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Dolphins trade back into 3rd, pick DB

The Dolphins were done with their evening, it seemed, when they traded away their second of two third-round picks. And then they traded back into the round and picked CB Will Davis of Utah State.

The Dolphins traded with Green Bay to get the 93rd overall pick. They gave up 109, 146 and 224 overall in the exchange.

"I had a good feeling about the Dolphins but once they made their last pick and then traded out of their pick, I didn't know," Davis said. "It was kind of disappointing. But then I got the call they traded back in and, I tell you what, I'm ear to ear smiling right now."

Davis has played inside and outside as well as special teams.

Mike Mayock had a fifth-round grade on Davis.


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My only concern now is the RT position. What do we do there. Winston is the happiest guy right now. Fins are probably on the phone trying to ink him now. I don't like Winston but hopefully he can be adequate for us. I can't imagine that they are considering Garner to be the starting RT.

I am guessing Kiper and McShay will give the fins a C on this draft. Chucky will give us a D. They are all going to say that we did not address the Tackle position in the draft, our weakest position going in

1 starter + 3 special teams players = same old sheeet

Tavon Austin is a 5-8 receiver who is a bang or bust type player. That's a dumb pick in the top 10.

Yes, Bailey put up big numbers in WVU, but played in a gimmick offense. Let's chill before we anoint these guys Issac Bruce and Torry Holt

3 picks for Davis? Deja Vu D Thomas.

Forget KC's Albert, as long as long as his agent's salary demands remain so unrealistic at 8+million a season. It's not the draft pick. Ireland prolly would have pulled the trigger with a 2nd IF the salary were 4 million. If we wouldn't pay Jake, WHY would we pay Albert. It would be a HUGE mistake.

We are not winning the AFC this year, so let's see what Martin has, sign one of the other FA tackles, give Tanny a year with the new cast and crew of receivers, clear space next year with all the FA's we'll have, and maybe let Jordan and Wake rough up the NE pretty boy QB a bit this season

A Cadillac used to be a nice, now it's just a real pos

I have to admit....when Ireland traded the 2nd 3rd round pick I was pissed. I was excited that we had 5 in the top 85 picks. But we were looking like we would leave the 3rd round with only 3 picks. What? Really?

But now I see four players who have solid college performances and offer the Fins POTENTIAL to be impact players.

I also have to admit that after the season last year I was more worried about our Offense than our Defense. The fact that 3 of the 4 picks are defensive players is a bit surprising to me. Especially after investing in FA's like Elerbe, Wheeler and Grimes.

But when you add the FA's in with the draft choices I am left confident that our D will be really solid. We need to add CB's and we did. We needed to improve the speed of our LB's and we did. We needed to add to our pass rush and we did.

We needed weapons for THILL and we go them. Wallace and Keller are good adds to the Offense.

BUT...I am sick over losing Bess. We get a 5th round pick? Who cares!! We lost our top 3rd down conversion machine and go-to-guy for THILL. I still say that I would pass on the 5th round get for another solid year of contribution from Bess. That is my ONLY gripe of the offseason so far.

Now lets see if we can get a big banger RB and more special teams players in the draft. Lets see how they address the OT position with remaining FA's out there. I really hope that Ireland/Philbin don't call upon Martin and Thomas as their starting OT's...to young to protect THILL consistently.

Go Fins!!!

Bills pick EJ Manual with a 68.7 grade (4th rd.) in the 1st.

Jets waste 2nd rd. pick on Geno Smith to team with Sanchez (who they can't cut), Tebow and David Garrard. And, he's horrible.

How can you no-nothings possibly complain about 93, 86 and 83 grade picks 1,2,3 in positions of need? Great value. Maybe Dion Jordan over Lane Johnson is debatable but that's it. A-

Who can understand this stuff? First Ireland overpays for some FAs. Well, alright. Then he gets into some drawn out negotiations to get Long and Albert, neither of which he finally got. Well.. Then he trades out of 12 to 3 that cost him his highest 2nd pick to get what could be called a situational Player in our present D. Now, he deals Bess and drafts 2 CBs, one of them ahead of time. I'm not kidding, either Ireland is on some kind of stuff or he has gone off his rocker.

ESPN Reporting:

Ireland & Philbin had To Be Seperated

Good night all...This team will be a VERY different one this year...VERY different...

I'm guessing this was a guy Kevin Coyle wanted, so Ireland delivered. Just a hunch...

