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Dolphins trade back into 3rd, pick DB

The Dolphins were done with their evening, it seemed, when they traded away their second of two third-round picks. And then they traded back into the round and picked CB Will Davis of Utah State.

The Dolphins traded with Green Bay to get the 93rd overall pick. They gave up 109, 146 and 224 overall in the exchange.

"I had a good feeling about the Dolphins but once they made their last pick and then traded out of their pick, I didn't know," Davis said. "It was kind of disappointing. But then I got the call they traded back in and, I tell you what, I'm ear to ear smiling right now."

Davis has played inside and outside as well as special teams.

Mike Mayock had a fifth-round grade on Davis.


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Dashi why so sad tonight?

I'll sum up what Irv said: "Ireland is the most clueless GM in the NFL"!

Do you guys realize that still, Ireland has never in his career drafted one good playmaker? YIKES!!

If these players were any good someone else would have drafted them in the top 50.

the realistic goal should be 3-4 starters from the draft.....we might be there already, or close, and we have 4 rounds to go......sigh, i'm not sure how you could say the roster hasnt been upgraded at this point, plus has added youth and speed, compared to last years--not sure what you're watching

Its a sad time to be a Dolfin fan. No light at the end of the long long tunnel.

Davis + Taylor = 2 Busts

Will someone please buy a Dolphin ticket?

well thank you Jack, for your clarification and contribution......good night.....and good luck (visual.....saluting).

I've been a Dolphins fan for over 40 years, so I've seen the good times. Every year since the Shula/Marino era has been a joke with this organization. It is harder every year to stay faithful. Even though Marino/Shula did not win a Super Bowl, at least we were competitive and we (the fans) could hold are heads up high. Lately, other fans are making the Phins the butt of all their jokes.

I think its safe to say Irescum has added to his record number of draft busts! LOL

Guys I think in the later rounds If Barkley is gone I think Fins will look at one of the QB's like Landry Jones maybe. Ron Wolf did it in Green Bay when he had Brunnell and Hasselbeck. Then if someone's QB gets hurt they will call the Fins about Matt Moore.

caddy.....jordan and taylor are lock starters......thomas a likely starter, if not right away then in year 2, at RG or RT......or be in the mix at least--and could spell just about any of the OL positions it sounds like--not sure about davis but CB depth is extremely valuable, as we found out last year--even is he's a decent nickel, he's valuable.

Please watch Will Davis on youtube and tell me that you are happy... watch his interview, he is a teenager! He is going directly to our Practice Squad.

WAC conference is so bad. He needs at least 2 years to develop. Why did they select him in the third round?

The potential is there, but as of today he is our defensive back #8. Trust me.

Ireland traded 3 picks for who?

A prediction: The Dolphins will be one of the worst offensive teams in the NFL during 2013. They will struggle to pass, run, or block.

This is what happens when a team cannot draft playmakers for years at a time.

Tannehill will be under tremendous pressure to raise his game to an elite level.

Typical Irescum draft. Garbage.

I was okay with the first two picks (in fact, I applauded them). But, then we took an Offensive Lineman--and, I was willing to give them the benefit I'd a doubt--but, the last pick? Hmm...we traded back up into the end of the third round and used 3 picks on a "project" Cornerback that most people had ranked in the late 4th-5th round? Smh...

And, this was all part of "The Plan"? C'mon, man!

Even the homers admit this draft stunk.


I guess I just do not see elite players being added to the team (with the exception of Wallace).

I could be mistaken. But the last dozen years or so have been a joke insofar as Dolphin drafts and rebuilds are concerned.

The team just feels like it is misbuilt.

I respect the fact that others may see it differently, and perhaps more correctly than I do.

To me, the offense is the real concern. There are so many unknowns, medical concerns, and a lack of attention to positions such as WR and TE (with Wallace be a notable exception).

Even the Jets are laughing at us.

The Pats will shut us out again. Our offense is much worse minus Long, Bush, Bess, and Fasano. Take it to the bank. We kept John Jerry, Egnew, and D Thomas?? WTF??

