition myself

Out of the expensive positions Ireland said that CBs need not be drafted high that they can be found in later Rds(I assume S also, look up Reshad). So that narrows that kind of position to OT, DE, QB, WR.

Take Eifert at 12. Trade late second and third to move back into late first and grab Justin Pugh and let him and Martin compete for LT job with loser playing RT.Take best pass rusher with early pick in 2nd. Trade 4th and one of the 5ths to replace the 3rd we gave up. Take best CB with one third and a safety like Phillip Thomas from Fresno with the other 3rd.

We fill OL, CB needs and pick up impact players at TE, DE, and S. Taking the CB later because the position is deeper. OT and DE worth taking will be gone early. We need Eiffert because Wallace is not going to address our redzone problems.

Don't like trading up and giving up multiple picks for a lineman. Don't like giving up a high pick and big money for albert when we could have given up nothing and signed Long for the same money.

My guess is that the Dolphins will try and find a trade up partner in the Oakland Raiders with their 3rd overall pick in the draft and get OT Fisher.

I made a mistake earlier when I said TB might take Eifert at 13- I meant the Jets.

I think Albert will be a dolphin by Thursday, early Friday. I can't see a trade down scenario for the dolphins- who would want to trade with us? Maybe just NO for Vaccaro is a rumor I keep reading. We will see on Thursday. I want a trade down in the worst way to recoup the pick we will lose in the Albert trade. Dolphin fans- get use to the fact that Albert will be a dolphin very soon and will be signed for 8+million per year.

Perhaps Albert will be a Dolphins Frank from PA. However there is not need to give up getting an elite CB or TE with the twelth pick. Number twelve in the draft will still have elite players at positions of need for the Dolphins.

To Dashi

Your 1. through 3.-B picks are exceedingly lame, even for you. I expected more from you! The lameness
(lame-evity) of your picks will be borne-out by Saturday evening. I seriously doubt if you got even one right out of those first six drafts. If you are correct, I will apologize here. Have a great draft, and eata' pizza.

the best draft of all time was the 1986 draft of the sanfrancisco 49ers. in that draft they traded down throughout the draft acquiring 3 third round picks and 3 fourth round picks which net larry roberts, charles haley, john taylor, tim mckyer, kevin fagan, steve wallace, don griffin, and tom rathman. they traded down throughout the draft not just the first round. this should be jeff irelands approach to this draft.

My 2 cents on all the speculation amongst fans:

The draft staff already knows way more than we in the peanut gallery know. They do it for a living with more sources (our only sources are the media...Period!). The teams have way better sources and have everything to lose by screwing up in the draft. Face it, we fans are just jack-leg, speculating, guessing fans who are bored before the draft!!

If MIAMI takes a Tackle at Rd 1
*Fluker is overvalued at 12 (he needs to play at RT) and Martin can't move from RT.
**Cooper is a RG - very weak strength as a run blocker, but quick as a pass blocker.
Solution: Either take Menelik Watson as a project or find a way to get Eric Winston as a proven comeback (Jeff Ireland has a poor track record of picking unhealthy OL and no one is certain Albert's back is 100% and can take the beatings thru several seasons).

If MIAMI takes a DB at Rd1
Do not take Safety Kenny Vaccaro at 12. Yes, his "slow" 4.59 is misleading, and he can tackle, but tackling isn't our problem, coverage is. Take Desmond Trufant or hope Milliner isn't gone from Detroit.

***If Detroit takes Milliner, can possibly trade up to Cleveland's spot and grab Lane Johnson at 5 (If Arizona is trying to grab Albert even though they're picking at 7, then they realize Lane Johnson won't be available by 7).

If MIAMI takes a Playmaker at Rd 1
*** Tavon Austin - absolutely yes - unless you can get Ryan Swope in mid 2nd (also ran a 4.34 at 6'1" 205 lbs versus 5'8" 173 lbs) and reunite him with Tannehill (1207 yds, 11 tds in 2011). Should still be available at 42 or even 54. For those curious, or think that Swope is another slot receiver, his 40 time is .31 seconds faster than Wes Welker and .01 slower than Mike Wallace, our great $65MM deep threat. Oh, and that's faster than Ted Ginn (4.35).

OPTION 1: Settle with Watson at 12. Take Banks or Slay at 42 as a corner (one will be available - Banks for zone and is big at 6'2" 185, Slay is a burner at 6'0, 190). Take Ryan Swope at 54.

Option 2: Grab Trufant or Milliner at 12 as your Corner. Take OT Kyle Long or Oday Aboushi (if you must) at 42. Take Swope at 54.

Option 3: Take Tavon Austin at 12. Take Banks or Slay at 42. Grab Aboushi at 54.

