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Dolphins trade up to pick Dion Jordan

The Dolphins just traded up from the No. 12 overall pick to the No. 3 overall pick to draft defensive end Dion Jordan.

The Dolphins think Jordan a latter day Jason Taylor.

The club gave up the No. 12 pick for Oakland's No. 3 and added the No. 42 overall pick -- the higher of Miami's second rounder. Bargain!

"I'm going to bring tremendous athletic ability," Jordan said.

Jordan is one month into a three-to-four month recovery from shoulder surgery. He might not be ready for the start of training camp in July. The Dolphins expect he'll be ready for the start of the season.


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I do like the fact that Ireland told reid to suck it. All up to the player now. If he produces, nobody remembers the price. He's a legit first pick. Many mocks had him in the top 3. Lets roll!

Time will tell if moving up to get Jordan was a smart move...I would of stayed at 12...I would of taken Eifert...But whatever...Pass rush is a big part of a defense and aside from Wake we don't have much...

i can't beleive it. when i saw the trade i thought wow how much did we just give up, but only pick 42!!! i was hoping for eifert but you can't have everything. this team is going to have a great defense. you build defense through the draft and i expect most of our picks to be defense.

We needed a pass rusher but hate giving up second rounder

I'm out guys, not sticking around for Jets fan open mic night. Peace.

Great pick great trade you will love dion when he's putting Brady on his back side go dolphins , I love it!!!!!!!

jets wanted a pass rusher and didn't get any of the 3 top guys.

All you guys must be drinking "Irelands summertime Kool-Aid"
Bad pick, Sorry.Actually, it would have been a good pick at # 12, but to tra a second for it..


Phins, it was a joke. We can still get Albert if that's what they wanna do. Just give up a pick NEXT year, or else tell the Chiefs to stuff it. Tannehill is young, he can move in the pocket. And I'm not discounting Martin (though Mark's rubbed off on me and joking on him is fun). He was a rookie guys. He protected Andrew Luck. He did just fine.

Dion Jordan is 3rd Oregon player taken No. 3 overall (Joey Harrington, Akili Smith)


Apparently the FINS luv this guy i mean...they just had him targeted...and they went and got him...

...the draft strategy is genius....

Question is..how good is the choice

The Fins Pass Rush Got Tired In A lot Of 4th Qtr.

Now The Fins Will Have A Good Rotation.

A lot of people here seem to forget he is a consensus top 5 player in this draft, so we get a potential playmaker and people are whining? Its been a long time since Miami was aggresive, time will tell

I have absolutely no problem with Tavon going to the Lambs. So happy the Jets or Bills didn't get the guy.

Ignore the jets troll posting under multiple names. This is a great pick. Look at what has beaten the patsies .... PASS RUSH . Giants do it to them. Jason did it to them. Now we have an incredible rush. The DBs are very happy because it just reduced the time that they have to cover the receivers. Cheap move up too Way to go Jeff!


Austin off the board.....

Wasn't it the Eagles owner that Ross had an issue with recently? Maybe he just wanted to grab Jordon before Philly and their new ex-Oregon coach did.

Is Ireland a moron or what? Too Funny!!

Hope you crybabies are happy the Rams, instead of the Jets took Tavon Austin.

Austin's in a division of very good defenses. Last see how long he lasts! LOL...

Jeff has just acquired the golden nail to seal his coffin. Gone. Goodbye... see ya !! Moving up to #3 and only giving up a 2nd was brilliant. But once again, ineptitude struck Jeffy and gets a guy I have not heard anyone talk about. WTFF??? What a joke the Dolphins continue to be. It's pathetic.

What a disaster.

Look at who is falling to 12 - MILLNER, FLOYD

Holy crap we moved up for nothing.

Heat 78 Bucks 68 4th quarter

Austin is tiny and he went #8. this league is about athleticism now. Everyone whining about a guy thats small isn't watching todays nfl.

This league is about fast, quick & dynamic. He has the ability to drop as well. Who cares if he is going against guys twice his size? LOL.

They have to catch him to pummel him.

A Couple Of Years From Now We Will All Be Laughing At J. Fisher.

The Guy Traded Away RG3. Overpaid For Jake. And Just Drafted a 5'8 WR #8.

This is just a great pick, 3rd best player listed in the Draft, one of the elite guys out there. And we only gave up one 2nd rounder!! NFL Network saying we got GREAT value!! Twitter is buzzing with what a great pick this is!!! This gonna be one scary defense!!!


dashe would you at least show some respect for the blog and the game and not blog again until the draft is over?






Good point YG.....

@ least Austin isn't in our vision.....

Fisher got Austin...

