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Dolphins trade up to pick Dion Jordan

The Dolphins just traded up from the No. 12 overall pick to the No. 3 overall pick to draft defensive end Dion Jordan.

The Dolphins think Jordan a latter day Jason Taylor.

The club gave up the No. 12 pick for Oakland's No. 3 and added the No. 42 overall pick -- the higher of Miami's second rounder. Bargain!

"I'm going to bring tremendous athletic ability," Jordan said.

Jordan is one month into a three-to-four month recovery from shoulder surgery. He might not be ready for the start of training camp in July. The Dolphins expect he'll be ready for the start of the season.


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The Dolphins only gave up the 42nd overall pick to move up to 3rd...Wow...Dion Jordan...I'm shocked...

Making power moves.

Is this a good thing is it???

Good Pick.

Good Trade.

Jeffy Doing Work.

Do you like the pick, Mando? They stink drafting in the 2nd round anyways, so giving up a 2nd is no big thing.


Love the pick! Now let's go get a CB in the 2nd rnd.

This Jet fan is laughing his ass off !!!!!!!

now the TE from UF another araon Hernandez on day 2 in the third lets go fins lets go fins jeff is doing work

Pass rush has been a big need for years...We've had Wake and that's it...But man, talk about a shocker...

Even Gruden thought it was a bad pick and he LOVES every pick

shocked.......but excited too......he's a stud, dynamic......and honestly, the other options are not slam dunk options either (Johnson, Floyd, etc)--dynamic pass rusher is awesome


When are you going to ever learn not to buy into the pre-draft smokescreens?

This guy has Vernon Gholston written all over him. I can't believe the Fish took him....most had him going 8-15.

They took him 3rd and paid up to do so. OMG.

Its a reach!!! and what now?? ... I think we can forget about Albert... unless chiefs accept a 3 rd for him

Good talent but projecting big time. Trading up for a guy without a proven track record and a bum shoulder. I don't like trade ups or down. Who the fukker gonna play LT?

fire Ireland now!!!!!!!
a 3-4 DE in a 4-3 defense
bad shoulder
and we spent picks to go up and get this turd

as F'ed up as the logo and unis

..Wow..I loved the idea of Jordan at 12..Is he the best pass rusher in the draft? We really didn't give much up to move up that high..A bit surprised. John Gruden is killing the Phins right now!

Awful move..................They're laughing at us on TV once again..............cannot believe Jeffy's ineptitude!

Great pick. Ireland appears to be in it to win it

I'm not sure I like this...But whatever...

Beyond appalled, why??? WHY??!!!!! Less than 250 lbs 6'6" guy, God knows what did we have to give up for this guy. Bye bye Eiffert, who WILL be drafted by the Jets and will continue to now tradition of TEs of destroying our D.

They could have drafted Corey Lemonier AND Brandon Jenkins and get an even better pass rush AND depth w/o losing a pick. AWFUL!!!

BTW an Oregon defensive guy LOL with shoulder issues, etc. I QUIT, this is beyond discouraging, the same day that these morons unveiled the most hideous unis in the history of this once proud franchise.

LA bound a this rate.

So TE And T. Austin Are Out Of The Question.

So will this guy play OLB or DE for us?

Mayock has Dion Jordan as his 5th best player in draft. So, it doesn't look like a big mistake. Maybe a great pick.

"Might not be ready for the start of training camp"...That's not good...Not good at all...

we NEEDED a OT and CB...not a f'n DE

What a dip s**t Ireland is

This sucks

Joke move............Ross must fire Ireland tonite & get someone in pronto who won't screw up the remaining rounds.

This guy was easily going to be available at 12,

This pick blows.

Gruden, Mayock, Kiper are all laughing at this pick

Unbelievable but the way things were going I just knew something big was coming. The only thing I did know was that about half the people here would be going HUH? WHAT? Give the fans until tomorrow when the shock wears off.

Idk, but having watched Gruden on Monday Night so much, he's an idiot. So if he hates it, I'm cautiously optimistic.

Miami feeling good about LT, CB, evidently.

Don't know much about Jordan, but he's not very big for a DE...Wasn't Taylor around 260lbs when the Dolphins drafted him? This guy is not even 250...Ouch...Better hit the weight room soon...