Trade down? Why not up with raiders or cheifs and get fisher or joeckel...... dont think albert is good choice....would rather watch a player earn their next contract.....its amazing how talks get soooo screwed up the week of the draft....we have talked about trading up the whole offseason and now down? Not going to happen albert stays in kc I hope

Down is hell. Up is heaven. Go up not down. Trade with KC for the number one spot and take Luke Joeckel. No one will remember Jake Long. Well, not long anyway. KC is in a spot with Fat Albert. They like him and have franchised him, but he wants a long term contract and they will give him that after the draft and after Miami gives them the 12th, the 54th and another 4th-6th rounder for number one. Luke will then join the championship 2013 Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins are considering Albert the lineman from Kansas City who refused to play left Tackle for Kansas City Chief? My questioned: is his job guaranteed to play right guard only? So the Dolphins would disrupt their draft to acquired A (that’s not my job player? What happens if the Dolphins need him to play left Tackle Where is the up side? Sounds like buying a problem because! the Dolphins if trading down and giving up the a second round pick so that he can only play right guard. I would leave him with the Chief’s.


I wouldn't trade a 2nd rd pick for Albert that does make sense he wants way to much money (same as long got) and is 6yrs into his career already, if their going to make a trade with KC trade for KC's #1 pick and give them the #12 and a 2nd rd pick and grab the best Left Tackle coming out (a sure thing) that will be around for the next 10+ years, now if their going to trade down to get extra picks they better be doing it for TE Tyler Erfet the best TE coming out (a pro bowler for sure) to add to what's going to be a very dangerous offense and he can block Keller can't, this is if they can find someone willing to trade up (good luck with that). Otherwise they'll have to stay pat @ 12 and see who falls to them. I see them trading up with either the Jags or Oakland and taking Fisher what a better place for someone with fish in there name to land with the FINS. I'm very excited about this team just hope they gel quickly. GO FINS!

So that I understand this the Dolphins are buying a lineman from Kansas City who refused to play left Tackle for Kansas City Chief? My questioned: is his job guaranteed to play right guard only? So the Dolphins would disrupt their draft to acquired A (that’s not my job Albert player? What happens if the

Dolphins need him to play left Tackle Where is the up side? Sounds like buying a problem because! the Dolphins if trading down and giving up the a second round pick so that he can only play right guard. I would leave him with the Chief’s.

Would Pat Riley make this move?

Cold Brother!

To Expensive to and no need for the Dolphins trading down!
The Dolphins want a left Tackle Here’s a situation what if Oklahoma LT Lane Johnson, and two of the best OG prospects we have seen in recent years Warmack and
Cooper: are still on the board who does the Dolphins Select?

So don’t Panic let the other teams trade down etc. A win situation take the best player at 12th spot and trade him away for more picks.
Round one 12 pick Warmack, DJ FLUKER or Cooper

So that I understand this the Dolphins are buying a lineman from Kansas City who refused to play left Tackle for Kansas City Chief?

My questioned: is his job guarantee’s to play right guard only? So the Dolphins would disrupt their draft to acquired A (that’s not my job player?

What happens if the Dolphins need him to play left Tackle Where is the up side? Sounds like Albert is a problem because! the Dolphins if trading down and giving up the a second round pick so that he can only play right guard. I would leave him with the Chief’s.

I'm sure the Dolphins have given this some thought. I'm certain the 3 will do a good job in this draft.
I'm certain they need to address Tackle a knock down Tackle.
New England, Denver, Redskins, those will be high scoring games to take the win. Impact players are needed

Play off time folks this season.

Cold Brother!

Miami must keep their game plan and work their plan!

3 Corners will be available below don’t Panic
Round two 42nd Dee Milliner* - Alabama – 6’1″ 199 lbs (1st Round)
Xavier Rhodes* – Florida State – 6’2″ 215 lbs (1st Round)
Johnathan Banks - Mississippi State – 6’2″ 185 lbs (1st-2nd Round)
Desmond Trufant* – Washington – 6’0″ 186 lbs (1st Round)
Jordan Poyer – Oregon State – 6’0″ 190 lbs (2nd Round)

Cold Brother

I really like this Player! You have running backs then you have play makers!

Round two pick 54th North Carolina sophomore tailback Giovani Bernard, the nation's top punt returner, will forego his final two years of college eligibility and enter the 2013 NFL Draft

( my thoughts on this player is when the dolphins this season cannot muster any offense they will get good field position from this player or a touchdowns.

Cold Brother


ROUND 4 TIGHT END I don't have a clue

ROUND 5 DEFENSIVE END I don't have a clue

ROUND 6 SAFETY I don't have a clue

ROUND 7 QUARTERBACK I don't have a clue

A great pass rusher is very much needed, Hopefully he will need double teaming and allow more defensive stop.
Great Pick who would have guest it. Dolphins did not hurt themselves by losing picks. I'm excited to see who is next at the 54th pick? if I had to guess I would say I don't know. The best player left

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