Bad pick, Sorry.Actually, it would have been a good pick at # 12, but to tra a second for it..


Posted by: Bark Odin,Bark.

Parting words;
Don't worry about the fact that he would have been gone by the 5th pick. Good pick at #12, yeah no crap. If he lasted until 12 it would have been a miracle.

DC I read your post, I thought so but needed to be sure! Haha

Omg! Great trade, better pick. ;)

I have a strong feeling Dion Jordan won't see the field this upcoming season. I think that shoulder injury might need another surgery.

Posted by: Lennay Kekua | April 25, 2013 at 09:06 PM

Thank you Dr. Kekua

Any bets the Jets take Eifert?

This is a passing league and if you want to stop, or limit, the pass you have to get to the QB.

Dion Jordan can get to the QB.

Pairing him with Wake is going to turn the Fins D into a top 5 defense.

Didnt have to trade up for Jordan. He's injured and wouldve been there at #12.

I could see them take Miliner now that Revis is gone...

Wow did you guys see the highlights of Tavon Austin? That guy is dynamic. Rams fans are going to be entertained. The guy is a human highlight film.

just shut down my dolphans draft party!.. can't believe i was waiting months for this...they do this every year...unbelievable...lane johnson, EDDIE LACEY, haden, eifert, rhodes, ....i can't believe they moved up to #3 and then draft this undersized defensive end that would've still been there in the second round...i thought at #3 we might have gotten lacey(if not lane johnson or hayden) but a defensive end, and he's not even named ansaw. we just threw another first rounder down the stinkin toilet and a #3 at that... totally disappointed...i'm hoping for this guy to stink, forget that, i don't even have to hope, he's undersized and that's why the stadium is empty.. bone head moves

Haha! Jets lose Mingo and Austin. The top 3 pass rushers and the top WR are off the board.

how awesome would it be if we got the honey badger as well??? That would be a fast playmaking defense that we've lacked for a very long time

MJZ, I hope you're right...

Shoulder injury is very significant for Lineman (OL and DL) because the battle in the trenches is all about leverage. This is why Jordan is an extremely risky pick. Medical bust potential is very high.

jets wanted Austin also, i love this....

They are comparing him to jason taylor...those are some big shoes to fill...make me happy for ones my dolphins

Ireland's previous drafts have sucked for the exception of Mike Pouncey. Most all of the players he picked were busts. He did a tremendous job in free agency this year but.... trading up to get a DE with a bum shoulder? I don't know and I don't like it. But I sure hope I'm wrong and Ireland did his homework on this one. Who will be the starting LT? CB? Should've just kept the 12th and taken Eifert. I don't like this one bit.




This should show everyone how bad the picks have been under former VP of Operations Bill Parcells. Everything is being revamped; from OT Long to Odrick and the DE from the University of Miami drafted in last seasons draft.

I look forward to seeing Brady and Sancheez getting violated regularly by Wake and Jordan.

Our D-Line now with a good pass rushing lb....

Brady, and the rest of the qb's the Phin's face...

Here Comes The Boom!!!!

Ignore what Gruden says. There is a reason he's on TV instead of on the sidelines. Chucky doesn't understand that you can only put a fullback on one rusher... Take your pick Jordan or Wake....either one , it's OK

jets going Armando's Hayden????

Dion Jordan Graded Out 93.5

Rated Higher Than T. Austin 91.4

And Way Higher Than Any TE (Eifert) 83.3

The Fins Didn't Reach.

This pick also means they have conceded that Odrick was a mistake in the 1st round. When I predicted all along Ireland would take a DE, I just could not envision this horrible move. I swear to God, I could handle the draft better than Ireland just with my copy of PFW 2013 draft guide in hand.
Jordan is a 3-4 outside backer. He is going to get mashed as a 4-3 RDE.
Grade: F

Some dumb ppl on this site if u chip Jordan with the back like Gruden says who chips Wake? We gave QBS all day to throw the ball because we had 1 rusher . Jordan was the highest rated pass rusher in the draft..... Double Wake and u get a shot of Jordan double Jordan and u get a shot of Wake brilliant.

Ireland just signed his death certificate.

The last 5 years have proven that an elite pass rusher is far more valuable than any LT. A LT can only defend 1/3 of the pocket in a pass play. If he wins his battle, QB pressure can still come from the center or right. If the pass rusher beats his man, the pressure is guaranteed and the play will likely be a win for the D. Matched up with C. Wake, Jordan will make the Fins rush the best in the league.

Great move, Mr. Ireland

It's just awesome value...unbelievable. We got a 50% discount on the good old value chart. Jordan is going to take the defense to the next level and Cam will be a great influence on the guy. The guy has 4.6 speed and played special teams.


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