Yes I agree Benz, that was quite a run on sentence towards the end of my post......however, if you can solve the riddle...it is true. I would love to be an optimist, but I can only forgive so much. The decision to trade out of the third, then give up more picks to trade back in, for a player who is a reach, is just too incompetent. It shows that Ireland doesn't have a plan, and just likes to make deals. Any one of us would do better just drafting the best available player and stockpiling talent. It makes me question everything he has done. When I look back over this regime, I realize how little progress has been made. How many WR's have we drafted over the past 5 seasons, and the only one to stick is Hartline? How many LBs have we drafted and Misi is the only starter? He is not even a playmaker, How many game changing plays has Odrick made? How did our other first round picks work out...Davis, Long (first overall)? One could argue that Tannehill and Pouncey are the only impact first rounder made by this group in 5 tries (and we still don't know if Tannehill will progress in his second season...look at Cam Newton). What if we had Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco instead of Tannehill? 40% success in the first round is fairly bad especially when you consistently have high to mid round picks. Don't even let me start on our second and third round picks... The bottom line is that Ireland consistently tries to find gems and make contrarian picks. When you pick against majority opinion and reach for players consistently, you either are a lot smarter than everyone else in the NFL, or you are consistently wrong. That is compounded when you trade starters for picks, and then squander those picks. As a fan I sincerely hope that all these moves will prove to be homeruns. I sincerely want to see the dolphins' moves through rose colored glasses. However, after living through 5 years of this, and seeing how teams like Green Bay and Baltimore and San Francisco seem to reload every year in the draft, I am forced to realize that all Ireland draft picks have to be viewed with skepticism. Go phins! I hope I am wrong.

I have no life and no girl and no friends, so I will come to the blog and say how bad things are for the fins hoping to get someone else as miserable as me.

Maybe we can all kill ourselves on the same day?

Ross's motto Go cheap or go home.

Something that you stat freaks may like about our CBs that we drafted is that both are super quick. Look at their ten yard split, cone and shuttle times. Davis had the fastest ten yard split in the forty that I have seen.
Another quality these two posses that I think we all will agree has been missing and much needed in our secondary is ball skills.
So before you start criticizing that we didn't get Milliner or the "honey badger", know what you are knocking.

The Dolphins are on the clock for 2014 draft. Who should they select with #1 overall?

Well, first they need to find a GM.

Will Davis pick is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why? Why? Why?

Not even a zone corner. “Well at Utah State, Coach Gary Anderson is a man defense, a 3-4 type defense that plays a lot of man"

"Coach Gary Anderson, he put a lot of players from Utah to Miami, so they knew him a lot." Dolphins website.


This is the way good football teams are built and ran. We are utilizing this draft for its strengths.
The twelfth spot was not considered to be any better than the top of the second, so we traded up and got what could be an elite player(graded as best pass rusher in the draft).
With a strong third day showing, we have acquired a plethora of picks that will further enforce the transformation of a team of plodders to a team of licketty-split athletes.
The transition is to speed and youth--get used to it. The best of the young get resigned and the rest get moved

You naysayers are all idiots!

Just because we didn't draft the ESPN/NFL appointed draft 'superstars' doesn't mean we are wrong.

New England never does, Green Bay never does...and they are consistent playoff teams.

Our first 2 picks are great. No question.

Dallas Thomas is a good pick. He can play multiple positions and is a sure injury plugin wherever needed.

Its obvious, to me anyway, that Ireland thought we could get Will Davis in the 4th. But soon after, 2 CB's and 2 safeties came off the board. Not expected, but Ireland quickly rectified the situation with minimal pick loss and got his man (or probably Coyle's man).

We are obviously going to shore up the offensive line with free agency. So quit complaining about us drafting a starting lineman.

There is still some WR talent in the draft. (It's time for Mike Sherman to get his man, right? Cough...Swope).

We still have more draft picks left then roster spots...

And, last but not least, don't forget (minus the ongoing LT free agency shopping) we already have a team that can compete, even BEFORE the draft started.

