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Dolphins uniforms leaked right here

The Dolphins new uniforms will be unveiled Thursday, along with the helmet.

But as the Jacksonville Jaguars unveiled their new unis today, they accidently leaked the Miami uniforms as well. And the pictures, sent to me courtesy Dolphins in Depth contributor Joe Alvarez, are below.

The other day when I spent some time with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and CEO Mike Dee, they joked with me about the new orange pants and aqua jersey combination. Yes, they were kidding. When they turned serious they said that the new Dolphins look will be "clean."

That's the only thing they'd say to me about it.

Well, there's more to say. But I'll let the pictures tell the story. These are the Dolphins new uniforms below. There will only be two combinations this year. There will be NO aqua on aqua like in the past and there will be NO orange jersey this year.

Enjoy ...

Or rip away ...





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Soooooooooooooo... i'm not alone in my thinking how awful the new logo is then!? The new uni's are plain jane... but i don't know that i would have purchased a new jersey anyway. The last time a bought one Ronnie Brown was only on the team for another year!?

Good riddance to the aqua pants.
Logo looks awful on the helmet.

Almost no orange to be found on unis...NOT COOL.

Hey YG, at 4:12, if they start coming out then they just might......lol

What look were they going for? Miami Clowns?

Can someone please tell these morons that ORANGE is THE color everywhere nowdays. Seriously go by any sporting goods store and you will see it is the coolest color to wear now. BTW the white masks are awful no contrast with the helmet. Better win a lit of games this year fellas

You Know What It Is. A Gay Person Didn't Design The Uniforms.

Not Enough Glitter And Pizazz On The Uniform.

You FFs!! Always Find Something To Complain About.

The Tail Of The New Dolphin Is A Little Funny. <--If This Statement Doesn't Scream Flamer. I Don't Know What Does.

None Of Us Can Make A Honest Opinion Of The Uniforms Until We See Them Live. We Need To See Some Fat boys Wearing Them.

The Logo. IF You Say You Like The Old Logo Better, You Are Just Being Nostalgic. Cause This Is Just An Upgraded Version. A High Definition Version If You Will. The Old Version Was Sillier Looking.

Looks like s**t ; officially the worst uniform/logo in the nfl; why not change things on the par w. Seahawks ; this is completely a mess. The logo looks.....how can I say this in a PC way....effeminate. All its missing is a pink boa and a rainbow flag. I will NOT be buying any new gear with this mess on it.

Clearly the Dolphin's did poor marketing research with the new logo.

It looks like a Sea World Shamu and is laughable. Why would you erase decades of tradition to change to that weak thing they have now?

I'm sure we'll win a game or too because the road fans and teams will be laughing so hard at our pretty little colored whales splashing around the field but other than that I can think of no reason to drop our old logo.

I for one will never wear anything like that new logo because it will clash with my rainbow friendly tops and bottoms.

So...I don't like the logo up close, but the uniform does look sleek.

At least Sparano brought us Pouncey.

They should direct folks with low self-esteem to the comments section on this blog for required reading and a guaranteed esteem lifter. Follow that up with a visit to thestate fair and they'd be walking around back slapping beeotches with one ball hanging out.


For those of who think that the quality of the logo and uniform doesn't matter you are dead wrong!!! It means everything! It means our front office gets it!! It means the people responsible for this get it!!! Doing right by the fans!!! This is when a young team on the rise signifies the change!!! It is very upsetting to me and should be for everyone!!!


I will not be wearing any OLD logo'd apparel and will strictly go new joint from this day forward.

STFU Bane, the new duds are dope.

Every decision this team makes from the players we sign and draft to the uniforms they dress with is important!!!!

I absolutely hate the logo and uniform!!!!!!

So tired of being a second rate organization!!!

I hope the uniform looks better at the draft!!!

I will be happy to eat crow!!!

Well haven't posted here in a while, I liked the all white look I think it's clean, classy, elegant. I didn't really like the aqua jersey but I'm willing to wait for a better quality pic, having said that I miss the aqua pants would've been nice to have some orange pants to go along with the white jerseys. I agree with those who said a 3rd jersey would't have been nice, but I can't think of a color to go with them. I think a darker aqua perhaps even blue would've been nice but guess we'll have to wait for that. ANyways nice job... so far, now win.

I Guess Some Of You Like That Highlighter Yellow That The Seahawks Use.

