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Dolphins trade up to pick Dion Jordan

The Dolphins just traded up from the No. 12 overall pick to the No. 3 overall pick to draft defensive end Dion Jordan.

The Dolphins think Jordan a latter day Jason Taylor.

The club gave up the No. 12 pick for Oakland's No. 3 and added the No. 42 overall pick -- the higher of Miami's second rounder. Bargain!

"I'm going to bring tremendous athletic ability," Jordan said.

Jordan is one month into a three-to-four month recovery from shoulder surgery. He might not be ready for the start of training camp in July. The Dolphins expect he'll be ready for the start of the season.


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i like the way Ireland played Oakland and only gave them 1 pick... he knew they would take what they could get, they need picks.

What if you put him at rolb in the base D with Odrick as RDE. On pass situations you put him on the line with odrick moving inside and big Paul taking the bench then put Vernon in at ROLB??? HOLY CRAP!! how does that make the front 7 look!!! pretty Fing good to me...


Don't e surprised if Jordan's our new stud OLB either. Imagine sending Wake, an improved Vernon and Jordan at the qb.

I say Jordan at olb because he also has the speed and size to cover TE's.

It wouldn't surprise me in the least if Ireland isn't fielding trade calls for Misi right fvcking now!

This move also proves Dolphins feel pretty good with Martin at LT, I believe.

The Brendan Albert affair may still come to happen, of course, but JI has proven beyond any possible doubt that he doesn't give a sh** if it doesn't. He could have had Lane Johnson, he could have kept #42 for Diva Albert and the griddy chefs, but instead he priorized everything else before even giving a thought about this KC soap opera.

Martin should be smiling from ear to ear and pumpin' the iron harder than ever by now. I certainly would if I were him!!!

In the worst case JI just got rid of that Andy Reid monkey jumping on his back again and again for entire weeks now.

SHOULDER INJURY.............

WE GET A GUY AT NO 3 ........


Where is the evidence Dion Jordan can get to the QB? He had 5 sacks his whole college career!


Seems NFL Network loved the move and the guy....

I can't believe the Rams gave up all those picks and took AUSTIN with the 8th overall.

That's dumber than Chiefs "Moves" -LOL!

Austin won't last as long as Pat White.

You can bet own that. My neighbors 11 year old Daughter is TOUGHER and Taller.

He might not have missed games at WV, but WV isn't the NFL. ROTFLMAO!

We pick Jordan: ohhh, shoulder injury.

Jets pick Milliner: ESPN says, never mind his shoulder injury!

I'd rather see Milliner than Revis.

Ireland got a good value trade done. Moving up from 12 to 3 is a difference of 1,000 points. They gave up #42 which is worth only 480 points. So that is a good trade.

But an injured 'smallish' DE? I just don't know. But man I sure am hoping he proves to be a great complement to Wake.

absolutely horrile pick. This was the 3rd area of need maybe even the fourt area behinh OT, CB, and TE. They should have kleft those two picks with two starters now best case they get a rotation situational player. I have given Ireland the benefit but now no more. This is a f ing joke!!!!! Jets just took ALA CB he can shot down wallace and we got a special team contributor

Bye Bye Jeffy Poo

Anyone saying Jordan would have been there at 12 is clueless. Philly would have taken him if he was there.

I think its a good pick Misi to DE and Jordan to OLB speed no more getting beat bad by TE

Milliner to the Wets.....Millner Island? Lets see him cover Wallace!!

The went the OTHER CB...figured they were gonna try and replace Revis....

Looks like Rex Ryan will continue to to be DEFENSE FIRST...in an OFFENSE 1ST league....good for us....

Dion Jordan would have been taken by the Eagles. Some mocks had him going #2 to the Jaguars. No way he would have been around in the 2nd round.

I don't know how good he is but I like the fact that Ireland is taking bpa and not reaching for needs. I hope we did not give up too much because we still need a RT, CB, and TE.

Love the trade up for Jordan. I was banging the drum for Jordan early this offseason. I love hin opposite Wake. It's clear they weren't sold on Johnson. So be it. Great move by Ireland and it didn't cost a lot.

Go 'Phins!!

Milliner to Jets. Absolute worst place he could go. Instant pressure to be Darrelle Revis.

I feel for this kid. Bad organization, to high of an immediate expectations. Wow, boy do I feel for this kid, anywhere but the Jets!

HAHAHAHA Jets basically traded Revis for Milliner and a 2014 3rd rounder LOL






"Where is the evidence Dion Jordan can get to the QB? He had 5 sacks his whole college career!"

Ya don't have to sack Brady. Just get in his face and make him anxious for his good looks.

Incredibly wise move. Gruden is a talk show host. Miami is thinking pressure on Brady. Smart, tactical move by Jeff Ireland. Idiots and ball watchers will never learn. Miami as a true playmaker on both ends.

Sounds like an ERic Kumerow!!


I love this pick.

Keep telling you guys, Jordan is replacing Misi at OLB.

Just wait and see.

Rex Ryan Still Runs The Jets.

D. Millner Is Good But The Jets Had Bigger Need Than CB. They Need Offensive Weapons.

Also, The Injury History Should Worry Them.

I agree Jordan would've been there at #12. He may not even be ready for the start of the season. Huge Ireland blunder like 3 picks for D Thomas.

