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Dolphins trade up to pick Dion Jordan

The Dolphins just traded up from the No. 12 overall pick to the No. 3 overall pick to draft defensive end Dion Jordan.

The Dolphins think Jordan a latter day Jason Taylor.

The club gave up the No. 12 pick for Oakland's No. 3 and added the No. 42 overall pick -- the higher of Miami's second rounder. Bargain!

"I'm going to bring tremendous athletic ability," Jordan said.

Jordan is one month into a three-to-four month recovery from shoulder surgery. He might not be ready for the start of training camp in July. The Dolphins expect he'll be ready for the start of the season.


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Great move! The G Men showed how to beat the Pats ....get in Brady s face and knock him down. The only success we ever had against Brady was when we had Trace and JT and then with Wally . I only wanted to trade up from 12 for only 2 pass rushers f...Jordan (JT II) or maybe Mingo. I Was freaking out watching NFL network and Mayo was saying it has to be Johnson......I wanted to puke. Was stoked when I heard Jordan's name.

Well played Jeff! To only give up a # two .....just genius. If this guy can be our next JT ....i know big if But If we hit we are talking elite defense. Let's go

The problem is not the VALUE.

The VALUE was TERRIFIC. We STOLE that 3rd overall pick from the Raiders.

I have a problem with the PLAYER we took. A situational, undersized player. We could have gotten a ROCK SOLID starter or superstar at #3 - Lane Johnson, Tavon Austin, etc.

Instead we get a RISKY player.

Im upset about that.

Hayden a stud.........a star QB for years to come.

Jordan a dud, a weight-gain-keep-ur-fingers-crossed project.

What a missed opportunity!

Stole? Oak got an early second rd and still guy they wanted in first

"What a bummer. From the highs of Mike Walace & the early days of FA to the absolute boring dull Jordan pick."

So what do you people do when the Miami defense comes on the field? Beer run?

Scoring is useless if the other team scores too. 21-21 at the half is no better than 0-0.

... Boos for Jets on pick 13!


The Jets Just Screwed Themselves.



You were right Armando!! Hayden did go with the 12th pick!! Just to the wrong team!! Stupid Ireland , screwed us again!!

How is a live draft blog not rolling??


Posted by: Prim Syrupyphat | April 25, 2013 at 09:46 PM

Is that you Mark Sanchez?

Keep knocking him Chucky!!

Richardson is a good player, saw him dominate the Gators this past year, good pick for the Jets. They got 2 good picks in the 1st round. They still suck because they have Sanchez

Jordan did not have a lot of sacks as he dropped back in coverage a lot. He is an elite athlete that does fill a need. Stop dumping on the kid. He's 248 lbs and ran a 4.6 at the combine. He will still fill out. Relax.

Has anyone else noticed the "always positive" Gruden has been a real negative nancy tonite?

So, when are we picking again?

2 1st RD picks....

2 Defensive picks......

Rex Ryan still thinks its 1992.....

Not excited about this pick. Should have traded the other way. We had greater needs and lost a pick for a guy who might be ready for season and recovering for a bad shoulder. First night not looking good. Second night one less pick. All empty inside.

2 very good d players for jets but there offense so bad

HAHAHA Jets make another dumb selection

This dolphin's fan laughing at the jets

dashi how many names have you used tonight? we know you have used several over the last months.

Can we trade back in the 1st for Eifert??

Not enough ammo!

Fins may not pick again....

0400 comes early.....later men....happy drafting...

Ireland coulda had Hayden & two -- 2s...now we're the butt of a million jokes........no CBs of note, no LT, no TE studs, just Jordamn.

Austin is freakin 5 8 180 at most I will never get why many of u see a superstar in him. Smh

On Hayden.


You Do Realize The Guy Hasn't Gotten Hit Since His Heart Burst.

And What You Do As A Football Player Is Hit.

I Wish Him Well. But I Would Need To See Him Tackle And Not Show Fear. He Was Already A Little Hesitant To Tackle Pre Injury. Wonder How He Will React When Someone Puts A Shoulder On Him.

We still have SERIOUS holes all over the field...the defensive backfield may be the worst in the NFL right now, still no LT, unproven Running backs and Michael Egnew

Ireland has just made a fool of the entire KC organization!

a great pass rush makes average corners look great!!!

Dashi Has Only Used Dashi All Day.

And Unlike You Trolls.

When Dashi Posts Under A Different Name You All Know It Is Dashi!!

Gruden and Kiper are idiots, who cares what they think.

Mark in Toronto - you are either one of those worthless wets or jills trolls or a total moron!!! Either way I guess it's the same thing...