I thought The Uniform Didn't Have Orange. It Is Just These Are Bad Pictures.

The Numbers, Pants, And Helmets. Have Orange And Black Pinstripes.

Again, We Shall Wait Til We See Them In Person.

OK, so the Guys have something to wear, Great.

Can they win some games? If they Win the Season Opener, the uni's look Fvcking EXCELLENT!

And don't give me the retarded shyt, Ireland spent time on this, Ross spent time on that......

If the Nose was pointing slightly down on the Helmet, it would be excellent anyways. The Uni's are FINE.

Now can we concentrate on the draft and winning some games....?

Teo at 12!
Teo at 12!
Teo at 12!
Teo at 12!
Teo at 12!
Teo at 12!
Teo at 12!
Teo at 12!

I'm all for preserving the Dolphin's white uniform tradition, but this is really boring. Would fans want to buy basically a white t-shirt with a number on it? Now seeing the logo on the helmet, I can't help but think it looks like logo of an airline.

THE NEW LOGO IS GREAT! too bad most of the poster suck

Don't mind unis. Prefer orange in helmet stripe.

Preferred this logo:

Looks like a t-shirt with numbers. No style no imagination plain and boring. They kept saying they wanted to upgrade the logo and uniform congratulation's as a Dolphin fan for over 40 years I will never buy any of the new merchandise.

Mark in Toronto,

Your balling on a budget post, made me think of the Macklemore song Thrift shop

I'm gonna pop some tags
Only got 20 dollars in my pocket....lol

I said it before the uniforms were exposed and I will say it now. I don't give a damn about any uniform. All I care about is the organization turning this team into a legitimate contender. A WINNER. THIS SHOULD BE IRELAND'S LAST CHANCE AND YEAR TO DO THAT. Off season moves opened some eyes, but true fans know that teams are build thru the draft. Ireland can't afford to miss or make bad mistakes like previous years. Example: trading back for more picks and getting duds (Koa Misi, Daniel Thomas, Jared Odrick, Agnew). These are NOT game changers. Stay put at #12 and select the best player available regardless of position. Keep all picks. Albert is not worth giving away a 2nd round pick for.

Who gives a s&%t? I love the people who hate the uniforms. They scream and yell about how girlie they look while failing to realize they are commenting on fashion,,LIKE A GIRL. If you care that much about how the players will look and whether or not your friends are going to make fun of the unis I have news for ya, you're a freakin girl and so is your friend.

Ireland has said that good CBs(and S I assume, see Reshad) can be found in later Rds. So we can narrow the expensive positions now to, OL, DE, QB, WR.(Ireland has also said that the TE position is not necessarily an expensive one for us in our System).

Phins 78, LMAO!! Great post!!! Fans complaining about the new uniforms are exactly what you said, little girls worried about fashion. THANK YOU


I agree with you on uniforms, but it is ok to talk crap about Jags overly stylized uniforms, thank god Dolphins went with a sleek REFINED look

So, as of this moment based on expensive position only assessment and assuming no trades of picks, DJ Fluker, Damontre Moore and Tavon Austin have equal chances of becoming the Dolphins #12 pick.

I love my team so regardless i will support them but...Who buys the merchandise? Not the players, not the owners, it's the fans.I really believe stuff like this needs to be chosen by the people who are suppose to buy it. There is NO FRIGGIN WAY that this logo would have been chosen by the majority of fans. Al though the unis are almost as bad. We had a chance to make a real change to a more updated and exciting look and we end up with a boring sea world logo look a like that quite honestly makes me sick to look at. I bleed agua and orange unlike these unis and logo. If i buy any merchandise it will be old school stuff on sale. I just cannot pay money for something I find to be poorly chosen and truly uncreative.

Has Ireland been fired yet?

Oingo boingo,

NFL . Com has jerseys for fifty bucks and free shipping, get em while ya can

btw, that Dolphin image seems to have a slightly meaner disposition.

A little disappointed with the Jerseys. They need more orange and the white face mask is lame, also the stripe on the helmet is lame. Not buying any new gear.

All we need now is for the fans to boo when they unveil on Thursday and for Jeff to screw up the draft.

Finally read the latest on the Albert situation. 9 million would be a big mistake imo. 7.5 - 8 mil tops. Anything more than that and I think its a pretty big mistake that Long wasn't resigned unless his body was completely broken down.