IMO, If Albert was on the block before the draft, he'll be on it after too. It could still get done


caddy......jamar taylor is a starter, book it......might be a logjam this year but will likely cut a CB, but he's much more than a special teams player--same for Thomas, who could definitely start over Jerry.....or at tackle if he shows enough there

I'm sorry folks!
There is nothing to like about this draft. Ireland is selecting guys from Utah St. & Oregon while other GM's are collecting their talent again from the SEC. If Ireland gets fired in the next two seasons a big reason will be this year's draft. I am not high on any of these selections. They all appear to be reaches team officials hope will pan out.

bess was moved so sherman can draft ryan swope at the top of the 4th round tomorrow. ran a 4.3 at the combine and is tough with reliable hands.

mcshay, for what its worth, had Taylor as his 44th best prospect....

Bess was in contract year and pissed off coaches by mystery back problem last 3 games. 2.6 mil owed. They got what they could admittedly not much...and replaced with Gibso, Thigpen, Rishard Matthews and possibly Swope tomorrow.


I love Ireland, but this pick is HORRIBLE. Watching youtube this guy is a kid, is a project. He will play in 2-3 years.

It is hard to watch Utah State play. The competition level is bad.

I love the other picks, but this is bad. The same I said with Charles Clay. We have bad scouts. Our couch needs to fire these small college scouts. Period.

yeah Rabble, Jason Allen played in the SEC.....good logic though

Greem bay is laughing at us ireland made the stupidest move in nfl draft history why would you give 3 picks away for a nobody Will Davis is a below average player look at the film please. Im embarassed

R. Matthews
B. Grimes
J. Taylor
W. Davis

Should Be Our Top 4. With These 3 Fighting For 1 Spot

D. Patterson
N. Carroll
J. Wilson

All Are On The Outside Looking In.

Revamped Secondary. What I Like About The Rookie CBs Is They Are More Agile And Have A Knack For The Ball. Coyle Was A Secondary Coach With The Bengals. He Is Putting His Mark On The Defense This Year.

So, I'm counting 12 new starters which is unheard of. Can u say expansion team? The good news is we got rid of 12 Ireland busts. The bad news is Ross allowed Ireland to get 12 new busts.

Taylor is a beast how on earth did he fall that far? I have watched utube on him all over wrs. Wondering if there is some injory or off field issue because on the field he is bad arse.

Is the 'I'm the best' Dansby still on the streets?

they did a lot of research on these cornerbacks. frankly, i think philbin's input is crucial here, and in league circles, he apparently has respect as a talent evaluator.

Terrible draft, no play makers.

Just wait until you see how bad our running game is (oh that's right, we have DANIEL "MY HEAD HURTS" THOMAS), and how ordinary Dustin Keller looks (and he's only here for a year).

We have Mike Wallace on offense, Cam Wake, and Ellerbie, and that's about it.

Good night all...This team will be a VERY different one this year...VERY different...

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | April 26, 2013 at 11:06 PM

If we can be different than 7-9 I'm ALL FOR IT!!
Night #1

Dashi: Agreed on CBs and Coyle's stamp. You mean R. Marshall tho...

Different as in 10-6 LOL, not the other way around..

What a terrible decision Will davis still would of been there tomorrow Greenbay is laughing so hard it can be heard in Japan

This team is a COMPLETE mess. Ross/Ireland have buried this team 10 feet under. Its laughable the complete incompetence in the Dolphin FO.

Unless the Miami throws in a number 2 from next year, or a player this Albert trade is dead. Kansas City will just hold onto him for another year, and play Fisher at RT. Ireland had his chance, Dorsey is not just going to give him away. The only thing Ireland did was back himself into a corner. Kansas City has the Cap room and does not have a problem holding on to him. Good luck playing without a starting caliber LT Mr Ireland.

I agree with those who state that this draft does not make a whole lot of sense.

Oakland got Hayden and Watson while the Dolphins got Jordan. I'm not sure which team got the best of the trade. Of course, the Dolphins could have picked players other than Hayden and Watson.

The lack of attention to the WR and TE position in the draft is worrisome.

Outside of Wallace, the Dolphins do not have any elite WR or TE talent. Hartline struggles with seperation and is a 3rd WR in many offenses. If teams can shut down Wallace and if Keller's 2013 season is like his 2012 season, the Dolphins will have one of the worst offenses in the NFL.


By the way you all know that Albert already lives in Miami don't you?

What are we doing at RB, TE, and QB?

Jeffy thinks offense doesnt matter?

