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Dolphins to open '13 season at Cleveland; close vs. Jets

The NFL is releasing its regular season schedule at 8 p.m. but media and league sources are telling me that the Dolphins will open the 2013 season on the road. [Update: And they will close the season at home.]

The Dolphins will open the season that is the 40-year anniversary of their last Super Bowl at Cleveland on Sunday Sept. 8. The game will be a 1 p.m. kickoff. The season finale will come on Dec. 29 at Sun Life against the Jets.

The Dolphins haven't won a season-opener since 2010. The Browns stink and have a new coach in former University of Miami tight end Rob Chudzinski. This one seems like a good chance to open the season with a victory.

[BLOG NOTE: Hit refresh often as I'll have schedule updates as they come in.]



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0 - 1 here we go again.

nice start should be an easy win


Eifert Eifert Eifert!!! Go Miami!!!

we could actually win this

Read the Kansas City Star few minutes ago...Coach Andy Reid denies tat the Chiefs gave permission for teams to talk to Brande Albert...

At least a good beginning for Us.

I ate at a place called next at Lincoln Mall.

Yah...we're gonna beat the Browns......no question in my mind

which do you love the most ?

gruyere ,is my favorite ....

We have a bunch of new Players to integrate in both the O and the D. This gives Us a slight break on that.

Time to finally beat the Browns. I think we lost the last 2 against them. Mainly due to lack of offense.

Wallace, Hartline and Austin....hmm hmm good.

Goat cheese has the least LDL ...fewer transfats thatn cow milk cheeses..

I'm not a nerd. I'm just way ahead of every other Person, Men or Women.

Yo...Justin C how'd you like the al?

Get my "Weeden" fix right from the jump!



Gruyere is a bit too dry and crumbly for my taste. I prefer the Goudas.

Furmunda is the way to go!

Oscar..a chef I know makes an appetizer of of Goat cheese over palenta.....it's sick...

i think the goudas are good only for cooking with ,but not to ear with with rustic bread.

There used to be a lot of mari-ones there. I don't know now.

polenta only good with wild mushroom ragu or sasuages over it.

Yah Phillie...furmunda...gotcha cuz...you from Brooklyn or what?

As very Adults, we used to go there on Halloween to watch the "pageantry" and to whistle at them. They thanked Us kindly.

No sir 3-0-5

It's noFUN anymore.

The Browns are one of the few teams that's been worse than the Dolphins over the last 8 years.

3 primetime games. 2 monday nighters away @NO and @Tampa and a thursday nighter at home vs Cincy. Jets at Dolphins to close the season. mando, ur welcome!

Well ALocA it's pretty damn good with that goat cheese atop some arugala atop the polenta....

That's a good closing also. Maybe.


no one one puts raw goat cheese atop cooked polenta...unless he's a very average chef.

Jets/Fins rivarly always crazy. When we suck we win. When they suck they win. Going way back. Thats what makes those games fun as fuuuuukkkk tho!


It was really relaxing.

Thanks so much.

I needed that.

I refresh and I refresh, and I find no Updates.

After going on Sun Stadium's field today I was touched by the football gods.

They told me how we should draft.

9/30 @ NO MNF
10/31 home 4 Cincy TNF
11/11 @ TB MNF

Armandito...........De Nada Brooooder!

There's ur refresh Oscar.

Sounds like 3 good primetime matchups.

Oh....glad you had fun Justin....

Thank you, Willie. Apparently Armando had too much to eat.

Yup only sucks 2 are away!

and ALocA ...I don't recall rating the chef...I only said it was good to it....but hey..thanks for the culinary expertise....

WTH Sun Stadium! That's Dolphins Stadium and thus it shall be.

* good to eat...

Halloween vs Cincy on TNF, im going dressed as Ocho Cinco, my lady goes all bruised up!

yo folks...new blog wth the schedule....you think that Armando would notate that.....geez...

Well, less see what the NFL has to say.

1st Tavon Austin.

It keeps Hartline outside. After going up against the number ones last year he will only improve going against the 2nd stringers.

Austin will go up against nickels, linebackers and safeties. Swim all the way around.

I rather have Patterson but Tavon is the best athlete just in a smaller package.

Ireland is trying to save his job and get fans in the seats. You don't do that with offensive line men.

Jeff showed that he is willing to go against the grain by bringing in T-Hill.

He will do it again by trying to keep adding sparks for the the city.

You wanna beat New England?

Score points.

As much as possible.

We need yo be able to match score for score.

I was told Trufant will be there our 2nd round pick.

Pick him up.

Fast and plays off the ball well. Nobody is going to run pass him in man coverage.

Our two 3rd rounders take the biggest risk in Dolphins history.

That cb from LSU and that rb that fu.ked up his knee.

Both would have been 1st rounders if not their troubles.

Now what do we have.


Jerry - he wins the job

I can dig it.

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