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Dolphins trade back into 3rd, pick DB

The Dolphins were done with their evening, it seemed, when they traded away their second of two third-round picks. And then they traded back into the round and picked CB Will Davis of Utah State.

The Dolphins traded with Green Bay to get the 93rd overall pick. They gave up 109, 146 and 224 overall in the exchange.

"I had a good feeling about the Dolphins but once they made their last pick and then traded out of their pick, I didn't know," Davis said. "It was kind of disappointing. But then I got the call they traded back in and, I tell you what, I'm ear to ear smiling right now."

Davis has played inside and outside as well as special teams.

Mike Mayock had a fifth-round grade on Davis.


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Looks good on paper. Let's hope in pans out in the fall.

This kid is special

"I wouldn't call CB a need." Ha! Gotta love GMs.
If I'm Patterson or Richard Marshal I wouldn't get too comfortable with my $4m+ salary. New blood incoming!

Well hope they will cut Patterson and use that money towards Mckinnie or Winston

"With the 104th pick in the NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select Jordan Reed, TE from the University of Florida."

Um, Reed got drafted already Clark

Haha, ya don't say...

First his mom the Lt Governor, now Nolan Carroll is going to get the ax. Bad year for the Carrolls!

Reed is gone already

I would speculate they'll move Richard Marshall to Safety to compete with Clemons. Nolan Carroll, see ya bro. Hey Patterson, call your real estate agent or restructure that 5 mil salary ASAP

Oscar, too drunk to respond? It's draft night.

Your 55 years of watching didn't clue you in that Barkley wasn't worth much? 32 GMs passed on him for 3 rounds.

Your are still perpexed on Dion? Most mocks had him the highest rated defensive player in the entire draft.

Advice...Learn to observe and not merely watch.

WhoTH is this?

Ireland is always good for one mind-boggling trade to move up in the middle rounds for a player graded much lower.

Hey is this guy any good?

Oscar = Dashi = 30 other names. It's obvious.

Why Bother.


Taylor, Thomas and Davis are all starting.

Hey Oscar, good to see the doctor in the house :-). Liking the db's but not sure on thomas

Really want Jonathan Franklin and Swope in the 4th, add some more weapons on offense, get ourself a veteran tackle and slide thomas inside.

Oscar, do you have gential warts? Is that why you are celibate?

Celibacy is not healthy.

Any chance we take a flyer on Marcus Lattinore or Matt Barkley with one if the 4th rounders?

This Davis kid has very impressive stats...17 pass deflections...Holy crap...

How is this draft working out for you?
Did you get Eifert & Patterson & Lacy & Allen?

Man, the Rams got both Tavon and Steadman Bailey. I wouldn't want to play them.

Will Davis is 5-foot-11, 182 pounds....He ran 4.43 in the 40, 10'7 broad. He benched 225 16 times

In his senior season he contributed 64 tackles and 5 interceptions. He had 17, SEVENTEEN pass deflections.

But hey, by all means, go ahead and hate because Mel Kiper didn't say his name enough over the past 4 months. SMH

So I'm thinking Incognito, Nolan Carroll and Richard Marshall get cut due to these picks today

Hopefully these 2 corners turn out better than the 2 corners we took a few years ago...

Ireland is a clown - as a GM he is a failure. Why trade back into the 3rd round for a 5th round talent? He had 3 4th round picks and 3 5th round picks that he could of used on Davis. When will all this end?

Short Arms!

Mayock's grades aren't matching up with selections. Mayock has the Cheatriot's picks as 6th-7th rounders and even undrafted.

Jack, stop making things up...You have no idea what you're talking about...Davis was rated a 2nd to 3rd round prospect...Stop trying to make yourself look smart...You're not...

