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Dolphins uniforms leaked right here

The Dolphins new uniforms will be unveiled Thursday, along with the helmet.

But as the Jacksonville Jaguars unveiled their new unis today, they accidently leaked the Miami uniforms as well. And the pictures, sent to me courtesy Dolphins in Depth contributor Joe Alvarez, are below.

The other day when I spent some time with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and CEO Mike Dee, they joked with me about the new orange pants and aqua jersey combination. Yes, they were kidding. When they turned serious they said that the new Dolphins look will be "clean."

That's the only thing they'd say to me about it.

Well, there's more to say. But I'll let the pictures tell the story. These are the Dolphins new uniforms below. There will only be two combinations this year. There will be NO aqua on aqua like in the past and there will be NO orange jersey this year.

Enjoy ...

Or rip away ...





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White Jersey looks greats. aqua jersey is missing something, maybe more orange.

Dashi @ 4:21 PM,

Be careul what you say because this team does have a semi legit chance to finish 11-5. LOL...

Lov it or hate, but the dolphins have always been considered to have amongst the uglier jerseys by the league.

It has always been the players in those jerseys that made us sink or swim as a team.

I don't like the unis but as others have said, if we're winning I won't care. Perhaps it will change a lot of the losing that's been going on there the last 15-20 years.

Oh for Christ's sake, dial whine-one-one! What a bunch of babies! Maybe that is why you all like the "CARTOON" version of the helpless dolphin wearing the special ed helmet over his blow hole. At least the new logo looks like a real dolphin in attack mode, watch video of actual dolphins swimming and you will see what I'm talking about. Get over yourselves, seriously.

THIS LOGO JUST SCREAMS COME & BEAT THIS GIRLIE TEAM!!! Thanks Ross you suck just sell this team to someone that will show some aggression!!! FIRE IRELAND TOO!!!

Uniforms don't change winning or losing. The players in them can only do that. Therefore, winning and losing comes down to 1st personnel decisions, and 2ndly coaching and player development.

No matter the jersey, these 2 things are first and foremost.

They look like practice jerseys. Really awful. Was looking forward to them. Really disappointed. Terrible job Mike Dee. Terrible

Mike Pouncey is not that black.


Maybe you're actually hoping the team goes 11-5, no?

Hey guys, lets just win some games, and the logo and uniform will look really nice...

Wow, Seriously YG.

You Troll Dashi @4:21 And Then Want To Make A Little Gay Joke.

First Off, At Worst Dashi Has The Fins Going 11-5. Remember Dashi Is Waiting For The Draft To Say The Fins Will Go 13-3.

true but i love old school uniforms, old pats unis should come back. old bucs much better


Widespread league-wide popular opinion in the early 70's, were that the dolphins uniforms screamed, "come beat this girlie cartoonish of a team".

However, the great players wearing these uniforms, "GREATLY" proved otherwise. Don Shula would coach this "girlie uniformed team" to 5 sb's, winning 2 of them.

@4:38 ... or that slim


If you didn't make that comment at 4:21 PM, I guarantee you that it wasn't me. Remember, you have a troll of a seetheart that love trolling you around far more than I care too.

Im a big boy dashi. Whatever I have to say to or about you, my balls are big enough to do it as YG4Ever, and you undoubtedly know this. But if it makes you happy to accuse me of trolling you. Then have at it my dolfan brother.

Anything to keep you happy.

I gotta admit, those look like practice uniforms. I'm not buying that those are the actual jerseys. If they are, then they're not going to sell very many.

I actually like the logo but the uniforms suck. Not sure I would have messed with the unis too much. I've always liked them.

Funny how everyone says they wouldn't buy these jerseys. If we won a championship with these jerseys. All of you would be first to run out and buy one, including me! LOL...

i still wouldnt yesterday, id keep wearing my old school stuff now

The old 1970-80s unis were classic. Bring them back.

OK Agreed YG.

You Are More Of The In Your Face Type. We Have At It Like Men.

Or You Would Make Fun Of The Dashi Name.

Could It Be? Nah, We Know He Will Catch A Hissy Fit.

You Know I Don't Care. But If You Guys Are Going To Keep Trolling The Dashi!! Please Do Me The Service Of A Lifelike Imitation, Not Some Corny Parody.


You say stuborn for now, but once you saw other dolfans wearing the new jerseys after a sb win, I guarantee your mind will change.

Once these jerseys become sb championship stained. I guarantee they will over power the ugly presently mind-engrained. LOL...

Seriously guys how do you make anything like a sweat shirt, t-shirt, hat, or pair of shorts look anygood with this crappy logo.

I mean really the uniforms are not that much change. The colors are ok. But that logo is a game changer. If you look up the uniforms done with Ellerbee Logo. They were way better.

They again blow it.


Hey Dashi,

DC Dolfan and who else?


I did find it strange with that 4:21 PM post that you would put yourself out like that over a puny 11-5 record.

Only way I would say that I would blow anyone in this blog is if we finished a 19-0 undefeated untied season. And, if that did happen, no way I would pay up! LOL...

Attack mode? lol. Yeah, attacking a Fla. Old folks home. This logo looks outdated already! I feel like traveling now!

Posted by: FINS WORLD ORDER | April 23, 2013 at 04:54 PM

Heck, the old helmets looked tight with Chad Henne wearing them! LOL...



The Uniforms Almost Look The Same To Me. They Changed The Number and The Excess Orange Outline. That Is About It.

It Actually Looks More Like The 1970's Uniform. Instead Of Last Year's.

