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Dolphins uniforms leaked right here

The Dolphins new uniforms will be unveiled Thursday, along with the helmet.

But as the Jacksonville Jaguars unveiled their new unis today, they accidently leaked the Miami uniforms as well. And the pictures, sent to me courtesy Dolphins in Depth contributor Joe Alvarez, are below.

The other day when I spent some time with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and CEO Mike Dee, they joked with me about the new orange pants and aqua jersey combination. Yes, they were kidding. When they turned serious they said that the new Dolphins look will be "clean."

That's the only thing they'd say to me about it.

Well, there's more to say. But I'll let the pictures tell the story. These are the Dolphins new uniforms below. There will only be two combinations this year. There will be NO aqua on aqua like in the past and there will be NO orange jersey this year.

Enjoy ...

Or rip away ...





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A Buddy of mine was here earlier for an impromptu Guitar lesson/jam session. He left a pack of Newport Kings Menthol!

Whoop-WHOOOOOOP! Odin's Head is Spinning!

These Mutha Fvcka's is STEE-WRONG!!!!

Thank God for Spell Check-LOL!

How do people smoke these things everyday, all day long....?

OK, I'm starting to "Come Down" now.........I Think!

Odin, BTW, The earler posts from "Bark odin bark", Was a imposyer, Go figure..
What tunes will you be unleashing on your bar patrons?


I'm Glad you asked ;)

I've updates my version of Red House just for this event(Translation: I still can't play it like Jimi, but I'm getting closer).

Tonight I got down the lead for Highway To Hell by ACDC(one of their choices, but I can dig it).

And of course, My All Time Favorite Viking Warrior Song, The Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin!



We come from the land of the ice and snow
from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow

The Hammer Of the Gods will drive our ships to new lands
To fight the hordes and sing and cry, Valhalla, I am coming

On we sweep with, with threshing oar
Our only goal will be the western shore



I'll bet you didn't know that song was The Viking Warrior Anthem......?

Gotta get some ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz's

This Old Guy has burning it from both ends too much lately!


AC/DCs Highway to he// seems to be playing every time I'am on my way to work.
Go Figure.


You ever heard of Volbeat? They are a Danish band. They have a song called "warrior" written about boxer, Mikkel "The Viking Warrior" Kessler

If you have never heard their stuff, I highly recommend.


I believe that's a Killer Band my 16 year old showed me not too long ago.

I'll check it out for sure. Let you know.

Thanks for the Heads Up!


The song is "A Warriors Call" by Volbeat. It's a pretty heavy song. Great Lyrics and can be found on YouTube.

I used to do MMA fights but quit before it came out. I would've loved to use it as an intro.

If this FO is comfortable with Martin at LT, my draft would look like this, provided we can't trade back.

1) Cooper (G, UNC)
2a) CB ( Banks,Taylor or Amerson)
2b) Armstead (RT, ARK-pine bluff)
3a) TE ( Escobar, McDonald, Kelce)
3b) Williams ( OLB, UCONN)
4. Evans (S, Florida)

Like it a lot, and I like the logo. The colors could be darker, but other than that it's an improvement.

I like the uniforms. The simple look doesnt give players a dolled up platform for their chest thumping and other shenanigans. This uniform is all about business. If you want high fashion in a uniform put the players in cocktail dresses and high heels. This uniform says we play football for the dolphins.

Thumbs down. Kinda plain and retro uni w/ new supposedly logo. What a miss mash. Oh well I'll save my money nothing worth the $$$$ here.

What we should have done is bring back throw back uniforms from the 1972 Dolphins as well as the white hankies for the fans. No we have to go with these fruit cake uniforms. Bah Hambug!

This mess is to ugly to called anything but what it is,,,SH**ty looking. Whats matter Mondo, couldn't find a white boy to round our this ode to de-ugly. Im sitting here shaking my head in disbelief. The logo looks like something called modern art ugly, complete with white face masks that washes out the entire uni. Good job Dees you idiot or idiots. Ross you can delete this mess,,,right? I guess us older Dolfans just dont matter. They did forget one or two items and thats the pants or not baggy and hanging just below the models ass crack.

BIG step backwards. Ugh!


should have went with orange numbers for added color....

Where did the color orange go? That's my only problem!

I'm glad ther getting rid of the orange they look good!!

I liked the orange, but what dolphin has orange on it? It's simplistic and boring, but hell with all the rule changes so is the NFL anymore. These Uniforms match the league

The Steelers don't need cheerleaders or flashy uniforms they keep it trademark. Sure new uniforms are cool, but in my opinion if you want to change the uniform that means you aren't happy with the team. Keep it original and don't change it so much

What boring, bland, unappealing uniforms. Generic, really—and lifeless. HUGE downgrade. If they were going to mess with the uniforms, they should have at least gone for a modern, vibrant template like Seattle, which could have looked very nice with the Dolphins' color scheme.

I don't know what Nike has against orange, but they similarly tried to eliminate it from the 'Canes color scheme, too, in favor of green. Aside from getting out of the way of the 2001 team, the only good thing Coker ever did was bring back the orange pants.

The new uni's have a traditional look to them in my opinion. The white facemask doesn't look as bad as I thought it would. I think alot of these "tailored" tempers will cool off if our offense heats up and the Phins start winning some games. And being from Orlando, I have seen Shamu up close...people, that logo is no Shamu, haha. Honestly it will take me alot more time to fall in love with the logo. It will look nice to see a helmet with that logo pounding the Pats and Jets into the turf! Seeing some of that will make me love it for sure, if not just a little bit.

The Moose,

Those the Seahawks uniforms with "that neon yellow/green" are ugly.

Terrible logo. I can live with uniform.

People I would like to get in an alley on a dark night. The guy that designed gravel roofs, then the guy that created Terrazo floors, next the Jalousie window jerk, and finally, the blind pervert that designed the new Dolphins Logo and Uniforms. Yes it's the same guy!

I think the old dolphin looked too happy, and I for one welcome the new look. Just watch, we go 12-4 and this new look will be our good luck charm.

i love the new logo but hate the new uniforms bring back the green facemask and bring back the uniforms from last year or go back to the drawing board i am a die hard dolphins fan but with the way the uniforms look make me want to change teams i really want to stay loyal to my dolphins but these new uniforms are making me say otherwise :-(

Bring on some flare - bring on the orange jerseys.

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