He Is Faster Than Misi And Probably All Our LBs.


fing idiot GM!!! This pick should sink his damn career!! He cant think he can just rush the outside and he certainly isnt big enough to go through anyone... What about left tackle Jeffy??? What about TE??? What about cornerback??? How does he cover or is all he can do is try the speed rush??? Gruden already said how to stop him on TV.. chip him with a back.. What a waste..

Eric Kumerow "tweener," Jared Odrick-style schlepper.


PS good call, Mando.

You dolts wait and see. This league is about ATHLETES. That's what this guy is. Think about it, Cameron Wake and Dion Jordan. Double team both and you have Dannell Ellerbe up the middle.

It's about STRATEGY fellas, you're thinking Checkers, Philbin's thinking CHESS!

Well ireland did it again. Not a good move

Taylor Was Around 240, When He Got Drafted.

Don't mind the player. He's got the athleticism of a first rounder. Not sure id trade up for him. They just kissed off a good corner to take a guy with no production and a bum shoulder. Eww

Mark, say it with me brother....JONATHAN MARTIN!!! He's benching 205 now, don't worry, he'll do just fine.

Some of you guys are idiots yes he's 245 but he"ll put on weight through the years in the NFL his athletic ability is off the charts I like the pick. He might get swallowed up in the the run game though

The pick has some risk, but also lots of upside. I am glad we did not trade up to take a tackle. We have drafted conservative the last 15 years. Where did that get us?

"This Jet fan is laughing his ass off !!!!!!!"

Jets have nothing to laugh at but themselves.

Now The Lions Just Reached.

As I have said many times, Vernon showed nothing as a pass rusher. Odrick is not a 4-3 rusher and his contract is up next year.

This was done with an eye on the future. Don't forget, Wake is already 30 or 31. I expect Odrick to be on the move soon. Maybe packaged up with bess to get back that 2nd rounder.

Ireland is relplacing soon to be expiring contracts with young bodies because he has alot tied into the money he spent in FA.

This was a logical postition to draft. Will he be worth it is now the question.

nightmarish pick.

I'm sick to my stomach.

Miami is not going to give up his now lone 2nd rounder... So , forget about Albert... welcome Winston, Mackiney??

boo-hoo dusty, no Albert. Let's cry in our K.C. Masterpiece. You'll be thanking me in October. We're going to the Playoffs in 2013 gentlemen, bet on it!

Man im pissed

Big time reach. Just when I thought the Dolphins front office had figured it out. This is exactly why we wanted Ireland fired last year. If he was gone, which by all rights he should have been, this never would have happened. They might have had Jordan at 12, but CB was the no-brainer selection.

Dion Jordan has the body of Chris Bosh

I love this pick. I love that it comes at something of a bargain.

Good Lord, our DLine is now extremely scary! Excellent move by Ireland. We only loss pick 42.

Well Craig had been banging the drum immediately following the end of the season for a pass rusher. I assume he'll be happy with this pick????

I thought a DE would be picked in 2nd round.

Gil Brandt actually rated Jordan as the #3 talent overall. So, i guess it's not a stretch to grab him at this position. But, I am not thrilled to have given up a second round pick for this guy.

2012 stats on Jordan: 44 total tackles, 10.5 going for a loss, including five sacks, forced three fumbles and intercepted one pass. He only played in 11 full games after missing parts or the entirety of three others with a shoulder injury.

We passed on a lot of talented players for this guy. I hope he ends up being worth giving up on that talent PLUS giving up the second round pick.

There must be a plan to get an LT. Winston? Clabo? So glad we didn't take Ansah. Big whopping 4.5 sacks this year 2 of which were against Utah State. Every CB on this team just got that much better.

This is a great pick by Fins! And to only give up the #42 pick is crazy! We moved up 9 spots and only gave up one of our 2nd rounders! Great job Ireland!

Haha, 205. Good one DC. This was one risky Fukkin move. Projecting big time here. At least Ireland is going down guns a blazing.

I like the pick. He played with his hands in the dirt and standing up. He is improving but has a huge upside. I did say I liked him or Austin but I don't think we should have traded up for him.

Dion Jordan.

Welcome to Fin Nation

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