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Dolphins trade up to pick Dion Jordan

The Dolphins just traded up from the No. 12 overall pick to the No. 3 overall pick to draft defensive end Dion Jordan.

The Dolphins think Jordan a latter day Jason Taylor.

The club gave up the No. 12 pick for Oakland's No. 3 and added the No. 42 overall pick -- the higher of Miami's second rounder. Bargain!

"I'm going to bring tremendous athletic ability," Jordan said.

Jordan is one month into a three-to-four month recovery from shoulder surgery. He might not be ready for the start of training camp in July. The Dolphins expect he'll be ready for the start of the season.


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You are wrong about Swope's speed. You think that because he is white he is slow but Swope shocked everyone when he ran a 4.34 at the combine. To put it in perspective that is what Tavon Austin ran. He was also tannehill's favorite receiver at A&M and he knows Sherman's offense.

ESPN is still trying to make Kiper Jr. millions from playing a guessing game with the NFL draft.

My idea for the remaining Dolphin selections:

2nd round- OT
3rd round- CB
3rd round- WR (speed)
4th round- OG

Dashi, when we were saying today that we needed depth at LB I had no idea we could get one with this much talent and versatility. This frees up Misi to interchange with Ellerbe and gives us four backers that can cover and get after the QB!!

This guy is perfect for the hybrid defenses that we play. He can rush 1 play and cover tight ends and backs the next.

Great job Ireland

Awful trade...it reeks of desperation. Why give up a pick when you can get a proven player like Jarvis Jones at #12? it would have been better if they traded out of the round all together and collected a ransom of draft picks like Belicheat did. We basically lost a starter for a tweener with a bad shoulder and limited production. Why make a risky move like this? I would have gambled on Johnson over him. This could be curtains for Jeffy.


I'm hardly an advocate of Ireland being even an average recruiter of talent in the NFL. Much of the bad recruiting had to do with dinosaur Parcells. Being a professional has to include success. Parcells was never a personnel executive but was given that designation because he knew then Dolphin owner Huizenga. The highly talented evaluations of Dion Jordan are so pervasive that one should at least give this pick a chance before trashing it.

Say it ain't so...the worst possible scenario and Ireland makes it happen. Now they have no left tackle, no corners, and a one year rental for a TE, and Ireland gets a position in a weak draft that is inconsequential. F..u... Dolphins. A team that deserves 5 losing seasons in a row.

Posted by: Dashi | April 25, 2013 at 11:26 PM

Dashi, the Pats won 2 Super Bowls with basically 2nd rate wideouts, and LOST one with Randy Moss and company.
Those who critique NE's drafts must first show we can beat them. I hate them, but their former 6th round QB pick is better than any Fin pick the last 10 years. By the way, are Gronkowski, Hernandez, Woodhead chopped liver. When have we had impact players like those 3 DRAFTED?
The Pats have 7 picks now, I believe, and 3 of them are in the next 75 players selected, in what is called a deep draft.
I am not about to call Bellicheat stupid till we win the division.

Jordan would have been there at 12, so the trade makes no sense. Honestly who had really thought about the guy unless ur a ducks fan, because it really wasnt a position of need.

Gerry, WHY would you say Jordan would be there at 12? WE got him. If we stayed at 12, another team would have grabbed him. That is really incoherent reasoning.

6ft 6.5 in tall, 81in wingspan, fast as hell, I am not a cup half empty person I look forward to see what this guy can bring.......

IMAWriter, so he was on your draft board?(An injured DE from Oregon, NOT don't lie)even healthy will be a third down specialist this year because of his size, its just not worth the trade, just my opinion. I hope he is the next Taylor, but we didn't get Taylor at #3, so he better be.

Don't be a hindsight Parrot!

Eddie, I was an Eifort or Jarvis Jones fan, but I have to admire Irelands guts, AND dealing skills to move up 9 places and only give up #42, a 2nd round pick.
The more 3 and outs we have, the more opportunities to get the ball to Wallace and company. I'd love to get CB ASAP though, and of course some help in the O-Line.
I believe we might find a safety with an undrafted kid.

Gerry, I never thought we had a CHANCE to get Jordan, and I really wanted Jarvis Jones. I live in SEC country, and an SEC defender is usually worth a lot.
He may be as talented as Von Miller...or not.
Time will tell, but NO ONE can predict where he would have gone if we hadn't selected him at #3. He WAS predicted to go in the top 8 by supposedly sharper guys than either of us.

Sorry, the "HE" I meant was Jordan, not Jones.

Some professional analysis, hope they are wrong. 2013 NFL DRAFT: FIVE BOLD PREDICTIONS: 4. Oregon pass rusher Dion Jordan is exposed as overrated...The 6-foot-6, 245-pound Jordan might just be the most remarkable athlete in the 2013 draft but while he certainly possesses the upside to make scouts drool, general managers might wonder why he wasn't more productive in a pass-happy Pac-12 conference. Savvy talent evaluators will point out that Jordan was just as likely to drop back into coverage as rush the passer. Rather than actually make plays in coverage, however, Jordan simply took up space.