Why didn't we take Jordan poyer oh we'll needed another corner anyway but think it was a reach with Davis now we should target a rb like Franklin or lattimore and maybe a wr like Patton in the fourth

Legedu nanee remember him Gibson will be no different This draft is horrible other than Dion Jordan. Ireland is a stupid idiot who just couldnt wait til tomorrow now grreenbay just shitted in his face and it smells bad. Will Davis is like nolan carroll butter on burnt toast A BODY who dreams

yeah Denny, Im sure GB is keeping close tabs on who we're drafting.....wow you're a dope



R. Matthews Will Be Our #4 / #3 WR.

R. Matthews Is The Reason D. Bess Can Be Traded For Nothing.

Top 4 Wr's

Wallace 6' 199lbs
Hartline 6'2" 199lbs
Gibson 6' 205lbs
Matthews 6' 210lbs

Dashi Sense A Pattern. All Run 4.5 Or Less.

I think its safe to say last years team was far better.

Zonk, I thought you killed yourself last week? Or will it be this week?

As always, there will be a couple of surprises in these latter rounds. Maybe we'll get one.
Also, we have several players such as Patterson and Marshall who have trade value. Not sure about Jerry. We might be able to get some O-Line help there, or maybe a running back. RB's, such as Arien Foster were UFA's, so you never know.
I'd love to see a high character guy like UM's Mike James sign with the Dolphins.

Idiot\\\Poyer was passed over by several teams who drafted lower graded CBs. some much lower than Davis. Poyer can't tackle, benched 8 X hance falling.

Again, I urge the chronically ill-informed (no-trolls) to do some basic research on where these players are graded in aggregate and not rely on a slurred comment from Mayock or Fired Gruden.

sigh.....no mention or lamar miller contributing?--keller was one of the better TEs in the league a year or two ago, and certainly pretty good at worst......could still pick up solid WRs in Rd 4, where, you know, guys like brandon marshall were drafted.....or the apparently much beloved davone bess, who wasnt drafted at all--make up your minds.....was the undrafted bess "all that", and such a huge loss as so many have stated.....or not?--and if he was, couldnt we find another "all that receiver" late in the draft, or after?--which is it??

i'm excited about the potential of our D, i see the philosophy: fast and furious; we should be able to stop the run, put more pressure on QBs and get more INTs; only thing left to be done on this side of the ball is to sort out Randy's contract extension. We still need another OL and a RB IMO

Really terrible. Ireland trades away players to get draft picks and then pisses them away in the draft...You trade marshal for third rounders and turn them into 4th rounders. You trade Davis to get two second rounders (by the way which creates a need at cb), yet you only end up with one second round pick. You had 5 picks in the first 82 picks and then you end up with 4 picks in the first 93? You trade out of the 3rd for two picks, and then give up 3 picks to get back into the end of the third...to get a player that would have been there at either your original third round pick or two of the picks you gave up to get back into the third? Really! Did you forget that you hadn't picked him yet in the third round, when you traded out of third round, and then traded back into the third round because you didn't think that the player who was rated outside the top 180 players on espn, wouldn't be there with the 109th pick tomorrow? Acccchhhh, what are you doing?! Davis and Taylor....how about Sean Smith and Vonte Davis...Ellerbe and Wallace...how about Dansby and Marshall!? Hard to be a phins fan when the organization seems to always try to reinvent the wheel instead of building a foundation and growing.

It is a terrible thing to be a realist sometimes. GN

A very dissapointing draft. Sad.

im sorry you're sad monte.....1 800 Flowers should cheer you up

Way to go Irv - Agree with you 100%

im dizzy after reading irv's post

hey jack....what did irv say exactly?

Ireland (like Parcells) always looks for players with 'prototypical' size.

Unfortunately, that often results in prototypical busts.

With over 40 million in cap space and 11 draft picks (before the draft), one would think this would be the offseason the Dolphins would finally be rebuilt after SIX long years of rebuilding.

Why does one get the feeling that next year will continue the rebuild?

Because we have a MUCH better HC and staff, we'll certainly know by the end of the 2013-2014 season whether our draft was successful or not. or at least have a good idea as such.
To play the "ratings game" job is to fall into the pit that is ESPN/NFL Network hype.

For those here that are actually smarter than our FO, I salute you. For the other 99.999% with no NFL talent evaluation experience (present company included), I say, be patient, be positive, and hope that the good guys won today.
That would be the MIAMI DOLPHINS.

What did we get for Brandon Marshall, nothing?

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