Excellent job by Ireland!!! All thumbs up in this Draft. He has turned this mediocre slow footed defense into a "speed kills" D.
1. Upgraded our linebackers to two young, aggressive guys who can play with speed.
2. Drafted Dion Jordan who will immediately take the pressure off Wake and with a little bulk can possibly become a premier pass rusher in this league. Ireland finally took a chance instead of staying with a vanilla pick.
3. Drafted a CB in Jamal Taylor who is not only super quick, 4.3 40 but a guy who should have gone in the first round.
4. Drafted an OG who will add depth and replace Incognito next year. PFF said Dallas Thomas will be an excellent lineman in the zone blocking scheme. He is a system fit.
5. Drafted Will Davis, another excellent, quick defender.
This Dolphin defense has had a MAJOR upgrade.

Joe Philbin has been handed a monster defense by Ireland.

Drafted need for the corner. Dont let Mando talk you into thinking this was bad pick. He is a know nothing.

#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal,

How much college football do you watch? This guy is not a 3rd round pick - also where did you find your rankings - Hockey Digest?!

gents, it was pretty obvious that Fins thought they should target WR through free agency, and thats the best way because many of these WRs will take 1-2 years to adjust......and some never will--you all have no idea how Bailey and others will look once they hit the big time--they might be ok, but Tannehill needs help now.


St Loius beat SF and Seattle last season. They added Long, Cook, Austin & Bailey since the season ended.
Evidently it was easy for both Fisher and Long to recognize the better situation.

Ireland gets anxious and tends to jump the Gun a lot. Perhaps some Xanax...

This is a disaster.

While the results will come on the field in the coming seasons, it seems like this draft is a let down in some ways.

The Dolphins left a lot of solid WR talent on the board, especially with Bess being traded.

While I like Wallace, I do not see Hartline as being an elite # 2 WR; he struggles to get open. The Rams had real needs at WR and they did not seem to care that Gibson left in free agency.

Keller was hurt a lot last year. Clay and Egnew are not even close to average at the TE position. Egnew has bust written all over him.

To develop properly, Tannehill needs better WR & TE talent and depth. And a better OL too.

The only draft pick that 'feels' right is Taylor. The other picks seem to be reaches. Entering the draft with 11 picks, I expected one offensive player (not on the OL) to be taken in the first three rounds.

We had a bad offense last year. Except for Wallace, it's not really improved at all on paper.

I've got a bad feeling that 2013 is going to be too much like 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Remember, this is year SIX of a rebuild.

Hey Incognito, next time the team is negotiating with a teammate, keep your mouth shut. Guess what, you are going to be cut now that they drafted a younger, cheaper guy. Payback is a b****, huh?

Mayock is right all the time.

Jamar Taylor, CB, Boise State
Height: 5-11. Weight: 192. Arm: 29 3/8. Hand: 9 3/8.
40 Time: 4.39.
Projected Round (2013): 1-2.
4/24/13: Many believe Taylor could break into late in the first round. The senior maintained his upward trend with a good 40 time, bench press performance and field drills at the Combine. At worst, he looks like an early second-rounder.

Taylor had a good week in Mobile at the Senior Bowl and helped his draft stock. He showed some man-coverage skills and was a gritty defender. The senior totaled 51 tackles with four interceptions, nine passes broken up, three forced fumbles and 2.5 sacks in 2012. Taylor missed the majority of the second half of his junior year. He had two interceptions, 27 tackles and six passes broken up in that shortened season.

Mayock is a drunk. Pats safety picked ahead of Davis in the 3rd he considered a FA.

Will Davis, CB, Utah State
Height: 5-11. Weight: 186. Arm: 31 1/4. Hand: 8 3/8.
40 Time: 4.51.
Projected Round (2013): 3-5.
4/24/13: Davis had an impressive senior season in which he demonstrated special athleticism alongside a rare combination of size and speed. Davis went on a tear during the second half of the season, snagging an interception per game in five straight games. He displayed excellent ball skills in 2012, recording 17 passes broken up. Davis' 22 total passes defensed led the nation. He also had 54 tackles with 4.5 tackles for a loss.

Davis was quieter than expected at the Senior Bowl and didn't do much to stand out. That ho-hum trend continued at the Combine.

