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Dolphins trade up to pick Dion Jordan

The Dolphins just traded up from the No. 12 overall pick to the No. 3 overall pick to draft defensive end Dion Jordan.

The Dolphins think Jordan a latter day Jason Taylor.

The club gave up the No. 12 pick for Oakland's No. 3 and added the No. 42 overall pick -- the higher of Miami's second rounder. Bargain!

"I'm going to bring tremendous athletic ability," Jordan said.

Jordan is one month into a three-to-four month recovery from shoulder surgery. He might not be ready for the start of training camp in July. The Dolphins expect he'll be ready for the start of the season.


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I'm a Psychiatrist, Buster. With lots of experience. I know People's IQ to within 5 points just by hearing them talk(or write, if they can).


D. Jordan Has Only Been Playing Defense For 2 Years. Having Wake Will Help Develop His Pass Rush Moves.

But His Physical Gifts Are Just Crazy. And Like YG Said, D. Jordan Was The Highest Rated OLB And DE In The Draft.

Surprised to see so many people pushing for the trade up to get Lane Johnson.


Another first round pick on a Offensive Lineman? IF Ireland did that there would be blood in the streets.

I have been saying first round picks are for QB's, DE's, CB's, and WR's.

If Sanders lives up to his billing this will go down as a great trade.

Look me up. I'm in the Yellow Pages.

JoeWilly'sNamith | April 25, 2013 at 10:30 PM

I am not disagreeing with the pick. Back when jordan was projected around 12 I wanted him to be our pick. Then he moved up the draft boards. I have always liked him and I actually feel like we did not give up a lot to come up all the way to 3. We'll see how it all works out.

I was merely pointing out what the so called ESPN experts were saying. Kiper will probably give us a C for the draft unless we take a couple of players that he really likes the next couple of days.

Wow yu really are a Dr!!

Oscar keep your phone handy. We may all need some therapy after this one.

I'm devastated. Waited all year for the draft and the Fins do this? Jordan MAY turn out to be a very good player, but it sure seems like a very risky pick. Plus, giving up the 42nd pick is another loss. Wouldn't we be better off drafting Eifert and then targeting a corner with the 42nd pick?
Fins went from a position of strength (having 2 2nd's) and a high first to having an injured part-time player who is underweight.
Have to say I agree with the masses- fire Ireland now.

Who is Sanders? You see, Paul, they get under pressure they make mistakes.

10:36, you're a shrink and you believe in IQ? LOL.

I tested 170, and folks, I ain't that smart.

Love the handwringing by the Jets fans and other Dolphins haters!!!!! Miami is smart enough to realize that you need pressure, pressure, and more pressure if you're even going to sniff Tom Brady and the Patriots. See the New York Giants.


WTH does an IQ test really prove? Cavemen got along quite fine without them.

I hear that when cavemen got angry, they just beat hell out of their psychiatrists with their wooden clubs.

Are you rationalizing, Dashi? You have doubts about this pick. Yes?

Why is the Albert trade dead? Could still happen, then trade up into the late second round for a pick there anyway.

Posted by: jpao | April 25, 2013 at 10:38 PM

When they said the Dolphins had traded up to #3, and the announcers were saying that they expected our pick to be Lane Johnson, I was near ready to pukc.

The great brains of Kiper & Chucky just said the Rams have already taken care of the OT position with J Long???
Hello!!! have you not watched Long go from the best OT in the AFC to an injury wreck rated at about 24 best OT in the NFL.

These two guys need to get a lawn chair and a couple of beers and just watch the draft not comment on it.

Good player, but a surprising move. If he is the next Jason Taylor I'd say we got a good deal.

reading so many early posts panning the Jordan pick......I shouldnt be surprised by the numbnuts on this board anymore, but I still am......gents, Jordan was literally about top 5 on everybodys board/mock, etc......I saw a comment saying Mayock was laughing at the pick.....watch the video and Mayock couldnt have a bigger woodie for this pick if he tried--he gushed......Kiper liked it too......the whole NFL NW crew covering the draft live loved it--pass rushers/disrupters equates to better coverage, by definition.....great pick, bold, swag--impact player--love it.

dashidiot you have been hammering lacy at 12 for weeks, only now that it ain't happening you admit not until round two?

convenient. and pathetic

why not admit you were dead wrong?

will you remind us your one right call on dansby for another 20 years until you guess something right again?

jordon is a 'rock with lips'

I Have No Doubts About The Pick.

That I Would've Picked Someone Else Other Than A DE? Yes.

But Ireland Got The Best DE In The Draft With The Biggest Upside.

Now does Ireland go balls out and trade up again?

He could use the 2nd rounder and one of the 3rd rounders to get one of the last picks in round 1.

Use it to guarantee landing another starter? TE? CB? S?

I'd be open to it. Wonder if Baltimore would be? Ozzie is known for trading down and out of the first round.

I Hope Indy Or GB Get Lacy So This FF!! Will STFU!!

What Happened To Barkley You Idiot.

Yea, But Keep Trolling Dashi.

Chucky is saying that he thinks that the Honey badger is the best CB in this draft. He indicated that he talked to several teams that said that he was the best corner they played against.

Do the fins roll the dice in the 3rd round on the Honey Badger? At least the fins will be back on Chucky's good side. He was pissed after the Jordan pick.

Its Jordan bro not Sanders, stop saying Sanders.

agree with some others, would not have loved Lane Johnson at 3......talk about projecting.

John Gruden Is Over Rated.

Who the HECK cares what Chucky, Kiper or any other analyst thinks. You guys act they are right 100% of the time!

