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Dolphins trade up to pick Dion Jordan

The Dolphins just traded up from the No. 12 overall pick to the No. 3 overall pick to draft defensive end Dion Jordan.

The Dolphins think Jordan a latter day Jason Taylor.

The club gave up the No. 12 pick for Oakland's No. 3 and added the No. 42 overall pick -- the higher of Miami's second rounder. Bargain!

"I'm going to bring tremendous athletic ability," Jordan said.

Jordan is one month into a three-to-four month recovery from shoulder surgery. He might not be ready for the start of training camp in July. The Dolphins expect he'll be ready for the start of the season.


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EJ Manual...lmao.

Good Pick By Buffalo.

Would've Preferred They Pick R. Nessib.

hahahaha the Bills just locked up last place for the next 5 years at least. I watched this guy for 4 years play against the Gators, he's terrible

Wow---surprised, but pleased. 3rd pick worth 2200. 12th + 42nd totals 1680. BARGAIN!!! Some of the ESPN geniuses dissing the idea (when Jordan has been rated in many lists as in top 6 overall) makes me even happier. DE was definitely a need. Good end play makes for better DB's. Helps the even better LB's that we now have. Yes, we still have other needs and we have made one pick and no other trades or deals yet. Lots more to come and the type of athlete Jordan is will allow a lot of options. Brady is gagging on this one. Ambitious move but aggressive and future thinking. Dolphins new schemes getting filled. Keep 'em coming!

Ireland fooled the entire media dooshbags. They are idiots. Why you idiots quote these so called pundits every draft season is beyond me. You have no memory or you are gullible beyond belief, or both.

Forget albert. This is a deep tackle draft. Expect to draft a CB, FS & OT in the next 2 rounds. Martin will start at LT & the rookie, garner or Jerry at RT. Louis will start at rg freeing up Jerry & garner

We are giving our #54 to KC for Albert. When do we pick again?

I think if we go back to a 3-4 our front 7 will be nasty! Solia can play nose, he's done it already. Starks n odrick at DE. Wake n Jordan outside with Ellerbe n Wheeler inside. I liiiiikey! our secondary improved today!

We should have taken Lane Johnson protect Tannehill!!!!!

10:09, we've known for a while Johnson doesn't thrill the Fins.

Wow, what a bunch of dummies we have here...

So the Dolphins make a great move moving up to number 3 and don't give up a whole lot ( you idiots might wanna check to see how much the Rams gave up to move to 8th) and draft the best pass rusher of the draft, a great player with great upside and you guys are bashing the pick.


daShe, lacy? 4.63? You see what the people who know best, who get paid to make decisions, have done.

You see that you know nothing, even less, but can't admit it.

Bargain for the top defensive player in the draft by most mocks. Dion Jordan is definitely a top five talent. Jimmy Johnson is smiling; he knows you don't take offensive linemen that high. Bill Parcells would like it, too. He can never forget LT. To win the AFC East, the Fins must stop Tom Brady, and the way that's is done is pass rush. Wake, Ellerbee, Wheeler, Jordan, Odrick, Starks, and Misi should be able to bring the pressure that makes average DBs into All Pros. Miami looks like it's building a championship contender.

my ideal scenario now is to get Ertz at 54, CB next and the second 3rd to KC for Albert

Posted by: Arturo | April 25, 2013 at 10:03 PM

Works for me

oh, now everybody wants to forget Albert? hehehehe

That is a reach for Buffalo!


At Least The Bills Did A Better Job At Addressing A Need Than The Jets.

Have You Noticed The Jets Have Picked 3 D-Line men In The First The Last 3 Years.

2013-S. Richardson
2012-D. Coples

Rex Ryan Has To Much Influence In That Draft Room.

Ireland made KC fodder for his ploy. Masterful. Ireland fooled every pundit out there.

Awful pick by 49ers, Reid is overrated, saw him play against the Gators, he's not good

No problem let his shoulder heal. Now where is the break away tailback/wide receiver punt returner I'm looking at points now! Where is the offensive Threat? do we have one?

..First off. We don't know if Jordan is the best pass rusher in the draft..The only thing that matters is that the Phins certainly think so. It is easy to question this move because most of the folks here get all their draft information from mock sites. The important thing here is how the team evaluates the players. Ireland must have felt Jordan was a player he had to have to move up that far to get him..Remember Ireland is still on thin ice..If nothing else the move was gutsy. We will see if it was good down the road. If Jordan was a "great pick" or another Ireland draft day "WTF"

Fauria is better than Ertz

daShe , don't hide... admit it, nobody that knows anything had lacy early.

which means you know nothing or less. I say less.

This is how you put together a good pass deffence, DE first them go after the CB if he is there.

E. Lacy Will Be A Good Pro.

Trust Me. This Is The Best That Can Happen For E. Lacy.

I'm Not Worried For Him.

And Clown!!

I Admit I Like E. Lacy So I Would Pick Him Higher.


And Genius!

If You Have Been Stalking Dashi Like We All Know You Do. You Will Remember Dashi Saying E. Lacy Will Go Depending On His 40. And 4.62 Makes E. Lacy A 2nd Rounder.

But Keep Spewing Your Ignorance.

I am sick to my stomach. Thank God the Jets and Bills are in the AFC East.

These ESPN guys want to be Manti Te'o's new girlfriend. Yech. Got his butt kicked by the only NFL team in the NCAA.