Only 48 hours till the draft, should be fun ! I can't way to have something new to talk about.

Will someone please buy some jerseys or Dolphin tickets?

To tell you the Truth, I wouldn't know about any uniforms except to notice they were playing in white or green.

I would not be at all surprised if Ireland trades up to Draft the Player he truly likes and needs. I mean, that's what all those picks are for, aren't they?

Didn't like the orange, so I'm glad they're gone. Hate the new logo, new unis are BORING.

I hope you all realize that all these new names coming in out of the woodwork are the very same 'good bloggers' you guys banter day in and day out.

Ugh. The colors are like those wussy teal hats the Marlins wore during the early years.
Leave the uniform alone and do the rebranding on the field.

Ok it is safe to use your regular names now. The unform subject is old.

dusty can we get an update on the Albert situation? Will he be signed last Friday or last Saturday for sure?

These new uni's aren't going to attract the gay community like us.. straights.. ugh!

Ross is too cheap to purchase good looking uniforms, i bet Ireland picked them in the 3rd round and needs to be fired.. Start Moore, were in the playoffs is Moore is at the helm

Ireland is playing hardball with KC and Albert. He is being disciplined. Only one other team might be interested, Arizona. No way should we give up even the late second, I'd stick to the late third take it or leave it.

Albert is not worth his asking price or the second. He played a full season only once. Get that? Only once. He is injury prone and at his best is no Long, never was.

I say forget him completely.

I like the new unis, and the colors. Logo is certainly different. Nothing wrong with that. So I am in different on the logo. Of course I will come to like it.

Quick question people, since when has football EVER been about looks? I don't care if the team goes out in Hanes Plain White T-Shirts with Sharpie Names and Numbers...It's football for cryin out loud, not a flimsy fashion show. I personally think the change was a waste of time, money, and effort, as was the logo change, which was an awfully disgraceful look on the dolphin...I'd personally prefer the team going out in plain shirts over the pads, sharpie names and numbers, and no logo on the helmet, because quite frankly, that'd be an improvement.

I hated the logo at first. Now it has really grown on me and I'll be buying a white jersey #13. I love the clean new look.

These uniforms are TIGHT!

They DO look "Clean" as someone called them. More importantly, they look TOUGH!

No Frills, No Girlie Dress Up Bullcrap! Just TOUGH!

Hopefully the "Clean Look(Translated as: Plain)" will help Tannehill in making his reads and getting the Ball out Quick and to the RIGHT Color Uniforms!

Quit'Cher Be-Atchin!!!!

Hey Biggs13

It's ok, come back to your regular name now.


have you had an enema lately? I can offer you a deep discount.

aqua on aqua was nice an that hurricane orange was too

Nice! These uniforms look much better than the old ones. Now all we need to do is blow the patsies out of the water & I'll be totally happy.

Quick question people, since when has football EVER been about looks? I don't care if the team goes out in Hanes Plain White T-Shirts with Sharpie Names and Numbers...It's football for cryin out loud, not a flimsy fashion show.

Posted by: Donny | April 23, 2013 at 09:06 PM

Sorry Donny but that is pretty illogical. First, the Miami Dolphins are BIG business and every business needs a brand. Maybe when you go to the stadium you sit on some old milk crates and get a drink out of the watering fountain because you're there to watch football, and not pussyfoot around in some seat and drink beverages...It's football for crying out loud, not a fancy dancy VIP lounge! Excessive yes, but plain white tee's and a sharpie?? Could I take serious anything stated after that?


They again blow it.

Posted by: shula71 | April 23, 2013 at 04:54 PM

Dear Mr. 71,

How is it, that every single issue Armando presents, The Dolphins Blow, Ross Blows, Ireland Blows, Philbin Blows, Tannehill Blows, etc, etc......?

Seriously, do you think everyone here doesn't see that EVERY SINGLE post of yours is about SOMETHING DOLPHINS always Blowing?

You must be the only one that has failed to realize, that it is you Sir, that OBVIOUSLY Blows!

PS: Seeing how the "Truck Stop Crowd" is usually meeting up about now, I'll repost this later for your convenience.

You need to "WORK" on your material Son, you've exposed yourself as an obvious "Negative Nelly Troll".

SERIOUSLY.........C'mon Man!

BTW - Your Welcome(Wink, wink ;)


All the regulars trolling tonight! There must be 99 new names today!

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