He registered just two pass breakups over his career and never intercepted a pass. He registered 7 1/2 sacks as a junior in his career-high campaign and just five a season ago. Oregon coaches tout his toughness and dedication, yet he's struggled with durability throughout his career. Jordan's upside warrants early consideration, but he is far from the sure thing that his cut-ups have led some to believe. - Rob Rang, NFLDraftScout.com

I hope he is the MAN, just a #3 I thought it was a reach. Time will tell, GO FINS!

Did anybody see the Jet fans at the draft? boy they look like they stink.

You morons who are trashing this pick kill me. First of all, the majority of the draft experts had this guy as one of the top defenders in this draft. Second, not a position of need? We have one pass rusher on this team, Wake. So it was a need position. Third, he is not a D-end, he will be either a SAM or WILL. The guy can play in space and cover. I see him as potentially somewhere between Jason Taylor and Jason Pierre-Paul, except he will be covering TE's potentially. He would have been taken by 12, no doubt. You dopes who are trumping Jarvis Jones, you can stick it. The guy is a slow poke (4.9 forty). We just cut two of those (see Dansby and Burnett). Jordon has tremendous upside and if use right, will be a 10+ sack guy. Draft is deep in DBs and O-line. Shallow in pass rushers. In terms of value in the trade, #3 pick is worth 2200 pts. The 12th picl 1200 pts and the 42nd pick, 460 pts. Dolphins made out in the trade.

Finally, and best of all, to the Jet moron who claims to be laughing, Really? The Wets have already clinched the worst draft this year by far. Worst offense in football and they draft 2 defenders. Miliner isnt playing for Alabama against inferior colleges anymore. Bone head Ryan will be fired after this year. LOL

OK Cheese,we'll see......ASS! :)

And weren't we already like 7th or 8th in the league in sacks last year? Pretty damn good, and how'd that work out for us last year?

For all the naysayers, go look at Dion Jordan's college game highlights. Guys a player. He will get bigger and you can't teach speed and athleticism. He will command respect and will alleviate the double teams and holding that Cam Wake endures constantly. I love the pick and never thought we'd have the chance to get him at 12.

And weren't we already like 7th or 8th in the league in sacks last year? Pretty damn good, and how'd that work out for us last year?

Posted by: Gerry

After Ireland and Philbin, who no doubt had some say in drafting Jordan, get fired please be the first to apply for Coach and GM of the Miami Dolphins.

Gerry your analysis is just what the Dolphins have been looking for......(SARCASM)

Hey Genius when a quarterbacks time is taken away to pass the ball it tends to help the secondary.

I can't believe some of these idiots who are trashing this pick. This guy is the best defensive player in this draft, bar none. A freak of nature who can rush, cover and play the run. Have you seen the tapes on this guy? He's amazing. I truly think much of our fan base down here wouldn't know a great player if he bit them on the butt! And FYI, most mocks had him going at #2 to Jacksonville. This guy has the chance to be another Jason Taylor. so let's see. I give Ireland an A+ on this one.

I can't believe it. I quit.
Between the new gay logo and now this I'm done.

I think its an excellent move, the guy has talent and lik the giants its about have a rotation of players who can pass rush. Wake, second yr Vernon and now Jordan should allow us to keep a fresh pass rusher off the ends at all times. Great foresight as well, because all the tackles were taking before the 12th pick. The second round I think will be a CB, then a RT.

Negative Phin fans... This guy will play OLB on most downs. Great trio with Ellerbe, Wheeler and Jordan. Our strong side LB will be responsible for covering the TE a lot in man coverage. Jordan played man to man on a lot of slot WRs in college. Remember how the #1 team in our division has those 2 huge TEs that kill us? Gronkowski is 6'6 and runs a 4.7. Now we have a guy that is 6'6 and runs a 4.6... On 3rd downs we can put him out wide like a DE and let him create havoc opposite of Wake. This guy is versatile and makes our defense better instantly.

Craig M, can't agree with you more. I had Ansah as a guy I would have taken because we needed that guy outside Wake. Ireland took a chance on a dynamic player!! All IN!!...

If we in fact traded up, only lost a 2nd Rd and got the best pass rusher in the Draft?? Then Ireland is a genius. If not?? Ireland will be criticized. Either way I give credit to Ireland for going out and FINALLY taking a chance on a potential "elite" player.

Im from Oregon and Dion doesnt take plays off. Very high effort guyThis is a great pick for Miami (coming from someone who regularly watches Oregon games). I love this pick

good post, i have been looking for it

jordan had to play well no matter what happens, I want to see her play up

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