Trading up to #3 allowed them to fill any position on the team. So entering the day today Ireland and Philbin decided that their number one NEED was DE?

Not Tackle? Not CB? Not TE?


i saw this guy play quite a few times. Horrible pick. I'm absolutely stunned. The Dolphins can't score! So what do they do? Pick another lineman....of course!

Once again ... ignore the jets troll posting under many names. he has no life so that is what makes him.....well uh happy, I guess. Really sad, isn't it? He really needs to appolgize to the rest of the jets fans.

Wake me up when Jeffrey is fired.

We are doomed..........Ross should demand Jeff take a breathalyizer test now.......if he's over the limit, Goodell can void pick & restart draft from third pick





People bashing the pick and thinking that kid would be there at 12 are complete idiots. LMAO!!!!!!!!!

ALMOSY EVERY MOCK DRAFT had this guy in the top 5. Farthest thing from a reach. It's only a reach cause Miami took him. Milliner had 5 surgeries and he's less of a reach at 9? Gimme a break!

What this does say is Odrick is on the outs & that Vernon showed absolutely ZERO as a pass rusher last year.

Package up a 3rd, Odrick & bess and get a 2nd back!

Ireland keeps having to double replace his own bad draft picvks year after year.

The Jets will take Eifert with their other 1st round pick...


On D. Jordan, Agreed.

He Can Play The OLB. Sort Of Like Von Miller Or LT. Not Saying He Will Be That Good. But D. Jordan Adds Speed To The Front 7. He Was More Agile Than Any LB In The Draft.

What a GREAT MOVE!!! On the NFL Draft Value chart, the #3 overall pick had a value of 2200 pts, and the #12 had a 1200 pt value. The #42 only had a 460 pt value. So, in essence, we gave them 1660 pts for a 2200 pt pick!! Nice work Ireland!! And...WE STILL HAVE A 2nd ROUNDER TO GO GET BRANDEN ALBERT!!!

We now have an edge rusher that can help Cameron Wake get some heat on the QB!! Let's make the Albert deal happen and go get a TE and CB in the 3rd round!

The highlights of Jordan shows that he plays very high. Shaq could get under his pads and block him.
He had 5 sacks in a pass happy conference.

Check out Walter Campbell. Don Jordan is the top rated olb in this draft. Jordan is our new olb.

Bye-bye Koa Misi!

I love our fans...we have the best fair weather fans anywhere. This same thing happens every single year and is so funny. A portion go away and pout all night and the rest of us try and put it all together and look at the realities. Really...take a few deep breaths it's going to be ok.

Ross and Ireland are amateurs in way over their heads. A 5th consecutive losing season coming up. Guaranteed.

Posted by: budtki@verizon.net | April 25, 2013 at 09:14 PM

I must admit I'm still in shock at the pick but its mainly because I wasn't expecting a trade up for that position.

No way Jordan would have made it out of the top 5 much less the 1st rd though. He's been projected as the top DE in this draft by most since the draft talk started.

I like the pick and only giving a 2nd makes it much better. With that DL we may not need CBs at all! TE is a need so hope Ertz lasts until 54.

So this pick confirms that the Dolphins have 3 more busts: Misi, Vernon and Odrick...

You guys keep beatching about how small he is.. He's fast AF. An athletic freak coming from the end this is an outstanding pick, my problem is how is he gonna hold up in the run game??

jordan is a freak. check his times, his height and arm length and his speed off the edge. he can even cover guys. he will be the perfect compliment to wake. stop watching those fools on espn. nfl network liked the pick. heck most thought the jags may have taken him. those two, along with wheeler and elerbe will be killing some QBs.

@AdamHBeasley: Dion Jordan had 29 tackles for loss and 14.5 sacks in basically three years at defensive end.


With a great pash rush you don't need great db's. great pick. This doesn't mean misi or odrick are busts. It means odrick moves inside to a more natural position and misi will still start until Jordan becomes a 3 down player and bulks up. Great depth along the front seven. Lets get albert and then pick up a corner and safety.





this draft ain't over. we may still pick again today....

Get rid of Misi, Jerry, D Thomas, M Egnew and D Bess....more Irescum busts!

Walter football had jordan #2. Mayock #9. Kirwan #4. Rang #6. Brugler #2. Prisco #4.



4/24/13: Jordan's stock has continued to rise in the lead up to the 2013 NFL Draft to the point that he is a consensus projection to be a top-five pick. Jordan could add enough weight to play defensive end in the NFL, or he could maintain in the 250s and still play outside linebacker.

Jordan notched 44 tackles, 10.5 tackles for a loss, three forced fumbles and five sacks this season. His pass-rushing opportunities were hurt because the Ducks often dropped him back into pass coverage.

Jordan plays well in space and would definitely fit as a 3-4 outside linebacker in the NFL, but he is so fast and athletic he could play outside linebacker in a 4-3 defense.

BYE-BYE KOA MISI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad move. Cant give up that pick. Could of had te and corner

"They might have had Jordan at 12" - right, because all the predraft hype has been right on the money. I like the pick. We've got tons of picks, and QBs had all day last year against us - went and got an impact player. Did everyone forget we signed a corner?

As a Duck and Fins fan great move. #1 rated DE and next 2 off board immediately after. Great value in moving up too.

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