A New Version Of The Early Dolphin Uniforms.

those dummies are racist by the way

Get over it! After seeing that awful logo, what did you expect. The same blind pervert picked both.

Chad Henne's Helmet was the tightest.


We Can Go Undefeated 2 Years Straight. And I Still Won't Offer. That Is Not Something I'm Betting Away. My Homosassa Virginity. I Would Prefer To Die Before Doing That.

You On The Other Hand Can Suk As Much As You Like.

dusty, tell us again about Albert.

dashi now adding the word suk to his list of favorite words, spit and swallow.

I dont like it

When Wasn't Suck One Of My Words?

And While We At It. Suck Isn't One Of My Favorite Words. My Typing App Doesn't Bring The Word Suck Or Swallow Every Time I Type A Word With An S In It.

What Is Very Revealing Is How You Have Been Trolling Dashi Since 4:21.

What Is It?

Dashi Is The Only That Can Push Your Buttons?

Only One

everyone pushes his buttons, quite hilarious actually

Like the old logo much better, these uni's don't measure up to the old ones, bring them back

No complaint about the uni's but the logo? It doesn't look like a dolphin, take from me, I've seen real dolphins my whole life. Logo looks like a stylized dolphin maybe. Killer whale maybe but dolphin no.

Love them. Simple.

The Pouncey Joke Was Funny.

That Is Also Probably It. We Are Looking At Pictures Of Mannequins, Not Real Players.

We Need To See The Jersey In Person. See It Against Another Team.

And YG, I Know It Is The Player In The Jersey That Makes The Jersey. What I Am Saying Is Even Players Want To Look Good.

And That All White Is Going To Drive Opponents Crazy In Day Games. Hopefully It Has A Little Shine When The Sun Hits It. Adds Some Glare To The Opposing QB. Make Brady Squint Every Time He Drops Back To Throw.

They botched this big time.

First of all, the logo is not good. Everytime they show it on TV, it looks like it's not centered and part of the tail is getting cut off. FAIL.

The uniforms are even worse. They look like generic uniforms that you can create in Madden without a logo. FAIL.

Where's the orange? It's like our colors are aqua and white not, there's no orange at all aside from the little Nike check. Can't believe they did this... Who okayed this and thought it was good?

Dude, the hottest uniforms would have been the orange jerseys with the aqua pants. But everytime they wore the orange jerseys, they wore the white pants and it looked strange. The mono-aqua's were nice too though, with the aqua pants and aqua jersey. White on white is sooooooo wack.

Just google the Breakers (Boston, New Orleans, Portland) of the USFL. That new Dolphin helmet is a knock off of the Breakers. The helmet needs the orange stripe....I'd rather have the '72 look back before this one. The old orange helmet stripe is missing here. It needs tweaking, looks unfinished.

The logo is Ok....but that's it. Seattle & Jacksonville did much better. Cannot wait for the Vikings new duds.

The logo looks nothing like a whale. Mainly because only the Orca has a large top fin.


Posted by: BOYCOTT IS ON | April 23, 2013 at 04:04 PM

Speak for yourself. The rest of us have a brain and can easily see progress and improvement.

Clean and simple. I like it plenty.

You guys that want super busy uniforms and helmets should root for the Oregon Ducks or an Arena team.

NFL players should dress like professionals. The Dolphins will.

And good riddance to that stupid cartoon porpoise we were wearing. Suitable for an 8-year-old's toy closet.

The uniforms reflect the coach.

"It's a simple game, run, throw, catch, block and tackle".

If I were a player, I would be ashamed to wear some of these flashy uniforms.


Jaguars jerseys look they play in the XFL. Respect the Vikings going to a throwback style. Wish the Dolphins could have worked in a little more orange into the uni. I do like the helmet though. GO PHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since so many of you were positive on my earlier comment about the uniforms, let me touch on the logo, too.

While I understand the team wanting to stick with tradition, getting rid of the sunburst and making the Dolphin (you know, the actual team name) the main logo is what should have been done. We're the ONLY team in the league that has a two-part logo. Everything else is one picture, word or letter and that's it.

The Dolphins logo should have looked like the Seahawks, Broncos, Cardinals, Panthers, etc. The head of the animal taking up a lot of space and looking menacing. Instead, just like with the uniforms, the front office was SCARED to make any type of major change and went with something safe...a more modern-looking animal.

Where they messed up is in that making the Dolphin look like that made the sunburst take up 2/3 of the logo. The Dolphin should have been much bigger...and don't even get me started on that tail.

The logo, coupled with the uniform, speaks VOLUMES as it pertains to the lack of creativity and marketing knowledge this organization possesses. This team needed NEW not REPACKAGED.

Personally, I thought the colors should've changed to those of an actual Dolphin (blue-grey or the aqua if they most with silver). IF they wanted to use the orange as a highlight, fine.

Boring. Boring. Boring. Typical. Typical. Typical.

worst draft in 10-12 years says one gm

Nice!!!...Love the uniforms & the logo!!!

Don't like the uniforms or the logo. There is no color in the uniforms.

Boring. Boring. Boring. Typical. Typical. Typical.

Posted by: The Moose | April 23, 2013 at 05:54 PM

Well if the usual goal of a uni change is to generate new sales and/or excitement, I am thinking this will be a fail... unless it's an "accidental" leak to get early reactions, and adjust accordingly.

The new dolphin is ok but it is missing a picture of dashe licking its ass.

Would someone else buy this team and bring the tradition back with them?

Hey moose's butt, why don't you design us a uniform. I am sure it would be ugly, stupid and stinky like the critter you are named for.

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