Gruden's losing it......or dumb......or weird......or drunk--he sucks on MNF so I shouldnt be surprised

Yeah, Yeah...Jordan....my bad...bourbon kicking in.

Like Werner...solid pick by the Colts.

Albert still a possibility but dont forget that Winston and Clabo are still unsigned......would move Martin to LT--not a terrible plan, and cheaper than Albert (and keep pick 54)

I care about pundits. It makes me sad when they laugh at our picks.

Losing Chucky over Jordan //puts a damper on the draft

jpao...we might trade up here again, but that would mean no deal for Albert imo

xavier rhodes a viking

I Would Sign Mckinnie Over Winston Or Clabo.

It looks like WRs are being left way behind this year. Which is cool from a Dolphins perspective. Looks like we could get the guy we want at 3rd or even 4th round if this keeps going on.

Oh! and kudos to the Bills for drafting EJ Manuel first overall (among QBs, at least). They just bought their ticket out from no-QB hell by doing so, and this guy will probably be as loyal as a dog to their franchise from now on. I believe they won't be dissappointed.

Dashi, don't you think that Ansah had the greatest upside for a DE? C'mon, don't rationalize now.

Rhodes sure looks like Merkle!

So the Phins get the player that almost every prognosticator thought would go at #3 and the player that most had the Phins taken at #12 was Rhodes. He just went #25. I would say we did pretty good.

Good job by Vikes. Floyd and Rhodes.




Jordan was not rated at 12. Don't know where you got that but it is wrong.
He was rated to go from 3 to 6, a couple had him rated at 8.
Every rating system (credible) had him rated as the 3 - 6 best player in the draft. This is great draft for true 1st round talent but Jordan is on of the few real 1st round guys.

Jordan a freak of an player and though I would not compare him to Taylor in terms of what he will do in the NFL (too much to hope for) he is the best pure pass rusher in the draft and has the size over 6'6" and 4.6 40 at 245 (this part is just like Taylor).

Miami had to either move up to someone like Jordan or move back and get more picks.

If we did not have Wake (getting double and triple teamed) already on one side then this would not make as much sense. But the two together leave offenses very little time to throw the ball in todays pass happly NFL and that is very good for Miami and very bad for NE and an aging and slower, Welkerless Brady. Jills and Wets are just watching to see who wins the AFC between Miami & NE. I think Miami just made the power move...

Ansah Is 25. And Played Less Football.

And Jordan Is Taller And More Athletic. Plus, He Played Better Competition.

Again--giving up 1680 points for position worth 2200. GREAT VALUE! Ireland does his job--CANNOT fault him for that--all else is just projection. Of course, only time will tell if Jordan become the player most, including the brain trust @ ESPN before 8:40 PM tonight, had projected. Hate losing picks but this is a value worth the risk for a position of need. Must have been best player for horizontal board and seems Oakland gave up too much. Lots more ahead let's see how it continues to play out. A thumbs up move.

We did fine ...we answered the need for pass rusher....just wondering what else Ireland has up hi sleeve...


dashi.....i'm ok signing mckinnie too.....just saying that albert isnt our only option or even necessarily our best one.....for all the hysterical nancys on this board asking about LT--relax, they have options.

Sorry everyone but Dion Jordon is injured a lot and doesn't really do much when he isn't injured. He was a tight end converted to defensive end/outside linebacker. He is good but not 3rd overall trade up good. This is from a huge Oregon Duck fan who has watched every game the guy played. Tons of potential and when he does something it is pretty spectacular but he just didn't do enough at Oregon against pass happy Pac 12-14 teams. Remember that Oregon has been blowing teams out his entire career there so he was able to pin his ears back and pass rush. Doesn't produce and always nicked up. Boo Fireland!

Fins come out swinging! Ireland delivers in FA and now delivers the best pass rusher in the draft. Goes from 12 to 3 for a second round pick. That y'all is how you GM! Up to Phil in and Thrill now.

The kid is the top defensive prospect in this draft are you idiots for real have you watched this kid play? He is an absolute beast does aldon smith remind you of anyone oh yea dion Jordan


Ur on a roll tonite YG.

I love this pick by GB. Datone Jones is relentless. he is a beast.

BTW- Chucky agrees. He said this is his sleeper pick.

Jeffy's final draft is as bad as all his others..

There is wishy washy

and there is

dashy washy


dashi, the weatherman has to report the weather before, not after. you can't change your tune every time you are wrong without first admitting you were wrong.

oh, ok Mke, as long as that comes from such a respected source as you, we're all good with that......EXCEPT the fact that basically every pundit/expert (yeah, loose term) disagrees with you, big time......and had the dude ranked high to very high, across the group--but thank you for your contribution, and grab a coupon on the way out.

sadness falls on Dolphinland. Along Winter looms.

Miami took a top 10 player and fans are whining.

Welcome to Miami, Dion. Best of luck is crybabyville.

Still rationalizing, yeah, I know It is hard to accept.



I Was More Worried With Ireland Only Looking At B. Albert.

The Fins Have Options and I Believe In J. Philbin Knowing How Important Getting A O-Line Is. I Just Believe He Can Coach One Up. He Doesn't Need To Reach For A LT.

OK who are the best OL available. This is where the fins should go next with at 54. So far Melenik Watson and Terron Armestead are the best available tackles. I also like Barret Jones at guard a lot. We have to to OL with the 2nd round pick.

The Dullfins still stink but I do have good news. Heat are up 3-0 on the Bucks.

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