You guys act like the draft is American Idol. F*&k popularity. This is not a vote. We have a team and a staff that knows what it's doing. And they are going for it all this year!

/rant off

If there were a zombie apocalypse, 80% of you on here would die within a week. Not because of overwhelming odds. Simply because you're idiots. Most draft picks can be questioned. If most picks were surefire, every team would be flawless.

- Dion Jordan - Guess what formula typically beats the Pats? A consistent pass rush. Ask NYG, BAL, PIT, and any team that historically gives NE fits. Jordan is Wake's bookend.

- Jamar Taylor - A value pick at a position of dire need. Let's face it CB is our weakest position on paper.

- Dallas Thomas - A regular starter in the SEC that has had success at both T and G. Many, many mocks had him projected in the 3rd. I'm sorry after the 37832 O-linemen that were taken in the 1st and 2nd rounds you didn't get the sexiest name, but this is a value pick who can succeed in a zone blocking scheme.

- Will Davis - Yes, a little raw from a weaker conference. But 17 passes defended and 5 INTs is still impressive. I may have gone with Poyer at that point, but still CB is our weakest position.

We have two of the early picks tomorrow. If we take one OR two of: WR Ryan Swope, WR Quinton Patton, and RB Marcus Lattimore. I'm very happy.

Of course this all depends on if Tannehill can become an elite quarterback.

Not everyone can be as lucky as Indianapolis with getting 2 franchise 1st pick quarterbacks in a row.

Ryan Swope, Brent Jones, Marcus Lattimore, and a TE.

goodnight gentleman. Hope the phins can break 7-9 this year.

Well said Bryan R. Jinx...

Tannehill does appear to be a component in the success of this team.

I like everything but the Will Davis pick. Please watch his game versus Louisiana Tech in youtube (first video)... I watched it for 10 minutes and definately NOT a third round talent.

Please watch it. He wont play a single down this year.

LOL. Yeah but we can have a team full of all pro bowlers and Kevin Kolb and lose to most of the playoff teams last year.

I meant it all (maybe 90%) depends on Tannehill...

Davis is a player that has continually devolped. He has in the last year, just began to realize his potential.

Well, if Miami doesn't go at least 9-7 this year, we won't have to put up with Ireland making the picks next year, in my opinion.

Some possibles that I am looking at for tomorrow is:swope, smith, and boyce at wr. Sims at TE; Bass ,Buchanan, Taylor, and Simon at DE. Hopkins the K, Wolfe the S are all probable, as well as the others.

The Genesis has began. Prosperity will follow.

They could have picked a LT with our second pick - there must be a very good reason why we did not.
There must be a plan ............ I really hope there is something that we the fans do not know yet about who Ireland and Philbin are targeting to fill that void. Assuming it is a veteran player then we really drafted to fill our needs and tomorrow I hope we pick a WR to play slot and a RB that can move the pile. I think those are the only needs left (besides LT)
But I am very surprised at the Bess trade - still cannot figure out why we would give up a proven, better than average, healthy slot receiver just to move up 7 spots in the 4th round ........ That just doesn't make sense to me - we just created another need. Or are we doing that because we think we are going to be able to draft a slot receiver tomorrow who is better and cheaper than Bess. ??
Can anyone enlighten me on reasons to get rid of Bess for not even a 4th round pick.

I think it comes down to an all out push this year.

We have a draftee who can fill in multiple o line injury spots. A potential starter and a nickel/dime cb draftee. And a soon to be known LT FA signing. And even a backup qb to fill in a few games.

Next year doesn't matter. You nancy fans have insured this is Ireland's last hurrah.

The only thing we have going against us is lack of team chemistry and the potential qb 'sophomore' slump.

Otherwise, we have enough talent to go far in the playoffs.

Here is a question for you all. What will it take for you to be ok with keeping Ireland after this year?

I say 1st rd of the playoffs. Mostly because this is an entirely new team...

What say you?

It would appear that Bess did not fit the plans. The recievers that we currantly employ are very versitile.
Bess could only play slot, although I agree, very well.