Justin Pugh# 19. Wow had him a 2 rder.


You still here?

Do you think Fins could move back into bottom of 1st for a CB (maybe trading a third and a 2014 pick)?

dashwad, you have been hammering lacy at 12 for weeks, only now that it ain't happening you admit not until round two?

convenient. and patheticl

why not admit you were dead wrong?

will you remind us your one right call on dansby for another 20 years until you guess something right again?

Miami will now have the most dominant pass rush in the AFC!
Wake is rate best pass rusher in NFL. Now we have the best pass rusher from 2013 draft.

Ellerbe up the middle. This is terribly news for 36yr old NE QB who took an old age step back already last year. No more Welker as a relief pass and 1 yr more deminished ability spells 2nd place in AFC East to the young and fast Miami Dolphins 2013 AFC Champs with the badest pass rush in the AFC bar NONE!

All you haters & trolls now have to sit back and watch Miami dominate the AFC!

Tommy about ready for a wheel chair and he will have exactly 1.5 sec to get rid of the ball without Welker.

What about sancheeze? if he is the starter out of a very sad pool of QB for the Wets. He will do more then butt fumble - he will fill his pants with the stuff wet fans are made of LMFAO!!!

I have watched Jordan in detail. He has everything you possibly want in a DE(and more, he can cover). He is just not polished enough on his pass rushing moves. And worse, he doesn't seem to have the intelligence to learn them as JT did. I hope I'm wrong about him.

How many pro bowls has Albert made? None? Better to draft a tackle in the third or fourth and save the money.

Chucky really poo pooed the fins pick of Jordan. He could not beleive that we traded for him. I got a feeling that Kiper will give us no higher than a C after this draft is over.

I believe bears will pick Eifert.

This is terrible!!! It's Eric Kumerow all over again. We could have taken Dee Milner or Lane Johnson. two needs, but we take a project?!?! A part time player in college? I haven't been harsh on Ireland...until now!!!

Got 3 picks tomorrow. A TE, OT, and a CB. Sat we get depth at RB and OL. Got us contending.for the east fuc ya if u yet fans don't like it lol!

Great pick Jeff. You guess don't know football there trading there other 2nd round for Albert and the pick what they get for Davon Bess later on cause Bess is getting trading. Learn football

Do we have a 2nd Rd pick for tomorrow?

Gruden knows player personnel............he is spot on re Jordan.

Buh-Bye Jeffy.

Black-out city next year.

Mike Mayock, Marshall Faulk and Mike Irvin liked the fins pick, screw chucky!

oscar, which site did you read that on?

For once, the fins pick an explosive athlete. Everyone's been screaming for Ireland to make a pick like this for the last 5 years. Now he finally does it and half of you want him fired. The dude just can't win. He gets us way under the cap and nails it in FA. let this draft play out. There is a solid plan in place to make this team a contender. And as long as Ireland is here he will fulfill this plan to completion.

Orlanda Dolphina - why are you worried about Chucky or Kiper? There is a reason Chucky is no longer in the NFL and Kiper never has been and is rarely correct. I remember Kiper crying about it was a huge mistake to take Payton Manning over Ryan Leaf... Nuff said

This was a steal to get the best pass rusher in the draft for a second round move. Not many sure fire first rounders in this shallow draft. The real spurts rated maybe 6 real first rounders in this draft and Deon Jordon was on everyone's list of the top 5 players in the draft. Stop crying over a great move and enjoy the coming season of pass rush dominance

Teams Are Reaching For O-Line.

How far will Eifert drop?

Man they should get that camera off Geno Smith. Kid is hurting, no need to watch that.

dashwad, you have been hammering lacy at 12 for weeks, only now that it ain't happening you admit not until round two?

convenient. and patheticc

why not admit you were dead wrong?

will you remind us your one right call on dansby for another 20 years until you guess something right again?

Oscar..why are you questioning his IQ ??? u know something we don't?

Can be said now that Jeff Ireland's future hangs on the success that Dion Jordan has, or not.

I'm hearing that Miami will also be swapping 3rd round picks with Oakland for the move up to get Jordan.

One thing that is a little encouraging is we do have 2 3rds a 4th and 2 5th rders.

If we do end up sending our last 2nd rder to KC for Albert we could still trade up and get another 2nd rder or possibly have 3 3rd rders.

Sill alot of talent left.

I thought Michael Irvin didn't like move. Are we @winning re pundits?

Oscar..why are you questioning his IQ ??? u know something we don't?

Posted by: Buster | April 25, 2013 at 10:31 PM

He knows nothing, pay no attention to his lunacy.

Read what on, Maison?


What Is Your Infatuation With Dashi?

5hitload of o-lineman going. Agree Dashi, sum r reaches. Do we have enough to get into this late 1st to get Eiffert if available?

My question is why does Ireland give up on picks so quickly. He was all excited about Vernon last year. Now we see that Vernon will probably never start for us (unless Jordan is a bust). You can say that same thing about Odrick who was taken in the 1st round.

If Jordan gets us 10 sacks this year to go with 15 sacks from Wake, then the Odrick and Vernon blunders will be forgotten as we will be in the playoffs.

Albert is over....that boat has sailed. KC foolishly missed an opportunity. Now they will get nothing for him. He ain't worth nothing anyway.

Dalton is thrilled to have Eifert aboard

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