Great move to get the best pass rusher in the draft. FataSaurus Rex is crying in fruit loops now. He was hoping Eagles would not get Jordon and Miami swooped in to get him. Love it!

Jordan and Wake on the outside with a great tackly tandom pushing the pocket. Pretty boy Tommy hates this more than FataSaurus Rex.

We just need TE and CB to take this division from 36 yr old pretty girl tommy. Wets have the 1st pick in 2014 draft to look forward too! LMFAO!!!

A cb that can't catch.

A dt that's to small for a nose and never played a de in a 3-4

...Here is thing. Anyone that thinks this was a great move is a crazy as the people that think it was horrible. IMO this says a lot about how the Phins had players grade in this first round that they would move up in the top 5 to take Jordan. They must really think he is something out of the ordinary. Like all of the picks..some will praise the team no matter who gets picked(could you imagine if this was the jets and they made this trade..You guys would be killing them)..some will be upset no matter who it is..Never good enough.

Let the process play out before giving Ireland the key to the city..Or demanding he meet the hangmans noose.

Kiper had Sanders going #6
McShay had Sanders going #7
Mayock had Sanders going #9

So, all the 'gurus' had him going top 10. Did they 'reach' at #3? Maybe but the Rams traded up and still gave their 2nd round pick up. So, the 'cost' would have been the same.

We waited all this time for this?

Blow me. I will now think of this team everytime I flush the toilet.

Polian called the Dolphins move very good and said they now have 2 dominating DE's!!

I love the Dion Jordan pick again.

I hope he plays olb and we get rid of Misi.

a great pass rush makes average corners look great!!!

Give up our 2 and 3 next year to move back in the first to select Eifert!

One more time, Jordan is not JT! Everytime a team drafts someone to be the next "place name here" it does not work out, it never does.
JT's college career: 279 tackles, 21 sacks, seven fumbles recovered, and 3 interceptions.
Jordan's career: 121 tackles, 14.5 sacks, 0 interceptions.
Can we please let the comparison's stop? Jordan can't hold JT's jock strap.

This Jet fan is laughing his ass off !!!!!!!

Posted by: JetsRule ! | April 25, 2013 at 08:42 PM

I'm sure you will be laughing when Sanchez runs into Ferguson's ass to avoid Jordan. We all will be.hahaha

I Feel For The Jets Troll Who Wanted T. Austin and Eifert. They Got Milner and Richardson. Good Picks, Better Picks, But The Jets Need Offense.

I Guess It Is True. R. Ryan Is A DC, Not A HC.

OK, so I want to see CB, TE and T filled. We have a 2nd and two 3rds. I'd like to see these positions filled with these picks.

If they trade for Albert....fine.

If they get a Tackle in Free Agency after the draft....fine.

I like Ertz and Kelce in 2nd round if they are still there. Maybe a CB in 3rd round? Just wonder how deep the CB market really is?

OOOHH the Jets!! You got to love the jets, they may score about 100 points this year and they still when DEFENCE, WHAT THE F#$$%!!!




A WR Is A Bigger Need Than TE.

This Draft is looking a lot like the 2011 one, only stranger. After Ireland picked Pouncey, Armando and I went who?, with Donald Thomas, Charles Clay, Edmund Gates, Jimmy Wilson. Who?

Well now I have to get off the Albert bandwagon. We need our 2nd rd pick you would think.

He is the same weight as Jason Taylor was when drafted, relax everybody

For those who mentioned that Jordan dropped back in coverage alot. He had one pass defensed last year. And that is all he had his whole career. So he ain't gonna cover anyone, he is not going to bat passes down at the line of scrimmage. He will simply be a passing down pass rush specialst and he won't be so great at that either.
Grade: F as in Fire Ireland.

Joseph Fauria, is a beast of a TE, he remonds me of Witten and we could get him late.

Well on surprise....

daShe wrong again.

No Lacy at 12,. no team valued him half as high as daIdiot.

Luk he was project to go 4 in the most of the mock draft the had Phil picking him u loser need to research b4 u talk he would have not been there at 12

my ideal scenario now is to get Ertz at 54, CB next and the second 3rd to KC for Albert

If Jordan is good it will help their other pass rushers in the interior defensive line and also 2nd year player Vernon from UM.If the Dolphins put together a top 5 QB pressure defense It will make everything a lot easier in coverage because they dont have to stay with their man so long,they play man to man a lot.

Great pick.... We go after Brady....I like Ireland being aggressive and getting the best or one of the best defensive players...

Fauria is better than Ertz

The Bills just got their QB of the future.

Manuel to Bills! Huh.


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