Gibson and I have to believe Swope. Swope is more talented than Bess. And I read somewhere Swope and Tanne are RL bbuddies and Sherman...

Let's hope New England doesn't steal him before our first pick tomorrow.

Ireland is such a fu#& up.

Ireland “Well, we had a couple of players there and when you have a couple of players you feel like there’s value there that you know you’re going to get one so we traded back (and) picked up (an) additional fourth. (We) saw some corners go off, you know there, and I felt like we need to go back in there and get him. So that’s what happened. Lost a couple of players on board at that point and felt like we needed to go back in and get him."

Year six of the REBUILD?! looks like year 2....New head coach, New OC, New offensive scheme, New rookie QB, New Owner.....same old GM (without a Big Tuna breathing down his neck & a Pizza Maker as a head coach who has no idea what a draft board even looks like.) I know everyone is impatient over all the "big" moves but this team is only in year 2 of a new re-build and we're trying to purge all the dead weight from the Fat Tuna era. We're still at least 2-3 years away from knowing if any of these moves will pay dividends...The playoffs would be nice and save Jeffsters job but i'm not going to panic if we win 6-7 games...Look at Detroit they made the playoffs the year before and then this year they're picking at #5 overall so you never know... like the way Houston and Cincinatti have been building their teams and progressing every year i think we're on that same track...Brady has to retire eventually right?


Why the negativity on this board? The second day added three players to our biggest areas of need. Only Davis is a slight reach and thats because he played in a small conference. BUt...The guy had 5 INTs and 17 (yes 17!!) pass deflections. The guy is a baller.

I have even seen a few of you criticize the Jamar Taylor pick- REally? You are truly retarded if you think that that was a bad pick. 4.39 speed- graded out as first round prospects by some pundits-area of need. Brilliant pick!

Dallas Thomas- three year starter in the SEC at LT and LG. Graded out as a third rounder and is considered starter material in the NFL. GUess where we drafted him? guess where we need help on this team. This is a solid pick.

ONLY SIGH and PHINMANSKI GET IT! Look and see where the Phins were ranked offensively in the NFL last year. We have the same OC...the same slow...stiff Hartline and added a slow...un-explosive Gibson.

Will be handing the ball to a rb who has proven he can't stay healthy..doesn't break a tackle and isn't a laterally quick or elusive as Reggie Bush who we let walk.

A broken Keller who can't play a full season and has lost a step off that 4.6 forty backed by Clay who is really a fullback and Egnew who is a certified bust.

Ireland and Phibin ignore the wr...rb and te position in the draft like idiots thinking we are all set? There is no remaining speed and any of these positions in the draft..now the Fins are left with scraps and players from small schools who played no comp.

Dashi....4.5 isn't fast for a wr or rb. In todays game seam threat te's are running near that time consistently. Hartline...high 4.4...Gibson high 4.5...Wallace is the only player on this roster that times fast and plays fast.

Please so no to Swoop..no more un-explosive sluggish wrs who can't elude or get down the field. Swoop and Hartline are too similar. Swoop ran a fast time now every one is jacking off to the kid even though he rarely go behind any one at TAMU or picked up yards after the catch. Strictly possession target.

cked 3 different scouting sites w. positional breakdown...this CB fromUSU is ranked no higher than 23 on the list of CB's available...and we traded up to get him...it's getting rediculous at this point.
a 3rd down pas specialist that is boom/bust->2 draft pick for him
a decent cb in the 2nd round
a total gaff in the 3rd round-> 2 pick for him
a guard in the 3rd round->we still need a RT..Thomas is not a OT

what if?
What if we stayed at 12 ; drafted Tyler Eifert...then with our 1st 2nd rounder drafted M Watson out of FSU to be our opening day RT (Martin kicked over to the Left side)....draft the CB out of BSU; we would have been able to draft a RB, WR or best player available with the two 3rds....instead we have a pile of freshly laid turds. The only player from what has been drafted that will still be with this team in 3 yrs...the CB from BSU

they gave up 3 draft picks to move back to where they could have draftd him before? Freaking stupid!

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