Jack G, on the internet, like most people...And every player that Miami takes, I read up on them...And this Davis kid is ranked a 2nd or 3rd round pick max...So stop making things up...How much college football do YOU watch? You're going to tell me you've watched plenty of Utah State games right? Sure...I would bet 100$ you wouldn't know where the state of Utah is on a map...So cut the nonsnese...

Oscar, glad to see you've calmed down. J&B?

So we're now down to the 4th round and many on here are despondent that we won't find any more good players, any more potential starters.

Has something fundamentally changed in the NFL that now 5th round picks aren't any good? Wasn't Brian Cox a 5th rounder? And Zach Thomas? Mark Clayton was drafted in the 8th round!!! (Back when the NFL draft ran 12 rounds, and back then, everyone thought even a sixth round was a gem, compared to 10th or 11th or 12th, etc.

So, maybe there's no reason to panic. There's more talent to be found, and having multiple 4th and 5th round picks could be valuable.

-Mark in L.A.

While Dion Jordan tirelessly chases down the the Brady's and Brees's of the world 40-50 times per week their only choices wil be to go deep against our 2 rookie starting CBs, neither of whom have ever been heard of before today outside of thier hometowns.

Mr. Bailey Meet P. Willis Left Arm.

Mr. Austin Meet P. Willis Right Arm.

St. Louis Better Get A Couple More Real Wr's.

Richard Sherman Will Be Considered All World Against These 2.

Dallas Thomas, G/OT, Tennessee
Height: 6-5. Weight: 306. Arm: 33.18. Hand: 10 3/8.
Projected 40 Time: 5.15.
Projected Round (2013): 2-3.
4/23/13: Thomas has gone under the radar and could fall into the third round. The Volunteers moved him to left guard for 2012 and that looks like his best position for the NFL given his body type. He was excellent in the first game versus N.C. State in run blocking and in pass protection.

Thomas continued that in SEC play. His pass protection for Tyler Bray was strong while being an effective blocker on the ground. Thomas played well against Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi State. He had some good battles against Georgia and massive defensive tackle John Jenkins.

Thomas could use another 10-15 pounds of bulk for the next level to move linemen in the ground game. He has the frame to add the weight, and he looks like an early starter in the NFL.

8/23/12: Thomas is an extremely experienced left tackle who should enter the NFL having been as battle-tested as a tackle can be coming into left tackle. He had a quality 2011 season protecting the quarterback. Tennessee allowed just 18 sacks (1.5 per game) the third lowest total in the SEC

cadillac......you dont follow much if you've never heard of the CBs

You never seemed like a Bailey guy from the beginning, so I forgive you.

Im not just looking at the draft, Im looking at the hole picture, how Ireland's draft moves thus far has so coincided with his fa moves. He's now addressed weaknesses on the defense we forgot to even think about.

So, if we lost Stedman Bailey due to Irelands thoroughness of addressing this defense. Its a pill I very easily swallow. And, you know what a big Stedman Bailey homer I was.

With our 2 new starting rookie corners we're going to find ourselves in some high scoring shootouts.
It's a good thing we got Wallace to block for Thomas.

It also now looks we'll have 4very good corners. We're very good at both starting corners. Also, now look very good at both our nickel and dime.

No more real weak links. But I guess the less knowlegeble fans don't yet see that. They said that Coyle is a db guru, now I believe it.
No more weak links in the entire cb corps. Only thing that can stand an upgrade now his Chris Clemons at safety. That can be done in 201's fa or draft.

Vonte Davis and Sean Smith were decent, not outstanding corners. But after VD and Smith, we were absolutely horrible.
What a difference a year now makes. CB even more fortified with the last pick.

i agree with dashi.....for all you guys lathering up about austin and bailey.....wait till they meet nfl safeties and linebackers for the first few times....they better learn to duck.....

Patrick Peterson Will Be Another CB Laughing At St. Louis.

T. Midget Will Probably Have A NFL Career As Long As those 2 Play For A Couple Seasons.

3rd round corners from Utah got special teams written all over em.

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